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The British Monarch Vetoes Legislation that Doesn’t Serve It’s Interests*

The British Monarch Vetoes Legislation that Doesn’t Serve It’s Interests*

Republicans have reacted with horror to the revelation that the Queen and the Prince of Wales exercise their power to veto legislation that is proposed by parliament, with the monarch even having blocked an attempt to hand MPs the power to declare war.

On Tuesday, the Guardian revealed that at least 39 bills had been subject to the monarchy’s power to agree to or block new laws.

The information came to light after Downing Street lost a court battle with the paper to prevent publication of the internal Whitehall record.

Graham Smith, the chief executive of Republic, the campaign group which wants to get rid of an unelected head of state, said the royal veto was “a serious affront to our democracy”.

“It is extraordinary that in this day and age our elected politicians have to ask the permission of the Queen and her eldest son before they can pass new laws,” he said.

With Prince Charles routinely interfering in politics we can now see that he has real leverage over ministers. It’s no wonder they pay such close attention to his views.”

“The palace’s claims this is nothing more than a formality are unbelievable: why did the government fight tooth and nail to keep this information secret? It is time we had full disclosure on the extent of this royal power and how it has affected the laws we now all live under.”

The Cabinet Office document shows that among the new laws that required the Queen’s consent was the Civil Partnership Act 2004 as it contained a clause about the validity of the relationships “that would bind Her Majesty”.

And the government was obliged to ask the Prince of Wales for his consent for the Merchant Shipping and Maritime Security Act 1997 as he owns the harbour of the Isles of Scilly through the Duchy of Cornwall.

The Queen also vetoed entirely a private member’s Bill, the Military Actions Against Iraq (Parliamentary Approval) Bill 1999, that would have transferred the power to authorise military strikes against Iraq from the monarch to Parliament

It is widely assumed that the royal prerogative, the authority to declare war, rests now with the prime minister rather than the Queen herself.

However, these documents raise questions about how much power the monarch still has over the elected government of the day.

Lib Dem MP Julian Huppert said the fact there had been a “fight to keep this quiet” showed the significance of the Whitehall document.

“It’s quite concerning there is wider influence, and secretive influence, of the monarchy in these things than had previously been revealed,” he told The Huffington Post UK.

And he said he was particularly concerned about the revelation the Queen had fought to keep parliament from gaining the power to authorise, or block, military action.

“The power to go to war is an incredibly important thing,” he said.

“It’s important to bring the country on side and to do things in a clear way and leave the choice up to parliament.

He added:

“I think it’s astonishing that the first vote on Afghanistan happened in this parliament, there wasn’t one before that, that’s absolutely astounding in what claims to be parliamentary democracy.”

And Labour MP Paul Flynn told HuffPost that the revelations showed Britain was a “long way from having a full democracy”.

And he said the Monarchy had “so many privileges” the idea they could “amend or frustrate legislation” was “not part of the deal”.

Lib Dem Andrew George told The Guardian:”This is opening the eyes of those who believe the Queen only has a ceremonial role.”



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Losing Faith in Vaccines, Nurses are Leaving their Jobs*

Losing Faith in Vaccines, Nurses are Leaving their Jobs*

It’s not just anti-vaccine parents and groups on the internet that are shutting down vaccination. Many doctors, nurses and other health professionals are coming around and grasping the gravity of how vaccines are damaging our bodies. Turnover of nurses (RNs) are now at record highs, with more than one-third leaving their jobs within the first two years and trust in health authorities and vaccination is at an all time low.

A study in the current issue of Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice reveals that an estimated 17.5% of newly-licensed RNs leave their first nursing job within the first year and one in three (33.5%) leave within two years. The authors point out many of the problems with existing turnover numbers in the literature, but many nurses are simply unhappy and growing numbers are resisting vaccinations themselves which is presenting problems in enforced environments where it is mandatory to be vaccinated.

A study in Vaccine titled “What lied behind the low rates of vaccinations among nurses who treat infants?” is evidence of a growing resistance to vaccinating infants in the developed world.

What is unfortunate is that although many of these nurses refuse the vaccinations themselves, they proceed to administer these poisons to infants to protect their employment. That is quite cowardly, contradictory and at the very least shameful, not only as a health practitioner, but as a human being.

Other problems relate to more nurses being pressured by doctors to mislead parents into a false sense of security while attempting to address and convince anti-vaccine parents that their misconceptions about vaccinations are based on myths.

Lack of Trust in Health Authorities

The majority of nurses in focus groups have expressed, to varying degrees, lack of trust in the health authorities regarding their recommendation to be vaccinated.

Nurses have expressed their frustration with health administrations and have complained of the treatment they have received from that had no respect for them as individuals.

Nurses have expressed strong feelings against Ministries of Health in many nations for the expectation to be vaccinated. They do not want to be told what to do and want to make the decision themselves.

Comments regarding influenza:

“…if I want to, I will get the vaccine, I am a grownup, I am responsible, if I want I will get vaccinated, it will not help whatever he says (the MD).”

Within this conflict between self and profession they wanted to be given the opportunity to decide for themselves if to get vaccinated.

They knew they had to work by “the book” regarding the infants they treat. However, they do not accept the recommendations blindly for themselves.

“…the line runs between me giving vaccines and receiving vaccines, I can personally be against vaccinations but am not against the national policy regarding vaccines, whoever wants can get vaccinated…”

“I don’t want anybody to make me get immunized, I do not want to, even if it is mandatory, even if it is pertussis, I don’t want to get it.”

Most nurses do not see themselves as role models and do not think they should reveal their personal behaviors or beliefs to patients who ask them about themselves. However, some nurses find their decision not to be vaccinated problematic and debates between nurses started in all focus groups.

“What I do as a person and my beliefs are not relevant at all as a professional.”

At many hospitals, flu shots are now mandatory for anyone who regularly enters the hospital including all medical staff, paid employees, students, vendors and volunteers. Many nurses are being faced with a choice to either get a flu shot or lose their job.

Fear of Side Effects

Nurses have reported on their experiences of side effects of vaccines. They feel that the risk of contracting the diseases and the severity are not worth the risk of being injected with a vaccine that was not in use long enough to know what the side effects are. This is directed towards both influenza and pertussis vaccines, and they feel authorities are using them as guinea pigs.

More doctors are not using the Hib vaccine on their own children. Their reasons for declining the use of Hib for their own children included a lack of concern about the disease and the desire to reduce vaccines to a minimum.

Similarly almost a growing number of physicians are not using the MMR on their own children to avoid the trivalent combined vaccines because of safety concerns, the preference for infection-driven rather than vaccine-induced immunity, and the conviction that specific non-medical treatments allow a benign outcome of measles, mumps, and rubella. More nonpediatricians are delaying the initiation of DTaP vaccination beyond 6 months. 15% nonpediatricians would not give the first dose of measles or MMR before 2 years of age. These choices for physicians’ own families seem to reflect the same concerns as those of other educated health care consumers.

Growing Numbers of Anti-Vaccine-Friendly Doctors

Most doctors kick patients out of their practice for not vaccinating, or for asking too many questions. But there are now many who will do their best to provide you with vaccine advice and/or alternative schedules. There are now so many parents looking for these types of doctors that they have been inundated with phone calls from parents who want to seek advice on alternatives to vaccination. Dr. Sears hosts one such list on his website and divides them by state. List of vaccine-friendly doctors

The Tides are Turning And The Vaccination Game Will End

The anti-vaccinationist ideals the nurses expressed are an indication of the resistance within medical circles. Emotions and attitudes such as fear of the vaccines and mistrust in the health authorities and leading factors in lower compliance rates.

These attitudes and emotions may influence their actions toward other vaccines in the future. Eventually physicians and medical students themselves will begin to question vaccine wisdom. The house of cards is crumbling and the vaccination hoax health authorities have promoted to the population is being exposed.


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Advanced Placement Exams Synchronizing with Common Core Sub-standards*

Advanced Placement Exams Synchronizing with Common Core Sub-standards*

Despite its failure rate, hence a detailed massive public backlash, the states insistence on Common Core just reaffirms justified suspicion of the agenda behind common core…

By Brittany Corona

As with much of K-12 education, Advanced Placement exams are affected by Common Core.

Certain AP courses are being redesigned to better match the Common Core standards. That raises questions about the reach of Common Core in disciplines beyond the original English and Math standards outlined and the standards’ influence on higher education.

The redesign of AP exams, such as AP U.S. History, is “one outgrowth” of the College Board’s effort to reform its curriculum and exams to reflect Common Core, argues Joy Pullmann in The Federalist.

The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) notes that:

The College Board is responding to the brewing changes of today’s Common Core era by revising the Advanced Placement program so that the focus is on fewer concepts and more depth…The College Board is removing extraneous details from the AP course requirements and making AP classes less about simple memorization and more about critical thinking and synthesizing information.

Notably, AASA writes that “the College Board may offer an AP Algebra course (although no plans are definite), which may supplant AP Calculus, particularly in schools rigidly adhering to Common Core standards.” Such a shift would seem to underscore the assessment of Stanford professor emeritus of mathematics James Milgram, who has stated that “in Common Core, mathematics stops with Algebra II.” Milgram warns:

Algebra II is absolutely minimal preparation, even to go to college. For example, one of the things they tout for Common Core is that it will improve the STEM pipeline. Well, the actual data is this: if you came to college with only an Algebra II background and you wanted to major in a STEM area, you have a 1/50 chance— a 2 percent chance— of ever obtaining a degree in STEM… This level of preparation is simply insufficient.

At the American Association of School Administrators’ 2013 national conference, College Board senior vice president Trevor Packer said that, through “a parallel process,” AP exams in history and science are adopting similar methodology to the Common Core.

“The work that is happening in the Common Core will help students prepare for what they will encounter in these redesigned AP courses,” said Packer.

According to the College Board,

“The redesigned AP U.S. History course emphasizes developing students’ ability to analyze historical texts and to support their written responses using valid reasoning and relevant evidence. This emphasis dovetails with the Common Core State Standards for reading and writing literacy in history.”

Coauthors Ralph Ketcham, Anders Lewis, and Sandra Stotsky, explain in a recent Pioneer Institute report entitled, “Imperiling the Republic: The Fate of U.S. History Instruction under Common Core,” that there is little, if any, research to support the method Common Core writers adopted in promoting cross-discipline education. Stotsky, professor emerita at the University of Arkansas and former Common Core validation committee member, said:

Common Core dramatically reduces the amount of classic American literature and poetry students will read in favor of non-fiction or so-called ‘informational texts.’ Consequently, the writers of the national standards attempted to shoehorn little bits and pieces of decontextualized U.S. History texts into the English standards. The simultaneous result damages instruction for both English and U.S. History classrooms.

According to the report, AP U.S. History’s redesign applies the same reading strategies as the Common Core English standards, which may cause historical illiteracy due to its “’cold’ or ‘close’ (non-contextualized) reading of historical documents like the ‘Gettysburg Address’.”

Criticisms of changes at the College Board in reaction to Common Core have not been limited to AP exams. When David Coleman— cofounder of Student Achievement Partners, the organization which took a leading role in Common Core’s creation— joined the College Board in 2012 as president, he ushered in a series of changes, including a redesign of the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) to better reflect the content of the Common Core national education standards.

The alignment of college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT to Common Core raises questions about the impact the national standards will have on the broader definition of “college readiness.”

“It used to be that the ACT would do what the colleges demanded of it. Suddenly the ACT is going to do… what the K-12 system demands of it. Same with SAT,” explains former U.S. Department of Education official Ze’ev Wurmann.

This increases the likelihood that private school students and home schooled students will have to follow the Common Core sequence if they want to be competitive on these redesigned exams.

The realignment of college entrance exams and AP exams suggests what many opponents of Common Core have argued since the beginning of the push: Common Core is having a homogenizing effect on education, diminishing higher education institutions’ ability to define “college readiness” and ultimately, limiting options for students.


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Suspended for Teaching the Truth

Sisi’s offer of Kicking People out of their Own Land Welcomed by Israel*

Sisi’s offer of Kicking People out of their Own Land Welcomed by Israel*

Leaders of the Israeli extremist right have celebrated an offer by the Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi to the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas to establish a Palestinian state in the Sinai.

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett of the Jewish Home party which represents Jewish settlers in the West Bank said Al-Sisi’s initiative adds credibility to the position of the far-right in Israel and proves that it is possible to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians without compromising the territories occupied 1967.

This morning, Israeli Army Radio reported Bennett as saying that Al-Sisi’s initiative “demonstrates the new reality in the Middle East, where facts collapse and new facts arise that must be exploited effectively”. He called on his colleagues in the right to adopt Al-Sisi’s political initiatives to resolve the conflict which grants Israel the right to keep all the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Minister of Communication Gilad Erdan of the Likud party praised Al-Sisi’s initiative and described it as “innovative” and said it must be pushed forward and build on it.

The Israeli army radio quoted Erdan this morning as saying that Sisi initiative demonstrates the Palestinian extremism and lack of seriousness in achieving a political settlement to the conflict.

Meanwhile, Minister of Science, Yaakov Peri welcomed the Egyptian president’s initiative, saying the plan reveals great generosity and demonstrates that regional shifts favour Israel. However Peri questioned the possibility of its success, pointing out that the Palestinian people would never allow any leadership to agree to such a proposal.

Despite denials by both Cairo and Ramallah of the proposal, Israeli Radio political correspondent Il’il Shahar confirmed the news noting that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet are fully informed of the Egyptian proposal.

During the Good Morning Israel program aired on the radio Tuesday morning, Shahar pointed out that Netanyahu’s cabinet’s silence proves that Israel is aware of the Egyptian offer, noting that it has been designed through US, Israeli and Egyptian coordination.


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Israel Continues to Break Terms of Ceasefire*

Israel Continues to Break Terms of Ceasefire*

Four Palestinian fishermen were arrested by the Israeli navy this morning off the coast of Gaza, Chairman of the Palestinian fishermen association in Gaza Nizar Ayyash said.

In a statement to the Anadolu news agency, Ayyash quoted other fishermen who were working nearby as saying that the Israeli navy arrested the four fishermen from the Sultan family under the pretext of crossing the permitted six-nautical miles area.

Ayyash pointed out that the fishermen might be released today after promising not to exceed the permitted fishing area.

There has been no statement from the Israeli army on the incident.

On Wednesday, the Israeli navy arrested two fishermen then released them after hours of detention, according to Ayyash.

The Palestinian Agriculture Ministry said the Israeli navy yesterday reduced the fishing area in the Sea of ​​Gaza to five nautical miles, as opposed to the truce agreement which allows fishermen access to six.

A day before the war on Gaza, the Israeli navy prevented fishermen from disembarking into the sea altogether.

According to the fishermen’s union about 4,000 fishermen who support more than 50,000 people suffered heavy losses during the Israeli war.


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Besieged People of Amerli Receive Governmental Humanitarian Aid*

Besieged People of Amerli Receive Governmental Humanitarian Aid*

By Khaled Al-Taie in Baghdad 2014-09-09

Food and medical aid entered the northern Iraqi town of Amerli in September following nearly three months of a debilitating siege by the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL).

The siege was broken August 31st when security forces entered the town and secured surrounding areas.

Work is now under way to alleviate the suffering of Amerli’s around 18,000 Turkmen residents with shipments of food and medical care, officials told Mawtani.

Minister of Youth and Sports Jassem Mohammed Jaafar said a committee to relieve and rehabilitate the town had been formed under his chairmanship.

The committee, which includes the ministers of housing, municipalities, agriculture and water resources, will work to determine how to “rebuild Amerli according to a comprehensive plan to rehabilitate and develop the city’s infrastructure and upgrade its administrative status in the future from a township to a county”, he said.

“Government support for the town and the surrounding areas, on a variety of levels, comes in appreciation of the great sacrifices made by the people there and their honourable defiance and steadfastness in facing terrorists and extremist groups,” Jaafar said.

The siege left suffering and a heavy burden on the population of Amerli, he said, particularly in respect to food and health.

To alleviate this burden, the Iraqi cabinet allocated 1 million Iraqi dinars per family ($861) in Amerli and other besieged areas such as al-Dhuluiya and Ameriyat al-Fallujah at a meeting September 2nd.

Truckloads of supplies and food entered Amerli from Kirkuk, officials said.

Food shipments included “tonnes of flour, rice, cooking oil and sugar rations which the ministry had already secured for the town as part of an emergency action plan to swiftly help the people of any area liberated from the grip of gunmen”, said Jassem Mohammed Abbas, head of a crisis unit at the Ministry of Commerce.

The ministry had been instructed to “provide all food needs to the people of Amerli, and to fill the shortage in essential food supplies and facilitate their access to them in order to alleviate what they suffered during the ISIL siege, Abbas said.

Integrated medical services

Pharmaceuticals, antibiotics and first aid supplies also entered the town.

The Ministry of Health provided Amerli with pharmaceutical shipments to meet its urgent need for a variety of medicines, particularly those for chronic diseases and life-saving medicines, ministry media director Abdul Ghani Saadoun told Mawtani.

“Thirty tonnes of these shipments as well as modern ambulances have already arrived in the city, and we hope to send more aid and medical supplies soon to improve the health situation there,” he said.

A medical team, including doctors, nurses and paramedics, has begun providing medical care to sick people, especially the very young and the elderly, he said.

The team also is giving vaccinations to children and pregnant women, he said.

The Ministry of Health continues to “relieve the population in areas liberated from ISIL elements and improve their health situation as well as provide integrated treatment services for refugees and displaced families”, Saadoun said.


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One Example Why NATO Should not be Invited onto One’s Soil*

Villagers brought the bodies of the 14, including two children, from their district of Narang to the provincial capital to complain that they were all civilians.

Villagers brought the bodies of the 14, including two children, from their district of Narang to the provincial capital to complain that they were all civilians.

A NATO air strike in eastern Afghanistan killed 14 people, including civilians, and wounded at least 13 others, an Afghan official said on Wednesday, just months before most foreign forces pull out of the country.

President Hamid Karzai condemned the deaths. A statement from his office said U.S. aircraft were responsible for the strike.

Civilian casualties have been a source of recurring tension between the U.S. and the Afghan government.

The governor of Kunar province, Shuja ul-Mulk Jalala, said villagers brought the bodies of the 14, including two children, from their district of Narang to the provincial capital to complain that they were all civilians.

The U.S.-led military coalition in Afghanistan said it was looking into the incident.

Jalala said a group of Afghan police and U.S. forces called in at least two air strikes when they came under attack late on Tuesday in a remote, mountainous area.

The area is barely under government control, the governor said, so it was difficult to confirm exactly what happened.

A U.S. military spokesman, Maj. Paul Greenberg, said a coalition precision strike killed one armed man on Tuesday in Kunar’s Dangam district.

“A second operation was conducted on the same night in Narang District, Kunar Province, and we are currently looking into the circumstances of that operation,” Greenberg said.

Karzai on Tuesday pressured rival candidates to succeed him to end delays to a promised power-sharing deal after a bitterly disputed election.

The candidates, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, last week pledged to NATO leaders that they would form a government of national unity and sign legal agreements allowing some NATO forces to stay on and train and advise the Afghan army after combat operations end in December.


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