US Military Base Diego Garcia‏*

US Military Base Diego Garcia‏*


From Alexandra Bruce


The Top Secret US air base on the Indian Ocean atoll of Diego Garcia has been in both the mainstream and alternative media, lately, due to the direction Malaysia Airline MH370 was determined to have been flying, as well as claims that a US national who was aboard Flight 370 had managed to activate his smartphone, using Siri software voice commands to send a text and a photo from where he was blindfolded and being held captive, the metadata of these included his GPS coordinates, which located him in a building on this base. This base has been vital to the US war efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is strictly off-limits to anyone who is not employed by the military to be there. I first read about it when I was twelve, after voraciously reading ‘The Book of Lists’ by Irving Wallace and David Wallenchinsky from cover to cover. They claimed that Diego Garcia was the new easternmost territory of the US. I actually made a bet with my step-dad’s boss about this,soon afterwards.   He claimed that the easternmost territory of the US was a northeastern tip of Maine, where many flock patriotically, at sunrise on New Year’s Day, to celebrate the first Sun rays to strike America on the New Year. The gentlemen’s bet ended in a deadlock, as he located an island in the Aleutians  of Alaska, which is another 100 degrees further east, crossing the International Date Line.

I’d assumed ever since reading that book,that since the Atoll was in British Territory, that the Royal Air Force had a presence there, as well – as with bases in England, itself, such as Bentwaters, so I have been referring to it for over a month as a Joint RAF-USAF base. But this piece indicates that it is a US Naval facility. The US Navy actually does have more planes the US Air Force. That much,I know but I’m no military historian and hope I can be forgiven about this error, as the place is incredibly secretive.

But that’s not what this video is about.

What it is about is the taboo subject among its current inhabitants about the utterly inhumane and largely untold story of how this base came to be.

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