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Occupy World: Coca-Cola Forced to Abandon $25mn Project in India*

Occupy World: Coca-Cola Forced to Abandon $25mn Project in India*

The Coca-Cola company has been forced to abandon a $25 million newly built bottling plant in Mehdiganj, Varanasi, India as the result of a sustained campaign against the company’s plans. The $25 million plant – which was a significant expansion to its existing plant in Mehdiganj – had already been fully built and the company had also conducted trial runs, but could not operate commercially as it did not have the required permits to operate.

Coca-Cola required permissions, or “No Objection Certificate (NOC)”, from the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) – the national groundwater regulatory agency, and the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) – the statewide pollution regulatory agency.

The Central Ground Water Authority rejected Coca-Cola’s application to operate for its new facility on July 21, 2014, and had sought time till today, August 25, 2014, to announce its decision before the National Green Tribunal (NGT), India’s green court.

Somehow having learnt that its application had been rejected, in order to save itself major embarrassment, Coca-Cola sent a letter to the CGWA on Friday, August 22, 2014 – two days before the rejection was to be made public on Monday, August 25, 2014 – stating that it was “withdrawing” its application. Bizarrely, Coca-Cola blamed “inordinate delays” by the authority as the reason for its “withdrawal” just two days before the decision was to be made public.

The campaign has worked for the last two years to ensure that the regulators were made aware of the problems being created by Coca-Cola’s existing bottling facility, and the reasons why a five-fold increase in groundwater allowance that Coca-Cola had sought for its new facility would further deteriorate the conditions in the area.

The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) had also shut down Coca-Cola’s plant on June 6, 2014 because it found the company to be violating a number of conditions of its license, including a lack of NOC from the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA). Coca-Cola was able to obtain a stay order from the NGT that allowed it to temporarily re-open its existing plant on June 20, 2014.

The groundwater conditions in the Mehdiganj area have gone from “safe” category, when Coca-Cola began operations in June 1999 to “critical” in 2009. As a result, severe restrictions have been placed by the government on groundwater use by the community and farmers.

Coca-Cola is a shameless and unethical company that has consistently placed its pursuit of profits over the well-being of communities that live around its facilities. It is absolutely reprehensible for a globally recognized company like Coca-Cola to seek further groundwater allowances from an area that has become acutely water-stressed, and that too in large part due to Coca-Cola’s mining of groundwater alone, ” said Amit Srivastava of the India Resource Center which has led the campaign to challenge the new plant.

The loss of the $25 million project is a major setback for Coca-Cola. The company has identified India as a major market where it seeks to derive significant future profits, particularly since Coca-Cola products are being shunned by consumers in the US and other industrialized countries where Coca-Cola sales and profits are on the decline or stagnant due to major health concerns.

“We are delighted that the Indian government is doing what it is supposed to do – protect the common property resource of groundwater from rampant exploitation, particularly in water-stressed areas. This should serve as a notice to other companies that they cannot run roughshod over Indian rules and regulations and deny community rights over groundwater,” said Srivastava. For more information, visit



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Steven Sotloff Another ISIS-U.S. False Flag to Whip Up the Blood-Feast*

Steven Sotloff Another ISIS-U.S. False Flag to Whip Up the Blood-Feast*

By Kurt Nimmo

The group purportedly responsible for discovering the Steven Sotloff beheading video is an intelligence asset specializing in war on terror propaganda.

“The video was first obtained by SITE Intelligence Group (Search for International Terrorist Entities), also known as SITE Intel Group, a relatively under-the-radar yet apparently very powerful non-profit research body that monitors jihadist movements,” reports USA Today.

“The Bethesda, Maryland, organization has published a shortened version of the beheading video and published a transcript on its news site, which has been largely inaccessible since news of the beheading broke, likely due to an uptick in Web traffic.”

One of SITE’s founders, Rita Katz, is a government insider with close connections to former terrorism czar Richard Clarke and his staff in the White House, as well as investigators in the Department of Justice, Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Homeland Security, according to SourceWatch. Her father was executed in Iraq as an Israel spy, a fact that suggests a connection to Israeli intelligence.

In 2007, following a series of patently fake Osama bin Laden videos, we reported on SITE’s relationship with the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University. The former dean of SAIS is Paul Wolfowitz, the former Deputy Secretary of Defense during the Bush administration. Wolfowitz is a key neocon and the architect of the so-called Bush Doctrine. Along with fellow neocons Richard Perle, Douglas Feith (who ran the Iraq war propaganda machine), David Wurmser and others in the Pentagon and the administration, neocon insiders advanced the principles of the “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” document prepared in 1996 by a study group led by Perle for Benjamin Netanyahu, at the time Prime Minister of Israel.

“The document created by the Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000 called for overthrowing Saddam Hussein and waging a proxy war against al-Assad in Syria,” we explain in ISIS and the Plan to Balkanize the Middle East.

In 2007 Katz and SITE allegedly discovered and sent to the Bush administration an unreleased Osama bin Laden video.

“Katz issued the video via a private link to a SITE web page to White House counsel Fred F. Fielding and Joel Bagnal, deputy assistant to the President for Homeland Security. Within 20 minutes, computers registered to various parts of the Executive Branch began downloading the video, and within hours a transcript referencing SITE had appeared on Fox News. Katz had requested the web page remain confidential, and has reported that dissemination of this information tipped off her Al-Qaeda supporters who had since eliminated the ability of SITE to gather such information,” writes Glenn Zarmanov.

Previous Osama bin Laden videos were released and exploited for their propaganda value by Intelcenter, a private contractor working for intelligence agencies and based in Virginia. “Intel center is run by Ben Venzke, who is an interesting character. A Google search results in the revelation that he used to be the director of intelligence at a company called IDEFENSE, which is a verisign company. IDEFENSE is a web security company that monitors intelligence from the Middle East conflicts and focuses on cyber threats among other things,” Steve Watson wrote for in 2006.

“It is also heavily populated with long serving ex military intelligence officials.”

In 2006 Neal Krawetz did an image-compression analysis on a video released by the Intelcenter and concluded its logo was added at the same time as the As-Sahab logo. As-Sahab is supposedly the video production house of al-Qaeda.

“Al-Qaeda have a long and fruitful history of miraculously releasing video tapes at the most opportune political time for the Bush administration,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote the following year.

“Both Kerry and Bush attributed the President’s 2004 re-election to Osama Bin Laden’s appearance in a video tape just days before the vote.”

The same process is now underway with the James Foley and Steven Sotloff videos. Both are precisely timed to coincide with the Obama administration’s scripted response to ISIS and the alleged threat of super-terrorism that begs American retaliation.

On Wednesday, Obama arrived in Estonia ahead of a planned NATO summit in Wales where leaders will reportedly address the “threat of militant Islamists making gains in Syria and Iraq, and the brutal beheading of a second American by ISIS,” according to CNN.


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Pathological Israeli Security Forces Spray Raw Sewage on Palestinian Homes

Pathological Israeli Security Forces Spray Raw Sewage on Palestinian Homes

Published on Aug 31, 2014

Palestinian homes sprayed with sewage as a punishment for organising protests against the Apartheid Wall .

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Pakistan: 25,000 March to PM’s Office*

Pakistan: 25,000 March to PM’s Office*


At least 25,000 people gathered in the center of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation.

31 August, 2014 09:08 AM | Photo by Reuters / Akhtar Soomro

A group of protesters tried to storm the Pakistani premier’s residence. One demonstrator was killed and 400 wounded as police cracked down on the protesters. This rally was the first time that protesters demonstrated right outside the Pakistani premier’s office.

The march started off peacefully, with around 20,000 security forces not interfering until the protesters attempted to storm the premier’s office. On Sunday morning, people carried out their protest and attempted to regroup again to break the police barricades.

31 August, 2014 09:08 AM | Photo by Reuters / Zohra Bensemra

Thousands of demonstrators, led by former cricket hero Imran Khan and moderate cleric Tahir ul-Qad, have been camped outside the parliament for over a fortnight.

31 August, 2014 09:08 AM | Photo by Reuters / Zohra Bensemra

The activists accuse Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif of massive electoral fraud in parliamentary elections last year, in which his Muslim League won a majority.

31 August, 2014 09:08 AM | Photo by Reuters / Faisal Mahmood

The Pakistani premier, in his turn, refused to step down.

31 August, 2014 09:08 AM | Photo by Reuters / Faisal Mahmood

The situation became even more complicated when Raheel Sharif, the general in charge of Pakistan’s 500,000-strong army, had to mediate a standoff between the opposition and leadership on Thursday.


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Judaism that Devalues Arab Lives is no Longer Judaism*

Judaism that Devalues Arab Lives is no Longer Judaism*

By Steve Koppman

We’re all thankful for a truce in Gaza as long as it lasts. Five hundred children have been killed in the last few weeks. A similar number of Palestinians have been killed in this round as Israelis killed by Arab terrorism in the history of the State of Israel.

A traditional Jewish response to this would be: “He who destroys a human life is as if he had destroyed the whole world.”

My own rabbi said a few weeks ago in this forum he was “done apologizing” for Israel, in a view that seemed to articulate the position of what is sometimes called “the organized Jewish community.” He described Israel’s strikes on Gaza as “surgical” and “defensive” and said he was “done trying to apologetically explain Jewish morality.”

For five years in our synagogue like many others, a special prayer was made for Gil’ad Shalit — an Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas — every Shabbes. But never in my experience was there mention of the five to ten thousand Arabs held over that period in Israeli prisons, sometimes indefinitely, without trial or charge. What happens, I wondered, when our kids learn “the rest of the story”? What are we telling them? Only Jewish lives matter?

One of the Jewish Torah ‘s three commands to “love” is to love “the Other.”

A Judaism that treasures Jewish lives and devalues Arab lives is no longer Judaism.

The U.S. Jewish community has largely had its political identity hijacked by an influential minority, including many community leaders and rabbis, who see its essential role as advocating for Israel no matter what it does, bolstering U.S. government support and billions annually in U.S. aid. Though research has demonstrated most American Jews oppose Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians, the well-organized and vocal minority that supports them has commandeered our public and political identity.

This support is largely free of moral content. It’s what sociologists have called “amoral familism.” Israel’s actions are not subject to moral examination but presumed to define morality. Past crimes against us are forever used subliminally to justify new crimes by us. Israel’s insistence on”security” and more land trumps Arab people’s demand for basic rights and self-determination as it has for decades. The “organized community” and American aid help maintain Israeli intransigence against what’s seen as an uncaring and always at least potentially anti-Semitic world.

But blockade and occupation are recognized acts of war most of us would support resistance to anywhere else in the world. The West Bank has been occupied for almost 50 years, its residents subject to arbitrary arrest, control over movement, land seizure and home destruction. Nearly two million Gazans have been blockaded for more than seven years — malnourished, economy strangled, health ruined — in collective punishment.

Election of a Palestinian government was sabotaged by Israel’s refusal to deal with it and mass arrest of the winners. Israel likes to call itself the Middle East’s “only democracy” while effectively ruling nearly five million — and growing — unrepresented Palestinians.

It is unclear what choice Palestinians have beyond active resistance and meekly accepting permanent subjugation in their own land. The recent “Kerry Round” of failed peace talks made this newly clear.

Sadat went to Jerusalem. The Arab League accepted Israel. Remember the Oslo accords? But for Israel, it’s always as if it’s 1967. If not 1944.

But what about the children we actually blow apart in 2014? An Israeli child was killed last week. What if it were 500 Jewish children? American children?

Israel and its American supporters have long reversed the worldwide moral posture of the Jewish people, a disaster for American Judaism as we try to pass on an ethos radically compromised by the need to continually rationalize permanent oppression of another people by our own.

The synagogue is continually debased by regular prayers for the welfare and triumph of the occupying army, whose central mission has become subjugating Palestinians in perpetuity — policies few if any Jews would countenance practiced by any other state against any other people.

The founding event of the Jewish people was the greatest slave revolt in history. As a young Jew growing up in New York long ago, I knew every fight for freedom was mine. Jews supported human equality, the rights of all, with a reliability and enthusiasm that inspired people of other groups. What we looked down on most in our sub-culture was looking down on people.

Young Jews grow up today in a radically different world in which they are encouraged by the organized community to rationalize permanent suppression (and when they resist — “self-defense” killing) of Palestinian Arabs.

The “organized community” believes the explosion of intermarriage among non-Orthodox U.S. Jews from about 15% in 1967 — when Israel became a confirmed occupier — to over 70 percent today< is pure coincidence. But anyone who’s thought about it, or known young American Jews, knows better.

We are living through an effort to re-define Judaism into, “The belief system that supports the Israeli state,” that dishonors the Jewish message of freedom, hope and resistance to tyranny that echoes through history.

Confronting today’s Israel and demanding it change is not a rejection of Judaism but the most profound manifestation of it. Jews should not be fighting the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) movement that struggles to hold Israel accountable. We should be leading it. It is our people that are disgraced by Israel’s policies and the heartless, mindless cheerleading of AIPAC and its supporters.

The central narrative of the Old Testament is of a people freed from slavery that wins, then loses its land through losing touch with who it is, its ideals and its God, betting instead on the wrong deities and the wrong empires — in the language of the modern, the wrong values.

As the Maccabees, the Hebrew rebels against ancient Rome, the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto, all demeaned by oppressors as terrorists, said or would have said: Live with dignity or die trying.


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Israel Prevents Release of Palestinian Tax Revenues*

Israel Prevents Release of Palestinian Tax Revenues*

The public treasury of the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been suffering a high level of indebtedness for several years and according to Ma’an news agency, the occupation authorities have now frozen Palestinian tax revenues.

An unnamed senior Palestinian official told the news agency on Monday that the Israeli occupation has not transferred the tax revenues it had collected on behalf of the PA.

This is particularly bad news at the present moment, because following the end of the latest Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip and in the wake of forming a Palestinian unity government the PA has now entered a new stage of increased responsibility.

The PA must meet the needs of the Gaza Strip, which was announced a “disaster area” by PA President Mahmoud Abbas. On the other hand, the PA is facing the new reality of having to pay the salaries of Palestinian employees recruited during Hamas’s control of Gaza.

To make matters worse, all these challenges have come at a time when most donor countries have not met their aid commitments, not having transferred any money to the PA treasury.

Until today, the PA has not announced the expected date for it to pay its employees in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.


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Occupy World: Mother Who Refused to Pay Home Schooling Fine is Released*

Occupy World: Mother Who Refused to Pay Home Schooling Fine is Released*

A woman who was earlier jailed after she refused to pay a fine related to home schooling has been released from custody.

Mother of six Monica O’Connor from Tullow in Co Carlow was taken from her home by gardaí this morning.

She and her husband Eddie O’Neill were both found guilty of failing to register two of their children for home schooling purposes.

They were told by Carlow District Court in June 2013 to pay a fine of €2,000, but they have not paid it.

Her husband is also now facing a 10-day jail term for not paying penalty.

However, she has now been released from custody.

Monica says she’s happy to make a sacrifice in fighting what she’s called an ‘unjust law’.

“When my grannies were born females couldn’t vote – that was a law,” Monica said.

“There have been unjust laws throughout history.

“I would like to teach my children that legitimate authority needs to be obeyed, but there’s a point where you stand up and say ‘I conscientiously object’ (even) if it means you deprive me of my liberty.”


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