Egyptian Military Dissent Comes to the Surface after Assassination Attempt on Sisi*

Egyptian Military Dissent Comes to the Surface after Assassination Attempt on Sisi*

A group of army officers attempted to assassinate Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi by targeting an airplane carrying him to the United States with a missile, former intelligence officer Omar Afifi confirmed yesterday via his Facebook page.

Afifi refuted the military spokesman’s claims that the plane that accompanied Al-Sisi’s fleet had fallen as a result of a technical error.

He said: “A trusted source, who is familiar with the Egyptian military affairs, confirmed that an Estrela surface-to-air missile dropped the military plane accompanying the presidential fleet.”

According to the source, the missile targeted the Al-Sisi’s plane; however the missile hit one of the eight planes accompanying the president’s aircraft to explode in mid-air and killed all the crew on board.

The source confirmed that someone in the air force must have leaked the presidential fleet’s coordinates which took a different path from the civilian aircrafts’ route.

The Egyptian authorities are conducting extensive investigations about the person or group of people who leaked the presidential fleet’s alternative route.

The source also confirmed that some foreign naval vessels’ radars, stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, spotted the incident and the rocket.


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