Is the Sun and Earth Synchronizing?*

Is the Sun and Earth Synchronizing?*

Curiosity ponders on the fact that:

a)      Our Earth’s magnetic field growing weaker significantly

b)      The lull in solar activity


Reports from European Satellite Agency tells us that through their 6-month observations through their triple satellite array SWARM that there has been a significant drop in our Earth’s magnetic field over the Western Hemisphere

and the South Atlantic Ocean,

but a strengthening of that field over the Indian Ocean since January.

Earth’s magnetic field protects the planet from huge blasts of deadly solar radiation. However it was observed earlier this year that the Earth’s plasmasphere has been building its own defences.


Images taken by Solar Dynamics Observatory reveal hardly any solar activity at least from the side facing our Earth on July 17, 2014. The previous week, 3 strong solar flares burst from the Sun towards our Earth. Given the number and intensity of earth-directed solar flares that have been thrown at us this year thus far, it a puzzling state of affairs for many experts.


The Global Coherence Initiatives has done much work in this field that entities like the U.S. military run NASA hold back on… From them we can learn:

  • Solar activity began to increase in 2010 and has been expected to peak in late 2013 or early 2014.
  • Invisible magnetic influences from the sun and Earth affect life on Earth from birth to death.
  • Solar flares can disrupt your sleep, emotions and collective behaviour.
  • Every cell in our body is bathed in an environment of magnetic forces which are invisible to the human eye. Numerous rhythms within your body can synchronize with solar and geomagnetic activity.


A NASA-sponsored researcher at the University of Iowa has developed a way for spacecraft to hunt down hidden magnetic portals in the vicinity of Earth. These portals link the magnetic field of our planet to that of the sun. Physicist Jack Scudder said the portals are:

… places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.

If these magnetic portals exist, what is their function for the Sun and Earth? A portal is a ‘highway’ that allows movement from one side to another side. Regardless, this shows there is an ongoing connection between our Sun and Earth as in our solar system. After all we are in the Sun’s magnetic bubble, called theheliosphere so everything within is bound to be affected.

Our Sun has already begun its polar shift, The Sun’s magnetic north pole, which was in the northern hemisphere just a few months ago, now points south,but what about our Earth?

SWARM observations affirmed that Earth’s magnetic North Pole is still advancing towards Siberia. The South Magnetic Pole is moving towards South America.

This would mean that the directions of sunset and sunrise would reverse, East would become West and West would become East, as described in the Qur’an. Our reaction aligned with the limited physical world is that a sudden movement in Earth’s rotation will result in the oceans moving in the opposite directions causing a wall of water, a tsunami(s). We are definitely witnessing a lot natural disasters, but why should the polar shift result in being tossed like a pancake?

The magnetic shift has been dramatic to the point of being unobservable from the layperson’s point of view, so if a physical ‘flip’ were to/has been taking place, why should it be any different when the oceans are held in position by the gravitational and centrifugal created by Earth’s rotation?


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