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Further Proof Bill Gates is Linked to Ebola*

Further Proof Bill Gates is Linked to Ebola*

By Lisa Haven

We knew it was coming (likely already here) however the main stream media has finally admitted its arrival. That fact aside I also came into some breaking information on Ebola and proof that the entire thing is not only man-engineered as a bio-weapon but also the people who are behind it Bill Gates and George Soros–two elite globalists who’s desire it is to depopulate the earth to 500 million persons and who will attempt to do so using the Ebola virus as their weapon and now we have proof!

I must warn you the information contained in the video below will rock your world and is likely to be removed by the elite themselves, so please proceed with caution…


“First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase of about 1.3.” Bill Gates TED Talk

“If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human populationlevels.” Price Phillip, Duke of Edinburg


“Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.” Henry Kissinger


“Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind” Theodore Roosevelt


“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon magazine


“There is a single theme behind all our work–we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it….”“Our program in El Salvador didn’t work. The infrastructure was not there to support it. There were just too goddamned many people…. To really reduce population, quickly, you have to pull all the males into the fighting and you have to kill significant numbers of fertile age females….” “The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa, or through disease like the Black Death….” Thomas Ferguson, State Department Office of Population Affairs


“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.” Alexander King, Bertrand Schneider – Founder and Secretary, respectively, The Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, pgs 104-105, 1991


“A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people…. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.” Stanford Professor ” Paul Ehrlich in The Population Bomb

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TAP – Viruses can be cured with very high doses of Vitamin C, like 20,000 milligrams an hour, and bio-resonance equipment.  The vaccinations are more dangerous than the infection.  See
Today a family in Dallas was ordered into a medical quarantine and told to isolate themselves in their own home for 21 days. By law, they must also submit to routine blood testing by state health officials, and if they leave their homes they face criminal arrest and prosecution.

What you are witnessing here is the beginning of the medical quarantines and isolation orders stemming from the Ebola outbreak that has now arrived in America. Because of the arrival of Ebola in America, there is a sudden rush to purchase preparedness supplies such as latex gloves and N95 masks. Sales of full-body Tyvek suits on skyrocketed 143,000% over just 24 hours.

Ebola has a 21-day incubation period. That’s why this family in Dallas has been ordered into home isolation for 21 days. But the truth is that most American families don’t have enough food to survive for 21 days in isolation.

For this reason, sales of preparedness foods are also spiking today as people get prepared for the possibility of a pandemic outbreak.

To help our readers get prepared with a super-clean superfood, we’re putting our No. 10 storable cans of chlorella powder on sale while supplies last.

Right now, a sealed steel No. 10 can of chlorella powder (no fillers whatsoever) can be purchased for $30 off the retail price, at just $99.95.

  • Two cans can be acquired for just $89.95 each.
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  • This is the best deal you’ll probably ever find on super-clean, laboratory-validated chlorella powder.
  • Why chlorella is the perfect survival superfood

What makes chlorella so great as a preparedness superfood? It’s incredibly nutrient dense, and it provides nutrients such as chlorophyll which are very difficult to get from typical storable foods.

Chlorella is rich in natural vitamins and minerals, and it’s very high in protein, making it one of the most popular “survival foods” among holistic health practitioners. Its natural phytochemicals are also very well known for supporting healthy immune function.*

(Note: In no way are we claiming chlorella prevents Ebola. We are offering this solely as a storable food source with very high density nutrition.)


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Senior Commander of ISIS is a ‘retired’ US General Paul Vallely*

Senior commander of ISIS is a ‘retired’ US General Paul Vallely*

Senior Editor Gordon Duff of has confirmed that retired U.S. General Paul E. Vallely Is the commander of ISIS. Vallely was the senior military analyst for the Fox News Channel from 2000 -2007.  Gordon Duff also has confirmed that the “ISIS experts” at Fox News are actually working for them in some capacity as ISIS’ public relations.

Retired General Paul E. Vallely is one of the founders of the NSA, the Founder of the U.S.  Army Psychological Warfare School and wrote the papers establishing the psychological warfare school in partnership with NSA General Michael Aquino, head of the Temple of Seth which both have been linked to the a child sacrifice ring.


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Earth’s Polarity Has Been Increasing*

Earth’s Polarity Has Been Increasing*

It appears Earth’s magnetosphere has entered new territory with respect to the magnetic onslaught from Planet X. In addition to an unprecedented magnetospheric compression that prevailed for several days between September 12 and 18, Earth’s ionosphere also suddenly began exhibiting signs of disproportionate electrostatic potential on September 11.

In the past, even during severe compressions, ionospheric potential was mostly uniform beyond the polar regions. Since September 11 at approximately 21:00 UTC, ionospheric potential is increasingly at the lowest level on the side of Earth facing away from the Sun.

[and from another]  Earth is surrounded by a magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is the location where the outward magnetic pressure of the Earth’s magnetic field is counterbalanced by the solar wind, a plasma. Most of the solar particles are deflected to either side of the magnetopause. The ionosphere is the inner edge of the magnetosphere and is the part of the atmosphere that is ionized by solar radiation. 

[and from another] 

The earth is a fairly good conductor of electricity. So is the upper part of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere. The air between these two conducting regions, in the troposphere (where most weather occurs) and in the stratosphere, is a poor conductor of electric current. The troposphere and stratosphere of the earth compose a good electrical insulator, but it is not perfect. Vertical air currents, and regions of high moisture content, produce channels of higher conductivity than that of the surrounding air. Cumulonimbus clouds, which sometimes reach to the top of the troposphere, present paths of better ground-to-ionosphere conductivity than stable, dry air. 

The common man can sense that the Earth is being bombarded by magnetons from the N Pole of Planet X. This is being documented by the increase in blackouts, static on radio and TV, planes disappearing from radar, planes crashing from electrical problem, and satellite failures for GPS and GLONAS. Earth scientists note this by capturing the electrical potential, (ie the difference between the positive charge of the Ionosphere and the negative charge of Earth) and measuring the strength and components of the Solar Wind.

When magnetosphere charts show the magnetosphere “compressing” it means that the Earth’s magnetosphere cannot compete and is being corrupted by either a larger magnetosphere (ie Nibiru, aka Planet X) or an intense blast from the Sun. For the past decade, the deforming magnetosphere of Earth cannot be explained by the Solar Wind, though the lingering cover-up over the presence of Nibiru in the inner solar system has NASA trying to relate magnetosphere problems with solar activity. NASA freely lies, and has been doing so for over a decade, blaming these problems on non-existent or slight solar activity. That these magnetic blasts are coming from Planet X can hardly be denied.

The protection that the magnetosphere affords to Earth is described by Earth scientists as a deflecting of the Solar Wind at what is assumed to be the outer edge of the Earth’s magnetosphere, at the point where the Ionosphere resides. When the magnetosphere becomes compressed, the bombardment by the Sun is assumed to drive the electrostatic charge in the atmospheric layers closer to the Earth, thus increasing lightning discharge and potentially interfering with mankind’s electrical systems. This has been happening lately, an increase in lightning and blackouts, and will increase without abatement in the future.

Magnetic and electric particles are known to be attracted to each other, and flow together. The Earth is assumed to have a negative charge, as lightning discharges to its surface. The poles likewise are assumed to have a positive charge at the N Pole, which is the outbound flow of magnetons, and negative at the S Pole, the intake. Prior to September, 2014 the familiar equilibrium where the assumed edge of the Earth’s magnetosphere, ie the Ionosphere, would bear the brunt of electrical incitement, ie a positive charge from the bombardment of solar rays, existed.

Now under the intense assault from the magnetosphere of Planet X, the point where a positive charge is kept at a distance has diminished. It is closer to Earth. This is noted as both an increased negative charge for much of the Earth, and a higher voltage in the Ionosphere. That  the negative charge is on the side opposite the Sun and Planet X is noteworthy, as it is due of course to the blast of magnetons and accompanying electrons from the N Pole of Planet X, though NASA might continue to try to blame the Sun. We have long warned that blackouts would increase, satellites would increasingly fail, and air travel become increasingly risky. That time has arrived.


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The March to Mina*

The March to Mina*

Clad in white seamless cloth, about 1.50 lakh Indians along with tens of thousands of Muslims from across the world today moved from the holy city Mecca to nearby Mina marking the beginning of the annual Haj pilgrimage.

Chants of ‘Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik’ (O God, here I am answering your call) and ‘Allahu-Akbar’ (God is Great) reverberated as the pilgrims, wearing the ‘ihram’ or the two- piece seamless white garment, began moving to the tent-city Mina in groups, situated five kilometres to the east of Mecca.

Among the first group of pilgrims to arrive in Mina were Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

Most pilgrims embarked on the journey on board buses arranged by their respective Hajj missions and the Saudi government but some others preferred moving on foot.

“All Indian camps in Mina have been inspected and are in order,” Indian Consul General B S Mubarak told PTI. “So far no major issues. All arrangements are satisfactory.”

In a message to the Indian pilgrims before they left for Mina, Mubarak said,

“Be patient. Eat healthy food. Do not get exposed to heat. Know your tent number and pole number. Take less luggage and keep some dry fruits and fruits.”

“Always try to go in small groups if you have some problem approach the Hajj mission,” he said.

Mohammad Shahid, an Indian pilgrim from Amroha, told PTI,

“After all the Indian pilgrims had reached here, they were served breakfast by the Mission and later another meal.”

“People are spending their time reciting the Qur’an, praying and discussing matters related to the pilgrimage. Some pilgrims, including many elderly, were also resting after the trek on foot,” he said.

Many elderly people are part of the Indian group, including a 109-year-old man from Murshidabad, West Bengal, and another centenarian from Bagpath, Uttar Pradesh.

India’s Hajj Goodwill delegation this year comprises two senior BJP leaders and is led by Arif Beg, a former union minister. Abdul Rasheed Ansari, National President of party’s minority wing, is accompanying Beg.

India gets a quota of about 1.7 lakh pilgrims annually from Saudi Arabia. Indian pilgrims go to Mecca through the Hajj Committee and private tour operators.

Emotional scenes were witnessed in Mina as on arrival many pilgrims could not control tears and many continued to thank Allah for making it possible for them to perform Hajj.

The annual Hajj pilgrimage has so far been incident-free.


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The Havasupai Gain a Major Win Over the Grand Canyon*

The Havasupai Gain a Major Win Over the Grand Canyon*

By Protect Grand Canyon

The indigenous around the world have been fighting

The “Canyon” uranium mine, seen here in the foreground, with Grand Canyon National Park six miles to its north. Photo by Bruce Gordon, Ecoflight.

Arizona’s Havasupai Tribe and a coalition of conservation groups are praising Judge David Campbell’s decision today to uphold the U.S. Department of the Interior’s 20-year ban on new uranium mining claims across one million acres of public lands adjacent to Grand Canyon. The court ruled that the decision complied with federal environmental laws and that it was not too large, as plaintiffs had argued. At stake is protecting the aquifers and streams that feed the Colorado River and Grand Canyon from toxic uranium mining waste and depletion.

The Havasupai Tribe, Grand Canyon Trust, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity and National Parks Conservation Association had intervened in the lawsuit filed by mining and uranium-industry trade associations and uranium prospector Gregory Yount in U.S. District Court in Arizona. The tribe and groups helped to defend Interior’s decision to protect Grand Canyon’s springs and creeks, wildlife and vistas from new toxic uranium-mining pollution. The groups and tribe were represented by public-interest law firms Earthjustice and Western Mining Action Project.

“The Havasupai support the withdrawal of the lands from mining for the protection of our homes and our water. The ruling today by Judge Campbell recognizes the unique and important resources on the lands south of Grand Canyon that are our aboriginal homelands and within the watershed that feeds our springs and flows into our canyon home,” said Havasupai Chairman Rex Tilousi.

“The lands surrounding Grand Canyon are full of natural beauty,” said Ted Zukoski, an Earthjustice staff attorney who helped represent the groups in the lawsuit. “The life-giving waters and deer, elk, condors, and other wildlife found there deserve protection from the toxic pollution and industrialization threatened by large-scale uranium mining. That is why it was critical to defend these lands from this self-serving attack by the uranium industry.”

In January 2012, then-Interior Secretary Ken Salazar issued the 20-year ban that prohibits new mining claims and mine development on existing claims without valid permits. The mining industry lawsuit asserted that the Interior Department’s exhaustive, 700-page evaluation of environmental impacts was inadequate.

“The court’s ruling affirms conclusions by five federal agencies, including scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey,” said Grand Canyon Trust’s Roger Clark. “Uranium mining poses unacceptable risks to Grand Canyon’s water, wildlife, and people. It should be permanently banned from our region.”

Uranium pollution already plagues Grand Canyon and surrounding area. Proposals for new mining have prompted protests, litigation, and proposed legislation. Because dozens of new mines threaten to industrialize iconic and sacred natural areas, destroy wildlife habitat, and pollute or deplete aquifers, scientists, tribal and local governments, and businesses have all voiced support for the protections enacted by Interior.

Judge David G. Campbell of the U.S. District Court for Arizona summarized his ruling dismissing all uranium mining industry claims by stating that the Secretary of the Interior had the authority to “err on the side of caution in protecting a national treasure – Grand Canyon National Park.”

“This decision to uphold the limits on mining is great news for Grand Canyon National Park and the greater Grand Canyon region, as well as the many visitors, businesses and organizations, local governments and Native American tribes who care about the park and the surrounding public lands,” said Sandy Bahr, Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon chapter director. “We will continue to do all we can do to ensure that uranium mines are not allowed to contaminate the groundwater and threaten streams and drinking water. This decision helps with that enormously.”

One of the great symbols of the American West, Grand Canyon was first protected as a national monument by Theodore Roosevelt in 1908, and is surrounded by millions of additional acres of public lands that include wilderness areas, two national monuments, lands designated to protect endangered species and cultural resources, and old-growth ponderosa pine forests. The canyon area is also home to the Havasupai, Kaibab Band of Paiutes, Hualapai and Navajo tribes and has been designated a “World Heritage” site. The greater Grand Canyon region attracts about five million tourists and recreationists per year.

“This decision confirms what the American people already knew — that protection of this critical watershed from uranium mining is a no-brainer. It’s just sound science and responsible management,” said Katherine Davis, a public lands campaigner with the Center for Biological Diversity. “Grand Canyon gives us an unparalleled opportunity to explore and understand our cultural and, and we have to protect that.”

Interior’s study of the mining time-out showed that without a withdrawal in place, 26 new uranium mines and 700 uranium exploration projects would be developed, resulting in more than 1,300 acres of surface disturbance and the consumption of 316 million gallons of water. Under the ban, existing mine operations are projected to have about one-tenth of the surface impacts and one-third the water usage over a 20-year period. If new uranium mining were allowed, uranium levels in some springs could rise to twice the level of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water standards and aquifers could be severely depleted, endangering public health and wildlife, and compromising the values of the tribes who consider the springs sacred.

Water utilities in Arizona, California and Nevada have expressed serious concerns about possible contamination of the Colorado River if uranium mining is permitted around the Grand Canyon and the potential devastating effect it could have on the 25 million people in their states that rely on water from the Colorado River for drinking and agriculture.

“After an extensive review process and substantial public participation, Secretary Salazar made a strong, affirmative decision to protect one of the world’s most enduring landscapes and the sustained health of indigenous communities that live within the watershed of Grand Canyon,” said Kevin Dahl of the National Parks Conservation Association. “This effort to compromise that appropriate decision, had it succeeded, would have put all of us at risk.”

The uranium mining companies have 60 days to appeal Judge Campbell’s decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and are likely to do so, given their past statements.

“If the mining companies do appeal, we’ll be there to defend the Secretary’s – and Judge Campbell’s – prudent decisions,” said Zukoski.



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Blind Obsession = $22 Billion to Fight ISIS Minus $8.7 Billion in Food Stamps*

Blind Obsession = $22 Billion to Fight ISIS Minus $8.7 Billion in Food Stamps*

This post originally ran on Juan Cole’s Web page.

It was all the way back in February, so the memory of this headline has faded:

” Congress passes $8.7 billion food stamp cut

By Ned Resnikoff

It’s official: 850,000 households across the country are set to lose an average of $90 per month in food stamp benefits.The Senate on Tuesday voted 68-32 to send the 2014 Farm Bill – which includes an $8.7 billion cut to food stamps – to President Obama’s desk. Nine Democrats opposed the bill, and 46 members of the Democratic caucus voted for it, joining 22 Republicans.”

The GOP Congress’s assault on the American working class has been waged with the pretext that the Federal government has no money (what with being in debt and all). This despite the money being owed to the American people on the whole, and despite the long tradition of deficits in government budgets, which have seldom in history been balanced.  But note that when there was a Republican president in the zeroes, the same voices did not demand austerity, but ran up the deficit with obvious glee.

In contrast, Congress has no problem with the war on ISIL in Iraq and Syria, which could cost from $18 bn to $22 bn a year.   Admittedly, in military terms this expense is relatively small.  The point is that the same people who have trouble justifying a safety net for the working poor and find it urgent to cut billions from the programs that keep us a civilized society rather than a predatory jungle– the same people have no difficulty authorizing billions for vague bombing campaigns that are unlikely to be successful on any genuine metric.

The failure of an air campaign in Syria where there is no effective fighting force on the ground allied with the US, which could take advantage of the bombings, is becoming evident at Kobane.  Despite US and other aerial bombings, ISIL fighters have moved to only a couple of miles from the besieged Kurdish city.

In contrast, in Iraq the Kurdish Peshmerga have taken a few villages and a border crossing with Syria back from ISIL in the past couple of days, and may have benefited in this push from close air support from the US and other governments.  Even there, while intervention to stop the Kurdish capital of Erbil from falling to ISIL might be justifiable, helping the Kurdish Peshmerga capture Sunni Arab towns is a more delicate proposition.

In any case, all of a sudden I guess cost is no object for the Tea Party and its fellow travelers.


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Egypt Seizes Newspaper that States it has Never Executed any Israeli Spy*

Egypt Seizes Newspaper that States it has Never Executed any Israeli Spy*

By David D. Kirkpatrick

The Egyptian authorities on Wednesday confiscated all the copies of one of the country’s largest private newspapers in order to censor an article, just days after President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi vowed in an American television interview that there was “no limitation on freedom of expression in Egypt.”

In fact, the censorship is another example of constriction of news media freedom since the military takeover in July 2013 that brought Mr. Sisi to power. The article, in the newspaper Al Masry Al Youm, was the latest instalment in a serialized interview conducted with a senior spy before he died.

Although all the printed copies containing the article were seized, it was available through, an online newsstand, which evidently archived the edition before it could be confiscated. The headline quoted the former spy, Refaat Jibril, declaring that Egypt had never executed a single Israeli spy.

“We used to return them to Israel in the context of deals to bring back our prisoners,” he said, according to the article, which may have undercut the intelligence agencies’ hard-line image.

Records indicate that Egypt has executed defendants convicted of spying for Israel as recently as the 1980s, with famous cases in 1954 and 1962, said Yossi Melman, co-author of “Spies Against Armageddon,” a history of the Israeli intelligence services.

Mr. Jibril, the former spy, was also quoted describing an expansive role for the intelligence agencies in domestic affairs, including “the economic, social and cultural.” An enemy might seek to “stir up unrest and gather information,” he said, claiming that he had once apprehended two Europeans who were working as spies for Israel by “passing leaflets randomly to people, inciting them to a revolution.”

Since the military takeover, the government has shut down the main opposition news media, the remaining private media are almost as supportive of the president as the state-run outlets, and the government has jailed several journalists. In June, a court sentenced three journalists for Al Jazeera’s English-language network to at least seven years in prison on charges of broadcasting false reports of civil unrest as part of a so-called Islamist conspiracy.

Al Masry Al Youm, too, is broadly supportive of Mr. Sisi and the military takeover. A senior editor responsible for the article said Wednesday that security officials had offered no explanation for the censorship.

“They just said, ‘Remove this article,’ ” the editor, Ahmed Ragab, said.

“The regime tries to protect its story about history, and we journalists try to search out new facts. It is the normal fight.”

In a recent interview with the broadcaster Charlie Rose in New York, Mr. Sisi insisted that the freedom of the Egyptian news media was now absolute.

“There is no limitation and this is final,” he said.

“Anybody can be criticized in the media, from the president to any state institution,” he added, saying, “We are very keen on ensuring that.”

But longstanding Egyptian law requires journalists to obtain the permission of military intelligence before publishing any information relating to the spy agencies.

And the authorities used the law to block publication of certain articles in a similar fashion under Hosni Mubarak, the former president, although this appeared to be the first instance of such censorship since the uprising that removed him in 2011. (Al Masry Al Youm ultimately printed and sold Wednesday’s paper omitting the article.)

Negad el-Borai, a lawyer who often represents Egyptian news organizations, said the paper had broken the law by publishing without prior permission.

Tamara Cofman Wittes, a researcher at the Brookings Institution and a former United States diplomat, said the censorship showed how little had changed after three years of upheaval.

“Sisi is telling everybody in New York, ‘We have a free media,’ ” she said. “Well, what we actually have is the same darn system.”


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