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Qatar Pays Gaza Fuel Taxes until June*

Qatar Pays Gaza Fuel Taxes until June*


Night school for Gazan students by candlelight in the open…

The Deputy Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza, Zeyad Al-Zaza, said on Sunday that Qatar is paying $10 million to the Palestinian Authority (PA) treasury today, Monday, for taxes imposed on industrial fuel imported for the electricity plant in the besieged territory.

“We extend our thanks to the Qatari Emir and people for paying the taxes imposed by the PA,” said Al-Zaza. “They have paid for six months starting from January this year.”

The Palestinian official reiterated that the government in Gaza is exerting a great deal of effort to be able to buy the much-needed fuel for the power plant before the Qatari money runs out. After that, the fuel crisis will restart with blackouts for hours on end across Gaza unless additional funds are forthcoming.

The salaries of public sector workers have been paid up to the end of February, added Al-Zaza. “Payments for March will be made as soon as possible.”


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Controversial Muslim Surveillance Unit Disbanded*

Controversial Muslim Surveillance Unit Disbanded*

Protests against the NYPD programme of infiltrating and informing on Muslim communitie, which has now been disbanded. Photograph: Seth Wenig/AP

A special New York police department unit that sparked controversy by tracking the daily lives of Muslims in an effort to detect terror threats has been disbanded, police officials said on Tuesday.

Stephen Davis, a spokesman for the NYPD, confirmed that detectives assigned to the unit had been transferred to other duties within the department’s intelligence division.

In a statement the mayor, Bill de Blasio, called the move “a critical step forward in easing tensions between the police and the communities they serve, so that our cops and our citizens can help one another go after the real bad guys”.

The NYPD’s demographics unit assembled databases on where Muslims lived, shopped, worked and prayed. Plainclothes officers infiltrated Muslim student groups, put informants in mosques, monitored sermons and catalogued Muslims in New York who adopted Americanised surnames.

After a series of stories by The Associated Press detailing the extent of the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims, two civil rights lawsuits were filed demanding that the department halt the practice.

Since then, a review of the unit – renamed the zone assessment unit in recent years – under the new police commissioner, William Bratton, found the same demographic information could be better collected through direct contact with community groups, officials said.

Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, hailed the decision, saying police-community relations had suffered from the unit’s broad surveillance of Muslims.

“We hope this means an end to the dragnet approach to policing that has been so harmful to police-community relations and a commitment to going after criminal suspicion, rather than innocent New Yorkers,” said Lieberman, whose organisation is involved in lawsuits over the practice.

In Washington, 34 members of Congress had demanded a federal investigation into the NYPD’s actions. The attorney general, Eric Holder, said he was disturbed by reports about the operations, and the Department of Justice said it was reviewing complaints received from Muslims and their supporters.

The AP’s reporting also prompted an investigation by the CIA’s inspector general. That internal inquiry concluded that the CIA, which is prohibited from domestic spying, had not broken any laws, but criticised the agency for allowing an officer assigned to the NYPD to operate without sufficient supervision.

The police commissioner at the time, Ray Kelly, had defended the spying tactics, saying officers observed legal guidelines.

The NYPD’s decision to disband the unit was first reported in The New York Times.


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