Tyranny of Taxation and Regulation without Representation*

Tyranny of Taxation and Regulation without Representation*‏

FromAlexandra Bruce

I have been holding back from reporting on this story, not sure where it would go – until I ran intothis spot-on report by InfoWars -sans Mr. Jones. The Bundy family, has been long scraping out a living, as law-abiding cattle ranchers, in the harsh Nevada desert. They have recently been met with a siege by the Federal Bureau of Land Management, which legally has NO jurisdiction in these State-owned lands.

The BLM did not expect over 5,000 freedom-loving, armed Americans, from States across the USA to defend the Bundys against the unlawful intimidation of the BLM.

Regardless of the BLM’s recent stand-down, the vilification of the Bundy family remains apace, in the Criminal Mainstream Media, who’ve been trying to paint Bundy as a law breaker, tax evader and to label him as part of the Sovereign Citizen Movement” (a topic Bundy knew nothing about; Bundy was merely following Nevada State Law).

“Sovereignty” is a hot-button label that effectively puts a bounty on his head as a “terrorist”, as far as Federal law enforcement and their newly-Federally-deputized local flunkies are concerned.

It’s one of those buzzwords that’ll get you assassinated by your tax-paid “officer friendlies,” without due process, per the latest NDAA, signed into law by our Great Leader.

What are the legal issues here? How do we get control of bureaucracies like the BLM, OHSA, and others that can put anyone out of business – or entire businesses out of of business – with their regulations, while willing to use lethal force and ZERO due process, against those who don’t follow their illegal and Unconstitutional orders? Don’t miss this most excellent report about the Bundy ranching family’s stand-off with the BLM’s goon squad of the utterly bogus and Unconstitutional Bureau of Land Management.

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