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Assata Criminalized for Revealing the Agenda*

Assata Criminalized for Revealing the Agenda*

And so it is that Pluto has revealed its last card, the race card, though we have yet still to get a handle on the others cards revealed… Pluto has been here to help us in our inner sojourn, a sojourn to reconnecting to our truer, and higher selves.

There is the Truth, and there is the Agenda…

This levelling began at the time of the beginning of the global economic crisis, in January 2008, and will go on until around face March 2023, which shows how much work has to be done because slow-moving Pluto remains in Capricorn until then! The last card needed a lot of help from the throat chakra of our earth, south of the Middle East through the abominable act of Israel on Gaza. This awakened our suppressed voices around the world aided and abetted by 3 consecutive Super Moons, which enabled the community of Ferguson to yelp. The police murder of a particular unarmed black youtb added to the plight of Gaza and gave the oppressions faced within the ‘developed’ Western world a face. That face has been known by the awakened within the African-American community particularly from the Civil Rights Movements since the 1960s which led to a 40 year introduction to what is now referred to as the unelected arm of global governance…

By Les Blough

“It didn’t matter what position you took, it mattered that people related to those positions, that people understood what you were saying, that people supported you…. The government perceived us as a threat because they understood that we were serious, they understood we were serious and they understood also that we were becoming a more sophisticated opposition.”
–Assata Shakur

Writing an adequate review of Assata Shakur’s autobiography that captures the essence of this woman and her history is no easy task. The story of her life beginning in early childhood to her life and work as a leading Black Revolutionary in the US to the present day is so packed and refined with fascinating, frightening and fire-eating details that one is only left to select from the gold for there is no dross to exclude. This review contains some of the salient portions of Assata’s life and it would be regrettable for anyone read it as an alternative to her lustrous book. The first edition of her book was published in 1988 and this second edition in 2014 by Zed Books Ltd, 7 Cynthia Street, London N1, 9jF, UK.

 Racist Amerika

Looking at White Racist Amerika through Assata’s brown eyes is an experience for which “white” Americans will be ill-prepared. In his foreword to the book, Lennox S. Hinds, one of Assata’s attorneys, writes:

“Assata leads us all to understand more about the society we live in. Clearly, it was the racism riddling every aspect of the early life of this sensitive, intellectually gifted, and life-passionate child, as she struggled to establish her own identity, that led her to seek solutions to the catastrophic impact of racism and economic oppression on all people of color in the United States. It is racist America that provides the context for the making of this Black revolutionary.”

Assata’s honesty is self-evident to the reader and her writing, intensely personal. Her fierce defense of Blacks, Latin Americans and all People of Color leaves the reader wordless. “ASSATA” alternates chapters between stories of her private personal & family life and those of her adult life as a revolutionary in the ‘70s, beginning with the latter in the first chapter. In the second chapter, even her birth in 1947 in the Bricktown section of Jamaica, New York begins with, “The FBI cannot find any evidence that I was born. On my FBI Wanted poster, they list my birth date as July 16, 1947, and in parenthesis, ‘not substantiated by birth records’.” Later, her life at her grandparent’s house in Wilmington NC included at once, delightful childhood memories and her first experience with racism.

“For me, the beach was a wonderful place, and to this day there is no place on this earth that I love more” and her first confrontation with racism begins not with white southern racists but instead, of how it affected the way that Blacks viewed themselves. [On the beach that Blacks were permitted to visit], “Many would say, ‘I can’t stand the sun … I’m too Black already, I ain’t goin’ out in no sun.’ It was amazing the number of people who said they were too Black already” and about children’s intra-Black fights she writes, “But behind our fights, self-hatred was clearly visible. ‘Nappy head, nappy head, I catch your ass, you gonna be dead …. You think you Black and ugly now; I’m gonna beat you till you purple … You just another nigga to me. Ima show you what I do with niggas like you … You better shut your big blubber lips …”


“We had been completely brainwashed and we didn’t even know it,” she writes, “We accepted white value systems and white standards of beauty and, at times, we accepted white man’s view of ourselves. We had never been exposed to any other point of view or any other standard of beauty.”

But in early development, her grandmother prepared Assata to reject this negative self-image and develop into a fortress that the white establishment was never able to penetrate or break down, even by use of its courts, police brutality and torture.

Grandmother: “Who’s better than you?”
Assata: “Nobody.”
Grandmother: “Who?”
Assata: “Nobody.”
Grandmother: “Get that head up.”
Assata: “Yes.”
Grandmother: “Yes, who?”
Assata: “Yes, Grandmommy.”

Arrest and Murder Conviction

The first chapter of Assata’s autobiography begins with her only arrest that actually led to a conviction which was jury-rigged. That conviction followed many other fabricated charges for which she had been arrested, tried and acquitted, charges including, kidnapping, bank robberies and murder. In 1973 on the New Jersey Turnpike, the police ambushed and shot her 3 times, leaving her for dead and killed her friend, Zayd, Shadowed by death in the hospital, she asked for her family and the police responded,  “Oh, you got a family, do you? Is your mother a nigger whore like you?” But no worries, Assata’s replies to these sorts of inane insults bring a smile to the reader. She calls them pigs uniformly and hurls stinging invectives at them, some of which they are too stupid to grasp or left unable to ‘get’ her splendid sarcasm. When they send in a priest to give her last rites she orders him away and writes, “i don’t know want anybody’s last rites. I am not going to die, and even if i do die, i’m not going to die nobody’s hypocrite.”

But she gradually survived grave injuries to the disappointment of her captors and began gain strength and read books like, Black Women in White Amerika and Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. Her book projects some of the power of her own poetry and the first chapter ends with her:


You died.
I cried.
And kept on getting up.
A little slower
And a lot more deadly.

And more deadly Assata became. Not deadly as the killer the US government and liberal media made her out to be but rather, as a formidable Black Revolutionary by peaceful means. Years before that attack and arrest by NJ police, she found her footing as a young Black woman and eventually an organizer, first serving the Black community in NYC, later as a leading member of the Black Panther Party and upon leaving the Panthers, a leader in the Black Liberation Army. Her revolutionary work for the BPP and BLA was dedicated to the “crimes” of providing free food to Black children in NYC barrios and health care in the Black community and helping to organize against racism and oppression. But because of her intelligence, passion, power and leadership this young Black woman was targeted as a threat to the mighty US government at federal, state and local levels. One of her attorneys Lennox S. Hinds, provides the set and setting:

“As is now clear, a carefully orchestrated intelligence and counterintelligence (COINTELPRO) campaign was conducted by the FBI in cooperation with state and local law enforcement agencies to criminalize, defame, harass, and intimidate Assata beginning at least in 1971. By the time Assata Shakur was shot and captured on the New Jersey Turnpike on May 3, 1973, she was wanted for a number of serious crimes.”

Her Lawyers

Assata had a series of lawyers over the years and her book credits each one for their generosity and service. Two are of special interest for this review. One is Stanley Cohen who was found dead in his apartment “after he was discovered to have found prosecution documents hidden from the defense.” An initial report stated that Cohen was, “a victim of trauma,” a finding that was later changed to death by “natural causes” and NYPD took all records for Assata’s legal defense from her dead attorney’s apartment, “as evidence.” Assata writes, “we never got the real cause of death, whether or not he was murdered.”

The other is Evelyn Williams, Esq., the woman who advised and stood by Assata over the years. As her defense attorney, Evelyn Williams was repeatedly subjected to humiliation and brutish treatment by the courts and as her loving aunt, she provided Assata with refuge and guidance throughout much of her youth.

Convicted by the Media

Just as the corporate media supports racism, oppression and war today, they worked hand-in-glove with the government to destroy Assata. Publications by the New York Daily News and New York Magazine stand as examples. The Daily News repeatedly showed full page ads (apparently paid for by tax dollars) with her photo accusing her of 2 bank robberies in 1971 and 1972. The second one came even after she was acquitted of both robberies.

“Hungrily, i read every word of the article. I stared down at my picture on the front page of the Daily News. The paper said i was wanted for questioning in relation to the machine-gunning. ‘Shit!’ I walked aimlessly around in circles. I couldn’t believe it, but I was looking at it. ‘You’ve got to get out of here sister,’ my friend said. ‘Where am I supposed to go’?”

On February 12, 1973, four months after the police shot her on the New Jersey Turnpike and before her trial, New York Magazine had her tried and convicted with their cover story, “Target Blue. The Story Behind the Police Assassinations,” providing intimate details of the BLA with a picture of Assata Shakur. After 9 dismissals and acquittals, Assata was finally convicted on March 25, 1977 for first degree murder of the NJ State police officer and for 7 other related felonies. A police officer who survived the shootings first testified that he saw Assata with a gun and later admitted that he lied under oath but the damage was done. As with many in US prisons today, her conviction actually took place in the public media before she ever entered the court room.

Assata’s History of US Slavery

In the 12th chapter of her book, Assata’s penetrating insight into the popular views of slavery in the North and the South, economic conditions of the time and the myth of Lincoln’s election and emancipation of the slaves, enlightens the most ‘learned scholars’ of US history. In one paragraph of her view of US slavery and the civil war Assata writes,

“Many of us have misconceptions about Black history in amerika. What we are taught in the public school system is usually inaccurate, distorted, and packed full of outright lies. Among the most common lies are that Lincoln freed the slaves, that the Civil War was fought to free the slaves, and that the history of Black people in amerika has consisted of slow but steady progress, that things have gotten better, bit by bit. Belief in these myths can cause us to make serious mistakes in analyzing our current situation and in planning future action.”

The Panthers

Many on the Political Left know nothing more than superficial and often romantic ideas about the Black Panther Party of the ‘60s and ‘70s. While a member of the BBP, Assata was a leader and internal critic of the Party and of important figures like Huey Newton. Her insight and fearless criticism of the internal conflicts and the external government and media oppression provide invaluable lessons for all would-be revolutionaries today. She lays bare the egoism, male chauvinism and in-fighting for power & control and outright ignorance within the BPP of the ‘70s. These eviscerate leftist groups today who fail for the same reasons, all to the pleasure and often by design, of the U.S. government and their intelligence agencies.

Sadism Cloaked in Blue

The words “base,” “lewd,” “brutal” and “depraved” come to mind as descriptors of Assata’s treatment during her many years in US jails and prisons. Lennox S. Hinds, wrote that Assata,

“… understates the awfulness of the condition in which she was incarcerated” and “in the history of New Jersey, no woman pretrial detainee or prisoner has ever been treated as she was, continuously confined in a men’s prison, under twenty-four hour surveillance of her most intimate functions, without intellectual sustenance, adequate medical attention, and exercise, and without the company of other women for all the years she was in custody. In 1979, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights reported a “consistent pattern of gross … violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms of certain classes of prisoners in the United States because of their race, economic status, and political beliefs.”

The 12 international jurists who examined Assata’s case wrote,

“One of the worst cases is that of ASSATA SHAKUR, who spent over twenty months in solitary confinement in two separate men’s prisons subject to conditions totally unbefitting any prisoner. Many more months were spent in solitary confinement in mixed or all-women’s prisons. Presently, after protracted litigation, she is confined a Clinton Correctional Facility for Women in maximum security. She has never on any occasion been punished for any infraction of prison rules which might in any way justify such cruel or unusual treatment.”

This treatment continued for years after the 1979 UN report. The US government only allowed proper medical care for her complicated pregnancy after a protracted legal battle that ended with a furious, racist judge when he was forced to allow her treatment by a private gynecologist after a prison doctor told her, “Well, I can’t force you to do anything, but my advice is to have an abortion. It will be better for you and everyone else.” Assata’s “gracious” reply to the good doctor is served with priceless verbal daggers! During the full bed rest required for the duration of her pregnancy in the notorious prison at Riker’s Island, she was put on a weak “pregnancy diet” and chained to a bed post. After her brief post-partum period in the hospital, she was returned with swollen breasts to Riker’s Island where she was denied personal hygiene, gang-beaten on the floor and chained, arms and legs by prison guards. Details of this monstrous treatment are left for Assata to tell in the reading of her book.

Transfer to Federal Prison for Women, Alderson West Virginia

On April 8, 1978 Assata was transferred to the maximum security unit of the Federal Women’s Prison in Alderson, West Virginia,

“… in the middle of the west Virginia mountains and it seemed as if the mountains formed an impenetrable barrier between the prison and the rest o the world. It had no airport, and to reach it, days of travel were necessary. The trip to alderson was so expensive and difficult that most of the women received family visits only once or twice a year.”

Assata’s description of the prison is one to which I can attest. I was once obliged to visit that rathole many years ago and slept in a vacant cell on a night when a number of women escaped into the surrounding rattlesnake infested mountains. Assata defined the prison population as, “the nazis, the ‘niggah lovers,’ and me.” The prison is known for its other “infamous” prisoners in history like the wife of Machine Gun Kelly and Tokyo Rose and is said to hold, “the most dangerous women in the country.” But Assata was only “dangerous” to a racist government being threatened at the time by social movements organized to bring it down.

In 1978, the maximum security unit at Alderson was closed and Assata was transferred back to the Clinton Prison for Women in New Jersey. In a daring armed escape, Assata left the Clinton Prison and went underground. She somehow survived under the protection of revolutionary comrades until 1984 when she was granted political asylum by the Cuban Government. In her book, Assata tells the joyous story of the first visit in 1985 from her daughter, Kakuya, who now lives with her mother in Cuba.

Assata still strikes fear in the Heart of the Beast

Cuba consistently rejected numerous US government attempts to have her extradited and the United States of Amerika still wants her dead after all these years. Angela Y. Davis, Ph.d., Black author and intellectual revolutionary today, wrote in her forward to Assata’s book,

“During the late 1990’s the racist hysteria directed against Assata was resuscitated when the New Jersey State Police prevailed upon Pope John Paul II to use the occasion of his first trip to Cuba as pressure for Fidel Castro to extradite Assata. As if this were not enough, New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman offered a $50,000 reward – later doubled – for Assata’s return, and Congress passed a bill calling on the government of Cuba to initiate extradition procedures.

“In an open letter to the Pope, Assata asks a question that should concern all of us: ‘Why, I wonder, do I warrant such attention? What do I represent that is such a threat?’ We would all do well to seriously ponder her questions. Why, indeed, was she constructed by the government and mass media as a consummate enemy in the 1970’s, only to reemerge at the turn of the century as a singular target of governors, Congress, and the Fraternal Order of Police? What ideological work has this representation performed?”

“Twenty-five years later, the retailoring of the image of Assata as enemy is even more damaging, omitting the original political context and representing her as a common criminal – a bank robber and murderer. This lifting of her image out of the past for very contemporary purposes serves to justify the consolidation of a vast prison industrial complex, which Assata herself has described as, ‘… not only a mechanism to convert public tax money into profits for private corporations [but also] an essential element of modern neoliberal capitalism.’ In her view, this new formation serves two purposes: ‘one, to neutralize and contain huge segments of potentially rebellious sectors of the population, and two, to sustain a system of super-exploitation, where mainly black and Latino captives are imprisoned in white rural, overseer communities’.”

In 1998, the US State Department offered to lift the Cuban embargo in exchange for the return of 90 U.S. political exiles, including Assata.

On May 2, 2005 the FBI used the 32nd anniversary of the NJ Turnpike shootings to classify Assata as a domestic terrorist and increased the bounty for her head to $1 million, the largest reward placed on an individual in the history of New Jersey. In the same month, Fidel stated that Washington, “wanted to portray her as a terrorist, something that was an injustice, a brutality, an infamous lie.” In 2013 the FBI made Assata the first woman on its list of “most wanted terrorists” and doubled the bounty to $2 million hoping to attract a killer to penetrate Cuba’s protection of this heroic woman.

This book review only sweeps the surface of Assata’s story. We strongly encourage Axis of Logic readers to PURCHASE and digest Assata Shakur’s important and enlightening book.

I believe in living.
I believe in the spectrum
of Beta days and Gamma people.
I believe in sunshine.
In windmills and waterfalls,
tricycles and rocking chairs.
And i believe that seeds grow into sprouts.
And sprouts grow into trees.
I believe in the magic of the hands.
And in the wisdom of the eyes.
I believe in rain and tears.
And in the blood of infinity.

I believe in life.
And i have seen the death parade
march through the torso of the earth,
sculpting mud bodies in its path.
I have seen the destruction of the daylight,
and seen bloodthirsty maggots
prayed to and saluted.

I have seen the kind become the blind
and the blind become the bind
in one easy lesson.
I have walked on cut glass.
I have eaten crow and blunder bread
and breathed the stench of indifference.

I have been locked by the lawless.
Handcuffed by the haters.
Gagged by the greedy.
And, if i know any thing at all,
it’s that a wall is just a wall
and nothing more at all.
It can be broken down.

I believe in living.
I believe in birth.
I believe in the sweat of love
and in the fire of truth.

And i believe that a lost ship,
steered by tired, seasick sailors,
can still be guided home
to port.
– Assata Shakur


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Hundreds Gather against Militarism, at the NATO’ Summit*

Hundreds Gather against Militarism, at the NATO’ Summit*

Some 400 people have joined a protest camp in Newport to protest against NATO. The march comes ahead of next week’s military summit that will see 60 world leaders descend on the area and is already causing considerable disruption to locals.

Nuclear NATO – no, thanks!” or “Iraq, Ukraine – no more wars” read the numerous placards as about 400 protesters took in a march on Saturday against the upcoming NATO summit.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament said that they expect Saturday’s march to be a “major demonstration” and local officials have said a number of roads will be affected by the march, which began at 2 pm local time.

The campaigners are organizing a week of marches and meetings against NATO as well as a “peace camp” and a Counter Summit to take place on the campsite on Sunday. The NATO summit is to run at the Celtic Manor resort on the outskirts of Newport on the 4th and 5th September.

There will be representatives from a number of groups at the protests including “No to NATO,” the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), the Stop the War Coalition and South West against Nuclear (SWAN).

More than 20,000 protesters from around the world are expected to attend the demonstrations in what is being billed as Wales’ biggest protest in a generation.

Many of the protesters are against the existence of NATO, which they believe also represents nuclear proliferation. There will also be groups representing refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. NATO has carried out wars and aerial bombardments in all of these countries as a means of carrying out regime change, but now all of them are experiencing chaos to varying degrees.

Eddie Clarke, from the “No to NATO” group, said that the idea was to connect all the protest organizations there so that everyone speaks with one voice.

“The objectives are to get rid of nuclear and NATO, to completely obliterate weapons of mass destruction. The short-term aims are to connect each similar group in NATO member countries to us, to have a single voice, equal in each individual country,” he told the IBTimes UK.

The protest organizers said they are extremely concerned at the threat to world peace that NATO now represents.

“Many of us are increasingly worried by the threat that NATO poses to world stability and peaceful relations. Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has reinvented itself supposedly as a tool of the ‘international community’ to safeguard ‘freedom and security’,” they said.

“In reality it is a vehicle for US-led use of force in the interests of the rich and powerful, accelerating militarization, bypassing the United Nations and the system of international law, and escalating spending on arms.”

The Stop the War website says that the 60 world leaders are meeting to “plan their war on the world.” They are expected to respond to alleged Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine.

The local community is also displeased with the amount of disruption the summit is causing.

Twelve miles of steel perimeter fencing has been erected in parts of Newport and Cardiff. Roads and schools have been closed, meaning that many people have been forced to take time off work. A local hospital has also been forced to transfer some of its patients.

The fence has been dubbed the “ring of steel” and has been likened to a prison or the Berlin Wall, as fears are running high the summit could be the target of a terrorist attack.

“Nobody has given anything clear as to how much money it will bring into Wales or Newport. People having to take the day off work because of travel disruptions and schools being closed, it looks like it will have the opposite effect. Money’s going to be taken out of the economy because people aren’t going to be able to get to work,” Simon Coopey, who will stand as a candidate for Plaid Cymru, the Welsh nationalist party, in Newport West at the next general election, told IBTimes UK.



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What Does Ebola, Gas and Oil Have in Common?*

What Does Ebola, Gas and Oil Have in Common?*

By Patricia Doyle PhD

It does seen that there is an oil map for each country that has seen W African strain of Ebola break out.  The map below is Senegal.  I just read that Senegal may have Ebola.  If I follow the maps, Cote d’Ivorie and Angola could be next.  Ghana and Benin too,  We know that Congo has cases.,  Congo does have a small piece of coast line as does Benin.

I do believe that the people who fish along the coast probably have been complaining to local government officials about the lack of fish.  I am sure that this has gotten back to the oil companies in the region.  Now there won’t be complaints as there won’t be many fishermen left either.

These oil maps are kind of a coincidence no?  They can almost be interchanged for Ebola outbreak maps.

Oil = Ebola = no people and frees up the land.

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For Trying to Protect his Children from Wi-Fi, Father is Given Psychotic Drugs*

For Trying to Protect his Children from Wi-Fi, Father is Given Psychotic Drugs*

The background and information on Stephen Clarke below are in date order.

Here is Stephen’s statement prior to his forced medication.

June 16

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am contacting you today to inform you of a situation with possible profound repercussions for anyone protesting the use of microwave technology in the classroom.

Mr. Stephen Clarke, a native of Belfast now living in the Republic is in the middle of a custody battle with his former wife who is also living in Northern Ireland. At present she has custody of their children. In May during a hearing a judge ruled that the matter of custody be continued until the end of the school year. The judge said that the custody hearing was not the time or place to discuss microwave radiation.

Mr. Clarke does not want his children exposed to wireless technology in the classroom.

In an effort to have his concerns heard he climbed the sculpture called “Rise” (photo attached, see below) in Belfast with a white flag. He was subsequently arrested. It was his contention he could air his concerns before a judge – any judge. Instead he was referred for psychiatric assessment and held in the Mater Hospital, Belfast for psychiatric assessment against his will for seven days. That seven days has been extended indefinitely.

When his cell phone credit runs out he will be incommunicado.

The point of bringing this unfortunate turn of events to your attention is that whatever way Mr. Clarke’s circumstances evolve, his referral for psychiatric assessment could set a world-wide precedent for anyone concerned about the dangers of microwave radiation. (Already in Ireland, sufferers are given prescription medication or referred for psychiatric assessment by order of health boards.)

This is a serious matter and deserves our consideration. Mr. Clarke can be contacted at:

Mater Hospital 4
5-54 Crumlin Road
Belfast BT14 6AB
Great Britan

Kind regards,

John Weigel

July 9

Ladies & Gentlemen,

News from Stephen Clarke in the Mater Hospital psychiatric unit, Ward L, Belfast

Text from Stephen to a Friend:


Can you go to John’s house. Tell him the doctor here is not allowing me to go to the court tomorrow and they sound like they will be forcing medication on me from Thursday and to please somehow get in contact here and please to raise awareness. They refuse to listen to any reason. The lunatics are really running the asylum. May God protect me from the evil that surrounds me.


Late Tuesday evening Stephen Clarke said:

“Dr. Ann McDonell said I’m too unwell to go to court because I’m not taking my medication. Nobody who gets in here gets away without taking medication… She said it’s up to her. She said it’s her decision what goes on here.”

Clarke was committed to the psychiatric unit by the Court for diagnostic purposes to enable the court to assess if he was capable of answer the charges relating to his protest against being denied access to his children. He was to appear in court Wednesday.

August 8

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Unlike most public demonstrators who are hauled before a judge and charged for misdemeanors and fined and released, Stephen Clarke, resident in the Republic of Ireland, was referred for psychiatric evaluation following his court appearance. His wife and children are now resident in Northern Ireland and he traveled north to make a protest against the exposure of his children to wi-fi in the classroom.

He is now to be force medicated following weeks of incarceration at the Mater Infirmorum in Belfast. On Friday afternoon, Clarke said, “I’ve got a tribunal coming and and I’m worried about them having me in a state through chemicals that have never been in my mind before. I’ve been here nine weeks and not one of the nurses, staff or doctors can say I’ve been aggressive or pose a threat to myself or others in any way. I’ve only spoken the truth – most of them agreed.”

Mr. Clarke’s solicitor is:

Paul McCann
Tel: 0044 04890 90238007

Mr. Clarke’s Psychiatric Consultant is:

Dr. Mc Donnell
Tel: 0044  04895 95047152

There is a distinct difference between evaluation and unsolicited medical treatment.

This in itself should raise public attention. Secondly, since when did belief in God become a questionable psychiatric condition?

Mr. Clarke’s circumstances are further complicated by the views of Dr. Simon Wessley, He is Professor of Psychological Medicine at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London and Head of its department of psychological medicine, Vice Dean for Academic Psychiatry, Teaching and Training at the Institute of Psychiatry, as well as Director of the King’s Centre for Military Health Research. Earlier this year he was elected president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Wessley made his career by denying symptoms of so-called Gulf War Syndrome, claiming symptoms were idiopathic or unique to each individual.

This situation may have profound effects on the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

The response of Michael Bach in Israel relates directly to Stephen Clarke’s complaint.

Kind regards,

John Weigel

Leixlip man force medicated for objecting to wi-fi in schools

Stephen Clarke, the father from Leixlip, Co. Kildare, who was referred for psychiatric  evaluation stemming from his objection to wi-fi in classrooms is being force medicated under the care of

Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Ann McDonnell
The Mater Hospital,
47-51 Crumlin Road,
Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT14-6AB
Great Britain

Tel. 0044 028 950 41426 / 41427 / 41428

(For his side of the story in his words see attached.)

Mr. Clarke also holds Canadian citizenship.
August 11

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This update is prompted by a telephone call Sunday evening from Stephen Clarke, the Irish father from Co. Kildare in the Republic, who demonstrated against microwave technology in the classroom by climbing a sculpture and waving a white flag. Following his arrest, in court he was referred to the Mater Infirmorum, a psychiatric unit in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he has languished for nine weeks.

According to Mr. Clarke, nurses are refusing to administer the medication which was to begin Friday at noon. As of Sunday evening Clarke reported that each nursing shift is “kicking it to the next one”.Â

Last week he was transferred to a different ward. “In the last ward the nurses said I was an ideal patient – if anyone can be an ideal patient in a place like this. The nurses here are great. Although I’ve only been on this ward for a week, I get along with all of them.”

There appears to be some controversy regarding who is actually responsible for administering medication, nursing or medical staff.

Kind regards,

John Weigel

August 13

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Stephen Clarke is on his third day of forced medication in Belfast.

A conversation with his lawyer, Paul McCann, of the law firm Madden and Finucane, revealed that a consultant forensic psychiatrist will be available next week. Mr. McCann was provided with a cross section of books, scientific papers and articles outlining the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

Clarke, a resident of Leixlip, Co. Kildare in the Republic of Ireland, was arrested following a protest against exposure of his children to wi-fi in the classroom. Rather than address the nature of the protest itself or the reason for it, the judge ordered that Clarke be referred for psychiatric assessment (and treatment).

The drug Clarke was administered is Abilify by Bristol Meyers. It’s for schizophrenia and other psychoses.

Adverse reactions include:

Positive reactions are left to the subjective judgement of ill-informed psychiatrists and judges.

This update includes information from the U.S., Canada and Australia.

The point remains, if this technology is safe, why is there so much secrecy and opposition?

Kind regards,

John Weigel

August 17

Elected Officials, Ladies & Gentlemen,

The following update is particularly lengthy because it includes important information from Martin Weatherall of the W.E.E.P Initiative, Canada, and Art Kab who compiles The Microwave Factor.

There is some duplication but this is done to maintain the integrity of their work.

Mr. Stephen Clarke of Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland is into the 11th week of his incarceration at the Mater Infirmorum psychiatric unit in Belfast where he is being force medicated for demonstrating against wi-fi in the classroom. It is relevant to his situation that Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University warned the people of his village several years ago about the dangers associated with microwave radiation and a visit to Leixlip by Prof. Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

In the U.K. use of pharmaceuticals for psychiatric treatment is called a “chemical cosh – in other words, use of a blunt instrument to force compliance. This particularly Orwellian matter has been of concern for the British Home Office for some time.

International experts are increasingly warning about the impacts of wireless radiation exposure to all of us, especially children.

Stephen Clarke protested Wi-Fi in his children’s school in Northern Ireland. It was a peaceful protest to raise awareness to this issue.

For doing that, he was incarcerated at a psychiatric hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is being forcibly medicated. He has been held there for over 11 weeks.

This is in complete violation of his civil rights and is a frightening suppression of peaceful protest and free speech by British authorities.

Please contact authorities at the addresses below and demand his release. Please post this to websites and distribute to your contacts, particularly regarding this denial of basic civil rights.

Stephen is being held at

Mater Hospital
45-54 Crumlin Road
Belfast BT14 6AB
Great Britain

Send cards and letters to him there, as well as letters of protest regarding his incarceration and forced medication.

He also has citizenship in Canada.

The Human Rights Commission can be contacted here:

Rhyannon Blythe BL
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Temple Court 39 North Street
Belfast BT1 1NA
Tel: (028) 90243987
Fax: (028) 90247844

A Twitter campaign #FreeStephenClarke has been proposed.

Please do anything you can to help Stephen.

For more information and a timeline of events:

This is the latest update. Beneath it are updates since June.

August 26, 2014

I’ve just gotten off the phone with Stephen. Forced medication was re-commenced today. It took five men to hold Stephen Clarke down.

Both his consultant, Dr. Ann McDonnell. and his lawyer, Mr. Paul McCann, are away for a week.

In the interim, I have sent a letter to the six ministers responsible at the Home Office in London and a random list of source material regarding the dangers of microwave radiation.

Direct communications unit
2 Marsham Street
Great Britain

I have also contacted the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

The legislation under which Mr. Clarke is being held is tenuous at best as is the European legislation.

The Northern Ireland Mental Health (NI) Order 1986 Article 4(2):

(2) An application for assessment may be made in respect of a patient on the grounds that –

(a)  he is suffering from mental disorder of a nature or degree which warrants his detention in a hospital for assessment (or for assessment followed by medical treatment); and

(b)  failure to so detain him would create a substantial likelihood of serious physical harm to himself or to other persons.

The issue is further addressed under Article 12:

12.  (1) Where, during the period for which a patient is detained for assessment by virtue of Article 9(8), he is examined by a medical practitioner appointed for the purposes of this Part by [F1RQIA] and that medical practitioner furnishes to the responsible[F2 authority] in the prescribed form a report of the examination stating –

(a)  that, in his opinion, the patient is suffering from mental illness or severe mental impairment of a nature or degree which warrants his detention in hospital for medical treatment; and

(c)  that, in his opinion, failure to so detain the patient would create a substantial likelihood of serious physical harm to himself or to other persons; and

(d)  such particulars as may be prescribed of the grounds for his opinion so far as it relates to the matters set out in sub-paragraph (a); and

(e)  the evidence for his opinion so far as it relates to the matters set out in sub-paragraph (b), specifying whether other methods of dealing with the patient are available and, if so, why they are not appropriate,

that report shall be[F2 sufficient authority for the responsible authority to detain the patient] in the hospital for medical treatment and the patient may, subject to the provisions of this Order, be so detained for a period not exceeding 6 months beginning with the date of admission, but shall not be so detained for any longer period unless the authority for his detention is renewed under Article 13

The European Convention on Human Rights 

The strict regulation of mental health detentions and the judicial oversight is required by Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects the right to liberty. Article 5 states that:

Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be deprived of his liberty save in the following cases and in accordance with a procedure prescribed by law: the lawful detention of persons for the prevention of the spreading of infectious diseases, of persons of unsound mind, alcoholics or drug addicts, or vagrants;

Thus Mr. Clarke is being held illegally based on the subjective observations of a judge – one who is spectacularly ill-informed or who is operating to an agenda.

When I told Mr. Clarke about your plan to conduct a Twitter campaign it lifted his spirits no end. Thank you.

It seems that this whole thing blew up as Mr. Clarke learned about the new reality we’re facing and his family and friends lost patience with his discoveries. He’s a canary in the coal mine in more ways than one.

Interestingly, an EHS sufferer in the Republic received support on this issue 10 years ago, she says, “I had lengthy meetings with Professor Brice Dickson at the same NIHRC office for a number of years in early noughties [early 2000s). AND, perhaps, the vast documentation I submitted to him on EHS and EMF health issues is still on file there.  He and his office were outstandingly valuable in their support of my case –essentially against the Irish Health Authorities for misdiagnosing me and my right to have a correct diagnosis  (i.e. EHS) .  In fact Brice was willing to include similar to this and EHS on his proposed Bill of Human Rights in N. Ireland. They were helping me put pressure on the Irish Human Rights authorities to take on my legal case. (It was turned down c. 2003.  I have a lot of this online , easily retrievable. May I suggest that someone should enquire if all the files I submitted to NIHRC and Brice Dickson are archived right there in their office. Stephen’s  lawyer might consider it helpful.

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