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Child Abuse Whistleblower Gone Missing Under Police Custody*

Child Abuse Whistleblower Gone Missing Under Police Custody*

A key whistleblowing witness and victim of child abuse at Nottingham Beechwood Children’s Home is effectively missing after sending a text to the UK Column starting…”pls ring urgent, something has happened n I don’t trust the police and I may be locked up tomorrow…” Sent at 21:22 on Wednesday 9th July 2014 the UK Column has been trying to locate the witness ever since.

This witness has reported to us rape, intimidation, beatings, physical and emotional threats as just some of the abuses suffered by vulnerable young children at Beechwood, but some youngsters were also witnesses to ‘suicides’ – children ‘falling’ from upper windows. Other witnesses report that children’s bodies were hidden on the site.

Fearful for the physical safety of this highly vulnerable witness, who already alleges a police cover-up and is fearful of the police, we contacted Nottinghamshire Police via their 101 phone line.

After speaking to the civilian telephone operator and expressing grave concerns for the safety of the witness, Nottingham police were asked if the witness had been arrested and if they were safe. In a short return call the operator said that a police officer had said that the witness was safe. Unconvinced by the vague reply, we asked the name of the police officer and a shoulder number. The operator said they were unsure. They were also unsure as to whether the witness had been judged ‘safe’ at home, had been arrested and was ‘safe’ in custody, or was in a psychiatric facility.

The UK Column duly asked for clarification from a named police officer with their personal number and was promised a call from such an officer. No such call was received overnight. Our worst fear remains that the witness has been sectioned and held in a psychiatric unit in order to silence them.

Early this morning Friday, 11th July 2014 the UK Column again made contact with Nottingham police via their media team. Again requesting information as to the whereabouts and safety of the witness, Richard from the media team would only confirm that the witness was safe, but would not give their location, state if they had been arrested nor give details of the police officer or their official number. He also appeared unsure as to why the police refusal to give full and proper details about the location and safety of a vulnerable child abuse witness would be in the public interest.

The UK Column has also expressed concerns for the safety of this individual to Bassetlaw Nottingham Labour MP John Mann. Mr Mann has recently spoken out about child abuse in Westminster stating that ”there was a cover-up with regard to child abuse investigations in Nottingham.” He also reported on his Twitter post:

On Monday Nottm court Beechwood children’s home abuse. No prosecutions for 100 victims. County Council denying liability.

Further posts state:

No answer yet on how many files destroyed by Notts County Council involving child abuse..Notts County Council offering [£]9000 to child abuse victims but admitting no liability.

BBC Nottingham news team who have previously reported on the horrific child abuses at Beechwood, were also informed by the UK Column of the witness safety concerns, particularly in light of increasing reports from across UK of police forces failing to investigate paedophiles, and reports by witnesses of police harassment and threats to silence them.

To date Nottingham City and Nottingham County Council, holding joint responsibility for the now closed Beechwood home, have paid out some £250,000 in compensation to 17 victims. It is believed the payouts included gagging orders. Nottingham police have previously stated to UK Column that over 92 victims of Beechwood abuse have come forward, but there is no murder investigation.

Again, because of the sensitivity of this case we are extremely concerned for the safety of this witness. We would like to ask that members of the public contact Nottingham Police about the Beechwood child abuse witness via their local 101 telephone number and ask for more information.


Child Abuse Whistleblower Imprisoned

The Beechwood Children’s Home abuse witness is being held in Peterborough prison after unknown police action on Thursday, 10th July, and a secret court hearing on Friday, 11th July 2014. For the personal safety of the individual and in the wider public interest we are naming the witness as Melanie Shaw.

On Friday, 11th July, the UK Column reported that a “key whistleblowing witness and victim of child abuse at Nottingham Beechwood Children’s Home is effectively missing after sending a text to the UKColumn starting ‘pls ring urgent, something has happened n I don’t trust the police and I may be locked up tomorrow.’ Sent at 21:22 on Wednesday, 9th July 2014 the UK Column has been trying to locate the witness ever since.”

Despite telephone calls by UK Column and members of the public to Nottinghamshire police over the weekend, we were unable to establish the precise whereabouts of Melanie. We remained concerned for her safety in light of civilian police staff claims that she was safe, without any supporting facts as to what had happened, or where she was being held. Late on Friday afternoon Melanie Shaw’s solicitor was also unaware of the police action or his clients location.

At 11.27 on Monday, 14th July we received a call from a friend of Melanie who informed us that she was being held in Peterborough prison after being picked up by Nottinghamshire police on Friday and held in cells overnight. After a Court hearing the following day, for which it is still not known if Melanie had proper legal representation or the benefit of public and press attendance, she was remanded to Peterborough prison. This category B prison run by Sodexo had a reputation in 2011 for drugs, bullying and violence. As the country’s only male and female prison, it has a maximum capacity of 840 and boasts a Mother and Baby Unit for 12 mums.

Melanie’s incarceration appears to be based on allegations that she set fire to a neighbours shed – a charge which Melanie denies. Melanie has reported to the UK Column that individuals linked to her bail conditions had been harassing her in recent weeks.

This latest punitive action on a child abuse victim by Nottingham Police and the Courts, follows the removal of her child by Social Services and disruptive action by the Local Council in respect of her home. Melanie claims she had been warned she could have her child taken when she first blew the whistle on Beechwood in 2011.

Melanie originally approached the UK Column because she wanted to expose the truth of the vicious rapes, sexual and physical abuse, and psychological intimidation that she and some 100 other young children suffered at Nottingham Beechwood children’s home.  Clearly frightened of the police after irregularities in their investigations, Melanie strongly suspected that the police, Local Authorities and Members of Parliament, were already attempting to cover-up the Beechwood abuse.

Following Elm House child abuse London, BBC’s Jimmy Savile, and particularly in light of the ongoing exposure of the cover-up of paedophile rings within Westminster and the wider establishment, the UK Column believes that many of Melanie’s concerns are fully justified. Our opinion is reinforced by the fact that five other women known to the UK Column, who, having reported paedophile activity, have been harassed by the police and Local Authorities and later sectioned in psychiatric units. In two other UK Column cases where Social Services have been attempting to steal children, parents have also been falsely accused of arson attempts.

Three Nottingham MPs, Vernon Coaker, Lilian Greenwood and Chris Leslie have so far failed to respond to UK Column enquires as to their action to help Beechwood victims and protect other children from abuse. Their silence says much.

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Former Malaysian Prime Minister Advises Reject the NWO’s TPPA*

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Advises Reject the NWO’s TPPA*

By Eileen Ng

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggested today that ‎prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak needs to prove he is a strong leader by rejecting the contentious Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

The former prime minister today referred to Najib’s comments on the need to have strong leaders to steer the country forward, saying the TPPA is another way for foreign powers to colonise the country.

He added that it would be unwise for Putrajaya to rush through the negotiations.

“The quality of a strong leader is his willingness to stand up against foreign pressure and protect the interests of the country.

“‎If you can’t do that, then you are not considered a strong leader,” Mahathir (pic) said after launching the book, “TPPA : Malaysia is not for sale by the Malay Economic Action Council”.

‎Najib on Wednesday said the absence of leadership would lead to disaster for Malaysia.

Using Brazil’s shocking 1-7 loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals as an analogy, Najib said: “When I watched Brazil, their defence was all over the place. I put it down to lack of leadership. There was no proper leadership.

“If that could happen to a football team, imagine what would happen to a country that does not have effective leadership… the answer is, we will end up like Brazil.” – July 11, 2014.


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Mursi’s Supported Gaza While Sisi Colludes with the Aggressor*

Mursi’s Supported Gaza While Sisi Colludes with the Aggressor*

The Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip has been ongoing for four days leaving scores dead and hundreds injured. As the death toll rises Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi seems incapable of taking a strong stand as his predecessor, who he ousted in a military coup in July 2013.

In 2012, Mohamed Mursi, Egypt’s first freely elected president was able to broker a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel to end the latter’s onslaught on Gaza.

During his short rule, Mursi quickly eased travel restrictions on the enclave and opened the Rafah border crossing. However, once he was ousted, Al-Sisi quickly tightened control on the crossing and closed it.

In addition to this, under Al-Sisi’s auspices, the Egyptian Army has bombed and attacked Sinai, destroying a large number of tunnels used by Palestinians to get their daily needs, including food and petrol, intensifying the suffering of the people of Gaza.

In 2012, Mursi gave a speech committing his country to the Palestinian cause and its people, and warning Israel against further aggression.

Video Translation

We see what is happening in Gaza of aggression and killing of men, of women and of children. Blood is being spilled. This is a serious matter. This is a blatant aggression against humanity, against men and against women. This is a matter that I once again warn against. Once more I would like to say to those who are committing the aggression that they will never ever, they will never ever, they will never ever, have authority over the people of Gaza. We shall not leave Gaza alone. We shall not leave Gaza alone. I say to those, I say to those in the name of the entire people of Egypt, I say to them that Egypt today, that Egypt today, that Egypt today, is completely different from yesterday’s Egypt. The Arabs today are completely different from yesterday’s Arabs. The Muslims today are completely different from yesterday’s Muslims.

Crowds chant repeatedly: With blood and soul we redeem Palestine.

Dr Mursi: The Muslims today, the Muslims today, are not like they used to be years ago. We all, with Egypt and its great people and its enormous resources and its proud men and its women who are capable of giving; Egypt, the Arabs and the Muslims, I say, while having full confidence in all of these, that they will not leave Gaza alone. We are today in front of this aggression, we say to the aggressor you will not accomplish peace through aggression nor will you have stability through aggression and you will earn no good on this land through aggression. War does not create stability ever nor does it ever make peace. This blood will turn into a curse against you and will mobilise all the people of the region against you. I say, as a government, I say, as a leader, a government, a people, a homeland and an Ummah, I say to you, warning you, reasserting the conscious words with capable will and resources that are by the grace of Allah enormous and an uninterrupted act of giving, I say to you Gaza is not alone. And I say to you that the world does not ever endorse aggression. The entire world is saying no to the aggressor. You will not be able to defeat a people and you will be able to kill an Ummah. You do not have the ability, and you never had the ability, to establish peace or stability for yourselves by means of your aggression. Go and read the lessons of history and learn from the present and from the past and learn from these lessons that you have never succeeded and that you will never ever succeed. You will never ever have control over us or over the people of Gaza. We assure you and we assure everyone that Egypt, with its people and with its leadership, does not want to go to war with anyone. We are not warmongers; we preach peace, but real peace. We call for real peace and not a peace that is only for one individual or one party, such peace would be a time waster. It would be a meaningless peace and would therefore be unacceptable peace in concept and in practice. Reality tells us all that what is happening is rejected. We are against this and against those who try to falsify reality or resort to feeble pretexts or want days to pass by while they gain land or gain time. We realise this, we are aware and know what is happening. Time will never, ever be wasted nor will opportunities, God willing, be lost. Let everyone know that Egypt’s size and Egypt’s resources and the will of the Egyptians and the revolution of the Egyptians as they uprooted injustice can uproot aggression.

Egypt today, and I am in communication with all the leaders, the presidents and the kings, and I sense and know the people, presidents and kings of the Arab and Islamic states and the world, that we are still talking about preventing aggression and the necessity of stopping the offensive and that shedding of blood should immediately be stopped. Everyone realises that the peoples are angry and that the leadership of Egypt is angry because of what is happening to Gaza. Egypt’s leadership is angry and is making a move to prevent aggression against Gaza and against the people of Palestine whether in Gaza or out of Gaza. This is a people who should be able to live in peace on their land. Our souls, all of us, yearn for Jerusalem. All of our souls yearn for Jerusalem. And I say to the aggressor learn from history, take lessons from history, stop this farce, stop the bloodshed, or else you will never be able to withstand our anger. It is the anger of a people and a leadership. Egyptians have always loved peace and never ever left their land at any moment in history to attack others. They never colonised anyone. They never oppressed anyone. The entire history of Egypt is like this. But they were always capable of deterring aggression and defeating the aggressor. They were capable of protecting the land, the honour, the homeland and the entire Ummah; Arabs and Muslims. By the Grace of Allah we are still as we have always been, and we are today keener and more determined to be a permanent protective shield for our Ummah, both Arab and Islamic.

We, in Egypt, stand with the people of Gaza. Today, the prime minister of Egypt and the assistants and advisors of the president of the Republic together with the ministers went [to Gaza] so as to declare our unequivocal solidarity with the people of Gaza and to say that we stand with them in the same ditch, that what befalls them befalls us and that the blood that flows out of the bodies of their children, as they flow out of them they cause us pain as if they were flowing out of the bodies of our own children. We shall not accept this ever. Thus, we say to the entire world, and we know that there are many fair people in it, we say in the name of the people, and I say as a president of Egypt, stop this terrible action, stop this blatant aggression, stop the bloodshed. This is a serious call. It is not simply a reverberation of something some people may not care to listen to. It is in all seriousness that I say to those who commit the aggression that the cost will be very high for this aggression. Should the aggressors continue in their aggression they should then be prepared to bear the consequences to them and to those who think this aggression will maintain peace or stability for them.

The prime minister of Egypt today visited Gaza and we are continuing all serious efforts to stop the aggression. We shall continue to support Gaza and the people of Gaza and we stand by Palestine and the people of Palestine and the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian decision. What the Palestinians decide, we shall support their decision. So, if they decide to go the United Nations we shall support their decision. We shall not decide on their behalf nor shall we intervene in their affairs. But we stand with them, we care for them, we defend them and we consider them part of us and we are part of them.

I hope, I hope, that Allah will protect this world from evil, from hatred, from sedition and from guile. Guile and deceit that only incurs doom on those that make it or design it.

This is history. As for our reality, we are good, praise be to Allah. We are harmed by what happens to Gaza and we move to prevent it.

Almighty Allah supports those that support His cause. So, support His cause by attending to yourselves and attending to your homeland Egypt. Support His cause by supporting your Ummah, both Arabs and Muslims. Then, and through unity, through determination and action, while maintaining good trust in Allah and through production, expect that which is good. This is not difficult in the eyes of God, and tomorrow is nearby for those that await it. Happy New Year and peace by upon you.


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Raw Milk Delivery Allowed in Vermont*

Raw Milk Delivery Allowed in Vermont*

Raw milk!? What’s the fuss? Well when a country has made the production and delivery of a God-given food that is nutritionally of higher value than the processed version in the supermarkets, riddled with man-made chemicals, and the threat of a GM version so that the pharmaceutical companies can make big profits by selling you something that is marketed as a dietary must, and make bigger profits by making you ill, then the hard sell that  raw milk is dangerous… that’s the fuss!

By Heather Callaghan

Due to consumer demand and struggling local economies, some states are easing up on food sales with the introduction of “cottage food laws.” Although they are not without regulation, sometimes even more red tape, they are beginning to allow more food access to slowly trickle back in – especially helpful for “fresh food deserts.”One such state has a large vocal demand for food freedom – Vermont, the same Vermont that just passed the first state GMO food labelling law. With farm sales of raw milk legal in Vermont, the next logical step would be availability at farmers markets, right?

Last Saturday at the Capital City Farmers Market, marks the very first time raw milk appeared at a farmers market – at least in the last 60 years or so.

Act 149 took some wherewithal. The legislation passed on July 1 that allows farmers markets to be a delivery hub. Of course, the farmer is not allowed to sell milk there. But a person who made a purchase through the farmer at the farm or visited the farm at least once is allowed to pick up their purchases thereafter at the market. It is beneficial for convenience and greater marketing, visibility.

Montpelier’s Times Argus reports:

The state already regulates who can sell raw milk, breaking farmers into two tiers, with the second tier reserved for bigger producers. Tier-two farmers, or those who sell up to 280 gallons of raw milk per week, were allowed to sell the milk at their farms or deliver to the customer’s home, before the recent law expanding delivery to farmers markets. Frank Huard, a goat farmer from Craftsbury Common, was the first at the farmers market in Montpelier to take advantage of the new law. The Huard Family Farm has won the state’s highest quality milk award for its goat’s milk from the Vermont Dairy Industry Association in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

Huard believes it is good for expanding into greater markets and convenient if both the farmer and customer will be at the same place anyway. However, he points out an added and perhaps unnecessary major inconvenience of the ruling – consumers having to visit the farm at least once.

With him being an hour away from the market, what if a farmers market patron lives away from the market in the opposite direction? They need to lose hours of drive time out of a busy schedule to stay for how long – 15 minutes? Huard had been hoping to expand his market beyond his farm. He calls it baby steps for raw milk access. Baby steps for his growing career as a goat farmer after leaving the concrete industry during the Recession in 2008.

Alan LePage, farmer and president of Barre Farmers Market says, “I resent the fact that the state seems to think they know better than anyone else about the subject.” And, he has a lot to say about the misconceptions surrounding raw milk at the Times Argus report which also further describes Huard’s goat farming lifestyle.

No word on how that stipulation to visit the farm first came about – to remove a liability? Vermont lawmakers were very concerned about liabilities – mainly from big food corporations and chemical makers – upon passing the GMO labeling law.

With issues and regulatory scrutiny aimed at raw milk production heating up, some farms have taken to getting their milk independently certified for added transparency.

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