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Former Head of FBI Speaks on Rothschild, Illuminati, Satanism, Paedophile Rings = NWO

Former Head of FBI Speaks on Rothschild, Illuminati, Satanism, Paedophile Rings = NWO


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Egypt Allows a half hour Delivery of Humanitarian Aid into Gaza from Oman*

Egypt allows a half hour Delivery of Humanitarian Aid into Gaza from Oman*

So is it Israel or Egypt that controls besieged Gaza?

Rafah is Gaza’s only portal to the outside world and it has been closed almost permanently since the ouster of President Mohamed Mursi in June 2013

The Ministry of Interior in Gaza said that the Egyptian government allowed an Omani delegation to enter the Gaza Strip via Rafah for 30 minutes yesterday evening, allowing them to deliver humanitarian and food supplies.

The minister issued a press release stating that the delegation, affiliated with the Omani Public Authority for Charity, entered the Gaza Strip accompanied by a convoy of approximately 20 trucks filled with humanitarian aid and food supplies.

Last month, the interior minister in the Gaza Strip issued a statement clarifying that there had been “a nearly complete halt in the movement of delegations and convoys entering the Gaza Strip, especially when compared to those following the Gaza War of 2012″.

Palestinian officials accused the Egyptian government of preventing dozens of delegations and supplies from entering the Gaza Strip as the Rafah crossing, which connects the Gaza Strip to Egypt, has been reserved for the movement of individuals exclusively.

Rafah is Gaza’s only portal to the outside world and it has been closed almost permanently since the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi in June 2013.

The ceasefire agreement that was reached between Israeli and Palestinian factions on August 26 did not touch upon the issue of opening the Rafah border, as it is considered an “Egyptian-Palestinian” port that Israel does not control.

According to the crossing agreement that was signed by Israeli and Palestinian factions in 2005, there should be two European peacekeeping observers and Israeli cameras present at all borders to ensure that they remain open.

Yet, Israel prevented European observers from entering the Gaza Strip in mid-2006 after Hamas captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Since that time, the Rafah border has not been regulated according to any agreement, as the Egyptian authorities only open the border at periodic intervals or when there are humanitarian cases requiring them to do so. Egyptian authorities consider whether the Rafah crossing is open or closed as a question of their sovereignty, one that can only be negotiated with the Palestinian Authority (PA), as Egypt considers the PA to be the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.


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ISIL Struggling to Recruit Local Fighters*

ISIL Struggling to Recruit Local Fighters*

By Hassan Al-Obaidi in Baghdad — 2014-10-03

Iraqi soldiers take part in a search campaign in Anbar. [Photo courtesy of the Iraqi Ministry of Defence]

Iraqi soldiers take part in a search campaign in Anbar. [Photo courtesy of the Iraqi Ministry of Defence]

The “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) has been having trouble recruiting fighters in Iraq’s flashpoint provinces as the military continues to inflict heavy losses upon them, officials told Mawtani.

The group’s need for new members is growing in light of the losses it has suffered since the beginning of September, with many of its gunmen injured or killed in ground battles and air strikes, said Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Babakir Zebari.

Speaking at a Monday (September 29th) press conference at the Ministry of Defence in Baghdad, Zebari said “the process of bringing down as many ISIL fighters as possible is continuing successfully and there is significant positive progress in the course of battles“.

A large number of those killed from the terrorist group are of non-Iraqi nationalities,” he added.

ISIL is finding it difficult to recruit local elements into its ranks after “its intentions and the false slogans it broadcast for a long time were exposed and after they were proven as lies by the theft, assault and murder of innocent people”, Zebari said.

Iraqi army commander in Anbar Lt. Gen. Rasheed Flaih said intelligence reports suggest that “recruiting for ISIL has receded locally, but there are misled youth from other countries upon whom we call to contemplate the end of their colleagues who came to Iraq and ended up dead or arrested”.

ISIL’s false allegations about the establishment of an “Islamic caliphate” have been exposed after Iraqis saw with their own eyes the crimes and robberies the group has committed in the territories they seized, Iraqi MP Hamed Obaid of the parliamentary security and defence committee told Mawtani.

There is a growing popular uprising against ISIL among residents of the flashpoint provinces, who seek to help the army, Obaid added.

“All the people have become supporters of the army, and there are operations carried out by individual citizens against ISIL elements in Mosul,” he said.

Ninawa province governor Atheel al-Nujaifi said Mosul residents learned the truth about the group, its intentions and its greed.

Even those who were initially taken in by the group have returned to their senses, he said.

The governor praised the role of Sunni clerics in Iraq who have issued fatwas about the duty to fight and boycott the group and to support Iraqi forces.


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German Muslims Open Mosques to Non-Muslims*

German Muslims Open Mosques to Non-Muslims*

Muslims in Germany have opened the doors of their mosques to non-Muslims on Friday with the hope of eliminating prejudices against Muslims and encouraging cultural exchange.

“Unfortunately we are witnessing a growing fear of Islam and growing hostilities against Muslims in German society,” Ender Cetin, the chairman of the Sehitlik Mosque Association in Berlin, told journalists during the “Open mosque day” event.

“Our German guests here are often asking us questions on violence and terrorism and whether they have any root in Islam. We are telling them the real values of Islam, informing them about our activities against extremism. We are trying to reduce prejudices against Muslims,” Cetin said.

Recent reports of violent murders and atrocities committed by ISIL have sparked suspicion and a negative backlash towards Muslims across Germany.

Germany has approximately four million Muslims; around three million of them of Turkish origin. According to a recent representative public poll by Infratest-dimap, 42 percent of Germans now view Islam as “aggressive” and 38 percent as a “threat.”

Germany’s Muslim Coordination Council, a platform bringing together the four largest Muslim organizations in the country, expressed hope on Friday that with the “Open mosque day” they will be able to present to German society the various aspects of Muslim community life and answer questions on Islam.

Organizers said more than a hundred thousand visitors attended events at more than 700 mosques across Germany.

Stefan Streicher, a young German who visited a mosque for the first time told Anadolu Agency that he was impressed by the visit to Berlin’s Sehitlik Mosque.

“That is a beautiful building. Taking off shoes before entering the mosque was not something common to me. Overall, I had a positive impression,” he said.

Sabine Schwanz stressed that as a Christian, it was interesting to learn more about Islam.

“These kind of events help reduce prejudices,” she stressed.


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Palestinians Flock to Aqsa Mosque Despite Israeli Oppression*

Palestinians Flock to Aqsa Mosque Despite Israeli Oppression*

Thousands of Palestinians went to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem on Saturday to perform the Eid al-Adha prayers despite an Israeli blockage of main roads.

Israeli police forces were deployed all across East Jerusalem for Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, which coincided with the Muslim Eid al-Adha feast. They closed certain streets to prevent the movement of traffic in accordance with Jewish beliefs.

There are concerns that clashes might occur in areas with mixed Jewish-Muslim populations.

Muslim worshippers flocked to Aqsa Mosque for the special prayers, which started 7:10 local time, marking the start of the Islamic feast.

A Hamas banner was hung on the door of the holy mosque, congratulating Muslim of the advent of the feast.

On the banner, there were pictures of fighters of the Ezzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, and verses of the Quran about the Jihad, the holy struggle in Islam.

The Muslim feast comes almost six weeks following a deadly Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, which left more than 2,150 Palestinians and injured nearly 11,000 others.

At least 73 Israelis – 68 soldiers and five civilians – were killed in the seven-week offensive, launched with the declared aim of halting rocket fire.

The offensive finally ended on August 26 with an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire deal that was celebrated by resistance faction Hamas as a strategic victory over Israel.

The Eid al-Adha, or the “feast of the sacrifice,” will be celebrated over the next three days to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to follow God’s command to sacrifice his son, Ismail.

Muslims who can afford it should sacrifice a sheep or share the cost of a sacrificial cow or camel in a ritual commemorating the occasion.

Life comes to a standstill in Israel during Yom Kippur celebrations, with all institutions, schools, commercial shops, ports and airports closing their doors.

Muslims, however, tend to spend much of the Eid al-Adha feast visiting one another’s homes.


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Zambia Prevents Glencore from Avoiding Taxation*

Zambia Prevents Glencore from Avoiding Taxation*

Criminality pays when one plays the big boys game as Marc Rich, the guy Clinton when president pardoned after being on the FBI’s Top10 for tax evasion…

Glencore is Rich’s company. He’s American, the company is Swiss, and it’s listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Rich is the kind of guy who gets 10-year old children to climb down hand dug shafts without protection or gear to get copper, and cobalt in Tilwezembe Mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. From that exploit Rich carted out truck load of minerals that made U.S$186 billion in revenue in 2011 for Glencore. 2011 is when Glencore went public.

Now Glencore is one of the world’s largest commodities giant corporations that avoids taxation – a Rothschild trait. Rich didn’t get away so easily when President Morales of Bolivia nationalized Colquiri tin mines.

Michael Ross, author of The Oil Curse and a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

“And in a number of countries where Glencore operates, doing business means putting money into the pockets of repressive governments and corrupt rulers. In some of those places … it’s hard to draw a line between what’s legally corrupt and what’s not.”

Rich’s involvement in the metals market cost Bolivia millions in the 1980’s, and with the illegal sale of 400 metric tons of tin to a company in Thailand cost Bolivia U.S$4mn.

Former MOSSAD chief Shabtai Shavit said Rich helped with the intelligence agency’s work in Yemen and Sudan in the Eighties, when Israel was evacuating Jews from those countries.

Glencore, went on trial in Geneva for human rights violations committed around the world.

By Cecilia Jamasmie

World’s third-largest miner by market value Glencore (LON:GLEN) has idled operations at its Zambian zinc mine as the government continues to withhold at least $200 million in tax refunds owed to the firm.

The move comes barely a day after the miner announced it was halting over $800 millions worth of copper projects in the country for the same reasons.

In a statement the miner said it was placing Sable Zinc Kabwe under “care and maintenance” in response “to the current local economic environment in Zambia, as well as the cash flow restrictions caused by the withholding of around $12 million in VAT refunds.”

Glencore added that 169 jobs at the mine will go as a consequence of the measure. It also said the mine was curbing “all expansion capital projects.”

“Sable is working with affected employees to identify opportunities at other group companies in Zambia as well as with other operations in the Kabwe area,” it said.

The African nation, which last year lost its position as Africa’s top copper miner to Congo for the first time since 1998, began enforcing the rule last year in order to curb tax avoidance.

In August finance minister Alexander Chikwanda announced the government had decided to relax the rule because it proved very hard to implement, mainly because it involved documentation from importers outside the country’s jurisdiction.

However the government is still withholding about $600 million in VAT refunds owed to mining firms, including Barrick Gold (TSX, NYSE:ABX), Vale (NYSE:VALE), and Vedanta Resources (LON:VED).

Royalties hike

According to sources quoted by Bloomberg, Zambia’s government is mulling a 6% increase in royalty rates charged on sales and elimination of all corporate tax for mining companies.

The source said the new scheme would be simpler for the government to administer, as well as more transparent than corporate income taxes. Zambia doubled mineral royalties to the current level in 2011.

Glencore becomes the latest company to freeze investments in the country, following a similar move by First Quantum Minerals (TSX:FM).

The Canadian company, which operates the Kansanshi Copper Mine, Zambia’s largest mine by output, said in June it had put investments worth $1.5 billion on hold over withheld refunds.


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