Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Given a 48-hour Ultimatum*


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Given a 48-hour Ultimatum*

Imran Khan on the fourth day of his Azadi March here gave the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif an ultimatum of two days to step down and announced to launch a civil disobedience campaign against the incumbent government.

“The sit-in will continue for two more days. Mian Sahab, please, tender resignation because after two days your time is up,” Imran Khan warned while addressing the participants of his party’s sit-in on Sunday.

“I don’t want a martial law in the country. I want democracy,” he asserted as marchers chanted ‘go Nawaz go’.

“Don’t pay your taxes, gas bills, GST (General Sales Tax), electricity bills,” he appealed the nation and took a pledge from his party workers attending the procession.

“Never surrender before oppression and injustice; take a stand,” Imran Khan said, adding, ‘go for a civil disobedience even against me in case you find me doing injustice’.

However, he instructed the marchers not to cross into the red zone in the next two days and took their oath on the same.

The PTI chief said he is alone, his kids are in England and he has nothing to lose.

“I have waged this struggle for you,” he added.

Taking a dig at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, he said the former despite being involved in a number of alleged irregularities and acts of corruption always escaped from the grip of law.

“Nawaz Sharif bought everyone who tried to bring him to justice,” he alleged.

He said Nawaz Sharif sold LDA plots and bought politicians, journalists and even ‘tried to buy Generals’. “In the last year’s elections he bought chief justice, election commissioner, and caretaker government’s Najam Sethi,” he continued.

Imran Khan said National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is Nawaz Sharif’s own, so there is no chance of latter’s accountability.

He said government itself admitted that 60-70 thousand votes in each constituency could not be verified. “So, what kind of elections were they?”

“The Tsunami could go straight to the ‘fake’ Prime Minister House and ‘fake’ Parliament House. But I don’t want the innocent policemen killed. I don’t want the army to take over,” Imran Khan said.


He said Nawaz Sharif’s son is living in a house worth Rs8 billion.

“Compare the houses and businesses Nawaz Sharif had abroad some years ago with the ones he has today. Someone say where all this money came from,” he asked.

He alleged that Nawaz Sharif increased his property and wealth through unscrupulous means. “But, no one can catch him and bring him to justice.”

“With Nawaz Sharif at the helm of country’s affairs, Pakistan’s future is bleak,” said Imran Khan.


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