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BJP Government Gives the ‘Green Light’ to Monsanto and the Biotech Conglomerates*

BJP Government Gives the ‘Green Light’ to Monsanto and the Biotech Conglomerates*

By Colin Todhunter

The Indian government is facing strong opposition for its decision to allow field trials of genetically modified (GM) crops. The Coalition for a GM-Free India is calling the approvals ‘hasty’ and has asked the Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change to cancel them.

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (SJM) is the economic wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) – the parent body of the BJP party. It has termed the decision of the Narendra Modi BJP central government as a “betrayal of people’s trust.”

Ashwani Mahajan, All India co-convener of SJM says:

“SJM has received the news reports of approval of field trials of GM food crops by Genetically Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), under the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest, with shock, disbelief and anguish.”

The GEAC has reportedly approved 60 out of 70 applications for the field trials of GM crops, despite the Supreme Court appointed Technical Expert Committee (TEC) already having submitted its report based on sound science and factual data that strongly recommends the stopping of all such field trials.

A statement by the SJM reads:

“People of India who have elected BJP to power are feeling deceived. They had voted BJP to power on the promises the party made to the people of India in its manifesto 2014 and speeches made by the leaders during the election campaign.”

The BJP had promised in its election manifesto that GM food will not be allowed without evaluation of its long-term effects.

The statement continues:

“SJM wants to remind the government that moratorium on open field trials of GM food crops was the result of long and difficult struggle by people of India including Swadeshi Jagran Manch, farmers, scientific experts, consumers, activists and other stakeholders. The Supreme Court of India has also been of the clear view that no hasty decision in this regard shall be taken that puts the health of people and soil at risk.”

During the previous government, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture, which included seven members from BJP, also recommended against the trial of GM crops.

The Coalition for a GM-Free India says:

“When most countries around the world are not adopting this risky technology which has a large number of attendant risks to health, environment, and livelihoods, and when several credible official bodies in India have asked for a stopping of field trials, it is extremely irresponsible that our apex biotechnology regulator has thrown such caution to the winds to approve open air field trials.”

Despite election promises, the Modi-led government has signalled its intention of fast-tracking GM technology, despite the TEC recommendations and two reports by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture advocating a moratorium and adequate regulatory structures free from conflicts of interest, independent scientific expertise and rigorous scientific studies be implemented.

The prevailing structures are based on too cosy a relationship between compliant bureaucrats and the biotech industry, which has in any case already been granted a firm strategic hold over agricultural policy and research in India.

The GMO biotech sector’s smokescreen of benevolence

The often-made claim is that GMOs are required to feed India’s huge population. The profit-driven biotech sector which seeks monopolistic control over the world’s food often likes to hide behind a smokescreen of benevolence. Dilnavaz Variava has worked for a range of organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund India, where she was chief executive, and the Bombay Natural History Society. She has also served on several federal government committees as well as one in Maharashtra for the development of agriculture. She says:

A World Bank commissioned study found that agro-ecological approaches and not GM provide the best solution to the world’s food crisis. In March 2011, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food also reported that small scale farmers could double food production within five to ten years by agro-ecological farming. An Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India study for West Bengal found that organic farming could increase net per capita income of a farmer in the state by 250 percent, lead to wealth accumulation of 120 billion rupees ($1.9 billion), generate exports worth 5.5 billion rupees ($87 million) and create nearly two million employment opportunities over five years. In Andhra Pradesh, Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture was started in 2005-06. It promoted ecologically and economically sound agriculture with state government and World Bank support. About 10,000 villages with one million farmers practice non-pesticidal management on over 3.5 million acres. Pesticide use in the state has decreased by more than 45 percent. Net income increases were 3,000 to 15,000 rupees per acre, in addition to meeting a household’s food needs.”

She also claims that in places where GMOs have been adopted, food insecurity has risen:

“Macroeconomic data for the largest adopters of GM food indicate the opposite. In the U.S., food insecurity has risen from 12% in pre-GM 1995 to 15% in 2011. In Paraguay, where nearly 65% of land is under GM crops, hunger increased from 12.6% in 2004-06 to 25.5 percent in 2010-12. In Brazil andArgentina, GM food has not reduced hunger. In any event, GM does not increase yields, as the Union of Concerned Scientists established through a review of 12 years of GM in the US.”

This is of little concern to the powerful biotech lobby and its compliant bureaucrats and politicians. Money talks and wealth buys political influence. That much is as true in the US as it appears to be increasingly the case in India, where the story of GMOs is one of gross violations, conflicts of interest and blatant disregard of biosafety norms.


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The Real Jihad is in Palestine*

The Real Jihad is in Palestine*

By Kevin Barrett

As of Sunday, Israel was killing Palestinians at a rate of more than 100 per day. Most of the victims are civilians, including large numbers of children, who are being intentionally targeted.

As US Secretary of State John Kerry sarcastically blurted out, it is “one hell of a pinprick operation” when Israel calls in airstrikes to murder little boys playing soccer on the beach.

The current massacre is just the latest episode in a six-decade-long slow-motion genocide. Israel is trying to remove the vast majority of Palestinians from Palestine, by killing some of them and making life impossible for the others. As international law professor Francis Boyle argued at the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal in Malaysia almost one year ago:

“The Palestinians have been the victims of genocide as defined by the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.”

In August 2013, the tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide. Perhaps that is why Malaysian planes keep falling out of the sky.

Who is going to stop the Palestinian genocide?

The West is owned by Zionist criminal oligarchs. The United Nations is helpless. Christians have been guilt-tripped into believing that they owe the Zionists a genocide – as long as it is perpetrated against somebody else.

China is too far away and concerned with its sphere of influence. India is occupied by the Zionists who have taken over RAW, the Indian intelligence agency. Russia has its own problems with powerful Zionist oligarchs and their Nazi stooges and thugs. Latin America is too busy trying to free itself from Uncle Sam…and yes, there are Zionist oligarchs there too.

So the only thing standing between Palestine and genocide is the world’s nearly two billion Muslims.

Palestine has been Islamic holy land, administered and protected by Muslims, since 636 CE – which corresponds to the 15th year of the Islamic calendar. Essentially, Palestine has been ruled by Muslims, justly and equitably for the most part, for as long as Islam has existed. It is the duty of every Muslim to protect Palestine, including the Christian and Islamic holy sites.

So where are those two billion Muslims – who outnumber the genocidal settlers in Occupied Palestine 400-to-1 ?

They are being divided, distracted and debilitated by Zionist propaganda…and by the treason of their own rulers. The Persian Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, could stop the genocide. Saudi Arabia has a pivotal role in global oil production.

The biggest player in OPEC, Saudi Arabia could easily launch another oil embargo like the one in 1973…only this time for real. Unfortunately, the Kingdom’s current rulers apparently value their sybaritic lifestyles above the lives of Palestinian children and the sanctity of Islamic holy sites. Many of them are in bed with the Zionists, literally and figuratively.

The governments of other Muslim countries aren’t much better. Of all the Muslim-majority nations, only Iran (and to a lesser extent Syria and Malaysia) is taking serious risks to help the Palestinians defend themselves, and to broadcast the truth about Palestine to the world.

So why are so many self-styled “jihadis” attacking Iran – and the friends of Iran in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq?!

In essence these “jihadis” are serving in the Israeli army. Mind-controlled CIA-Mossad stooge Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – or whatever he is calling himself this week – is the de facto head of the Israeli military’s Foreign Legion.

Likewise, in Pakistan, the Zionist-controlled Indian intelligence agency RAW has created a fake insurgency of “Pakistani Taliban.” Some deluded Pakistani Taliban foot-soldiers, like al-Baghdadi’s followers, imagine themselves jihadis fighting to purify Islam. They have a funny way of purifying Islam: killing their fellow Muslims with weapons provided by Zionists and CIA agents like Raymond Davis, who was captured in Pakistan staging “Pakistani Taliban” terrorism.

Pakistani defence analyst and popular TV host Zaid Hamid explains that these fake jihadis are tools of the West’s fourth generation warfare against Islam and Muslims. Fourth generation warfare – the brainchild of William S. Lind and other American and Zionist strategists – uses synthetic insurgencies and false flag terrorism to achieve military and political objectives.

The doyens of fourth generation warfare have steered the concept of “jihad” away from its traditional Islamic just-war-doctrine foundations, toward Takfiri terrorism and other counterproductive (to the Muslims) tactics.

So when “Caliph” al-Baghdadi says he doesn’t really care about Palestine, he just wants to kill Shi’a Muslims, recalcitrant traditional Muslims, and Christians, he is waging a very strange kind of “jihad”…a very ZIONIST kind of “jihad.”

The Qur’an says that God hates aggressors; it tells us that when an enemy “drives you out of your homes” it is time to wage defensive jihad. (Note that the word jihad includes the primary meaning of “striving, effort” to be a better person, alongside the secondary meaning of striving to be a better person by risking your life standing up for justice and defending your community.)

The Israelis are systematically murdering Palestinians and driving them out of their homes and have been doing so for more than half a century. Palestine is Islamic holy land. There has never been a more clear-cut case of legitimate defensive jihad.

I am not an Islamic scholar. I have an Islamic Studies related Ph.D. from a secular American university. I am not highly qualified to interpret scripture.

But this issue is a no-brainer. Anyone who had read the Qur’an with a scintilla of understanding, anyone with the faintest acquaintance with just war theory, anyone who even remotely comprehends that our God-given human nature loathes aggression and authorizes self-defence, knows that not just every Muslim, but every human being with a conscience is required to help the Palestinians defend themselves against genocidal Zionist aggression.

What’s more, this one is winnable.

A wedge can be driven between the psychotic über-Zionists and the slightly more rational realists who hold power in the West.

If we work hard enough, and fight hard enough, we can force the West to acquiesce in the liberation of Palestine. Five million cannot hold out against two billion forever. Like apartheid South Africa in the 1980s, Zionist Israel today is approaching its expiration date.

There are fake jihads happening all over the world… Takfiri jihads, fourth generation warfare jihads, imperialist-sponsored divide-and-conquer jihads. These misguided spasms of pointless violence are libels on the noble word “jihad” – a word the Zionist-dominated Western media has dragged through the mud.

To hell with all the fake jihads. The real jihad is in Palestine. Onward to victory.


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“Massive Attack” on Israel at Longitude Festival in Dublin*

“Massive Attack” on Israel at Longitude Festival in Dublin*

Award-winning band and veteran political activists Massive Attack used their headline slot at Longitude Festival this weekend to highlight their solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

The musicians played at Marlay Park, Dublin, on Sunday, kicking off their set with ‘Battlebox’ before using their backdrop to send out messages to the packed audience.

As the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) continues to bombard Gaza with air strikes while Hamas fires rockets into Israel, Massive Attack used its position to show its long-time support of Palestinian freedom.

A lit-up message behind the performers said: “Gaza has been occupied [sic] or under restrictions since 1948.”

The group also displayed the number of lives lost in Gaza, the Irish Mirror reports, during a performance of ‘Unfinished Sympathy,’ which was met with huge applause from the crowd.

At least 600 Palestinians – most of whom were civilians – and 29 Israelis have died in the two-week conflict raging between Gaza and Israel.

Massive Attack’s lead singer, Robert Del Naja, told the New Statesmen in 2010 that musicians have an important part to play in shaping public discourse.

He spoke of his backing the cultural boycott of Israel as it “applies the continual pressure that’s needed.”

“The boycott is not an action of aggression towards the Israeli people,” Mr Del Naja said.

“It’s towards the government and its policies. Everyone needs to be reminded of this because it’s very easy to be accused of being anti-Semitic, and that’s not what this is about.”

The band also says on its official Facebook page – which has 2.8million fans – that its social media page “has a forum of debate on the issue of the Freedom for Palestine.

“We don’t intend to delete or moderate but rather encourage debate in an open democratic way. After all this is what the medium is for…”


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DEBKA Report: Saudi, Egypt and Israel Orchestrated Palestinian Holocaust*

DEBKA Report: Saudi, Egypt and Israel Orchestrated Palestinian Holocaust*

“Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, Egyptian President Fatah Al-Sisi and Netanyahu… [are] in constant communication on the war’s progress and confers on its next steps. Our sources reveal daily conferences, and sometimes more, between King Abdullah and President Sisi over a secure phone line,” the newsletter said.

DEBKA, thought to have close ties with Israeli intelligence agencies, said the world leaders go to great lengths to ensure their alliance remains undiscovered “given the political and religious sensitivities of their relationship”.

Fearful of having even their secure lines intercepted, they prefer to send secret missions to visit each other and discuss the ongoing conflict.

“Israel keeps a special plane parked at Cairo’s military airport ready to lift off whenever top-secret messages between Sisi and Netanyahu need to be delivered by hand. The distance between Cairo and Tel Aviv is covered in less than an hour and a half,” DEBKA explained.

Since the beginning of the Israeli operation which they have dubbed “Protective Edge” Israel has killed 808 Palestinians, and wounded over 5,000, mostly women, children and elderly, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Israeli sources said that the operation has resulted in the killing of 32 Israeli soldiers and three civilians, while 435 people were wounded, mostly suffering from panic attacks, in addition to 90 soldiers.

According to DEBKA the three-way cooperation has set up the following guidelines for the operation in Gaza:

  1. Israel and the IDF will fight to smash Hamas’ military might and downgrade its political influence.
  2. The military operation will come to a close only when all its objectives are achieved.
  3. The three leaders will not permit any outside party, including the US, to interfere in their direction of the war.
  4. The oil-rich Saudi kingdom will cover a portion of the war costs incurred by Israel.
  5. When the war is over, Saudi Arabia and some of the Gulf emirates, led by the UAE and Kuwait, will pay for repairing the damage caused by the fighting in the Gaza Strip.
  6. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel are of the same mind about the absolute necessity to dismantle Hamas’ military strength, including its arsenal of rockets and network of assault bunkers.
  7. Once the IDF has destroyed Hamas as a terrorist power, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority will get down to installing a new government and security mechanisms in Gaza City to fill the void left by Hamas’ defeat.


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Irish Shops Urged to Remove Produce from Israel*

Irish Shops Urged to Remove Produce from Israel*

Mandate, the union that represents shop workers, has called on Irish retailers to stop stocking Israeli produce.

It has written to more than 20 companies including Dunnes, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Supervalu.

Mandate says shoppers are complaining to its members about Israeli produce being stocked, in light of the ongoing violence in Gaza.

The union says customers and staff are faced with a dilemma of conscience.

Gerry Light, Assistant General Secretary of Mandate, said:

“I think everybody to some degree has a level in their conscience where it can be pricked.

“Whereas people will shop regardless, having no thought whatsoever to some of the consequences of buying produce from these regions, I think there’s an increasing base of people who are becoming more consumer conscious in respect of goods and where they are sourced.”


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