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The Pacific Ocean is Dead from 2 Trillion Becquerels of Fukushima Radioactive Waste*

The Pacific Ocean is Dead from 2 Trillion Becquerels of Fukushima Radioactive Waste*

By David Gutierrez

At least 2 trillion becquerels’ worth of radioactive material flowed from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean between August 2013 and May 2014, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has admitted. The rate of release was 10 times higher than TEPCO’s pre-meltdown threshold for radioactive material.

A becquerel is a unit for measuring radioactive material that corresponds to one unit of radioactive decay per second. It is a way of describing how much radiation is being emitted by radioactive material, in contrast to measuring the mass or volume of the material itself, the energy carried by the radiation or the biological impact of exposure.

Radioactive sludge accumulating in bay

In March 2011, the Fukushima plant suffered multiple meltdowns triggered by a massive earthquake and tsunami. Since then, TEPCO has struggled to contain the flow of radioactive water away from the plant. Currently, radioactive water is known to be leaking out of reactor buildings and downstream into the ocean. It is also suspected to be leaking into the ground from the plant, and flowing underground to the ocean from there.

TEPCO estimates that this water has been carrying 4.8 billion becquerels of strontium-90 and 2 billion becquerels of cesium-137 every day, based on measurements taken near the water intakes for reactors 1 through 4. This means that in the 10 months from August to May, the plant emitted 1.46 trillion becquerels’ worth of strontium-90 and 610 billion becquerels of cesium-137, totaling 2.07 trillion becquerels of radioactivity released into the ocean.

This astonishing amount of radioactivity is actually an improvement over the first two years following the disaster. Between May 2011 and August 2013, 10 trillion becquerels of strontium-90 and 20 trillion becquerels of cesium-137 flowed into the bay, for a total of 30 trillion becquerels. The improvement does not mark an improvement in TEPCO’s containment methods, however, but is a result of the concentration of nuclear material at the plant decreasing over time.

Water flowing away from the plant enters the bay, where it can then spread into the open ocean. This bay contains a port that is used by the plant to transport materials and equipment.

So much radioactive material has accumulated along the mud of the sea floor at this port that TEPCO is now pursuing a plan to coat the sea floor with cement, to prevent the material from migrating deeper into the ocean.

This may make it impossible to ever dredge the port and remove the radioactive material.

“The first priority is to keep the material where it is,” said a TEPCO official. “No decision has been made on whether to recover the [radioactive] mud at some point in the future.”

Radioactive swamp

TEPCO has already coated several other sections of sea floor, near the outlets of tunnels used to release the radioactive water used to cool the plant immediately following the meltdown.

Work has already begun on a project to coat 50,000 square meters of sea floor near the quay with a cement mixture. The remaining 130,000 square meters will also be coated in several smaller segments. Every part will then be re-coated, to ensure durability of the barrier.

Meanwhile, radioactive water continues to accumulate on-site, with both rainwater and groundwater continually seeping into the failed reactors and becoming contaminated. TEPCO has been attempting to pump this water out and store it in tanks all over the site, but numerous leaks have caused so much water to spill out that Kyoto University professor Hiroaki Koide has described the plant as a radioactive swamp.

TEPCO has also attempted to dispose of some of the water by directly discharging it into the Pacific Ocean, violating its own standards for safe radiation exposure levels.


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A Freudian Slip!? U.N. Reveals Close Links Between Israel and Al Qaeda Affiliates in Syria*

A Freudian Slip!? U.N. Reveals Close Links Between Israel and Al Qaeda Affiliates in Syria*

The United Nations (UN) has stressed that there are strong links and contacts between the armed terrorist organizations in Syria and the Zionist entity.

The UN remarks came in a report by its Secretary General on the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) during the period from May 29th to September 3rd 2014.

The report said that members of the so-called “armed opposition” transported 47 of its wounded members through “the ceasefire line” and handed them to the “Israeli army”, indicating that the “Israeli army” handed 43 of the wounded who were treated at the Israeli hospitals to the armed terrorist organizations.

The report talked about the attack of the terrorist organizations including Jabhat al-Nusra against the positions of the UNDOF personnel and how they seized a number of their vehicles and equipment and how they used the UN uniform.

It added that the UNDOF Commander was in constant and regular contact with the Syrian Arab army in the area as the army provided all types of support to guarantee the evacuation of the UNDOF personnel.

The report affirms what Syria has always mentioned about the close relations between the armed terrorist organizations and the Israeli occupation authorities which shows how much the Israeli occupation is participating in the sinister conspiracy hatched against Syria.

The cooperation between the terrorist organization of Jabhat al-Nusra which has been designated as a terrorist group by the UN and the Israeli occupation authorities shows that Israel supports a terrorist organization which requires a response from the international community.


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David Haines Another ISIS Propaganda Beheading!?

David Haines Another ISIS Propaganda Beheading!?


Yet another hoax beheading by ISIS(L). This time to draw Britain into supporting an American led middle east conflict.

Compare frame 1.16 to 1.17 onwards and note two different men.

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CIA Fabricates ISIL Intelligence*

CIA Fabricates ISIL Intelligence*

CIA Fabricates ISIL Intelligence*

Press TV conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, a senior editor of Veteran’s Today, in Ohio about the CIA announcing that there are 20,000 to 31,500 militants in Iraq and where this number comes from.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Can you tell us what you think about the new revelations of the ISIL militants, their advancements and what the US plans on doing about the ISIL insurgency?

Duff: The idea that people are taking anything the CIA seriously is questionable. They’ve never told the truth before, why would they want to do it now?

There are self-serving reasons for making up a number like this.

From a military standpoint where there are 30,000 troops within this region, a region that could easily be cut off; a region that could receive no supplies; no reinforcements, that’s a virtual prison camp…

There is a lot of criticism of what people believe the US military can and can’t do. On a limited basis were there a 30,000-man army there the US air force could probably destroy it in about 2 weeks.

From a military standpoint the idea of there being a multi-divisional sized force of entirely new recruits who have never trained or operated together supposedly without a military command structure. It would be so easy to beat these people it would be farcical.

There is something wrong about all of this: how they are being supplied? Where are they coming from? The CIA hasn’t said who they are – are they all from Iraq? Are they coming in through Turkey? Are they from Somalia?

The CIA is just simply making this up and there are other reasons behind it. This is a political game here. The US is taking a strong position politically in really controlling Iraq.

Here in the US, we have divided Iraq from Kurdistan in a defacto manner. And now we plan on bombing in Syria and we say we’re going to be supplying Syrian rebels who are fighting the Syrian army, who is supposedly fighting ISIS.

What the president has said and what these plans are and what the CIA says – none of it makes any sense at all.

They are making it all up.

Press TV: So are you saying it is a ploy to secure more government funding for their operations against ISIL? And do you think the CIA is depending on local sources inside the countries for these figures or do you think they have manpower on the ground to try to make these estimates?

Duff: I think you don’t need any figures at all when you simply can make it up. When I say make it up I mean somebody just sat at a table and made it up. There is no intelligence here they just gave a number.

They didn’t say there were 12,000 Iraqis that joined last month or that 15,000 men came through Turkey or travelled through Israel or Jordan or that the makeup is so many of this or that, or how they’re supplied – That’s intelligence.

Turning out a number? Someone just wrote a number on a paper; they had a press release. They simply made it up, they do it all the time and they’ve been doing it for decades.

No one asked a question about this and there are lots of questions. Nobody asked anything.


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The Last Four U.S. Presidents on What to Do with Iraq*

The Last Four U.S. Presidents on What to Do with Iraq*

By Peter Suderman

Did last night’s primetime presidential speech announcing expanding authorization for airstrikes in Iraq and Syria feel kind of familiar? Like you’ve heard it before?

That’s probably because you have. You’ve been hearing for more than two decades, from presidents on both sides of political aisle. At this point, bombing Iraq is practically a American presidential tradition.

And, via the magic of YouTube and The Huffington Post‘s Sam Stein, you can watch every president back to the first George Bush announce a new plan to launch military strikes in Iraq.

Here’s George H.W. Bush in January 1991 announcing that “air attacks are already underway against military targets in Iraq.”

Here’s President Bill Clinton in December 1998 announcing a mission, along with British forces, to “strike military and security targets in Iraq.”

Here’s President George Bush (the second one) in March 2003 announcing that American forces, with help from coalition partners, “are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq.”

And here’s President Obama, last night, describing U.S. airstrikes and other military operations designed to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS in Iraq and Syria.


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BP Stocks Fall After Threat of $18bn Fines*

BP Stocks Fall After Threat of $18bn Fines*

British Petroleum (BP) came into existence in 1914 when Britain took control of Anglo-Persian Company and renamed it Anglo-Iranian, then British Petroleum. By the mid-80s the Rockefellers owned most of BP. The two principal Rothschild representatives in New York, J. P. Morgan Co., and Kuhn, Loeb & Co. J. P. Morgan Co became the major share holder of BP. The Rothschild were behind the colonization and occupations of India and the Rothschild owned BP was granted unlimited rights to all offshore Indian oil, which is still valid till this day.

In preparation for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, much of BP’s assets were transferred in advance to other Rothschild affiliates across the world in Libya and the Middle East, and especially the majority of its Russian oil assets, which were turned over to four Russian Jewish billionaires, called the “Oligarchs.”

By Paul Fassa

The aftermath of the BP gulf oil 2010 disaster remains to this day in the Gulf and the shorelines of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida around the Gulf. It goes beyond those areas as well. It is the source of the Gulf stream, a warm current of water that goes around the southern tip of Florida and up the East Coast to Long Island, New York, then across the Atlantic to England and nearby European shores.

Whatever may alter the Gulf Steam’s current, salinity, and temperature affects the weather whereever it goes. Fortunately, BP has not escaped liability or culpability for its reckless pursuit of deep sea floor oil extraction in 2010.

All Rise for the Judge!

On September 4th, 2014, U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier concluded that the London-based oil giant BP showed a “conscious disregard of known risks” and gross negligence” during the drilling operation. The company bears most of the responsibility for the blowout. “These instances of negligence, taken together, evince an extreme deviation from the standard of care and a conscious disregard of known risks,” Babier wrote in his 153 page decision.

The legal technicalities of “conscious disregard of known risks” and “gross negligence” put BP into a category of liability that may cost the company more than they had ever intended to spend for their misdeeds. Barbier’s ruling assigned 67% of the liability to BP, 30% to the drilling rig owner Transocean Ltd., and 3% to Halliburton.

Another $18 billion could be tacked onto the $4 billion BP has agreed to pay in criminal fines and penalties and the whopping $27 billion they claim to have spent on clean-up and compensation to fisheries and other businesses harmed by the surging three month tidal wave of toxic crude oil.

That $27 billion for clean-up comes with a huge asterisk. Their stubborn insistence on using toxic Corexit to pretend to clean up the mess was nothing more than a business arrangement with the company that manufactures it. It was to clear the warehouse of Corexit because it is banned in the UK and parts of Europe. The arrangement financially benefited a handful of executives who sat on both the BP and Corexit manufacturer’s boards.

The use of Corexit created more toxicity and partially submerged oil slicks from view instead of breaking down the crude into more ecologically manageable components and dispersing it.

Now, BP is vulnerable to higher fines under the federal Clean Water Act. Normally, a polluter can be forced to pay a maximum of $1,100 in civil fines per barrel of spilled oil, and up to $4,300 per barrel if the company is found grossly negligent.

The “grossly negligent” decision may facilitate a $4300 per barrel fine. Using the government’s estimate of 4.2 million barrels, that could add another $18 billion in fines. Yet another set of penalties under the federal Oil Pollution Act of 1990 could cost BP more than $10 billion added to the potential $18 billion. Each barrel contains 42 gallons of crude oil.


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