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The Dangers of Fluoride in Water*

The Dangers of Fluoride in Water*

The U.K. is seriously considering fluoridation of the water supply under an unfounded pretext that it will improve children’s teeth. Israel has been debating the idea. Jerusalem Post reports:

Leading public health and dentistry experts, the mayor of Dimona, and the head of the Beduin Hura local council near Beersheba have all hurled unprecedentedly strong criticism at Health Minister Yael German for last year cancelling the requirement for municipalities to fluoridate their drinking water.

The history of Ashkenazi’s in Germany seems to be amiss on this issue.

Saturday 23 August 2024 will be devoted to the science that indicates that there is no margin of safety to protect all our citizens from known health effects when they drink fluoridated water (even more so when we add in fluoride from other sources).

Confirmed speakers include: Paul Connett, Michael Connett, Chris Neurath, Bill Hirzy, and Dr. Quanyong Xiang from China.

Free shuttle from Regan Washington National airport to Hyatt Regency Hotel, Crystal, City, Virginia.

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MOSSAD Agent – ‘We Did the London Bombing’

MOSSAD Agent – ‘We Did the London Bombing’

Published on Apr 13, 2013

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US Pressuring ICC Not to Open War Crimes Probe Against Israel*

US Pressuring ICC Not to Open War Crimes Probe Against Israel*

The US and other western powers have exerted pressure on the International Criminal Court at the Hague to prevent a war crimes probe of Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip, The Guardian reported on Monday, quoting former court officials.

During Operation Protective Edge, the Palestinian Authority has threatened  to request that the court look into allegations that the civilian deaths in Gaza during the IDF’s operation constitute a war crime.

According to the report, the issue is among the matters being discussed at cease-fire talks in Cairo.

Palestinians requested that the court probe Israel for war crimes in 2009 , following Operation Cast Lead, however that request came before the Palestinians were recognized as a non-member observer state at the United Nations in 2012.

The ICC itself is divided on whether or not it has jurisdiction to probe the matter based on the 2009 request, or whether a new request would have to be submitted, according to The Guardian. The Palestinian factions would have to agree on submitting a new request, a difficult task, as Hamas would also be opening itself up to a war crimes inquiry.

The Guardian reported that western pressure has prevented the ICC from taking the view that the 2009 request gives the court jurisdiction to open a war crimes investigation into Israel’s actions.

Both current ICC prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, and Luis Moreno Ocampo, who was prosecutor at the time of the 2009 Palestinian declaration, argue that a new Palestinian request would have to be made to allow the court to open an investigation. However, The Guardian quoted another former official of the court as saying, “They are trying to hide behind legal jargon to disguise what is a political decision, to rule out competence and not get involved.”

The French lawyer representing the Palestinians, Gilles Devers, was quoted by The Guardian as saying that “there is enormous pressure not to proceed with an investigation. This pressure has been exerted on Fatah and Hamas, but also on the office of the prosecutor.

“In both cases, it takes the form of threats to the financial subsidies, to Palestine and to the International Criminal Court,” he added.


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KKK raising Funds for Officer Who Shot Brown in Ferguson*

KKK raising Funds for Officer Who Shot Brown in Ferguson*

One of the most notorious far-right white supremacist groups in the U.S. have pledged to raise money for a police officer who made headlines last week after it was revealed that he shot and killed a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, triggering riots.

Charles “Chuck” Murray, the South Carolina man who leads the New Empire Knights, a self-professed branch of the infamous Ku Klux Klan (KKK), announced an award for police officer Darren Wilson, who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown dead on August 9.

Murray told The Wire, “The KKK has raised funds. We have already raised nearly $1,200.”

“All money will go to the cop who did his job against the Negro criminal,” the New Empire Knights announced, also declaring an event to “Stop Negro Crime and the Jewish Media Cover-up” on August 23-24 in Sullivan – approximately 60 miles from Ferguson.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was due to visit Ferguson, Missouri, on Wednesday, hours after nearly 50 protesters were arrested in an 11th night of racially charged demonstrations over the killing of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer.

The St. Louis County prosecutor’s office also was expected to begin presenting evidence to a grand jury investigating the Aug. 9 shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, in a case that Governor Jay Nixon vowed would be treated as a “vigorous prosecution.”

Holder said he planned to visit Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb that is home to a predominantly African-American population of 21,000, to be briefed on the progress of a separate civil rights investigation he has ordered into the Brown killing.

In a special message to the community published online by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Holder said about 40 FBI agents have been assigned to the case, along with prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in St. Louis, and that hundreds of people have already been interviewed.

An independent autopsy, the third conducted in the killing, has also been performed by federal medical examiners at Holder’s direction, he said.

“Our investigation into this matter will be full, it will be fair, and it will be independent,” he said.

The turmoil, while generating international headlines, has exposed simmering racial tensions in a mostly black town whose police force, political leadership and public education administration are dominated by whites.

It also has re-ignited a national debate over racial disparities in the U.S. criminal justice system, even drawing sharp words on Tuesday from the United Nations’ top human rights envoy, Navi Pillay, a native South African.

“I condemn the excessive force by the police and call for the right of protest to be respected,” she said in Geneva.

Police and the governor have insisted that the most of the trouble has been generated by thugs or outside agitators bent on goading police into action.

Emotions could run high again next Monday, when a funeral service for Brown is scheduled.


Protesters march during ongoing demonstrations in reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 16, 2014. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew in Ferguson on Saturday following a week-long series of racially charged protests and looting over the shooting of the unarmed black teenager by a white police officer. – RT

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Reporter May be Jailed for Revealing the CIA Truth Behind Iran Plot*

Reporter May be Jailed for Revealing the CIA Truth Behind Iran Plot*

By Alex Park

James Risen speaks at the University of California, Berkeley Alex Menendez/UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

James Risen speaks at the University of California, Berkeley Alex Menendez/UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

The Obama administration has fought a years-long court battle to force long-time New York Times national security correspondent James Risen to reveal the source for a story in his 2006 book State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration. Risen may soon serve jail time for refusing to out his source. The fight has drawn attention to Obama’s less-than-stellar track record on press freedom—in a recent interview, Risen called the president “the greatest enemy to press freedom in a generation.” But lost in the ruckus are the details of what Risen revealed. Here’s what has the government so upset.

In State of War, Risen revealed a secret CIA operation, code-named Merlin, that was intended to undermine the Iranian nuclear program. The plan—originally approved by president Bill Clinton, but later embraced by George W. Bush—was to pass flawed plans for a trigger system for a nuclear weapon to Iran in the hopes of derailing the country’s nuclear program.

“It was one of the greatest engineering secrets in the world,” Risen wrote in State of War, “providing the solution to one of a handful of problems that separated nuclear powers such as the United States and Russia from the rogue countries like Iran that were desperate to join the nuclear club but had so far fallen short.”

The flaws in the trigger system were supposed to be so well hidden that the blueprints would lead Iranian scientists down the wrong path for years. But Merlin’s frontman, a Russian nuclear scientist and defector then on the CIA’s payroll, spotted the flaws almost immediately. On the day of the handoff in Vienna in winter 2000, the Russian, not wanting to burn a bridge with the Iranians, included an apologetic note with his delivery, explaining that the design had some problems. Shortly after receiving the plans, one member of the Iranian mission changed his travel plans and flew back to Tehran, presumably with the blueprints—and the note—in hand. Merlin did not wreck the Iranian nuclear program—in fact, Risen wrote, the operation could have accelerated it. 

In a sworn affidavit filed in 2011, and in a recently rejected appeal to the US Supreme Court, Risen has argued that his reporting served the public good. Published at a time when military action in Iran seemed possible, State of Fear revealed how much of the effort to gather information on Iran’s nuclear capability was not just shoddy but dangerous—even, in the case of Operation Merlin, helping Iran get closer to building a nuclear weapon.

The Bush administration did not see it that way. In 2008, Bush’s Justice Department subpoenaed Risen, demanding that he reveal his source—or face jail time for contempt of court. After taking office in 2009, the Obama administration renewed the Bush-era subpoena and continued to try to identify and prosecute Risen’s source. Justice Department staff believe they know who the source was—an ex-CIA operations officer named Jeffrey Sterling, who was previously an on-the-record source for Risen—but they want Risen to confirm their hunch and fill in a few details. In legal filings, Justice Department lawyers have called Risen a witness to “serious crimes that implicate the national security of the United States” and argued that “there are few scenarios where the United States’ interests in securing information is more profound and compelling than in a criminal prosecution like this one.”

If Risen is called to court to testify but fails to show up or refuses to talk, he’s likely to become the first reporter since Judith Miller in 2005 to be sentenced to jail time for refusing to divulge a source.


May 2015

CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison for disclosing classified information to New York Times journalist James Risen.

Convicted in January of disclosing sensitive information, former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling has been sentenced. While prosecutors had pushed for the harshest penalties – 19 to 24 years in federal prison – defense attorneys had urged the judge to consider the relatively lenient punishment of former CIA director David Petraeus.

In January, whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling was convicted under the Espionage Act for providing details about the CIA’s botched plan to provide faulty nuclear blueprints to the Iran. The details of Operation Merlin appeared in the “State of War,” the book written by New York Times journalist James Risen. He was found guilty on nine counts.

“This is a sad day for Mr. Sterling and his wife,” Sterling’s defense attorney Barry Pollack said, according to the Washington Post, following Sterling’s conviction.

Sentencing was passed down by US District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema, and her decision depended on her interpretation of the case. While the prosecution painted Sterling as a disgruntled employee, the defense had maintained that he was morally compelled to disclose troubling facts about the US government, and that the scope of his actions were exaggerated by the prosecution.

The defense argued that the relatively light punishment received by former CIA director General David Petraeus should have had a bearing on Sterling’s sentencing. Petraeus admitted to providing classified material to journalist Paula Broadwell, the general’s mistress at the time.

For that blatant admission of guilt, Petraeus was sentenced with two years probation and a $100,000 fine.


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