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Ethiopia: Harvesting Clean Water from the Air*

Ethiopia: Harvesting Clean Water from the Air*

Warning: You need lean air in order to do this..

After visiting Ethiopia and seeing for himself how women and children are forced to walk miles every day for water, an Italian designer and cofounder of Architecture and Vision, became determined to create a solution that would be simple, create local jobs, and provide clean water in any of these mountainous villages.

Named WarkaWater, for the traditional Warka Trees which are vanishing from the landscape, towers made of bamboo and fabric were created to harvest potable water from the evening air.

The nine-meter tall towers use special fabric, based on nylon, that hangs inside and is capable of collecting water through the air via condensation. The lightweight structure is designed with parametric computing, but can be built with local skills and materials by the village inhabitants.

The towers, designed by Arturo Vittori’s VittoriLab, cost approximately $550 each, and can harvest 100 liters of water per day.


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Will the Real President Mursi Stand Up*

Will the Real President Mursi Stand Up*

President Mursi’s daughter’s plea

Histrionic is the leading tone in secular-Zionist politics, from the crying Shimon Peres, eternally blaming, to the thundering Benjamin Netanyahu, eternally threatening.

This is surprising. More traditional, religious Jews do not speak like that. They blame and threat, but without the humanists’ hysteria.

Politicians are often unreliable people, but seldom they are complete fools. Yet, right and left, Israeli-Jewish-Zionist secular parties preach hysteria.

Some readers may be already analyzing this on historical terms, listing reasons for the odd speech patterns. In the poetic level they are correct; in the prosaic reality that the electorate lives, they are wrong. Israeli politicians speak to the masses in a language that they can understand.

Secular-Zionists speak the language of Egyptian movies.

“Friday, you know”

Friday is a half-day. Most businesses are open only until noon; a lot of establishments treat it as a weekend day. By the late afternoon, an eerie quiet takes over the streets. Everybody is getting ready for the Sabbath.

Religious Jews will soon go to the synagogue. Secular ones will go to a movie and a club. “Friday, you know,” was the title of a leading song those days, which emphasized the fun qualities of the half-day.

In between the frenzied morning in which preparations for weekend are done and the evening there are a few dead hours.

Back then, Israel Broadcast Authority had only one television channel; its forte was the radio. In a rare show of their artistic creativity, the dry politruks running it had called it Channel 1.

Most programs were broadcast in black and white; bad aerial antennas transformed everything into a Communist grey. All pixels were equal. People were tricked into buying special antennas for the sake of watching the favorite show of the week, the Egyptian movie at 5:30PM.”Seret Aravi” means “Arab Ribbon,” the last word being the form Hebrew speakers refer to a cinema movie, as a tribute to the pre-digital days of the art.

Probably, this is the only positive use of “Arab” by Israelis, who often say: “A Good Arab is a Dead Arab.” Yet, the use of “Arab” was too broad. Most of the films shown were Egyptian, which is the leading filmmaker of the Arab world.

Those having seen an Egyptian movie are already laughing. They are infamous for the impossible plots, the drama, the hysteria, the cry and the laughter. At the last moment, everything is fixed and the watchers go to eat the best meal of the week with a smile on their lips.

Knowing that, Israeli politicians speak the language of Egyptian movies, the best understood by the Israeli masses. Peres cries; Netanyahu shouts…

Every week I feel free. For me it is a set thing to wait for Friday. Close the windows, disconnect the phone. Turn on the television and loose the north.
Hour five thirty, I feel very fighter. In another moment it starts, Seret Aravi…

Life is a Show

On April 15, 2014, I remembered those days and movies while my heart skipped a beat. I am not a Muslim; yet, they are my brothers in Faith. The God of Abraham illuminates our paths, even if in our human blindness we misstep from time to time. Today, a brutal act of violence was scarily implied by a daughter crying for her father.

Last year, the only democratically elected Egyptian president was removed in a brutal coup d’état by a military junta.

After President Mubarak was removed from power on February 2011, Egypt’s foreign exchange reserves fell from a peak of $36 billion in December 2010 to only $16.3 billion in January 2012. In the same month, Standard & Poor’s rating agency lowered the Egypt’s credit rating from B+ to B in the long term. This meant that Egypt experienced troubles in getting loans. When Morsi took power, the Western rating agency didn’t improve the rating. As a result, inflation worsened, and food prices increased.

In 2013, S&P lowered Egypt’s long-term credit rating from B- to CCC+ and its short-term rating from B to C on worries about the country’s ability to meet its financial targets. This was the coup de grâce that decided President Morsi’s fate; the West strangled the undesired, but legal, leadership. The generals were irrelevant, though they were the main group to benefit from the Western political violence.

On June 15, in an attempt to pacify the West, Islamist Morsi strangely called for foreign intervention in Syria, but it was too late. There was no way of stopping the bread-revolution. Israel and the USA wanted the Muslim Brotherhood out; the Egyptian general, properly named al-Sisi, picked his prettiest uniform, loaded it with fresh medals, and shouted “Amen, masters!”

Since then, President Morsi is in jail and facing a mock-trial. “I am the elected President, who are you?” He asked the partial judge before his cage was covered with sound proof material. When in court, he stands with his back to the judge.

Today, I remembered the Egyptian movies after a heartbreaking event resembled the convoluted plots featured by Egypt’s most loved export.

A Daughter’s Plea

President Morsi’s daughter, Shymaa, published in her Facebook page a worrying message. it was picked by the fringes of Hebrew media which treated it as credible.

“The man in the cage is not my father. The man on the right is my father, the one on the left is somebody else. What happened to my father?”

This is roughly the message she posted, fixed into an acceptable English. The horrific message was placed next to two images, one taken in court and another of President Morsi posing similarly.

Political decoys are not a new concept. Due to the troubled spirit of this topic, actors impersonating politicians are probably more common that we will ever know. Stalin, Hitler, and General Montgomery used them.

Computer-generated imagery and programs like Photoshop had rendered all videos and pictures equally useless. Everything can be faked. Stalin is dancing with Churchill while Obama is shaking Hitler’s hand. “No problemo, give me a sec,” the artist said.

Shymaa’s claim cannot be proven without the cooperation of the military junta, which is unlikely to incriminate itself in yet another crime. Yet, the fake is possible. President Morsi proved not being shy of questioning the legitimacy of his trial and the court conducting it. Thus, he was silenced, maybe forever, and an actor sent to court.

In a political system where courts are not independent, where judges get their salaries from their government, trials are political decoys, movies with impossible plots where the wishes of ruthless dictators are always proved to be the only and absolute true.

On December 12, 2000, the landmark United States Supreme Court decision on the case Bush v. Gore resolved the USA 2000 Presidential Elections in favor of George W. Bush. It was the fourth election in which the electoral vote winner did not also receive a plurality of the popular vote. The decision was taken by a judge appointed by the would-be-president’s father, who had been a president. It is hard to see here democracy in action (we all remember the ridiculous recounting process in Florida) or even justice in action. In America’s questionable legal system, nepotist politruks run the scene.

Not surprisingly, the USA supports the Egyptian military junta and its mock trials while dancing with Stalin and shacking Hitler’s hand. “Let the democratically elected president rot in prison for the eternal glory of Western freedom and democracy!” Is this a legitimate message of the West to the World?


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The Flaws of the New Common Core State Test*

The Flaws of the New Common Core State Test* 

By Young Publius

The federal government has developed a new platform for American education: the Common Core Curriculum.

The leftists have been promoting it across the liberal mainstream media. There is a minor hole in the media’s coverage of Common Core; they never ask the ones being affected by this platform: the students.

In order to establish my future statements, I am a sophomore in high school; I am an honors student participating in the college prep course.

Recently I was “selected” to participate in a “test of the test” for the new Common Core state test (the PARCC) which is set to replace the PSAE in the state of Illinois. On paper, Common Core sounds like a good idea, asking a student to explain how they got the wrong answer to a math problem and if they can explain their answer giving them credit for their work; however, in the long term, this will only undermine the American education system. We all (I hope) have been taught that 2+2=4.

Under Common Core, if a student answers with 5 instead of 4, and can explain their answer, the student will receive credit. School officials have said that Common Core is meant to drift towards the “how” and “why” questions instead of correct computation.

On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, I took the PARCC test.

The test administrator handed out the test booklets and answer documents. Once time began all the students started working on the test. The first part of the test banned the use of calculators. I did not mind this because I usually prefer to write down my work, so I was not overly concerned. Then I saw how the rest of the test was going to go. In order to find the answer to one of the problems I needed to know the square root of eleven (which is a prime number) and it rendered the problem unsolvable.

This was the proverbial tip of the iceberg. In the second part of the test I was asked to explain my answers, and my mathematical computation did not count as the explanation.

There were other problems that did not even involve math; all I needed to do was write a paragraph about a certain item to gain credit. Then there were the graphs. For me personally, graphs are not a major issue, when they are labeled. This test gave me multiple graphs that had no indicators of which axis represented a certain part of the problem, not to mention on many of these problems there was contradicting information. These problems were unsolvable. There was evidence of score inflation as well (I will be brief).

The only students selected to take this test in my high school were all honors students. No students from general studies were present. This is not derogatory towards the average students; I am simply stating the state is attempting to make Common Core look better than it actually is. In conclusion, Common Core is a bad concept that will ultimately backfire on the American education system, as well as the American youth.


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