Who owns Antarctica?*

Who owns Antarctica?*

Antarctica the only continent on our earth whereby colonialists do not have to kill the population in one form or another in order to rape the land of its natural resources has been balkanized without spilling blood. The hands of our unelected global governors are itching under the myth of climate change, which if 1+1=2 means the ice would melt away to reveal her natural resources. Referred to as ‘advanced technology’ which means fracking they are drooling despite an indefinite ban on mining.

However, nature is stranger than fiction. The ice has been thickening, not melting. This has been recorded as far back as 2002 when a study by Joughin and Slawek Tulaczyk, a professor of earth sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz from data from special ground-based satellites revealed over a 14 year period that West Antarctica that temperatures had fallen since the mid-80s . In 2013 the coldest period in 200 years was registered. With ice getting thicker and thicker the result has been first snow in a century in Argentina, Paraguay and southeastern Brazil for example.

It isn’t just a big slab of ice waiting to be ripped off. We wouldn’t want anything less than the wisdom of Mother Nature, for Antarctica as it acts as our earth would be hotter, and it provides 70% of a much needed commodity freshwater, especially with Japan dumping its nuclear toxins into an increasingly lifeless Pacific Ocean, drives circulation in all of the world’s oceans, drives atmospheric circulation (regulating our earth’s temperature).

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