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Foiled: The Simulated ISIS Attack on U.S. Soil*

Foiled: The Simulated ISIS Attack on U.S. Soil*

By Tony Cartalucci

The FBI has foiled yet another entirely fabricated terror threat of its own creation, with missing mechanisms in two firearms provided to a potential terrorist being the only thing that prevented this latest case of entrapment from going “live.”

A Rochester man, Mufid A. Elfgeeh, is accused by the FBI of attempting to provide material support to ISIS (undercover FBI agents), attempting to kill US soldiers, and possession of firearms and silencers (provided to him by the FBI). The FBI’s own official press release stated (emphasis added):

According to court records, Elfgeeh attempted to provide material support to ISIS in the form of personnel, namely three individuals, two of whom were cooperating with the FBI. Elfgeeh attempted to assist all three individuals in travelling to Syria to join and fight on behalf of ISIS. Elfgeeh also plotted to shoot and kill members of the United States military who had returned from Iraq. As part of the plan to kill soldiers, Elfgeeh purchased two handguns equipped with firearm silencers and ammunition from a confidential source. The handguns were made inoperable by the FBI before the confidential source gave them to Elfgeeh.

What is perhaps more chilling are the details of Elfgeeh’s plans to kill US soldiers. The FBI’s press release stated (emphasis added):

Court documents also indicate that Elfgeeh first discussed the idea of shooting United States military members in December 2013 when he told CS-2 that he was thinking about getting a gun and ammunition, putting on a bulletproof vest, and “just go[ing] around and start shooting.” In February 2014, Elfgeeh told CS-2 that he needed a handgun and silencer. Elfgeeh later gave CS-2 $1,050 in cash to purchase two handguns equipped with silencers and ammunition. On May 31, 2014, CS-2 delivered the two handguns equipped with silencers and ammunition to Elfgeeh. After Elfgeeh took possession of the items, he was arrested by members of the Rochester Joint Terrorism Task Force. Elfgeeh is currently being held in custody.

Elfgeeh’s plans are also – coincidentally – verbatim, the dream scenario of Washington’s warmongers currently attempting to sell a war that will straddle both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border, allow the US to provide terrorists operating in Syria with air support, and lead to punitive operations against the Syrian government for attacking US-backed terrorists with the final objective being long-sought after regime change in Damascus.

With serial beheadings failing to raise Western public support necessary for an expedient intervention in Syria, more insidious provocations appear to be in the works. Setting the stage, a CBS/Associated Press story titled, “Former Deputy CIA Director: ‘I Would Not Be Surprised’ If ISIS Member Shows Up To US Mall Tomorrow With AK-47,” would claim immediately after the initial James Foley execution video that:

“The short-term concern is the Americans that have gone to fight with ISIS and the west Europeans that have gone to fight with ISIS could be trained and directed by ISIS to come to the United States to conduct small-scale attacks,” Morell stated.

“If an ISIS member showed up at a mall in the United States tomorrow with an AK-47 and killed a number of Americans, I would not be surprised.”

Morell warned that over the long-term the extremist group could be planning for a 9/11-style attack that killed thousands of Americans.

Australian security forces swept the city of Sydney arresting suspects of an alleged plot by ISIS to behead a random member of the public and then drape an ISIS flag upon their body in an attack that would only stand to serve Western ambitions to expand war on both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border. The plot is cartoonish in nature, but Westerners should not underestimate what lengths special interests will go through to provoke war.

Elfgeeh’s entrapment is only the beginning. Staged “terror raids” in Australia are also ratcheting up hysteria ahead of an actual event of mass murder carried out on Western soil. The BBC would report in their article, “Australia raids over ‘Islamic State plot to behead’,” that:

Police have carried out anti-terror raids in Sydney sparked by intelligence reports that Islamic extremists were planning random killings in Australia.

PM Tony Abbott said a senior Australian Islamic State militant had called for “demonstration killings”, reportedly including a public beheading.

The raids, with at least 800 heavily-armed officers, led to 15 arrests.

The cartoonish nature of the plot – beheading a random member of the public before draping an ISIS flag over their body – is meant to provoke maximum fear and anger first, then maximum support for Australia’s continued involvement in Wall Street and London’s hegemonic ambitions in the Middle East. Likewise, the Rochester arrest made by the FBI amid their own terror plot, serves only to incite fear across the public and irrational support for intervention in Syria that will, in fact, lead to further support of extremists as well as the destruction of the only institution in the region truly fighting terrorism – the Syrian Arab Army.

A Functioning Firing Pin Away From a Staged Mass Shooting

The FBI has a long list of foiled terror plots of its own creation. More disturbingly are the plots they conceived but “accidentally” allowed to go “live.” One might recall the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing. FBI agents, according to the New York Times, were indeed overseeing the bombers that detonated a device killing six and wounding many more at the World Trade Centre.

In their article, “Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast,” NYT reported:

Law-enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Centre, and they planned to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, an informer said after the blast.

The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by an F.B.I. supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer, Emad A. Salem, should be used, the informer said.

The account, which is given in the transcript of hundreds of hours of tape recordings Mr. Salem secretly made of his talks with law-enforcement agents, portrays the authorities as in a far better position than previously known to foil the Feb. 26 bombing of New York City’s tallest towers. The explosion left six people dead, more than 1,000 injured and damages in excess of half a billion dollars.

Considering the 1993 bombing and the fact that the FBI literally oversaw the construction and deployment of a deadly bomb that killed 6, it is clear that the FBI can at any time through design or disastrous incompetence, turn one of their contrived entrapment cases into a live terror attack. One can only guess at how many similar FBI operations are currently taking place within the United States involving ISIS sympathizers – any one of which could be turned into a live terror attack provided the weapons handed over to potential terrorists are functioning, just as the bomb was in 1993 when it was driven into the lower levels of the World Trade Centre.

The FBI has an impressive portfolio of intentionally created, then foiled terror plots. Its methods include allowing suspects to handle both real and inoperable weapons and explosives. These methods allow the FBI to switch entrapment cases “live” at any moment simply by switching out duds and arrests with real explosives and successful attacks. Because the FBI uses “informants,” when attacks go live, these confidential assets can be blamed, obfuscating the FBI’s involvement. 

Everything from a mass shooting to a bombing, and even an Operation Northwoods-style false flag attack involving aircraft could be employed to provide Wall Street and London with the support it needs to accelerate its long-stalled agenda of regime change and reordering in both Syria and across the Iranian arc of influence. Readers may recall Operation Northwoods, reported on in an ABC News article titled, “U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba,” which bluntly stated:

In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

That the FBI and Australian authorities are coordinating staged security operations in tandem on opposite ends of the globe to terrify their respective populations into line behind an impending war with Syria suggests a new “Operation Northwoods” of sorts is already being executed. Staged executions on cue by ISIS in the Middle East of US and British citizens at perfectly timed junctures of the West’s attempt to sell intervention both at home and abroad also reek of staged mayhem for the sole purpose of provoking war.Could grander and ultimately more tragic mayhem be in store? As ABC News’ article on Operation Northwoods suggests, there is no line Western special interests will hesitate to cross.

With the West attempting to claim ISIS now has a “global” reach, the US and its partners’ attempts to obfuscate the very obvious state-sponsorship it is receiving will become exponentially more difficult. That the FBI is admittedly stringing along easily manipulated, malevolent patsies who at any time could be handed real weapons and sent on shooting sprees and/or bombings, Americans, Europeans, and Australians would be foolish to conclude that their real enemy resides somewhere in Syria and not right beside them at home, upon the very seats of Western power.


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Bessie Coleman: The First Black Female Pilot*

Bessie Coleman: The First Black Female Pilot*

Bessie Coleman was an American civil aviator, the first female pilot of African American descent, and the first person of African American descent to have an international pilot license. She was born in 1892 in Texas, the tenth of thirteen children, and in school showed herself to be a lover of reading and mathematics. She enrolled in what is now Langston College in Oklahoma, but was forced to return home due to lack of funds. At 23, she moved to Chicago, where she heard stories from returning World War I pilots about flying during the war. Due to her race and gender, however, despite her interest in aviation, no American flight school or aviator would train her.

Determined to become an aviator, Bessie went to France in 1920 and, a year later, earned her aviation license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, becoming the first American of any gender to receive a license from that organization. She trained as a “barnstorming” stunt flier in order to make a living. Known as “Queen Bess,” she was well-known for her daredevil maneuvers, though her flamboyant style was often criticized by the press. Though offered a role in a film, when she learned that her first scene would show her in tattered clothes with a walking stick and pack, she walked off set  rather than perpetuate the derogatory image of African Americans. In 1926, in preparation for an air show, her plane failed to pull out of a dive and began to spin, causing Bessie to be thrown from the plane, 2,000 feet above the ground, killing her instantly. She was 34 years old.


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The Never-ending Feminist War on Children*

The Never-ending Feminist War on Children*

By Laura Perrins

In the film Network, Howard Beale famously galvanises a nation with the call, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” Well, I am sad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore. I am sad, loyal Conservative Woman reader, because of the war the West is waging against its own children. In reality, it is a war on life.

Over the past few weeks, I have commented on the following stories: Richard Dawkins’s condemnation of parents who carry a Down’s syndrome pregnancy to term; the insufferable moaning by feminists and their taking the joy out of life.

We had Eleanor Mills in The Sunday Times calling the Duchess of Cambridge ‘a classy brood mare’ for wanting three children. Three children, we are told today, are a ‘luxury.’ In fact even wanting one child is ‘selfish’ according to some. It is just never ending – a never-ending war on children.

The liberals like to paint conservatives as the negative ones raining on parades with the catch-call “down with this sort of thing.” Perhaps we have been guilty of this now and again, but our negativity can be summed up thus: down with the State spending other people’s money, and controlling our lives. The progressives, however, are down on children.

Do not have a child with Down’s syndrome – it will cause everyone too much suffering (no evidence for this by the way) we are told. In fact, consider having children carefully as the only reason you want to have them is to pass on your genes. If you do have children do not have more than two – otherwise you will not be able to pay for their university fees.

In addition the feminists tell us not cook for our children as this is tyranny or, in fact, care for them. This is wasting your education. Just pop them in nursery. But even if you do this you will not be happy because of the ‘second shift’: the gruelling nightmare that is going home to your own family.

Is this it? Is this what the Left have to offer – that children are the road to hell?

This type of life view is not only depressing but also dangerous on many different levels. Having children is a challenge – but it is worthwhile. This moaning about how hard it is whether you are at home, or at work, or doing both, misses the point.

Having children involves sacrifices – everyone knew this until about 30 years ago when suddenly the boomers believed in a drug-infused haze that they were entitled to feel blissfully happy all of the time.

As this piece explains, anything that is worthwhile in life requires time, effort and sacrifice, be it your career, your marriage or raising (raising not just having) children. It is nearly always worth it. This war on children by the Left is also a war on effort.

It is also odd that the greatest wailing comes from the middle classes. When did we become so pathetic? When did we become so depressed? Juggling work and kids is so hard – there is so much laundry for me to do, which really means there is so much laundry for me to place in a machine and for the machine to do.

I cannot afford the kids’ university fees, and on and on it goes. University fees – are you serious? You do know there are mothers living with five kids in a mud hut and their kids cannot read, never mind go to university. Put a sock in it.

I am not saying that people are not entitled to advocate reform and improvement even in the West. But this is not that – this is just pointless, endless, shrill, carping. And it is never enough, is it?

Free childcare? Not enough hours. More hours? Does not start early enough. Free school meals? It is only for the youngest children. 150 channels on the TV? The neighbour has 250 and Apple has put a free, free U2 album on my amazing new phone. Oh, the horror, the horror! I need to sit down with my skinny latte.

On a serious note, the current population level and debt obligations cannot be sustained at the current birthrate. We cannot afford to view children as burdens or commodities- they are in fact our greatest resource.

Now, I am not saying parents should ‘breed for the State’ – that is communism – but it needs to be understood that any civilisation that declares war on its own children will eventually die out. This is a fact.

Western civilisation is in decline for many reasons, one of which is the modern view that children are a curse not a gift.


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UK Parliament to Vote on Recognition the State of Palestine*

UK Parliament to Vote on Recognition the State of Palestine*

In an apparent sign of division between back and front bench MPs in the House of Commons, backbenchers have secured a vote for the House to recognize the state of Palestine.


The debate will take place on 13 Oct 2014, it will be six hours long and happen in the main chamber.

It will be a debate on a substantive motion:

“That this House calls on the government to recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel”

What Does It Mean?

The debate will be a Backbench Business Debate (BBD). Backbench MPs can make applications for debates and the Backbench Business Committee (BBC) decides on whether to allow the debate time in parliament. It is the BBC who are responsible for making the debate happen.

The application was originally presented to the BBC on 8th April 2014. They deferred their decision until after recess.  Sources within Westminster told Scriptonite Daily that the primary reason for this was a rival application submitted by a coalition of Labour, Lib Dem and Tory friends of Israel.

Grahame Morris MP (Labour) re-presented the application again last Tuesday with the support of two Lead Members: Sarah Teather MP (LIB) and Crispin Blunt MP (CON). Labour’s Gerald Kaufman MP joined Morris, and the pair persuasively argued the case for the debate.

It’s the government, not the House that recognizes states. Plus, it’s a BBD so the motions are none binding. Essentially, the vote will be an expression of the will of the House.

If it’s a yes vote the government and any subsequent government would be pressured towards recognizing Palestine. It would be a PR disaster for the govt. to refuse to recognize Palestine if MPs expressed their will that Palestine should be recognized.

It will put pressure on Labour back up Douglas Alexander’s stance that a future Labour government would recognise the state of Palestine, after the UK government abstained on the 2012 UN General Assembly vote.


The government will also have to clarify their position. While paying lip service to the notions of Palestinian statehood, the coalition government has contradicted this in actions, such as the decision to abstain on the 2012 UN vote.

This is in line with the policy of US President Barack Obama who has also made repeated public appeals for the two-state solution, while veto-ing Palestine’s bid to become a member of the United Nations. He publicly criticized Israel for expanding its illegal settlement construction, yet vetoed a planned UN Security Council Resolution to tackle the problem.

This vote is intended to put some space between UK and US policy on the matter.

Grahame Morris MP told Scriptonite Daily:

“I’m delighted that we have secured this debate. Abstaining on the recognition of the state of Palestine in the UN General Assembly was an utterly shameful act that placed the UK on the wrong side of history.

The consensus from all Westminster parties is that the only resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict is a just peace founded on a two-state solution. So far, this has been government policy in rhetoric only.

We know that only independence and sovereignty for Palestine can save the two-state solution. We hear a lot of talk in support of the peace process but on October 13th MPs will have the opportunity to back up their words with actions.”

The Bottom Line

In my view, the two-state solution is dead in the water – and would be a mistake even if it was still plausible.

Firstly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again publicly promised to oppose the creation of a Palestinian state as recently as July this year. Telling a press conference on July 11th:

“There cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the River Jordan,”

If Israel doesn’t relinquish security control, Palestinians cannot establish a state. The alternative, then, would be a single state in which Palestinians are second class citizens, under occupation and without democratic rights.

“That sentence, quite simply, spells the end to the notion of Netanyahu consenting to the establishment of a Palestinian state,” summed up Times of Israel editor David Horovitz, whom Ha’aretz described as a Netanyahu supporter.

So long as Israel remains wedded to the Zionist notion of a Jewish state, it will have to maintain its occupation of the Palestinians, in order to

  1. a) avoid the demographic realities that would undermine the racial character of the state, and
  2. b) avoid the democratic realities that would undermine the racial character of the state.

Secondly, there is a matter of principle here too.  When we were calling for the end of Apartheid South Africa, we did not suggest separation, giving the white establishment control of the territory they’d ethnically cleansed and colonized while granting black South Africans the bantustans and townships. Why would we do so here?

Thirdly, Israel is buckling internally under the weight of this racist project.  As a prominent Jewish-Israeli activist within the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement told me in Tel Aviv:

The Zionist project, particularly in Palestine, is a supremacist project. It’s not only a colonialist movement in that it demands the theft of resources, natural and human, of the indigenous people…But also says that this land is ours and only ours; and if you are not part of us you don’t belong here”

The consequences of which have been described by Gideon Levy, esteemed Israeli journalist and editor of Ha’aretz, Israel’s oldest daily newspaper:

“All the seeds of the incitement of the past few years, all the nationalistic, racist legislation and the incendiary propaganda, the scare campaigns and the subversion of democracy by the right-wing camp – all these have borne fruit, and that fruit is rank and rotten. The nationalist right has now sunk to a new level, with almost the whole country following in its wake. The word “fascism,” which I try to use as little as possible, finally has its deserved place in the Israeli political discourse.”

So let’s be clear on what the real end goal needs to be: one secular state where citizens are granted equal rights and responsibilities, regardless of their race or religion.

In the meantime, anything that puts pressure on governments in the West to promote the rights of self-determination, cultural identity and recognition of the plight of the Palestinians is no bad thing.

Get involved!

Below is the list the MPs who had indicated they wanted to participate in the debate prior to the 8th April. If your MP is not on the list and you want them to be there, now is the time to get in touch.  You can find and contact your MP by clicking here.


Jim Dowd MP, Sandra Osborne MP, Linda Riordan MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Andrew Smith MP, Dame Joan Ruddock MP, Paul Blomfield MP, Dai Harvard MP, Katy Clark MP, Roger Edward Leigh MP, Debbie Abrahams MP, Frank Doran MP, Mark Durkan MP, Paul Flynn MP, Simon Danczuk MP, Chris Williamson MP, Andrew Slaugher MP, Alex Cunningham MP, Tony Cunningham MP, Andy Love MP, Graeme Morrice MP, Alan Whitehead MP, John Denham MP, Roger Godstiff MP


Crispin Blunt MP, Nicholas Soames MP, Julian Brazier MP, Colonel Bob Stewart MP

Lib Dem

Lorey Burt MP, David Ward MP, Julian Huppert MP


Caroline Lucas MP


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Russian Oligarchs Expanding their Influence in Scot-Free Property*

Russian Oligarchs Expanding their Influence in Scot-Free Property*

Who are they?

It was the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that recently revealed the Zionist nature of Russian oligarchs. Holding dual Israeli-Russian citizenship these mercenaries rose from the ashes of communist Russia supplanting their tentacles into the Russian economy. Their character is the same as the Rothschild’s as expressed by NathanRothschild many years ago.

According to David Hoffman, the zionists’ rise to power demonstrated no initial until 1994.

“The evolution of Russia’s oligarchs over the past ten years can be broken down into three distinct phases. The first of these phases coincides with the early days of Gorbachev’s reform initiatives, when state control of the economy began to loosen and opportunities for turning an easy profit first appeared. In the second phase of the oligarchs’ development, banking became the endeavor of choice. In September of 1994, the oligarchs embarked on the third phase of their development with the formation of a private club designed to facilitate the transformation of their wealth into political power. The paramount issue was how to limit competition among themselves so that each could focus on accumulating as much wealth as possible. The fruits of this cooperation came in schemes like the loans for shares program, export control manipulation and culminated in the Davos pact that helped to re-elect Yeltsin. It was during this period that the oligarchs began searching for political sponsorship and influence within the Kremlin. The oligarchs also began to diversify their holdings, expanding their holdings to include ownership of natural resource companies and media outlets.”

Some of the Oligarchs…

Vitaly Malkin, one of the richest and most influential politicians in Russia is a former banker, who was elected to the Russian Senate in 2004. In 2013 he was forced to resign from government when it became known that he was an Israeli citizen.

Vagit Alekperov as an industry expert, became the first acting deputy minister of fuel and energy. He used his position to consolidate Russia’s three oil producers into one company – then assumed presidency of the new company, LUKoil which is second to Exxon. Alekperov moved into banking and media.” LUKoil negotiated new exploration contracts in western Iran, Egypt’s Gulf of Suez, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In 2002, LUKoil signed a six-year contract with Ecopetrol (Empresa Colombiana de Petroleos) to explore and produce oil.

Valery Kogan once got close to Putin. Kogan became infamous in 2008 when he bought five plots of land (nearly 3 acres) in the luxurious Rothschild community of Caesarea for NIS 64 million. Along with Dmitry Kamenshchik, Kogan owns the largest airport in Russia, Domodedovo International Airport.

Oleg Deripaska partnered with Roman Abramovich to create Russian Aluminum (RusAl), the world’s second-largest aluminum producer. Deripaska is married to Polina Yumashev, the daughter of former President Boris Yeltsin’s chief of staff.

Alexander Mashkevitch owns mines in Kazakhstan, Africa and Eastern Europe, and an insurance company in Kazakhstan where he was born. Mashkevitch has had Israeli citizenship since 1991.

Mikhail Fridman partnered with Peter Aven, former Russia’s minister of foreign economic affairs, and was one of the original oligarchs who bankrolled the 1996 re-election of President Boris Yeltsin. Fridman is a partner of Rothschild BP.” Fridman and Aven are also heavily involved in Alfa Bank.

Moshe (Viatcheslav) Kantor is he president of the European Jewish Congress and the person behind the Russian fertilizer empire Acron Group. Kantor owns the Russian-language television network RTVi.

Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the 3rd richest person in the Ukraine. Kolomoyskyi is one of the cofounders of PrivatBank, Ukraine and a major stockholder in Naftogaz, the largest gas and oil company in Ukraine.       

By Finian Cunningham

While the British government-led No campaign is piling on scare claims to deter people voting Yes for independence in the historic Scottish referendum this week, one powerful London-based group stands to make handsome profits from the bitter contest – the Russian oligarchs.

Indeed, as the auld proverb goes: it’s an ill wind that blows no-one nay good.

Multi-billionaire Russian and Ukrainian tycoons have gained notoriety in recent years for their splurging on up-market London property and other high-end real estate. Last year, sales figures showed that wealthy Russians were the top investors in the British capital’s property market, according the Guardian newspaper.

Around 10% of the London real estate aggregate market value is estimated to in the hands of mega-rich Russians. That’s a phenomenal growth in one the world’s most expensive cities. So prominent have Russian tycoons become in the British capital’s property sector that London is often now jokingly referred to as “Moscow on the Thames” or “Londongrad”.

Among the cohort of Russian oligarchs residing in London are Alexander Knaster, Eugene Shvidler, Konstantin Kagalovsky and Roman Abramovich. The latter is the wealthiest of the Londongrad set with a total net worth of $14 billion. He came to prominence after buying Chelsea Football club – one of London’s top clubs – nearly 10 years ago.

Some of the Russian magnates made their money from oil, such as Konstantin and his dealings with Yukos; others are financiers and speculators who made fortunes from Russia’s privatisation frenzy under former President Boris Yeltsin. But they all have lately invested billions of dollars in London’s lucrative real estate.

Why these multi-billionaires are no doubt taking a keen interest in the Scottish referendum is the prospect of snapping up further London property. Since the referendum on Scotland’s future picked up momentum over the past three months, the British pound has lost up to 10% of its value against the US dollar.

The slide in the British currency has largely been caused by many investors and markets becoming unnerved over the United Kingdom’s political and economic future if the Scots vote Yes for full independence from the Westminster government in London. The possible severing of a 307-year-old union between Scotland and England is anticipated to have far-reaching impacts. Not all the consequences may actually materialise; and the pro-independence campaigners claim that, overall, Scotland stands to reap substantial benefits by ditching England and its London-centric politics.

However, one dicey contingency is what will happen to the British pound after Scots vote this Thursday? The Westminster establishment parties of Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour have all said categorically that an independent Scotland will not be allowed to share the sterling currency going forward. The pro-independence Scottish National Party has riposted that the No parties are bluffing over the issue. But Bank of England Governor Mark Carney weighed in last week to side with the No campaign’s prognosis. That in itself indicates inadvertently the bias against Scotland among the supposedly shared British institutions, such as the Bank of England, which is, in theory, the central bank serving the whole of the UK under the currently existing Union.

Whatever the outcome, the fact is that the pound has dipped significantly on the back of this uncertainty. Ironically, it is the supposedly patriotic pro-Unionists led by British Prime Minister David Cameron who have fuelled the climate of uncertainty by talking up all sorts of dire repercussions in the event of a Yes vote winning Scottish independence.

For foreign investors specialising in London’s property market, this debilitating jousting over the referendum is a merry time. Their dollar-denominated funds get a 10% windfall from the currency’s devaluation, which can then add more properties to their portfolio. And, as the latest Kings of Bling in London, the Russian oligarchs must be laughing all the way to their offshore banks over the serendipitous property boom.

From their point of view, these Russian investors must be rubbing their hands every time the English establishment opens it mouth with yet another scare story over Scotland taking its leave from the United Kingdom.

These doom-laden predictions have ranged from accusations that free Scots will not be able to manage their public finances efficiently; to the loss of pension funds in Edinburgh fleeing south of the border; to an independent Scotland not being able to join the European Union owing to a putative London veto blocking its accession to the bloc; to dire forecasts of North Sea oil running out in the next 15 years instead of the many decades projected by the pro-independents.

Other bogeyman tales against a Yes vote have come from the ex-boss of British military intelligence MI6, Sir John Scarlett. The former top spook claimed that an independent Scotland will be vulnerable to terrorist attacks because it won’t have the same level of security and protection it had previously as part of the UK. Yes voters dismissed that particular fear as an “outrageous intimidation” and pointed out that Scarlett was the man who led Britain into a disastrous and North-Sea-oil-squandering war in Iraq in 2003 – based on spectacularly false intelligence.

Even the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, joined the naysayers this week. Famous for her seemingly non-partisan pronouncements, the titular head of the United Kingdom nevertheless cautioned Scots “to think carefully about what they are voting for”. That is House of Windsor soft-speak for “don’t dare vote Yes.” Another insulting bias in yet-another supposedly “shared” British institution.

Meanwhile, back in Londongrad, the Russian tycoons will be busy picking up bargain bricks and mortar in Kensington, Oxford Street, Belgravia and Piccadilly. The more scare stories the better for them, from cashing in on the pound’s southwards exchange value with the dollar.

And if the No vote loses this week and some of its campaign fear-mongering comes to pass in the form of capital flight and businesses relocating to London to escape the “tartan tyranny” – well the Russian property magnates can look forward to selling off their portfolios at a premium demand. All in all, it’s a scot-free time to be a Russian oligarch in London.


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