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Indian ‘HUG Campaign’ Aims to Unite Generations*

Indian ‘HUG Campaign’ Aims to Unite Generations*

By Aparna Ray

For centuries, the joint family tradition in India meant that several generations from grandparents to grandchildren lived under the same roof. With India’s rapid development, however, the country’s social fabric is changing. More and more Indians are living in smaller family units, and younger people are migrating in search of better opportunities.

This has led to an increasing number of senior citizens being forced to live alone. Many of them face isolation, neglect and loneliness.

One heartwarming campaign is trying to help. HelpAge India‘s HUG – Help Unite Generations encourages India’s youth to befriend an elder and share a hug with the hope of building “inter-generational bonding and to increase the empathy of young adults towards elders”.

HelpAge India, a non-governmental organization that works for the cause and care of the elderly, explains on their advocacy page how young people can make a difference:

Whenever you see an elder person sitting all alone, look again! He or she may be in your family or neighborhood or someone you’ve seen many times and is always alone. This person has one need that you can fulfill. With just one word, one smile, one HUG! Just give them a little bit of your time. These are the gestures that an elder seeks but often does not receive. The HUG Campaign encourages you to simply give a call, listen to experiences, ask how the day was and share your stories with your elder friend.

The campaign posted a tear-jerking video showing what sharing a hug might look like:

Indians are living longer, and the number of silver citizens is increasing. According to a 2011 Government of India report [pdf], India’s “grey population” (defined as 60 years old and up) is likely to increase its share of the total population from 7.4 percent in 2001 to 10 percent by 2026. In terms of numbers, this is a huge leap — what was an approximate 77 million in 2001 will rise to approximately 140 million by 2026.

Manjira Khurana, Country Head, Advocacy & Communications at HelpAge India, believes that efforts like this could help sensitize young people to the needs of the elderly. In an email interview with Global Voices, she spoke about her aspirations for the HUG campaign:

An occasional coffee, an outing once in a while and a phone call changes lives. The Elder is happy and the Younger maybe finds that the Elder can be Cool as well! That will maybe influence this youngster to be more sensitive and kinder to elders in his later life.

The HUG campaign asks young adults to also share their experiences and photos. Shreya Misra, a fellow at Teach for India, shared a photo on HelpAge India’s Facebook page, which shows her hugging her grandfather.

“I am sharing a hug with my grandfather. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see him smile.” Shreya Misra, a Teacher for India Fellow. Image from HelpAge India’s Facebook page

They say that no man is an island. Certainly, the elderly do not deserve to be marooned on the island of loneliness and abandonment in their silver years. The HUG campaign has given a clarion call to India’s youth — in your fast-paced daily life, in your hurry to get somewhere or to get ahead, don’t forget the elderly. Tarry a while and include them in your life — share a smile, a story, a hug.

Today, 50 percent of India’s population is below 25. Is this young population listening? And more importantly, will they take action now so that the elderly feel cared for, loved and wanted in the sunset years of their lives? I, for one, sincerely hope so.


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Can Blair Mess Up Egypt Even Worse? (Hint: Yes)*

Can Blair Mess Up Egypt Even Worse? (Hint: Yes)*

Looked down upon by the UAE, and no results yet from Algeria, Blair on behalf of the UAE will help to remove the self-tarnished image of former Field Marshal Sisi, and attract investors.

By Juan Cole

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has agreed to advise the government of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Blair maintains that he will not be paid to do so, but critics suggest that he will have an opportunity to engage in influence-peddling with British firms investing in Egypt. Blair is rumored to make $30 million a year from consulting and business deals.

That a former prime minister of a major European democracy should publicly associate himself with the regime of al-Sisi is shameful. Al-Sisi has ordered a brutal crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins that left over a thousand dead and went on to have some 20,000 Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters arrested. Dozens of major Muslim Brotherhood figures have been arbitrarily condemned to death, often without much in the way of formal court proceedings (presentation of evidence, ability to face one’s accuser, etc.). The government has also turned on the progressive youth movements that demanded a recall election last year this time, jailing dozens of prominent youth leaders for daring to engage in unauthorized protests. But unauthorized protests were precisely what allowed al-Sisi to come to power.

One of the attractions for Blair in working with the United Arab Emirates and al-Sisi is apparently that the latter two have turned against the Muslim Brotherhood. Blair is a profound Islamophobe and hates the Muslim religious Right, even though he has been perfectly happy to shill for the Christian religious Right. Al-Sisi has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist organization” despite the group’s decades of peaceful organizing and avoidance of violence. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also lobbied the UK government to investigate the Brotherhood in Britain as a terrorist group.

Since Blair was so good at railroading Iraq on false charges of having weapons of mass destruction, he no doubt has been hired in part to do a similar number on the Brotherhood. (The Muslim Brotherhood and I don’t share values, but they are not terrorists and there are no grounds to exclude them from a legitimate role in a democratic society. If the Morsi group committed crimes while in office, they should be tried, but you can’t inflict collective punishment on the whole organization).

The Muslim Brotherhood has many flaws, from a Liberal point of view, but it actually provided far more freedom of conscience and pluralism when in power in Egypt in 2012-2013 than does the government of Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah doesn’t dislike the religious Right. He *is* the religious Right.

So Blair has a big problem with the Brotherhood but none whatsoever with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is far more dictatorial and controlling on religious grounds than was President Muhammad Morsi. It all depends on how pliant you are toward the business and financial centers in the City, apparently.

Blair is highly selective in his outrage. In 2007 he notoriously took BP executives along on a trip to see Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Blair praised the mercurial Brother Leader, saying that “There is nothing I’ve ever agreed with him that should be done that hasn’t been done.” Gaddafi was behind the blowing up of a civilian aircraft over Britain and had helped train the more violent elements of the Irish Republican Army, but all that was suddenly forgiven because Gaddafi would help fight “terrorism” (which is to say, Libyans who were insufficiently obedient) and would offer BP bids worth, ultimately, some $18 billion.

Egypt has electricity shortages and desperately needs to move quickly to solar and wind energy and away from hydrocarbons. But al-Sisi is now being advised by someone close to BP. Is Blair capable under these circumstances of advising al-Sisi impartially that Egypt should move rapidly to green energy?

Egypt’s tourism industry has been deeply damaged by the bombings and insecurity caused by al-Sisi’s marginalization of some 20% of the electorate. Al-Sisi should lighten up. If Brotherhood members were allowed back into the political process, that would make them less likely to be radicalized. Otherwise, getting the tourism industry going again will be an uphill battle. There were bombings this week at the presidential palace in commemoration of the anniversary of the 2013 “revocouption” (or popular protests plus military coup) against Morsi by al-Sisi.

Blair himself is said to have sold out to billionaire press lord Rupert Murdoch. That model, of saying you are for workers while you actually serve the 1%, was actually developed by the british governeent.

With his Neoliberal biases (urging privatization of public companies and goods) and his hatred of political Islam, Blair will reinforce the worst instincts of the current government. As he showed in his dalliance with Gaddafi, he is less interested in human rights than in profits for British firms. And that is likely the same trade-off he will make in Cairo.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Maher of April 6 and Manienoor El Masry of the Revolutionary Socialists languish in Gen. Sisi’s jails. Does Blair care about these youth leaders of the 2011 revolution, or are they now just inconvenient.


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50 African Children Paralyzed by Gates-Funded Meningitis ‘Vaccine’*

50 African Children Paralyzed by Gates-Funded Meningitis ‘Vaccine’*


Bill and Melinda Gates have been on a crusade for at least the past decade to vaccinate every single child on the planet. And one of their primary geographical targets has been the continent of Africa, where poor sanitation’s and lack of clean water have created conditions in which diseases like meningitis and malaria run rampant. But rather than try to meet these basic needs, the multi-billionaires and their many allies have instead thrust vaccines on indigenous populations as the solution, which has in turn sparked a wave of paralysis among Africa’s younger populations.

As covered by investigative journalist Christina England over at, the small village of Gouro in northern Chad, for instance, recently fell victim to the dark side of this vaccine agenda after at least 50 youth in the area developed paralysis following vaccination with “MenAfriVac,” a new meningitis vaccine developed specifically for Africa. Touted as a preventive cure for meningitis, MenAfriVac reportedly caused each of the children, some of whom were as young as seven, to suffer hallucinations, convulsions, and ultimately paralysis.

According to a cousin of two of the vaccine-injured children, the horrific side effects of MenAfriVac began to appear within 24 hours of its administration. Many of the children affected by it immediately began to experience headaches and vomiting, which later progressed into “uncontrollable convulsions while bent over with saliva coming from their mouths.” But when parents and local authorities tried to call on higher-up government officials to take action and help the affected children, their petitions for relief were all but ignored.

Government of Chad attempts to bribe parents into silence

This same cousin, who is referred to by England as “Mr. M.,” added that when Chad’s Minister of Health and Minister of Social Security finally showed up to Gouro nearly a week after the series of paralyzations first took place, they decided to evacuate the 50 paralyzed children to a hospital more than 300 miles away, as there is only one available doctor in the entire region of Gouro.

But rather than try to get to the bottom of why MenAfriVac caused such a serious reaction in the first place, and immediately halt all further distribution of the vaccine until this could be determined, these same government officials actually tried to bribe suffering parents with money to keep quiet about it. According to Mr. M., these officials were more concerned with covering up the dangers of ManAfriVac than with protecting villagers from harm.

 “[T]he government and the media have gone silent about the tragedy, while there are still facts requiring clarification,” stated Mr. M. in an email to England about the incident. At this point in time, virtually no media has picked up on this important story. “All this disturbs us and makes us fear the worst effects for the future. [I]t is very sad that (the) entire city is paralyzed.”

Gates Foundation, WHO lie about safety of MenAfriVac

Worse is the fact that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO), and The Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP), all of which heavily promote MenAfriVac, have openly lied about the safety of the vaccine by repeatedly claiming it can be transported without refrigeration. The vaccine’s package insert clearly states that it must be stored refrigerated and protected from light.

 “Why have major organizations spent $571 million on a vaccination project, when wells to provide access to clean drinking water have been constructed for less than $3,000 by the International Committee of the Red Cross?” asks England in a series of important questions regarding this disastrous situation. “Why has this vaccination program not been suspended, (and) what are these organizations going to do about the atrocity that has happened in Gouro?”


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Meet Eugenicist Bill Gates GMO Banana*

Meet Eugenicist Bill Gates GMO Banana*

ByChristina Sarich

Just like the shoddy experiment of GMO golden rice, big biotech, along with its friendly funders, is now going to develop a GMO banana. The genetically modified bananas are meant to take on malnutrition in the developing world, namely Africa, one of the targets of the GMO industry and Gates’ vaccine programs.

Golden rice was developed to be a rich source of vitamin A, offered as a ‘cure’ to the third world for deficiency. The Rockefellers have withdrawn their original funding for this project because it turns out you’d have to eat about twelve bowls of the stuff to get the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A.

What was really behind the development of GMO rice was an intent to patent one of the largest agricultural crops on the planet. Bill Gates came along to promote the monoculture, intending to reap benefits from the patent on the seed. He had no intention of stopping starvation or malnutrition. A simple vitamin could do that.

Now, enter Bill Gates again, with big plans for a vitamin-A packed banana to ‘stop starvation in Africa’ and other third world countries. These ‘super’ bananas would supposedly be full of beta-carotene, which our bodies use to produce Vitamin A. While world health experts estimate that 650,000-700,000 children die annually from a lack of vitamin A in their diets, GMO super-bananas are not the solution.

Human trials on the GMO banana are already scheduled in the US. The Queensland University of Technology project has been in the works since 2005, and now Professor James Dale says that the project to create GMO bananas– backed by close to $10 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — ‘is set to be one of the most significant biofortification projects seeking to improve vitamin deficiencies rampant in East African countries’. Bananas are also a staple food of many East African countries.

Field trials in Uganda have already been conducted as well, implementing ‘hundreds of different permutations’ to develop the GMO super banana.

As usual, the biotech industry leaps into production without really making sure its product is safe. Monocultures of bananas are already causing the spread of pests and disease, before the introduction of a GM banana. Massive doses of fungicide are needed to grow bananas in many parts of the world, and true to the business model of biotech, the GM strain will likely require even more toxic chemicals to grow successfully.

These bananas are crossed with a gene from sweet peppers that confers resistance to Xanthomonas, a pathogen which currently ravages many banana crops.

There is no evidence that these GM bananas will be safe. In October, 93 international scientists agreed there was a lack of empirical and scientific evidence to support false claims made by the biotech industry about a “consensus” on GMO safety. These scientists argued that more independent research is needed, as existing studies which say that GMOs are safe are overwhelmingly funded and supported by biotech companies. And in this case, yet again, by Bill Gates, the biotech King himself.

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Nigerian Students Discover One Litre of Urine Produces One Hour of Electricity*

Nigerian Students Discover One Litre of Urine Produces One Hour of Electricity*

Now which corporation can try to monopolize this human source of energy?

Four enterprising young African girls put together a generator that runs on a plentiful natural resource. Whether or not it could work efficiently is a different story.

Future science stars? Three of the girls who invented the pee-powered generator. (Credit: Maker Faire Africa)

In a stroke of ingenuity that could have proven handy during Hurricane Sandy, four teenage African girls have come up with a urine-powered generator.

Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, and Faleke Oluwatoyin, all 14, and Bello Eniola, 15, collaborated on the invention, which they claim generates one hour of electricity from one liter (about a quart) of urine.

The pee-powered product made its debut at Maker Faire Africa in Lagos, Nigeria, this week. A post on the Maker Faire Africa blog describes the generator’s workings in the following words:

Urine is put into an electrolytic cell, which separates out the hydrogen.

The gas cylinder pushes hydrogen into a cylinder of liquid borax, which is used to remove the moisture from the hydrogen gas.

This purified hydrogen gas is pushed into the generator.

Hydrogen, of course, carries explosive risks, so the girls used one-way valves as a security measure (whether that is safety precaution enough is unclear). But don’t start saving your bladder output just yet. The blog doesn’t mention where the energy needed to power the electrolytic cell comes from, or whether the electrolytic cell uses more power than the machine generates.

While many commenters on the Maker Faire Africa blog are applauding the girls’ work, others have expressed skepticism of their contraption. On one science-minded blog, believers and not-so-believers are currently engaged in a lively and thorough deconstruction of its various components.

The girls will probably be famous chemists one day, in any case, but they aren’t the first to propose urine (or more solid human and animal waste) as a possible alternative fuel.

Last year, in one example, researchers from Ohio University came up with their own technology for extracting hydrogen from urine. Doing so, they say, requires less power than plucking it from water, as hydrogen can be separated more easily from the ammonia and urea chemical compounds present in pee.

The four African teens likely are the youngest researchers yet to dabble in pee as power. Skepticism aside, can we all just agree that the foursome should be lauded for their efforts to find alternative power sources on a continent that could really use them? Sheesh. When I was 14, I’m pretty sure I was too busy watching TV to concern myself with hydrogen extraction.


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