Tribesmen Mobilise against ISIL after Killing an Iraqi Woman*

Tribesmen Mobilise against ISIL after Killing an Iraqi Woman*

By Hassan Al-Obaidi in Baghdad

A Twitter user displays the #NO2ISIS hashtag on her hand and puts her hand on her mouth to symbolise that the group is silencing its protesters in this photograph distributed via social media. [Screenshot taken from Twitter]

“Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) elements executed a woman who cursed them in a market southwest of Kirkuk last week and urged vendors not to sell to them.

Soraya Hassan al-Jubury, who was in her 40s, was put to death July 31st in Nahiyat al-Zab after she called on people in the market to boycott the group, security officials said.

“Soraya al-Jubury was descended from a well-known family in the al-Al Jubur clan which inhabits an area stretching from Salaheddine province to Kirkuk and parts of Diyala. She lost her husband in 2007 while he was fighting al-Qaeda with the Sahwa forces,” Lt. Col. Hamid Sahib al-Obaidi, a Kirkuk police officer, told Mawtani in a telephone interview.

Al-Jubury’s son also belongs to the Sahwa forces and is deployed in another city, al-Obaidi said.

He was notified of his mother’s death by his uncle, who intends to mobilise the tribe to take revenge on ISIL for his sister’s blood, according to al-Obaidi.

Eye witnesses said that following al-Jubury’s execution, which took place near her home, local residents decided to boycott sales to ISIL, stop all traffic in the market, and stay away from it until six masked gunmen in black who were guarding the entrance left, he said.

Al-Jubury’s brave stand struck a chord of resistance among area residents who were now more determined to reject ISIL, local resident Amer Khairy told Mawtani by telephone.

“She has been braver than us even though she is a woman,” he said.

“She screamed everything that had been bottling up inside us and stirred up something that had been missing in us, which is resisting and not submitting to them.”

A few days earlier, ISIL elements killed Mosul University law professor Mahmoud al-Asali who had objected to the group’s treatment of Christians, the Ninawa tribal council said.

According to security reports, ISIL elements also cut out a young man’s tongue in Salaheddine the previous month for cursing ISIL chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ISIL has executed more than 40 people, including six women, for publicly cursing it or calling on people to fight it, joint operations command spokesman Lt. Gen. Qassem Atta told Mawtani.

Popular resistance rises

Residents of ISIL-controlled areas quickly “found out the group’s true nature and the marked difference between its false online slogans and staged photos and its actions on the ground”, Atta said.

“Popular agitation has started to manifest in multiple forms, from setting up popular and tribal armed committees to publicly declaring its rejection,” he added.

ISIL elements thought they could instil terror in people’s minds and force them to remain silent and submissive for fear they would be subjected to the same fate as al-Jubury, Kirkuk provincial council member Ammar Kahiah told Mawtani.

“However, that has backfired as the city is now sitting on a volcano,” he said. “We are receiving communications and information from citizens stating their readiness to open an internal front against ISIL if the army starts a ground offensive on the city, in a way that will wear it down.

“They also have provided the army with important information on the location of ISIL men,” Kahiah said.

Human Rights Commission woman and child’s committee head Ibtissam al-Taiawi called on the security forces to hunt down al-Jubury’s murderers.

“ISIL’s cowards have been able to display their bravery against a defenceless woman,” she said. “Even more infuriating is that four men came together to kill her and they all opened fire on her. What cowardly and low person kills a woman who was simply speaking her mind?”


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