Ebola Virus GM Bioweapon Invented by CDC*‏

Ebola Virus GM Bioweapon Invented by CDC*‏

From Alexandra Bruce


The creator of this video has studied the patent parameters of this bioweapon, concocted by the Centers of Disease Control; he traces their various Ebola hybrid creations, along with the use of a stable carrier – and it appears that they have finally struck pay dirt.

Their new proven killer hybrid is currently living inside two dying American hosts and being flown to the US.

The CDC wants its new bioweapon in its possession.

Here is the patent information.

About Ebola, e.g. that it is an airborne virus that is transmissible by droplets in the air, etc… and also, some things you may need to do, to be prepared for anything in this crazy mixed-up world we’re living in.

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