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Is Pope Francis about to Resign?*

Is Pope Francis about to Resign?*

From ITCCS Central and the Common Law Court – June 29, 2014 – Brussels

As the Vatican prepares today for the imminent removal of Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, from his office, two Direct Action Units (DAU’s) of trained security personnel have been dispatched by the Court to Rome and London. Their purpose will be to assist in the apprehending of known child killers associated with the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult, including Bergoglio himself.

“We are relying on local common law activists and the public to assist us in stopping these killers before they can harm any more children” announced a DAU commander attached to the Court.

“We have a list of nineteen top Catholic and Anglican church officers, including three Jesuits, who have participated in these ritual murders during the past year. Our orders are to stop them by any means necessary.”

The London DAU will take measures to halt upcoming sacrificial killings at Carnarvon castle in Wales and Balmoral castle in Scotland involving “royal family” members.

In Canada, DAU members are preparing for a similar action at Marie Reine du Monde cathedral in Montreal, where a major Ninth Circle conclave will be held on August 15.

This action will be accompanied by the proclamation of a sovereign Republic in Canada this autumn by patriots in Winnipeg. The Republic will provide the constitutional basis for the common law courts that are convening across Canada to convict child killers in both church and state.

“Crown and canon law are fraudulent and criminal systems, and so they are inoperative now in our country. We need the rule of law restored” said Colin Sullivan, a member of the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata.

“So we remind every cop, politician and judge in Canada that their oath to that convicted child killer, Queen Elizabeth, is officially null and void, and so they must stand down from their offices. Now they, and every true patriot, can be part of a genuine and lawful nation.”

Groups in eight Canadian provinces and in five indigenous nations are electing delegates to attend the Republic’s founding Convention, in Winnipeg from October 27-31, 2014. Information can be sought at .

A global broadcast of these and other historic developments, including the DAU actions in Rome and London, will be posted on July 10 (Jubilee Day) at .


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Bolivian Boycott Forces McDonalds out of Business*

Bolivian Boycott Forces McDonalds out of Business*

McDonald’s happy image and its golden arches aren’t the gateway to bliss in Bolivia. This South American country isn’t falling for the barrage of advertising and fast food cooking methods that so easily engulf countries like the United States. Bolivians simply don’t trust food prepared in such little time. The quick and easy, mass production method of fast food actually turns Bolivians off altogether. Sixty percent of Bolivians are an indigenous population who generally don’t find it worth their health or money to step foot in a McDonald’s. Despite its economically friendly fast food prices, McDonald’s couldn’t coax enough of the indigenous population of Bolivia to eat their BigMacs, McNuggets or McRibs.

One indigenous woman, Esther Choque, waiting for a bus to arrive outside a McDonald’s restaurant, said,

“The closest I ever came was one day when a rain shower fell and I climbed the steps to keep dry by the door. Then they came out and shooed me away. They said I was dirtying the place. Why would I care if McDonald’s leaves [Bolivia]?”


The eight remaining McDonald’s fast food shops that stuck it out in the Bolivian city’s of La Paz, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, had reportedly operated on losses every year for a decade. The McDonald’s franchise had been persistent over that time, flexing its franchise’s deep pockets to continue business in Bolivia.

Any small business operating in the red for that long would have folded and left the area in less than half that time. Even as persistent as McDonald’s was in gaining influence there, it couldn’t continue operating in the red. After 14 years of presence in the country, their extensive network couldn’t hold up the Bolivian chain. Store after store shut down as Bolivia rejected the McDonald’s fast food agenda. Soon enough, they kissed the last McDonald’s goodbye.


The McDonald’s impact and its departure from Bolivia was so lasting and important, that marketing managers immediately filmed a documentary called, “Why McDonalds’s went broke in Boliva.”

Featuring, cooks, nutritionist, historians, and educators, this documentary breaks down the disgusting reality of how McDonald’s food is prepared and why Bolivians reject the whole fast food philosophy of eating.

The rejection isn’t necessarily based on the taste or the type of food McDonald’s prepared. The rejection of the fast food system stemmed from Bolivian’s mindset of how meals are to be properly prepared. Bolivians more so respect their bodies, valuing the quality of what goes into their stomach. The time it takes for fast food to be prepared throws up a warning flag in their minds. Where other cultures see no risk, eating McDonald’s every week; Bolivians feel that it just isn’t worth the health risk. Bolivians seek well prepared, local meals, and want to know that their food was prepared the right way.

This self respect helps Bolivians avoid processed “restructured meat technology,” often used by fast food joints like McDonald’s.

Did you know that the McRib is processed with 70 different ingredients which include

  • azodicarbonamide
  • a flour-bleaching agent often used in producing foamed plastics?

McRib’s are basically “restructured meat technology” containing a mixture of tripe, heart, and scalded stomach. Proteins are extracted from this muscle mixture and they bind the pork trimmings together so they can be moulded in a factory. The McRib is really just a molded blob of restructured meat, advertised and sold like fresh ribs. There’s nothing real about it, the preparation or the substance. In fact, McRibs really came about because of a chicken shortage. The restructured meat technology approach kept the McRib on the menu, despite the shortage, and the profits continued rolling in.

This is the very disgusting idea that the Bolivians have rejected in their country.


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This Sri Lankan Newspaper REPELS Mosquitoes

This Sri Lankan Newspaper REPELS Mosquitoes

By Stephen Luntz

Sri Lankan newspaper Mawbina has taken fighting dengue fever to new levels. For national dengue week they ran the usual articles on how to avoid getting bitten by dengue-carrying mosquitoes. However, they went further producing poster ads coated in citronella essence and hanging them in bus stops, allowing people to huddle at the stop under the ads’ protective smell.

The highlight of the campaign came on the April 7, World Health Day. As the video below notes, “People read the newspaper in the early morning and evening, the time the mosquito strikes. The entire newspaper was printed using inks with citronella essence mixed in. As they claim “Every letter of every word stopped mosquitos from biting.”

As a commercial venture the project was a huge success – with the edition selling out by 10am, a sales increase of 30%.

Dengue, sometimes known as breakbone fever because of the excruciating pain involved, is a threat to 40% of the world’s population, according to the World Health Organisation. Although death is rare, particularly with rapid treatment, it can disable sufferers for long periods of time,

Globally there are between 50 and 100 million infections each year. Moreover, dengue is growing in frequency as the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes that carry it flourish in urban environments.

There is no vaccine for dengue, and the bednets that have been so effective in cutting malaria transmission don’t work against insect species that bite during the day. Sri Lanka was the first place where overuse of DDT led to resistance among malarial mosquitoes, making the insecticide almost useless. Control mechanisms focus on removing breeding sites or making them unsuitable, and targeted insecticide use under conditions less likely to produce resistance.


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“Is This The Truth About Tax’s”

“Is This The Truth About Tax’s”

Published on 30 Jun 2014

European Parliament
Strasbourg, 21 November 2013


Program of action for the collection of taxes in the European Union for the period 2014-2020

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Iraqi civilians, officials Reject ISIL’s ‘Caliphate’*

Iraqi civilians, officials Reject ISIL’s ‘Caliphate’*

By Mohammed Al-Qaisi In Baghdad

Iraqi civilians and officials speaking with Mawtani rejected the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s” (ISIL) declaration on Sunday (June 29th) of a so-called “Islamic caliphate” extending from Iraq’s Diyala province to Syria’s Aleppo province.

The declaration has no chance of success or support, they told Mawtani.

ISIL spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani demanded in an audio recording Sunday that Muslims worldwide pledge allegiance to ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, now to be known as “Caliph Ibrahim“.

Al-Adnani said ISIL is now to be known as the “Islamic State”.

The declaration is a “bad joke or the dreams of a madman who gives his orders to his equally insane followers”, Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq told Mawtani.

“What state and what caliphate are they talking about?” he asked.

“Iraqi forces will crush anyone who wants to threaten the unity and security of Iraq.”

Iraqi civilians fled when ISIL took over their villages and towns, which shows that the people “reject them, their caliphate and their bloody approach, preferring to live in the desert rather than under their mercy,” al-Mutlaq said.

ISIL’s declaration is an attempt to cover up its losses and deceive youths into joining their group, said Ministry of Defence spokesman Mohammed al-Askari.

“ISIL’s declaration of a caliphate that stretches from Aleppo to Iraq will not happen and they know that,” he told Mawtani.

Baghdad resident Anas al-Hayali said he believes the declaration is an illusion and will have no impact on the ground.

“I have never heard, in the history of Muslims, of a self-appointed caliph who resorted to bloody force and asked the people to pledge allegiance to him without revealing himself or even introducing himself,” he said. “That is nonsense and lies.”

“If he is so sure about his [Islamic] state, let him show himself and walk in the street and announce himself rather than hiding and threatening with his madmen to kill us if we refuse to pledge allegiance to him,” al-Hayali said.

Fallujah engineer Wissam Ahmed said she questions the legitimacy of the declaration.

“Is the caliph able to pay the salaries of millions of people and would he be able to provide education, healthcare, electricity, water and everything else?” she asked. “I do not think so if he, himself is in hiding; this is crazy.”

“We are better off focusing on supporting the army’s operations to purge our country of them rather than speaking about this insane person,” Ahmed said.

Greater infighting among extremist groups

Former extremist Maajid Nawaz on Sunday tweeted that he believes ISIL’s declaration of an “Islamic caliphate” will “cause great infighting among jihadists”.

The proclamation is a declaration of a war to squash rebellion against al-Qaeda as well as a declaration of “jihad against the rest of the world”, said Nawaz, who founded counter-extremism think tank Quilliam.

In Syria, infighting between ISIL and rival extremist groups has already led to the death of hundreds and the displacement of tens of thousands.

For the “Islamic caliphate” to remain in place, ISIL would have to “liquidate other Islamist groups” and crush any attempt at revolt within the territories they control, AFP reported Mustafa al-Ani — of Dubai-based think tank Gulf Research Centre — as saying.

Al-Baghdadi’s Illegitimate Claim to Exalted Lineage

ISIL’s declaration of a caliphate with al-Baghdadi at its helm comes at a time when Iraqi citizens are questioning his legitimacy.

Iraqis told Mawtani last week that al-Baghdadi has been desperate to gain respect among extremist groups so he can improve his chances to become their “caliph”.

“Those who have knowledge of the caliphate system in Islam know that the candidate for the caliphate must be of known lineage and history and that he must be a cleric and scholar who is popular amongst Muslim and non-Muslim citizens alike, which is not the case with al-Baghdadi,” said Anbar province security advisor Fouad Ali al-Dulaimi.

All that is known of al-Baghdadi is that he was a failed student at an Islamic studies college, he told Mawtani.

Al-Baghdadi claims he is descended from Prophet Mohammed in an attempt to gain some legitimacy to his claim for the caliphate, genealogy scholar Hameed al-Jubury told Mawtani.

“In Iraq, tracing your ancestry back to the prophet is an honour that can only be claimed by someone whose bloodline actually goes back to the prophet, which is why we find al-Qaeda leaders hiding behind this lineage to win approval,” he said.

“As for al-Baghdadi, he hails from a modest family who never claimed to have roots in the prophet’s family,” al-Jubury said.

“He is trying to add religious and spiritual legitimacy to his position and as genealogists we have not come across anything that substantiates this claim.”

ISIL ‘War Crimes’

In the past, al-Baghdadi instigated a wave of animosity towards al-Qaeda and today, these sentiments centre on ISIL because of their crimes, said Sheikh Khaled al-Mulla, head of the Iraqi cabinet’s scholars committee.

“Al-Baghdadi has shown his true face as a terrorist who cannot be considered a leader of a small group, let alone an entire country!” al-Mulla told Mawtani.

In both Iraq and Syria, ISIL has been accused of war crimes, including the mass execution of Iraqi soldiers, the burning of churches in Mosul and decapitations and corpse mutilation in Syria.


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Amazon out to Control what we Read!*

Amazon out to Control what we Read!*

As the world’s largest online retailer, the U.S. company is not satisfied with controlling access to information through the Internet, they also want to control what we read from books… if this sounds farfetched, doesn’t it get a little suspicious when the founder, Jeff Bezos frequently attends the annual Bilderberg secret meetings? By the way, Bezos is the latest owner of the Washington Post, and got a $600mn contract from the CIA for ‘cloud’ services. For those who were worried about Baron Rupert Murdoch, one should be even ore concerned with Amazon’s media consolidation end game.

In the U.K. and Germany publishers have been facing the same battle, where according to the BBC Amazon is out to claim rights to print the books when inadequate stocks exist, demanding that publishers hand over soft copies.

French lawmakers adopted a bill on Thursday that will prevent Amazon and other online giants from offering free deliveries of discounted books, in a bid to support the country’s small bookshops.

The Senate gave its approval for the bill, which had already been unanimously backed in the lower house National Assembly, and it is expected to be signed into law by President Francois Hollande within the next two weeks.

The bill bans online giants such as Amazon from delivering books without charge, but still allows them to set discounts of up to five percent, the maximum allowed under existing French legislation.

In 1981 the government ruled that publishers must set a standard selling price for their books in a bid to protect small retailers and set a limit of five percent on any discount.

Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti welcomed the parliamentary approval, saying it showed “the nation’s deep attachment to books.”

While the measure adopted on Thursday is not specifically aimed at Amazon, Filippetti has singled out the US giant’s practices in the past, attacking both free deliveries and the firm’s tax arrangements.

The online retailer reports its European sales through a Luxembourg-based holding company, taking advantage of the duchy’s relatively low corporate tax rates for earnings outside its borders.

Amazon insists the arrangement, which has been criticised by politicians across Europe, is legal under the European Union’s single market rules.

Filippetti has also attacked Amazon for its “dumping strategy” and for selling books at a loss.

“Once they are in a dominant position and will have crushed our network of bookshops, they will bring prices back up,” she said last year.

France is proud of a network of bookstores it says is “unique in the world” and crucial for culture to reach small towns.

The country has about 3,500 such stores — including 600 to 800 so-called independent retailers that do not belong to a publishing house, a chain or a supermarket — compared to just 1,000 in Britain.


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