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Ukraine Government Forces were Defeated Prior to “Cease Fire*

Ukraine Government Forces were Defeated Prior to “Cease Fire*

By Michel Chossudovsky

Media disinformation prevails with regard to Donbass.

World public opinion is unaware that prior to the signing of a “cease fire”, Kiev forces had already experienced a devastating defeat, with casualties estimated well in excess of ten thousand. This tragic loss of life has not been reported by the MSM.  From both Kiev and US-NATO’s point of view they are “cannon fodder”. 

Ukraine government forces have been in retreat. Thousands of soldiers have been killed. Thousands more have refused to fight and have abandoned the battlefield.  Soldiers from Ukraine government forces have also sought refuge in Russia. The Donbass rebels have made overtures to Ukraine government soldiers to enable them to leave the war zone.

President Poroshenko accepted the 7 point cease fire agreement on September 5,  to enable Ukrainian troops to withdraw rather than surrender. 

The following report (original Russian) was prepared by Colonel Cassad LiveJournal, translated by to which we are much indebted.

The Live Journal report confirms that as of September 3, two days before the cease fire agreement,  “the fascist Junta had switched to strategic defense in the Donbass.”

Let us be under no illusions: this war is not over. US-NATO is not interested in a peaceful solution. Nor does it favor negotiations between its Kiev puppets and the two Donbass governments, Donetsk and Lugansk.  Washington design is to perpetuate the humanitarian disaster in Donbass and create divisions within Ukraine society.

Meanwhile, the IMF economic reforms are contributing to impoverishing the Ukrainian population.

While there are Russian forces under Russian command in Ukraine as confirmed by the OSCE, reports confirm that the Pentagon has dispatched US military advisers to Ukraine who have integrated the ranks of Kiev forces in Eastern Ukraine.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, September 6, 2014

The events of recent days clearly indicate that the Kiev Junta is switching to strategic defense tactic in the Donbass.

  1. The positions around Mariupol, Artemovsk, Constantinovka, and Lisichansk are being fortified. This is no longer about using these cities as bases for an offensive, we are talking about trying to hold them in defensive battles. The Militia should accomplish putting an end to the shelling of Donetsk in about a week. The Junta will try to keep shelling for political reasons; as the cessation of terror attacks on Donetsk would be a clear symptom of a complete disaster, even for the most brainwashed “European Ukrainians”
  2. Leaving more than 20 settlements in Lugansk People’s Republic(“LPR”) with open flanks shows that attempts encircle the city are over. Junta forces that can be saved, will be pulled out of the boiler to the south-west of Luhansk, then the front will slowly move away to the north of Lugansk, because in its current configuration, Junta is risking enveloping strikes by Novorossiya Armed Forces (“NAF”) mechanized units. A huge column of armored vehicles in Krasnodon demonstrates the potential power of such attacks, against which the Junta simply has nothing.
  3. The Junta is moving troops from Perekop to Mariupol and Odessa. We can now say goodbye to the plans of military provocations by Armyansk and Chongar. The huge losses of the “Crimea” punitive battalion by Ilovaysk have also seriously weakened the potential future reconnaissance and sabotage capacities in Crimea proper. The Junta initially made a fundamental error when it began massing a part of its forces by Perekop. They were not sufficient to capture Crimea, or to fend off a Russian invasion from the Crimea, and it is quite possible that several battalions with reinforcements were exactly what the Junta lacked in the decisive battles for Shahtersk and Krasnyi Luch. In the end, they still had to be redeployed to the Donbass, but only after they could no longer change anything, strategically. The Crimea itself has now been completely taken out of the equation; the Junta now has too much to deal with elsewhere, so the ambitious plans of military and political pressure on the Crimea are apparently dead for now.
  4. A similar pattern of events has occurred in the area near Transnistria. The forces that the Junta had concentrated there have now been redeployed to Donbass to close holes in the front lines. The plan of combined pressure against Transnistria, together with the United States and Moldova, turned out to be stillborn. Now there are no chances for a successful offensive there, so nothing serious will be deployed against Transnistria.
  5. The Junta’s fourth wave of mobilization is supposed to somehow make up for their losses, but its “success” will be similar to the third wave. The fact that the fresh cannon fodder are being equipped with obsolete BTR-60/70 APCs (Armoured Personnel Carriers) and machine guns from the 1930s clearly indicates that those unfit for service will also be armed with obsolete weapons, so ground down professional army brigades will be replaced with the new “Ukrainian Volkssturm” – pointless and depressing, and even the punitive battalions will appear capable in comparison to these new forces.
  6. The Junta persists in the separation of army units from punitive forces. Punitive units are now even given tanks and IFVs, thus repeating the failed experiment of the Nazis, separating individual units of the SS from the rest of the armed forces, with their own hierarchy, equipment and command. The main problem in these units is lack of competent commanders, which systematically results in high losses of personnel and vehicles.
  7. Thus, the autumn starts with the Junta in transition from offence to defense, and there are clearly not enough resources to hold the entire line; even after the front is straightened out. It should be understood that even if the Junta could stretch a solid front line from Donetsk to Berdyansk, there would be nothing available to close a gap in the event of another breakthrough. In general, the size of the theater of operations clearly exceeds the abilities of the warring parties. The Junta is facing the same problem faced by the NAF in June, when it was trying to hold large areas without sufficient forces to do so, which led to breaks in the front. Now the Junta is in the same situation, thus emphasizing that operational initiative is the key to victory, in the event one lacks sufficient forces to control large swathes of territory. The side which has the operational initiative can choose the direction of attack, concentrate forces there, achieve local superiority, and convert these efforts to captured towns and cities; and burning enemy vehicles with charred corpses lying along the roads.
  8. As the Junta cannot seize the initiative back yet (the concentration of 1-2 brigades by Zaporozhye, to be used for counter-attack, requires a few more days), it began a retreat, during which it tried to free up additional forces for the southern front and transition to a stubborn defense of advantageous positions. It is now key for the NAF to keep the operational initiative, as it more than offsets the advantages of the enemy in manpower and vehicles. In this respect, while carrying out offensives in several directions, it is important not to overdo it and not to expose the flanks to cleaving strikes of Junta’s mechanized forces (the NAF still had trouble parrying these strikes as late as August).

Overall, as of September 3rd, we can confidently say that the fascist Junta has switched to strategic defense in the Donbass.


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Jordan Decides to Buy Palestinian Gas from Israel*

Jordan Decides to Buy Palestinian Gas from Israel*

While Gazans suffer from daily power shutdowns, Israel is signing an important deal to sell gas to Jordan, gas which, researchers say, was stolen from Palestinians.

In addition to confiscating Palestine’s energy resources, Israel has destroyed Gaza’s only power station in its latest military offensive.

In the dark, Palestinians travel to a shelter at a UN school after evacuating their homes near the border in Gaza City on June 13, 2014

On July 29, 2014, RT reported:

Over a million people in Gaza could be without electricity after Israeli tank shells hit the fuel depot of the enclave’s only power station, causing it to shut down. Its director, Mohammed al-Sharif, said, “The power plant is finished.” (Gaza’s only power plant shut down by Israeli shelling, RT, July 29, 2014)

The Middle East Monitor reported September 4, 2014 that a Memorandum of Understanding ”is due to be signed between Israel and Jordan in the reservoir of Leviathan to export Israeli natural gas to Jordan during the next 15 years with a total value of $15 billion”. (Jordan to buy $15bn of Israeli gas, Middle East Monitor, September 4, 2014.)

Israel’s first natural gas export deal will also be signed by “the Leviathan field partner Noble Energy Inc. on behalf of itself and its partners Delek Group Ltd. units Avner Oil and Gas LP and Delek Drilling Limited Partnership and Ratio Oil Exploration (1992) LP.” (Leviathan partners signing $15b Jordanian gas dealGlobes, Israel business news, on September 3, 2014)

We may recall that in the wake of the Israeli bombing and invasion under Operation Cast Lead, “Palestinian gas fields were de facto confiscated by Israel in derogation of international law”:

A year following “Operation Cast Lead”, Tel Aviv announced the discovery of  the Leviathan natural gas field in the Eastern Mediterranean “off the coast of Israel.”

At the time the gas field was: “ … the most prominent field ever found in the sub-explored area of the Levantine Basin, which covers about 83,000 square kilometres of the eastern Mediterranean region.”

Coupled with Tamar field, in the same location, discovered in 2009, the prospects are for an energy bonanza for Israel, for Houston, Texas based Noble Energy and partners Delek Drilling, Avner Oil Exploration and Ratio Oil Exploration. (Felicity Arbuthnot, Israel: Gas, Oil and Trouble in the Levant, Global Research, December 30, 2013)

The Gazan gas fields are part of the broader Levant assessment area. (Michel Chossudovsky, War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields, Global Research, January 8, 2009)

The Times of Israel said this first export deal “makes Israel chief energy supplier for [the] kingdom.” (Marissa Newman, Israel signs $15 billion gas deal with Jordan, The Times of Israel, September 3, 2014)

The Israeli business news outlet Globe reports that the U.S. State Department “assisted” both countries in signing the deal which gives Israel the capacity to “use its position to achieve strategic aims”:

The deal has been brought to fruition with the assistance of Israel Minister of Natural Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources Silvan Shalom and the US State Department.

US Secretary of State John Kerry’s special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs Amos Hochstein is in Jordan for the signing ceremony. Silvan Shalom will be required to approve the deal before contracts are finally signed.

This deal significantly changes the economic strategic relations between Israel and Jordan and makes Israel an energy producer and exporter that can use its position to achieve strategic aims. Discussions over Israeli gas exports have rumbled on in Israel for the past few years and ultimately it was decided that Israel can export 40% of its offshore natural gas reserves. (Leviathan partners signing $15b Jordanian gas dealGlobes, Israel business news, on September 3, 2014)

According to the Middle East Monitor, Jordan approved last month a recommendation “calling for supplying Jordan with natural gas from Palestinian water of the Gaza Marine”:

“The Jordanian cabinet approved, last month, the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Development, calling for supplying Jordan with natural gas from the gas field discovered in the Palestinian water of the Gaza Marine, after coordination with the Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinians own a stake in the Gaza Marine field, located 35 kilometres away from the coast of the Gaza Strip, which was discovered at the end of the 90s, nothing has been extracted from it yet.” (Middle East Monitor, op. cit.)

Will this deal between Israel and Jordan jeopardize this approval?

One thing is certain, this new deal making Israel the “chief energy supplier for the kingdom” and making Israel an important energy player able ”use its position to achieve strategic aims”, sheds a new light on the purported objectives of the relentless Israeli attacks against Gaza.

In 2007 a year before Operation Cast Lead in which Palestinian gas fields were confiscated, Israeli Defense minister and former Israeli Defence Force (IDF) chief of staff Moshe Ya’alon wrote that “Israel needs additional natural gas sources”. However, purchasing gas from Palestinians, he claimed, would be “tantamount to Israel’s bankrolling terror against itself” and that gas revenues cannot be “a key driver of an economically more viable Palestinian state”. His statement below clearly shows the links between Israel’s military operations and Palestine’s oil and gas reserves:

British Gas is supposed to be the crown jewel of the Palestinian economy, and provide part of the solution to Israel’s pressing energy needs. The British energy giant, now called the “BG Group,” and its local partners – the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas and the private, Palestinian-owned Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) – are currently involved in advanced negotiations to sell to Israel massive amounts of natural gas – reserves of nearly 1.4 trillion cubic feet – that BG first discovered in 2000 off the Gaza coast. The market value of the gas has been estimated at $4 billion. Therefore, sale of the gas to Israel would mean a billion-dollar windfall for the PA and, potentially, for the Palestinian people.

Unfortunately, British assessments, including those of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, that Gaza gas can be a key driver of an economically more viable Palestinian state, are misguided. Proceeds of a Palestinian gas sale to Israel would likely not trickle down to help an impoverished Palestinian public.

For Israel, the need for BG’s gas may have already taken a toll. It is possible that the prospect of an Israeli gas purchase may have played a role in influencing the Olmert cabinet to avoid ordering a major IDF ground operation in Gaza …

Clearly, Israel needs additional natural gas sources, while the Palestinian people sorely need new sources of revenue. However, with Gaza currently a radical Islamic stronghold, and the West Bank in danger of becoming the next one, Israel’s funneling a billion dollars into local or international bank accounts on behalf of the Palestinian Authority would be tantamount to Israel’s bankrolling terror against itself. Therefore, an urgent review is required of the far-reaching security implications of an Israeli decision to purchase Gaza gas. (Moshe Yaalon, Does the Prospective Purchase of British Gas from Gaza Threaten Israel’s National Security?, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, October 19, 2007)

What needs to be understood from that declaration is that Israel will not allow Palestinians to have a viable economy by exploiting their natural resources. The “terrorist threat” is just a pretext to maintain Palestine under military occupation and continue to steal its land and resources.

Independent researchers have indicated that these military operations as well as the illegal blockade of Gaza are in fact all about oil and gas:

What is now unfolding is the integration of these adjoining gas fields including those belonging to Palestine into the orbit of Israel. (see map below).


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The Road that Leads from Serfdom to Detroit*

The Road that Leads from Serfdom to Detroit*

By Carl Gibson

Detroit’s bankruptcy hearings have resumed leaving creditors wanting the city to give up its last remaining public wealth to bankers and private-sector profiteers. Wall Street financiers shaped the Detroit calamity and now plan to benefit from the crisis.

Detroit’s bankruptcy hearings officially resumed on September 2, and creditors are making their arguments for why the destitute city should give up its last remaining public wealth to bankers and private-sector profiteers. The establishment media would have you believe that Detroit’s financial crisis is a result of “running out of other people’s money.” But if you want to truly understand the story of Detroit’s rise and fall, the book “Getting Ghost” by University of Michigan adjunct professor Luke Bergmann is a must-read.

The author follows two teenage boys, Dude Freeman and Rodney Phelps, around Detroit’s underground drug-dealing economy, and expertly shows how the people of Detroit have had their cultural and financial power systematically pillaged over the last five decades. In Bergmann’s book, Freeman and Phelps are symbols not of an allegedly drug-addicted violent underclass, but of a city whose people have been left to fend for themselves by a profoundly predatory capitalism.

In the book’s introduction, Bergmann refers to Detroit as a “shareholder city”: comparing the way private corporations work to provide dividends to shareholders at the expense of workers, to the way Detroit works to provide tax incentives and handouts to large corporations at the expense of the residents. All the diversity was taken out of Detroit’s economy for the benefit of the auto industry. One stark example is the bulldozing of the largely black-owned Hastings Street business district and black-owned businesses on the West side of Detroit for the Ford and Lodge freeways.

As globalization took hold, the auto industry uprooted to make even bigger profits overseas, leaving behind an entire city that had been forced through decades to become solely dependent on car production for its way of life. Wall Street offered Detroit’s beleaguered government – now deprived of its once-strong tax base – financing for public infrastructure through risky bonds. But when Wall Street gambled big on made-up financial instruments and lost even bigger, they came to Detroit to extract their pound of flesh.

Detroit’s bankruptcy in a nutshell is this: Wall Street financiers created the Detroit crisis, and now they plan to profit off their own mistakes. If the strategy sounds kind of familiar, that’s because it is.

Wall Street Wants Private Ownership of Public Wealth

As Detroit’s bankruptcy hearing continues, Syncora Holdings – which insured over $400 million in bonds of Detroit’s $12 billion in unsecured debt, amid the city’s $18 billion in total long-term debt – has been pressuring city officials for a bailout as a result of its failed gambling. Syncora wants the city to hand over additional public infrastructure like the tunnel from Detroit to Windsor, Ontario; the Detroit Municipal Airport on the city’s East side; and priceless pieces of cultural history at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). After being pressured for an exact number by bankruptcy judge Steven Rhodes, Syncora asserted it wants 75 cents on the dollar of Detroit’s debt.

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, who has sole legal authority over Detroit’s elected government in all financial decisions due to Gov. Rick Snyder’s emergency manager law, has crafted a restructuring plan called the “Grand Bargain” to preserve the DIA and soften the blow on retirees’ pensions. The deal includes a refinancing of $5.2 billion in debt for the Detroit Water and Sewage System (DWSD), where $2 billion of that debt would be subject to full payment in order to lower the interest rate for the remaining $3.2 billion.

Critics of the deal allege the refinancing plan very closely resembles the $1.5 billion “Certificates of Participation” loan of 2005-06, which Detroit defaulted on after the Wall Street crash of 2008. This means if the $2 billion in water debt isn’t immediately collected and given to creditors on Wall Street, the city will shut off water for even more of its downtrodden residents.

Internationally Condemned Water Shutoffs Continue

The DWSD resumed its controversial water shutoffs program in late August after initially backing down from the shutoffs in the wake of public outrage. Judge Rhodes endorsed the temporary halt to water shutoffs, saying they unnecessarily blemished Detroit’s reputation after they attracted international condemnation. Already, 17,000 residents have had their water turned off despite the U.N. reinforcing its position that water and sanitation are basic human rights that can’t be denied due to lack of payment. Residents are calling for a moratorium to the shutoffs and reinstatement of a payment plan that never makes ratepayers give up more than 2 percent of their monthly income in water bills.

The DWSD is even shutting off water for ratepayers who have never missed a payment. One such payer is Antonio Wymes, owner of Brooks Barbershop on 19504 West 7 Mile Rd. Wymes made every water payment on time during the two years he’s owned the establishment. Yet the DWSD cut off Wymes’s water for an entire Friday during the busy back-to-school season because the neighbour with whom he shared his water line owed back payments.

“You especially shouldn’t cut somebody off if they don’t owe you. I don’t think they should cut anybody off,” Wymes said.

Wymes is demanding the DWSD halt the water shutoffs and compensate his business for the day of lost revenue. To raise awareness about the injustices of the water shutoffs, Wymes is teaming up with the Detroit Water Brigade to provide 50 free back-to-school haircuts to neighborhood kids. Those interested in donating to the effort can click here.

“It’s a human right for a person to have water,” Wymes told the Detroit Water Brigade. “People have to have water. If you don’t have water, you’re going to die.”

Flooding Renews Talks of Water System Privatization

The $3.2 billion in remaining water debt may be given to the banks by privatizing Detroit’s “blue infrastructure,” like the sewage, storm water, drainage and municipal water systems. As I reported previously for, United Water, a subsidiary of France-based Suez, is eying a buyout of Detroit’s water infrastructure. Were the deal approved, the city of Detroit would become a customer of United Water, which would pay the city $47 million a year for 40 years. But flooding in mid-August is now bringing the privatization talks back to the forefront.

On August 11 and 12, historic floods submerged major Detroit highways, destroyed homes, killed three people and almost completely shut down movement across the city. Retired workers from Detroit’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) allege the flooding may have been contained were it not for the city’s mass layoffs of sewer maintenance workers.

“Monies that should have been allocated to improvements in our infrastructure and helped employ people went to the banks in illegal deals instead,” retired WWTP shift supervisor Bill Davis told Voice of Detroit.

That $5 billion going to the banks under the bankruptcy plan should instead be going to the people, to rebuild our system.”

helen keller and who really governs

The Failures of Privatization

Privatizing ownership of public infrastructure that residents depend upon has already proven to be a reckless policy. In 1979, billionaire Manuel “Matty” Moroun bought the Ambassador Bridge for $30 million from a New York-based financier, making it the only privately-owned international border crossing in the United States. The bridge, built in 1929, was never meant to take on 21st-century freight loads, and more than $120 billion in goods are trucked between the borders each year.

Moroun, who is in his eighties, has spent over $1 million fighting the governments of both Michigan and Ontario in court, attempting to stop the construction of a new jointly-financed, publicly-owned bridge. The Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) would be a six-lane bridge that costs $4 billion to build over a five-year period. The U.S. State Department approved the new bridge in the spring of 2013, and Canada has even offered to pay up to $550 million of the U.S.’s share of construction costs, to be recouped with tolls.

The DRIC would directly create 12,000 new jobs and is expected to create an additional 30,000 new jobs through increased economic activity. Moroun’s opposition is openly greed-based; for years he acknowledged that his Ambassador Bridge was sufficient, then later said he would build a new bridge adjacent to it so he could still profit from his duty-free gas station on the other side of the border. Moroun wants to drive traffic to the duty-free station, where he would recoup 60 cents on the gallon in tax – even though customers would pay roughly the same price at the pump at other gas stations.

Detroiters who pay taxes and expect those dollars to go toward public services are instead seeing them go toward well-connected private interests. Mike Ilitch, owner of the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Tigers, made his fortune with Little Caesar’s pizza chain and is currently worth over $3 billion. But despite his immense wealth, he’s using his connections to divert over $280 million in tax-increment financing (TIF) meant for Detroit public schools and redirect it toward the new Red Wings stadium.

Ilitch used a similar scheme to secure $115 million of Detroit’s public money toward the building of Comerica Park, where the Tigers play. This same scheme recurred last year in Chicago when Mayor Rahm Emanuel cut over $300 million from city pensions to supplement an $800 million corporate subsidy slush fund that he uses primarily to benefit his campaign donors. Emanuel has allocated hundreds of millions in TIF money to bankroll a new football stadium for privately-owned Depaul University and a new Marriott hotel in Chicago’s South Loop.

Cities on the cusp of Detroit proper are also battling to hold on to their public assets. In Highland Park, a once-proud city that laid claim to the production of Ford’s Model T, blocks of streets, parks and homes today lie vacant and in severe disrepair. Highland Park High School, which was closed in 2012, is now an empty shell operated by the Leona Group, a private charter school company. In a sad and ironic twist, the privately-owned youth rehabilitation organization Wolverine Human Services – which some Highland Parkers liken to little more than a privately-owned juvenile detention company – reportedly bid on the property to turn it into an institution that would house 1,500 youths. According to private security guards who greeted me at the door, Wolverine took a tour of the building, had investors lined up, but decided not to purchase the property at the last moment.

If Detroit’s bankruptcy results in more privatizing of public assets, similar patterns of greed, cronyism, decline and dysfunction will naturally follow. Detroit’s citizens will no longer own any public goods, but will become like serfs, subservient to a class of unaccountable corporate lords and the cronies in government who are sponsored by their campaign donations.


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UK. Breaking the Social Contract Set’s it Back to Post-WWII*

Ukraine’s Killing Fields*

Ukraine’s Killing Fields*

Lugansk and Donetsk residents are now used to gunfire. RT’s Maria Finoshina crossed Ukraine’s southeast to see the aftermath of war there – and how it is the civilians who have carried the heaviest burden: relatives lost, homes destroyed, and hope gone.

‘Why is this happening? Why, God, why?’

I worked all my life and what did I get for it,” exclaims a weeping elderly woman. “Why is this happening? Why, God, why?” Many of those left in the besieged city of Lugansk are either elderly or too sick to leave the frontline.

‘What should we do? Die?’

The population of the city of Lugansk has to live amid non-stop bombardment.

Half the population fled – and what should those of us left do?” asks a local woman. “I don’t have anything, no water, no electricity… nothing!

‘Life just stopped for us’

Life just stopped for us,” Valentina Lazareva, a Lugansk resident, told RT’s Maria Finoshina. “We wake up, stand in the bread line for two hours, then get water. And then we cook a meal to eat, and the same thing happens every day.”

Valentina sent her daughter and granddaughter to family friends in Russia a month ago. Now she realizes she has to leave almost all of their possessions behind and flee, and try to get her life back.

13yo child: ‘And then glass started flying’

People in Lugansk are afraid to go out because attacks are becoming more and more frequent; they prefer to stay in bomb shelters. There is a shelter in almost every household: it looks like an apartment, but underground.

I was really scared when the glass started flying. I’m still scared,” 13-year-old Artyom told RT.

‘The Ukrainian army is supposed to protect us but it is shelling us’

We are so sick and tired of all this, we want to live like we lived before… I could never imagine this happening,” a local resident told RT. She is sitting in a Soviet-era bomb shelter built during the Cold War. But until now, it hasn’t been used.

This is the Ukrainian army that is supposed to protect us, and it’s shelling its own citizens,” says a mother of a 5-year-old boy.

‘Let us live well, like we used to live. There is no need for war’

That’s what a local woman told RT. Lugansk urgently requires food, medicine, and medical equipment.

My mom is diabetic and has hypertension – and she can’t get her medicine,” another woman says.

‘Why are people being killed?’

They bombed us, the windows were shattered – in my house and over there, too. Everything was burning,” says a distraught elderly woman from the city of Donetsk. “Dear God, when is this going to end? Why are people being killed?” she asks.

Donetsk is yet another hot spot in eastern Ukraine. The situation in the city is referred to as “tense” by the city authorities as Ukrainian troops shell residential areas, schools and hospitals.

‘One person died near the school’

All this crazy bombing of residential areas. You can take a look. One person died near the school. Why are they doing this?” demands a local man. He had come under fire from Kiev forces while traveling with his family.

‘When will this end?

They’ve cut off us from everything. There is nothing left and there is nothing for the children,” exclaimed one Lugansk resident. “When will this end?

Lugansk was plunging headlong into a humanitarian crisis before Russia’s aid reached it. The city was without water and electricity for weeks, and on top of water shortages, food was scarce.

‘There’s hardly anything left to bomb’

Lugansk is facing a serious humanitarian crisis since most of the shops are closed and no deliveries of food, medical supplies, or fuel were able to take place before Russia’s humanitarian aid arrived in the besieged city.

“People are running out of money. How are we supposed to survive in this heat? What if some sort of epidemic breaks out? What should we do?” local woman, Nadezhda Essaulinka, exclaimed, emotionally.

The ceasefire agreed by Kiev and the rebels on Friday may bring one last ray of hope to the devastated regions, while the Russian and Ukrainian leadership is talking of sending another humanitarian cargo to the south-east.

Since the conflict in Ukraine significantly deteriorated in mid-April, 2,593 people have died in fighting in the east of the country, while over 6,033 have been wounded. According to the UN, the number of internally displaced Ukrainians has reached 260,000, with another 814,000 finding refuge in Russia.


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And Whose Side is the Palestinian Authority on?

And Whose Side is the Palestinian Authority on?

While ICC awaits PA’s signing of the Statutes of Rome, which would allow Palestine to file for war crimes against Israel, the PA which did not feature significantly in the lives of it’s people during Operation Protective Edge, and is busy arresting Palestinians…

The committee of families of political prisoners in the occupied West Bank said that the Palestinian security services arrested at least 74 Palestinians in ten days.

According to the committee, more than 33 Palestinians have received arrest warrants, but refused to hand themselves over to the security services.

In a statement about political detention in the occupied West Bank, the committee recorded a tangible increase in political arrests and summons following the popular celebrations held for the resistance “victory” in the Gaza Strip.

“The Palestinian security services returned back to the old/new policy of arresting supporters of resistance in the different governorates in the West Bank,” the statement said.

The committee said that it had documented political arrests and summon in the West Bank cities’ of Qalqilia, Al-Khalil, Ramallah, Jenin, Tulkarm, Bethlehem, Salfeet and Nablus.


By Ibrahim Hewitt

…the fact that illegal settlements, land grabs and ethnic cleansing should never be subject to ‘negotiation’ in the first place.

How much longer is the farce of the Palestinian Authority going to continue? I ask because it has been obvious over the past few months that the PA, under President Mahmoud Abbas, is there more for Israel’s benefit than that of the people it is meant to serve, the Palestinians. In such circumstances, any claim of “victory” by the resistance groups in Gaza is illusory.

So-called “security cooperation” with the Israeli occupation forces makes the PA’s own 70,000-strong security agencies collaborators in the eyes of many Palestinians.

Has anyone ever seen any PA security forces coming to the aid of Palestinian protesters against Israel’s Apartheid Wall at the weekly demonstrations across the occupied West Bank?

Such protests usually start peacefully but end in violence as those taking part are attacked by Israeli soldiers and illegal settlers. Do Palestinian security officers rush to their defence? Well, do they? Of course not, for that is not their role; they exist to police the Palestinians on Israel’s behalf and stifle any form of resistance not tackled by the absurdly-named Israel Defence Forces. Hence, mass round-ups of non-Fatah activists and the suppression of anti-Israel demonstrations during the latest of the Zionist state’s attacks on the civilians of the Gaza Strip.

The EU is the “biggest multilateral donor of assistance to the Palestinians”, and in 2011 this aid amounted to €453 million. Ostensibly there to “build up the institutions of a future democratic, independent and viable Palestinian State living side-by-side with Israel in peace and security”, the bulk of the aid is spent on security and salaries for PA officials and employees. It has been said that one of the reasons for Mahmoud Abbas’ reluctance to sign up to the International Criminal Court to pursue alleged Israeli war criminals through legal means is that the funding which pays his and his cronies’ salaries and pensions will be cut-off if he takes such a step. In other words, he has sold out, placing his personal wellbeing over and above justice for his people.

The “international community”, meanwhile, goes through with the charade that the two-state solution is still viable and, through the “Middle East Quartet”, seeks to impose its own conditions on the Palestinians to get them to acquiesce and offer yet more concessions “for peace”. Israel is spared such pressure and gets away, literally, with murder as it continues to steal ever more Palestinian land while paying lip-service to a moribund peace process.

This is why I am concerned but not surprised to learn that PA negotiator Saeb Erekat has met with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington to discuss ways to reopen negotiations with the Israelis. It is as if the recent slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza hasn’t happened; that Israel’s intense military bombardment and destruction of the infrastructure was just a blip on the screen; that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Equally shocking is that the pre-Operation Protective Edge status quo is likely to be the “norm” that prevails, because that is what Israel and the Zionist Lobby in capitals around the world want. Israel will proceed with its expansion unhindered, with more and bigger settlements, arrest campaigns, torture (by Israeli and Palestinian security forces alike), checkpoints and all of the other paraphernalia of its brutal military occupation. The Palestinians will continue to be besieged, brutalised and killed by trigger-happy Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Despite all of this, Mahmoud Abbas and his team of negotiators will be pushed into giving Israel concessions that will not be reciprocated, with little thought, one is led to believe, for the fact that illegal settlements, land grabs and ethnic cleansing should never be subject to “negotiation” in the first place. It is a question that has been asked before but is worth repeating until someone involved in the whole sordid process can provide a legitimate answer: since when have criminals been able to “negotiate” their way out of paying for their crimes?

Euphoria in Palestinian circles, especially in Gaza, over the “victory” against the IDF is, I believe, not only premature but also misleading. How many more “victories” will be celebrated before the world wakes up to the reality that the two-state solution is long dead and buried and efforts to find a “solution” serve only Israeli interests; that we have all been duped by a slick Israeli PR machine aided and abetted by a compliant media and politicians in the West (which now includes a number of Arab capitals in thrall to Zionism) into believing that Israel is the victim in all of this and entitled to “self-defence”? Such a conclusion rides roughshod over international law and natural justice, but it is accepted by Washington, London, Berlin and the other capitals which support Israel right or wrong.

Only when its Western supporters stand up to Israel’s illegitimacy and illegal activity is there ever any likelihood that peace and genuine justice may prevail. Until and unless that happens (and I am not holding my breath), the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip will be squeezed between the rock of Israeli oppression and the hard place of the Palestinian Authority. They are now two sides of the same coin, but neither carries any currency for the people of Palestine.

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“…learn your rights as an American citizen. The 4th amendment is in place to protect us from this sort of tyrannical barging in of our homes and our personal lives.

“This is the way to handle unruly police officers trying to gain entry into your home. If police come to your door and you don’t need their help, you can simply decline to answer. They cannot come into your home without a search warrant. Even if the police have probable cause, they cannot come in your home without a search warrant. You might even be a suspect in a criminal investigation. In such a case, you should remain silent – except to say ‘Officer, I can’t let you inside without a search warrant.’ Following such an encounter, you should immediately contact a lawyer before speaking to police again.

“The police can legally lie to try and gain access into your home. Knowing how to deal with police at your door can go a long way.

“A video uploaded to Facebook last week by Avel Amarel, shows Amarel doing a great job at shutting down the two officers who tried to gain access to his house. Notice that in the beginning of the video, police try to get Amarel to stop filming. Mission number 1, reduce accountability. Cheers to Amarel for standing his ground.”

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