From Ecuador: Humanitarian Aid for Gaza Arrives in Cairo*

From Ecuador: Humanitarian Aid for Gaza Arrives in Cairo*

The people of Ecuador donated 48 tons of aid to Gaza, and will cross into the region on Wednesday.

Humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza donated by the people and institutions of Ecuador arrived in Cairo on Tuesday.

In a press conference at the Embassy of Ecuador in the Egyptian capital, the Undersecretary of Response, Maria Lourdes Idrovo said that in total 48 tons of aid were collected.

From Cairo, the aid will be delivered through the Rafah crossing into Gaza in two batches over the coming days.

The aid, which arrived at Cairo airport last night, included nonperishable food, medical supplies, clothing, sheets, towels, mattresses and tents.

The Ecuadorian ambassador in Cairo, German Espinoza, meanwhile highlighted the participation in the collection of the Ecuadorean people, whose involvement tripled the amount of aid expected.

The campaign, under the slogan “We are all Palestine” is a “show of solidarity with the people of Gaza” and “identification” of Ecuadorians with the Palestinians, according to the ambassador.

More than 2,000 Palestinians, including hundreds of children, were killed in the Israeli military offensive in Gaza, which lasted 50 days and ended with a permanent ceasefire on 26 August.

In protest of the offensive, Ecuador withdrew in its ambassador to Tel Aviv in July, as did other Latin American nations, Chile, Brazil, Peru and El Salvador.


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