A 1970’s Victim of Paedophile Network Speaks Out!

A 1970’s Victim of Paedophile Network Speaks Out!

Ruby shares her horrendous story of being sold into a Paedophile network and married off at 12 years of age, and having to endure endless rape and abuse from the 1970’s onwards.. She explains being taken from Pakistan to Northern Ireland by a child Trafficking Network and having to jump out of a window to escape her abusers. Years on, courageous Ruby is now sadly suffering from cancer as a direct result of her suffering years of extreme trauma and abuse.. She now battles for her health and Justice.. Her strength is a tribute and testament to all humanity.. It takes a great deal of courage to survive such crimes and also to speak out against all odds in a climate of hostile aggressive suppression around such cover ups.. So please share Ruby’s video and send her some love and lets pray that Justice will prevail for Ruby and all other Survivors of the crimes being mindlessly perpetrated against humanity.

Ruby Akhtar describes her life and the many tragedies she has had to suffer before she finally arrived in London. Her ambition now is to help others who have had similar circumstances.

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