Jailed Egyptian Children Moved to ‘torture camp’*

Jailed Egyptian Children Moved to ‘torture camp’*

Egyptian security forces transferred 44 jailed children, out of 165, from Alexandria to a punitive detention centre in Cairo known by inmates as “the torture camp” in Tora.

The children, all school students aged between 12-15, have been forcibly deported from the Kom Al-Deka detention centre in Alexandria to the Ekabia (Punitive) center in Tora prison. The punitive centre has been dubbed “the torture camp”, due the prevalence of physical and psychological torture usually suffered by its underage inmates.

Police forces attacked the families of children with tear gas and birdshots when they protested in front of the Alexandria detention centre, appealing to prison authorities not to transport their children to the dreadful correctional centre. Police also arrested those who attempted to film the attack.

According to the families of detainees, the children resisted their deportation and have been forcibly moved to the prison trucks. Parents overheard the beating and torturing of their children to force them to move to the new place.

A spokesperson of the Anti-Coup Alliance in Alexandria said in press statements: “Security forces dealt brutally with the children’s relatives and beat children with batons and fired tear gas inside the detention centre. A number of children have broken bones and serious injuries due to the violent deportation.”

According to the spokesperson, the Kom Al-Deka detention centre did not allow the remaining detainees’ families to visit them. It is thought authorities fear the maltreatment of detainees would be exposed.

Below are the names of the 44 children:

  • Youssef El-Sayed Ahmed Al-Saf, high school student
  • Ismail Taha Mostafa, high  school student
  • Omar Mohamed Gouda, high school student
  • Yasser Kamal Ahmed, high school student
  • Abdel-Rahman Mohamed Ali, high school student
  • Shadi Khaled Hassan Abdel  Kader, high school student
  • Hazem Hamdi Metwally Ali, high school student
  • Mohamed Magdy Mohamed Moussa, high school student
  • Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Ali, high school student
  • Moemen Sherif Mohamed, high  school student
  • Ismail Kamal Al-Din, high  school student
  • Fadi Mohamed Kamal, high  school student
  • Omar Abdel-Salam Ibrahim, primary school student
  • Omar Sobhy Ahmed Omar, high  school student
  • Omar Fathy Mohamed, high school student
  • Mohamed Khamis Mohamed, high  school student
  • Yousef Mohamed Ahmed Ali,high school student
  • Omar Ibrahim Al-Sayed Ibrahim, high school student
  • Osama Farag Abu Harun, high  school student
  • Mohamed Al-Sayed Mohamed, high school student
  • Mohanad Ehab Mohamed Hassan, high school student
  • Ahmed Samir Mohamed Harb, high school student
  • Salem Al-Din Magdy Ibrahim,  high school student
  • Karim Mohamed Ahmed Abaza, high school student
  • Hossam Maged Abdel Monem, high school student
  • Mohamed Samir Mohamed  Al-Sayed Hindi, high school student
  • Ahmed Atiya Thabet Abdel Alim, high school student
  • Yousef Saber Mohamed Ahmed, primary school student
  • Marwan Naser Salah, high school student
  • Ahmed Basiouni Ahmed Hassan,  high school student
  • Salem Alhoseini Abdelwahed high school student
  • Ibrahim Rida Ibrahim  Al-Desouki, high school student
  • Hamza Azouz Abdel Halim Sultan, high school student
  • Khaled Mohamed Khamis Hassan, high school student
  • Moemen Mohamed Said Mohamed, high school student
  • Omar Ali Salah Al-Din Khalifa, high school student
  • Abdel-Rahman Sami Mohamed  Mohamed, high school student
  • Ahmed Abbas Nabih Ahmed, high school student
  • Mahmoud Ashraf Said Abdou, high school student
  • Ahmed Hassan Mahmoud  Mahmoud, primary school student
  • Mahmoud Hassan Mahmoud      Mahmoud, primary school student
  • Ayman Atef Mohamed Mahmoud,      high school student
  • Al-Sayed Salama Al-Sayed      Salama, high school student
  • Fathy Mostafa Youssef Hassan, high school student
  • Mohamed Hassan Eid Ahmed (primary school student)
  • Karim Samir Al-Sayed Abu  Sheeshaa (high school student)


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