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A New Puppet so the Cabal Can Rape Afghanistan of its Rare Earth Mineral Wealth*

A New Puppet so the Cabal Can Rape Afghanistan of its Rare Earth Mineral Wealth*

By Kadir A. Mohmand

The photo above shows, U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Cunningham, meeting with its new puppet leader,  Ghani,  before the final results of the run off election. It certainly looks like an official meeting. Ghani’s Uncle Qayyum Kochai, the man in sunglasses, who is the principal  (sirmalim) of the Afghan translators and on the U.S. payroll for years, is also at the meeting. It really does show that it is a selection and not an election  by the Afghan people of their president.  The U.S. has selected Ghani as their new puppet leader in Afghanistan. This photo shows that the U.S. is meddling in and controlling Afghanistan’s internal affairs. This is not diplomacy.

The United States’ and NATO’s policy is to divide Afghans, and  Muslims everywhere, so that Muslims kill Muslims. This is the divide and conquer policy that they are and have been using in Muslim countries all over the world. They supply weapons to Muslims to fight other Muslims. They divide Muslims by ethnicity, tribal affiliations and by Shi’ah and Sunni designations. I believe this policy is the wrong policy for a peaceful world. Muslims are beginning to open their eyes to realize that the U.S. and NATO are playing this game.

History has shown that Afghans do not accept a puppet leader chosen by foreigners. Ghani is a puppet leader selected by the U.S. .I believe he will not be accepted by the majority of Afghans no matter how much propaganda the U.S. puts in the media and spends. This selection may fool the majority of American people into thinking that there is democratic nation building happening and their tax dollars are not wasted. But Afghans are realizing that there really was not a true election only fraud and foreign selection.   I am sad to say this selection will not lead to peace but only more instability, suffering for the majority of Afghan people and an escalation of war. I believe this interference and selection by the U.S.  is shameful and a waste of U.S. tax dollars. It is more of the same divide and conquer tactics that U.S. government uses when it wants to control a country and its resources.

What is the main reason that the U.S. feels the need to select a puppet leader like Ghani for president? It is all about controlling Afghanistan’s vast untapped REEs (Rare Earth Elements) and other natural resources especially the vast deposits of REEs in the Helmand region which are used in modern technology and defense systems and are worth trillions. The U.S. sees the control of these REEs as vital and it will keep its control by selecting Afghanistan’s puppet president and leaders and keeping a U.S. presence there through its bilateral agreement.  Only the U.S. and its Afghan puppet leaders, war profiteers and the mining companies will profit from the mining of these REEs. The majority of Afghan people will not benefit from their REEs and natural resources. The majority of Afghans, especially the ones who live in areas where these REEs are located, will suffer – their villages are being bulldozed and destroyed, these Afghans are being forced from their homes, these Afghans are being labelled as terrorists and killed etc. , while foreigners and war profiteers mine and steal their REEs and other minerals and natural resources.

Who are the really terrorists?

It is all about control of these Rare Earth Elements (REEs) and other natural resources which belong to the natives or indigenous peoples of Afghanistan. It’s all about REEs!  I believe the majority of Afghans need to educate themselves about these REEs and their resources and take immediate lawful action to stop the stealing of their resources.

Is this really diplomacy? I believe this type of “diplomacy” has only caused division and suffering in Afghanistan and wasted trillions of U.S. tax dollars, which have only benefited the war profiteers. I believe there should have been no U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan . There should have been no illegal collective punishment of Afghans for the tragedy on 9/11.  I believe the money would have been better spent on rebuilding Detroit and on the citizens of America, the majority who are struggling.

Every Afghan knows that the election is  really a shameful U.S. selection to fool the American people into thinking that everything is okay in Afghanistan and that their tax dollars  are not being wasted.

I believe this occupation and meddling in Afghanistan’s internal affairs needs to end. I believe the foreign invaders/occupiers need to leave Afghanistan.  Isn’t it obvious by now it is the wrong policy that has lead and will only lead to instability and more suffering ? Recent events certainly lead to that conclusion.  War , occupation, deception , disrespect, and systemic corruption never lead to peace and stability.


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Turkey to Send Floating Power Ship to Palestine*

Turkey to Send Floating Power Ship to Palestine*

Turkey will send a floating power-generating ship to Gaza, Taner Yildiz, Turkey’s energy minister said Tuesday.

“Turkey will build power plants in Palestine in the long term, but as a quick solution Turkey will send a 100 megawatt power- generating ship from Basra to Gaza offshore in about two to three months,” Yildiz said at a press conference in Ankara with his counterpart from Palestine.

Yildiz said Israel should lift the blockade on the Gaza strip to allow power to be delivered to the city.

Yildiz said Israel hit 10 energy plants in Gaza, which means a total loss of 120 megawatts of energy for Gaza City. Yildiz said he believes Israel’s attitude towards energy in Gaza will be different than its current position since having access to energy is a humanitarian issue.

For a permanent solution to Palestine’s energy problems, Palestine should benefit from its own gas fields, he said. Turkey will take part from now on in any energy bid announced by the Palestine state, Yildiz said. Turkish firms will be in Palestinian gas fields like any other international outlet, he added.

The Palestinian minister of energy, Omar Kittaneh, said he met with Turkish energy firms on Monday and he is very pleased by the results. Kittaneh said they will deliver their plans for the energy sector in Palestine to Turkish authorities within a few days.

Seven floating power plants have been produced so far by the Turkish private sector with 1000 megawatts of capacity.


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China punishes Uyghur’s for Studying their Religion Outside State Control*

China punishes Uyghur’s for Studying their Religion Outside State Control*

China has reprimanded 15 Xinjiang (East Turkestan) officials for violations that include adhering to religious faith, state media said on Tuesday, amid a crackdown on Muslim Uyghur people in the western region.

East Turkestan, home to the Muslim Uyghur people who speak a Turkic language, has been beset for years by violence that the Chinese government blames on “militants and separatists, but rights groups say stems from repression.

One official in the southern city of Kashgar had “worshipped openly”, the official Xinhua news agency said.

“The punishment of expulsion from public office was handed to [the official] surnamed Mai who violated the clear regulation that state workers must not have religious faith,” Xinhua said, citing the city’s Uyghur mayor, Ainiwaer Tuerxun. Mai had “remained devout and incorrigible, and had a poor attitude,” the report added.

Tensions are running high in Xinjiang, after officials told Muslims to eschew religious customs during the fasting month of Ramadhan, which rights groups saw as a bid to repress Uyghurs.

Another official was punished, according to Xinhua, for having “ambiguous understanding and attitudes, sluggish action, and ineffective implementation toward counter-terrorism operations”.

All of the officials were from Kashgar, an old Silk Road city with a largely Uyghur population, though the abbreviated surnames given by Xinhua made their ethnicities unclear.

Exiled Uyghur groups and human rights activists say the government’s repressive policies in Xinjiang, including controls on Islam, have provoked unrest that killed hundreds in the past year and a half.

State media reported last week that authorities in Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi closed 27 places used for “underground” preaching and detained 44 imams as part of an operation to “rescue” 82 children from religious schools known as madressahs.

China punishes the study of Islam outside the confines of tightly controlled state mosques and children are prohibited from attending madressahs, prompting many parents who wish to provide a religious education to use underground schools.


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Another Suspicious Plane Crash to Boost Globalist Interests in Brazil*

Another Suspicious Plane Crash to Boost Globalist Interests in Brazil*

Russia, Brazil, South Africa, and China constitutes the global economic challenge to global governance, i.e. BRICS

By Wayne Madsen

Brazil’s scheduled October presidential election was seen as a virtual cake walk for incumbent President Dilma Rousseff. That was until a plane crash killed Rousseff’s rather lackluster opponent, economist and former governor of Pernambuco, Eduardo Campos. On August 13, it was reported that the plane carrying Campos, a Brazilian pro-business centrist presidential candidate who was running third behind the more conservative Social Democratic Party candidate Aecio Neves, an economist and champion of austerity, crashed into a residential area of Santos in Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Campos was the candidate of the formerly leftist but now «pro-business» Brazilian Socialist Party. As with the British, Australian, and New Zealand Labor Parties, the Canadian Liberal and New Democratic Parties, and the U.S. Democratic Party, corporate and Zionist interests infiltrated the Brazilian Socialist Party and largely transformed it into a «Third Way» pro-business party fraudulently retaining the use of the «socialist» designation.

It is clear that since disclosures of U.S. National Security Agency spying on the e-mail and phones of incumbent Brazilian Workers’ Party President Dilma Rousseff and her ministers, Rousseff’s resultant cancellation of a state visit to Washington, and Brazil’s hosting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and other BRICS economic bloc leaders at a recent summit in Fortaleza, the United States has been trying to destabilize Brazil. The State Department and the CIA have been looking for weak links in Rousseff’s Brazil to create the same conditions of instability they have fomented in other countries in Latin America, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina (through a national credit default engineered by Zionist vulture capitalist Paul Singer), and Bolivia. However, Rousseff, who antagonized Washington by announcing, along with other BRICS leaders in Fortaleza, the establishment of a BRICS development bank to compete with the U.S.- and European Union-controlled World Bank, looked unbeatable for re-election. That certainly was the case until August 13 when Campos and four of his campaign advisers, along with the pilot and co-pilot, were killed in the crash of the Cessna 560XL, killing all on board.

The crash advanced to the head of the Socialist Party presidential ticket Campos’s vice presidential running mate, Marina Silva. In 2010, Silva received a surprising 20% of the vote for president as the Green Party candidate. Rather than run as the Green candidate this year, Silva opted to join Campos’s pro-business ticket. Silva is now seen as the Socialist Party’s best chance to defeat Rousseff for president in the October election. Silva, an evangelical Christian in a largely Roman Catholic country, is also seen as close to the global «civil society» infrastructure of «controlled opposition» groups financed by hedge fund master manipulator George Soros. As a leader of Brazil’s Amazon rain forest protection efforts, Silva has been lauded by environmental groups funded by Soros’s Open Society Institute. Silva’s campaign rhetoric is rife with such Soros code phrases as «sustainable society», «knowledge society,» and «diversity».

Silva marched with the Brazilian team at the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London. Brazilian Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said that Silva’s participation in the Olympics was approved by the British royal family and that she «always had good relations with the European aristocracy».

Silva is also more moderate than Rousseff on Israel’s policies toward Palestine. As an Assemblies of God Pentecostal Christian, Silva is a member of a denomination that provides core membership for the worldwide movement of «Christian Zionists» who are as avidly as pro-Israel as such Zionist Jewish organizations as B’nai B’rith and the World Jewish Congress.

The Assemblies of God believe the following about Israel:

«According to Scripture, Israel has an important role to play in the end-times. For centuries Bible scholars pondered over the prophecy of a restored Israel. ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land.’ When the modern nation of Israel was founded in 1948, and Jews began returning from all around the world, Bible scholars knew that God was at work and that we were very likely living in the last days».

Marina Silva with Eduardo Campos when Campos announced she would be his running mate…

In 1996, Silva was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, which was established by Goldman Insurance Company founder Richard Goldman and his wife Rhoda Goldman, an heir to the Levi Strauss clothing company fortune. In 2010, Silva was named by Foreign Policy magazine, edited by David Rothkopf, a former managing director of Kissinger Associates, to its list of «top global thinkers».

The full details of the cause of Campos’s plane crash may never be known. Assisting in the investigation of the crash is the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration. NTSB and FAA investigators will assuredly be in-briefed and out-briefed by CIA officials stationed in Brasilia who will be eager to have a conclusion of «tragic accident» stamped on the final crash report.

The CIA has managed to cover up its involvement in other Latin American aircraft crashes that have eliminated opponents of U.S. imperialism in Latin America. On July 31, 1981, Panamanian President Omar Torrijos was killed when his Panamanian Air Force plane crashed near Penonomé, Panama. After George H. W. Bush’s invasion of Panama in 1989, the Panamanian plane crash investigation documents held by the Panamanian government of General Manuel Noriega were reportedly seized by American military personnel and they disappeared.

Two months before Torrijos was killed, Ecuadorian President Jaime Roldos, a populist leader who stood up to the United States, was killed when his Super King Air plane, operated as a VIP aircraft by the Ecuadorian Air Force, crashed into Huairapungo Mountain in Loja Province. The plane also carried the First Lady of Ecuador and the Defense Minister and his wife. They were all killed in the crash. The plane lacked a Flight Data Recorder, also known as a «black box.» The Zurich, Switzerland police conducted their own investigation that discovered the official Ecuadorian government investigation was seriously flawed. For example, the Ecuadorian government report on the crash failed to mention that the plane’s engines were disabled before the aircraft ploughed into the side of the mountain.

As with Roldos’s plane, Campos’s Cessna did not have a flight data recorder. Moreover, the Brazilian Air Force announced that two hours of audio from the cockpit voice recorder on board Campos’s Cessna do not reflect the conversations between the pilot, co-pilot, and ground control on August 13. The cockpit voice recorder on board the ill-fated Cessna 560XL was manufactured by L-3 Communications, Inc. of New York City. L-3 is a major U.S. intelligence contractor that provides the National Security Agency with much of its undersea cable tapping capabilities through an NSA agreement with L-3’s Global Crossing subsidiary.

Although Brazilian presidential hopeful Campos was no enemy of the United States, his suspicious death a few months before the presidential election and replacement with a darling of the George Soros infrastructure, now poses an electoral threat to Rousseff, who is most definitely considered an enemy by Washington. The U.S. and Soros have been looking for various ways to penetrate and disrupt the BRICS nations. The Soros/CIA attempt to advance Chinese Politburo member Bo Xilai into the Chinese presidency collapsed when he and his wife were arrested and jailed for corruption. With Russia and South Africa off-limits for any similar intrigue, India and Brazil are the focus for CIA and Soros disruption of BRICS. Although Narendra Modi’s right-wing government in India is new, the early signs for BRICS disruption are encouraging. For example, India’s Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj, as an outspoken and committed ally of Israel. Brazil under Rousseff is seen by the CIA and Soros as the best opportunity to insert one of their own, in this case, Marina Silva, into the leadership of a BRICS nation in order to exact a «Trojan horse» attack on the increasingly important economic bloc.

The plane crash that killed Eduardo Campos helped advance a George Soros-funded operative closer to the Alvorada presidential palace in Brasilia.


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Ebola in Liberia: Patients Escape as Gunmen Break into a Clinic*

Ebola in Liberia: Patients Escape as Gunmen Break into a Clinic*

One as to appreciate that for many, many years, Ebola was a contained threat that survived within specific geographical boundaries within Central Africa, so just as we do not know what is going on, for some Africans they know one thing that we do not know at least, the disease seems to spread when outsiders are present…

By Jim Hoft

Villagers don’t want outsiders in their town.

Armed men stormed an Ebola clinic in Liberia this week and liberated the infected patients. As many as 29 patients fled during the attack.
CBS News reported:

Armed men attacked an Ebola clinic in Monrovia, local witnesses told Agence France Presse.

As many as 29 potentially Ebola-infected patients fled, the news agency reported.

“They broke down the doors and looted the place. The patients all fled,” said Rebecca Wesseh, who witnessed the attack and whose report was confirmed by residents and the head of Health Workers Association of Liberian, George Williams.

The attack comes just one day after a report of a crowd of several hundred local residents, chanting, ‘No Ebola in West Point,’ drove away a burial team and their police escort that had come to collect the bodies of suspected Ebola victims in a slum in the capital, Reuters reports. The mob then forced open an Ebola isolation ward and took several patients out, many saying that the Ebola epidemic is a hoax.

The isolation centre, a closed primary school originally built by USAID, was being used by the Liberian health ministry to temporarily isolate people suspected of carrying the virus, Reuters reports. Some 10 patients had “escaped” the building the night before, according to a nurse, as the centre had no medicine to treat them.

While the armed attack is likely the most brazen attack on health workers trying to contain the deadly outbreak, it is far from the first in the region worst-hit by it.



Minister of health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, has delivered some good news: five of those currently undergoing treatment for Ebola “have almost recovered”. He said one has fully recovered and was discharged from the hospital on Saturday. The discharged patient is a female doctor, the minister told the media in Lagos. Chukwu said the patient was discharged “after conclusive discharge protocols”, adding that she could go home to resume her normal life. He did not reveal the name, but she was apparently one of those who attended to the index case at the First Consultant Hospital, Obalende, Lagos.

Chukwu said a total of 12 cases have been confirmed and that apart from Lagos –where 189 persons are placed under surveillance – and Enugu, where 6 persons are quarantined, no other part of the country has record of the disease. He commended the Lagos state government for a swift response to the situation, disclosing that the government has made provision for a better ward with a capacity of 40 beds (pictured) for victims of Ebola.

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