Free European Army in Defence of Ukraine against NATO and EU*

Free European Army in Defence of Ukraine against NATO and EU*


This video makes it look and sound like Donetsk is being freed by Kiev to go and form its own independent government.  Own judges, own administration, even an amnesty, except the amnesty won’t apply to the soldiers who are whooping Kiev’s backside harder than they expected.

Many of the soldiers fighting in East Ukraine are from Britain, France, Germany, Holland and other European countries.  They are called The Free European Army.

Members of the French contingent fighting to protect Donetsk from NATO-backed Ukrainian government forces, posing in front of captured Ukrainian army equipment

This Free European Army is fighting against NATO and the EU to free fellow Europeans from totalitarian rule and genocidal war.  We should all be siding with them against the people we were once convinced were our own armed forces.  NATO means NAZI.  EU means EUSSR.  Freedom for us all from these evils might have to come from the barrel of a gun.  For east Ukrainians, now citizens of the Donetsk region, it already does.

Ukraine’s finance minister gets thrown into a skip!

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