Blair’s Next Leg of The Global leaders Silence on the Palestinian Holocaust and Piping Gas to the E.U.

Behind Israel’s Exploitation of Palestinian Gas: Blair to Advise on Controversial Gas Pipeline

By Hwaa Irfan

After Cherie’s birthday party, and setting up Egypt (not a difficult task) with the first Israel-Palestine ceasefire plan designed to drive the Palestinians into complete submission, NWO emissary Blair is now off on hammering the next nail in the coffin representing the trade arm of our global unelected governors, the energy barons. It is in fact not another job, but maybe the reason behind the West and the U.S. silence on the massacre of Gazans with Rothschilds British Petroleum benefiting from Palestinian natural gas provided by Israel.

As U.S. Biden starts drilling for gas in Eastern Ukraine, where Ukrainians have been trying to save Ukraine from the Cabal’s monetary system, the reason behind the anti-Russia campaign, The Guardian reports Blair as advisor to the energy consortium behind the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the final leg of a 2,000-mile gas pipeline that will run from Azerbaijan across much of central eastern Europe.

Trans-Adriatic pipeline, TAP a project of Norwegian Statoil, Swiss Axpo, and German E.ON Ruhrgas, it is a private company. The BP-led group developing Azerbaijan’s vast gas reserves has chosen the Trans Adriatic Pipeline via Greece to link to Europe. Rothschild & Sons and Bank of England have interlocking shares in BP.

The route

“This project is critical for Europe’s energy diversity,” said an unnamed spokesman for the consortium to The Guardian.

In other word as E.U’s production of oil and gas in the North Sea declines dependence on energy imports increases. From 2013, the EU has been trying to reduce dependence on Russia’s natural gas, and has been looking at Israel as an alternative source. The Israeli company Delek Energy, which works together with U.S. based Noble Energy. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that the Levantine Basin (Israel), contains nearly 122 tcf (3416 bcm) of recoverable gas, which would make it one of the world’s larger deposits alleviating that Russia-phobia, but it is off the coast of Gaza.

Even if not all recoverable gas is produced, it could make the area a very significant resource globally. But that is a guestimate void of Palestinian sovereignty. That gas would make its way through the Southern Gas Corridor via Cyprus. To date TAP will run through Greece, Albania, the Adriatic Sea, southern Italy and Western Europe.

In comes Turkey with its duplicitous role in geopolitics, and its Aegean coast and the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline, TANAP that can pipe oil and natural gas from the controversial autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq. Turkey has little oil and no natural gas. TANAP is hoped will pipe gas from Azerbaijan’s Caspian Sea Shah Deniz field (National Iranian Oil Company has a 10% share of Shah Deniz) onto the Turkish-Greek border linking with the Trans-Adriatic pipeline (TAP) for delivery to the European Union.

In April this year, an agreement was made to connect TAP with Interconnector Greece- Bulgaria (ICGB) was signed in early, to bring Azeri gas to Bulgaria. Up until that pipeline manifests Bulgaria has been dependent on Russian gas.

The source

The vilification of Russia has much to do with the directing of gas and supply to the energy vampire of Western Europe with the initial sources being The Caspian Sea, the Middle East (hence the current holocaust of Gazans in Palestine, and Russia.

The controversy

In Azerbaijan, thousands have been attending public meetings and demonstrations opposing the project due to start in 2016.

“Tony Blair is standing against communities that want to protect their land, sea, natural resources, and leave a future to their children.” Elena Gerebizza from Re:common – an Italian organisation opposing the pipeline told The Guardian.

Bribing the Azerbaijan communities with €365,000 sponsored festivals this summer along with summer five summer events in Salento, Italy with free bus shuttle service “To disco by bus” and an online contest with a chance to win holidays in Salento. TAP did not seem to get the idea that there is more to liberty than money.

Azerbaijan’s controversial president, Ilham Aliyev it is said treats Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis like a fiefdom sees this venture as a jewel in his crown. Most of Azerbaijan’s oil went to Europe, and as that runs out, most of it natural gas is likely to go the same way.

One can see no other reason for the E.U. and U.S. stance on the current massacres of Palestinians, and what is happening between E.U. and Russia, in the Ukraine, in Gaza, and the Middle East in general is beginning to make sense. All so that the elite can make massive profits leading unsustainable lives that ordinary men, women and children will have to pay for if not with their lives, with slave labour, and if there is no paid work, to facilitate their  immeasurable  evils for which we will be grateful for while our souls die a most painful death..


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