Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Art*

Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Art*

Many experienced teachers have noted that many students lack the psycho-motor skills that make it possible for them to learn. Increasingly, responsible parents try to keep their children at home out of fear for their personal safety, but the high price is a child who is poor or completely lacking in the social skills that will help them interact positively with others. Add to this a child reared on video games, and i-pads, the result is a child who becomes dysfunctional outside of that virtual world.

We cannot be with our children 24/7, actually it’s quite unnatural, children need their space too. With children’s personal sovereignty placed at great risk these days, even within the home child sexual abuse has become the norm. Martial Arts is one way today’s children can take control of their lives.

By James Hundson

Have you at anytime observed what the kids learn at the Martial Arts academy? Take out some time and… You will know what exactly is taught to them.

Ever since the first form was founded, martial arts has been known to be an activity that helps one strengthen mind and body and also helps in self defense against strangers or attackers. With some additional modifications made in the original form, there are a number of art forms that are being practiced around the world.

Learning martial arts does not simply indulge one in an activity, but also has many health benefits on the artist. The benefits of performing this activity can be seen when one is dedicated and focuses completely on perfecting the known techniques and learning the more advanced ones. Encouraging your child to perform them will prove to be a greater boon for you and your child as you will see him being developed into a responsible individual with high self esteem and the confidence that he can now take care of himself. Let us take a look at the main benefits that your child can obtain by learning martial arts.

  1. Make them more Active:

With obesity on a rise, there is need for people to be active and get involved in activities that enhance movements and give strength. Kids have to be trained right from the beginning so that they do not fall prey to the signs of obesity. Not every kid or individual can become an athlete to keep working out. Thus, the techniques of martial arts will help the child to perform necessary movements that will keep him fit. Martial artists are said to be the fittest people that may be found. Forms like the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are well known ones that help one remain active and increase flexibility.

2. Learn to Deal with Failures:

Let us consider the real life failures to be the hits that one has to face while performing martial arts. It is true that one is taught to fight and hit the person in order to defend himself. But, one also needs to bear some hits. The fight is never one sided. Keeping aside the physical hits that we have been talking about, kids are also taught to deal with the other failures that they may face in school, exams and other walks of life. Thus, bearing the mental and physical hits will make the child much stronger to face the tough challenges in life.

3. Gain Self Confidence and Self Respect:

The myth that the size and the age determine the strength that one may have needs to be eliminated. Martial arts teach a child to fight with an attacker irrespective of size and age. The techniques not only help in increasing ones strength but the self confidence that one would experience from within. The confidence that he can overcome and defend an attack well will help him respect himself.

4. Increase in Concentration Power:

Although martial arts may seem to be an activity all about kicks and punches, it does not always mean to concentrate on the movements you make. While you are fighting with an opponent, it is important to focus on defending every attack that he may make. If you are about to defend a kick, you also need to be alert of the other body parts that he may use to attack you. Concentrating on these different traits and being alert here will help your child to be alert and concentrate in real life too.

5. Improved Cardiovascular Health:

Martial arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and many other forms help in increasing the heart rate and improve the blood flow through the body. Martial artists are known to have stronger heart muscles and thus can fight other heart related problems easily. A weak cardiovascular health may result in fatigue, weakness, lethargy, shortness of breath and many more that may not keep the child active at young age. Teaching a child the basic techniques will encourage him to practice this art all through his life and thus will give him a healthy heart to live with.

These 5 main benefits are the main ones that will let you know why your child needs to go in for a martial arts training session. Kids are said to have a higher grasping power because of which they can learn things soon. Thus, introduction of the right form of martial art like Judo, Karate, Taekwondo or even Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at a younger age will help your child master the basics and be encourage to learn the advanced techniques so that he can practice it all his life and stay healthy and face the world upright!


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