UN’s Heterophobic Agenda*

UN’s Heterophobic Agenda*

By Henry Makow

At every opportunity, UN agencies … as well as NGO’s, are incessantly scheming, manipulating and deceiving, trying to impose the Illuminati’s heterophobic sexual policies world-wide.

genderWith disasters around the world– wars, earthquakes, epidemics, famines– one would assume that the UN had its hands full. Instead, the UN gives priority to promoting abortion, homosexuality and birth control.

The UN agency, UN Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) is the paramount agency at the UN pushing sexual issues. Without exaggeration, the UNFPA is downright sinister. In 2008, UNPPA spent  $165.1 million on “reproductive health” (i.e. abortion.)

In December, 2012, UNFPA hosted a “Global Youth Forum”in Bali. The final declaration featured a call for abortion-on-demand, “gay, lesbian and transgender rights,” and legalized prostitution.

When UNFPA presented these results to the UN General Assembly, which is more representative of the popular will, the latter barely even acknowledged the document. In fact, UN diplomats refused to even officially “take note” of the document. They knew it was a set up by UNFPA.

Delegates to the UN General Assembly have become weary of the UNFPA’s harsh manipulation and insistence that abortion and sexual rights be introduced into countries which have no wish to go in this direction. Yet UNFPA continues relentlessly in pursuit of these issues.

Homosexuality and Pedophilia

This UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has an obsession with lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans- gender (LGBT) rights. The agency employs more than 850 staff and includes a work force of some 240 international human rights officers. OHCHR has produced a 60-page booklet entitled: Born Free and Equal which falsely states that UN treaties provide “core legal obligations” regarding homosexuality, which included asylum for LGBT people, as well a requirement to extend marriage to same-sex couples. In November, 2013, Russia, Ethiopia, Poland, and Malta chastised this human rights office and its unending promotion of LGBT “rights.” Russia was especially incensed, stating that attention to sexual orientation is “disproportionately high” and that “there are more topical issues in the world for us to deal with”. Ethiopia, speaking on behalf of African countries, complained about the increasing trend by OHCHR “to create new Rights concepts, and categories and standards that are not recognized” in international agreements nor by all countries. The UN Human Rights Council is also a launching pad for sexual issues. For example, in March, 2013, the Council  recommended that children’s health include the right to comprehensive sexual education and access to “confidential sexual and reproductive services, including abortion.” The report also recommended that children using illicit drugs have available to them “harm reduction” strategies, including free needle exchanges, drug injection sites, etc. Finally, the report recommended that any social and cultural values, that require parental and/or spousal consent, be rejected on the basis that children should make their own decisions when it comes to sex. Fortunately, these alarming recommendations were solidly rejected by large groups of states, such as the African group, the Arab group and the Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC). This rejection, however, will not stop the Council from pushing forward with sexual issues. CONCLUSION The UN is a corrupt and dysfunctional organization used by the Illuminati to change the values, cultures, and religions of its member states, contrary to the UN’s Charter, which provides for sovereignty and independence. What can be done about the UN?  For one thing, we should curtail our generous funding to it.


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