Eugenics: Ebola Virus Being Spread Intentionally

Eugenics: Ebola Virus Being Spread Intentionally

Remember Haiti? Hundreds have been dying as a result of a ‘new strain’ of cholera that was introduced by the U.N. Peacekeeping Force, who until now refuses to leave the island.

Over 660 may have died according to WHO in Africa. It doesn’t take an expert to realize something is seriously wrong when with every week that passes, another person is added to the death toll from a dangerous virus that disappears as suddenly as it appears has gone out of control…why?

Suspicions were further raised with the death of eugenist Richard Rockefeller recently, when it came to surface that he was head of Doctors Without Borders with projects in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. So what intent is there when WHO and MSF (Doctors Without Borders) decide to take over the bioweapons laboratory in Kenema hospital – a result of thousands marched on the lab following allegations by a former nurse that Ebola was being put into circulation deliberately. With Israeli International Group crisis founder George Soros and Bill Gates involved, one would think that the nurse knew exactly what she was talking about.

Sierre Leone

Global governance’s WHO will assume control of critical government functions and implement forced vaccination and quarantine plans. With a failing medical health system, these pharmaceutically dependent organizations, are trying to Westernize/modernize the health system in Africa to the extent that Africa becomes dependent on pharmaceutical drugs that makes them big money, that many Africans cannot affording after centuries of their wealth ripped off to find that they end up having a vicious cycle of pharmaceutically induced diseases that makes more money for unelected global governors.

The family of Saudatu Koroma an Ebola patient in Sierre Leone stormed the hospital and forcefully removed her and took her away, why? They know at least that she is more likely to die in hospital than out. After all what experience does the likes of WHO have with the Ebola virus – so enters MSF/Doctors without Borders which faired no better in the cholera pandemic in Haiti.

The Kenema Government Hospital, located 300km east of Freetown, Sierra Leone, an area with the highest incidence of Lassa Fever in the world.

At the epicentre of the current Ebola epidemic is the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which houses a US a biosecurity level 2 bioweapons research lab.

The partners and people leading the viral fever bioweapons lab inside Kenema Government Hospital read like a roll call of New World Order organizations.

Others involved in the funding include:

Tulane, Scripps Research Institute, Broad Institute, Harvard University, University of California at San Diego, University of Texas Medical Branch, Autoimmune Technologies LLC, Corgenix Medical Corporation, Kenema Government Hospital (Sierra Leone), Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (Nigeria) and various other partners in West Africa.

The Kenema bioweapons lab is the only testing centre for Ebola in Sierra Leona yet has the highest number of victims. Tulane University conducts bioweapons research on behalf of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. The Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Sierre Leone announced week this it had ordered Tulane University to stop Ebola testing and the US bioweapons laboratory at Kenema to be relocated in response to growing anger from locals, especially the nurses at Kenema hospital went on an indefinite strike on Monday following the death of three of their colleagues on Sunday.. They might have to enforce that request, and preferably not anywhere in Africa or anywhere else by any other name.

All new confirmed cases are to be directed to Kailahun Hospital.

Eugenics Agenda

In 2006, Chairman of the Environmental Science Section of the Texas Academy of Science, Forrest Mims conveyed the following:

I watched in amazement as a few hundred members of the Texas Academy of Science rose to their feet and gave a standing ovation to a speech that enthusiastically advocated the elimination of 90% of Earth’s population by airborne Ebola. The speech was given by Dr. Eric R. Pianka (Fig. 1), the University of Texas evolutionary ecologist and lizard expert who the Academy named the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist.

Something curious occurred a minute before Pianka began speaking. An official of the Academy approached a video camera operator at the front of the auditorium and engaged him in animated conversation. The camera operator did not look pleased as he pointed the lens of the big camera to the ceiling and slowly walked away.

This curious incident came to mind a few minutes later when Professor Pianka began his speech by explaining that the general public is not yet ready to hear what he was about to tell us.

Because of many years of experience as a writer and editor, Pianka’s strange introduction and the TV camera incident raised a red flag in my mind. Suddenly I forgot that I was a member of the Texas Academy of Science and chairman of its Environmental Science Section. Instead, I grabbed a notepad so I could take on the role of science reporter.

One of Pianka’s earliest points was a condemnation of anthropocentrism, or the idea that humankind occupies a privileged position in the Universe. He told a story about how a neighbour asked him what good the lizards are that he studies. He answered, “What good are you?”

Pianka hammered his point home by exclaiming, “We’re no better than bacteria!”

Pianka then began laying out his concerns about how human overpopulation is ruining the Earth. He presented a doomsday scenario in which he claimed that the sharp increase in human population since the beginning of the industrial age is devastating the planet. He warned that quick steps must be taken to restore the planet before it’s too late.

Professor Pianka said the Earth as we know it will not survive without drastic measures. Then, and without presenting any data to justify this number, he asserted that the only feasible solution to saving the Earth is to reduce the population to 10% of the present number.

He then showed solutions for reducing the world’s population in the form of a slide depicting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War and famine would not do, he explained. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved.

Pianka then displayed a slide showing rows of human skulls, one of which had red lights flashing from its eye sockets.

AIDS is not an efficient killer, he explained, because it is too slow. His favourite candidate for eliminating 90% of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. However, Professor Pianka did not mention that Ebola victims die a slow and torturous death as the virus initiates a cascade of biological calamities inside the victim that eventually liquefy the internal organs.

After praising the Ebola virus for its efficiency at killing, Pianka paused, leaned over the lectern, looked at us and carefully said, “We’ve got airborne 90% mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that.”

With his slide of human skulls towering on the screen behind him, Professor Pianka was deadly serious. The audience that had been applauding some of his statements now sat silent.

After a dramatic pause, Pianka returned to politics and environmentalism. But he revisited his call for mass death when he reflected on the oil situation.

“And the fossil fuels are running out,” he said, “so I think we may have to cut back to two billion, which would be about one-third as many people.” So the oil crisis alone may require eliminating two-thirds of the world’s population.

How soon must the mass dying begin if Earth is to be saved? Apparently fairly soon, for Pianka suggested he might be around when the killer disease goes to work. He was born in 1939, and his lengthy obituary appears on his web site.

When Pianka finished his remarks, the audience applauded. It wasn’t merely a smattering of polite clapping that audiences diplomatically reserve for poor or boring speakers. It was a loud, vigorous and enthusiastic applause.

Questions for Dr. Doom

Then came the question and answer session, in which Professor Pianka stated that other diseases are also efficient killers.

The audience laughed when he said, “You know, the bird flu’s good, too.” They laughed again when he proposed, with a discernible note of glee in his voice that, “We need to sterilize everybody on the Earth.”

After noting that the audience did not represent the general population, a questioner asked,

“What kind of reception have you received as you have presented these ideas to other audiences that are not representative of us?”

Pianka replied, “I speak to the converted!”

Pianka responded to more questions by condemning politicians in general and Al Gore by name, because they do not address the population problem and “…because they deceive the public in every way they can to stay in power.”

He spoke glowingly of the police state in China that enforces their one-child policy. He said, “Smarter people have fewer kids.” …

With this, the questioning was over. Immediately almost every scientist, professor and college student present stood to their feet and vigorously applauded the man who had enthusiastically endorsed the elimination of 90 percent of the human population. Some even cheered. Dozens then mobbed the professor at the lectern to extend greetings and ask questions. It was necessary to wait a while before I could get close enough to take some photographs.

I was assigned to judge a paper in a grad student competition after the speech. On the way, three professors dismissed Pianka as a crank. While waiting to enter the competition room, a group of a dozen Lamar University students expressed outrage over the Pianka speech.

Yet five hours later, the distinguished leaders of the Texas Academy of Science presented Pianka with a plaque in recognition of his being named 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist. When the banquet hall filled with more than 400 people responded with enthusiastic applause, I walked out in protest.

Patenting Ebola

On October 26 2009, a patent was filed for the virus. The assumed ‘inventor’ is Jonathan S. Towner, Jonathan S. Towner, Stuart T. Nichol, James A. Comer, Thomas G. Ksiazek, Pierre E. Rollin.

Application: US 13/125,890

Publication: US20120251502 A1

The Original Signee: The Government of the US as Represented by the Secretary of the Dept. of health


Compositions and methods including and related to the Ebola Bundibugyo virus (EboBun) are provided. Compositions are provided that are operable as immunogens to elicit and immune response or protection from EboBun challenge in a subject such as a primate. Inventive methods are directed to detection and treatment of EboBun infection.

Ebola the Moneyspinner…

After a period in which the tide has been turning against vaccines due to mounting side effects including death, the fear of Ebola spreading to the West might turn the tide in favour of the big pharmaceutical companies. Suddenly the call is being made to produce experimental vaccines .. the trouble is most vaccines out on the market cause harm are experimental, with no solid evidence that they cure the disease they claim to. Those big companies include Wellcome Trust in the U.K., and in the U.S. there is already a drug, TKM-Ebola drug by Tekmira Pharmaceuticals which partnered with U.S. Department of Defense on this one – a curious partnership.. To ramp up the campaign, the lie is being spread that: A number of patients have been discharged from Ebola treatment centres in Guinea after successfully beating the Ebola virus, says Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors withour Borders.

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    • Neither is the offshoot that makes the disease more dangerous. The irony is the word ‘ebola’ is enough to raise a panic attack, yet the GM virus that CDC has engineered is from the variety that has a significantly lower rate of fatality.

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