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Connecticut Suspends Constitution over Ebola Scare*

Connecticut Suspends Constitution over Ebola Scare*

By Kenneth Schortgen Jr

Even though the first cases of Ebola in the U.S. were in states not located near New York and Washington D.C., it appears the liberal bastion that rules the Northeast corridor of America is having little regard for the Constitution and individual liberties as the state of Connecticut on Oct. 10 has just suspended an important protection from the Bill of Rights, and decreed that anyone even thought to potentially have Ebola will be quarantined and isolated from the rest of society.

We warned a week ago of the various possibilities surrounding an Ebola outbreak in America, and today we get some degree of confirmation of a medical-based martial-law coming to the US. Governor Dan Malloy has declared a Public Health Emergency in Connecticut, authorizing the “isolation of any individual reasonably believed to have been exposed to the Ebola virus.” Simply put, as we noted previously, the State of Public Health Emergency allows bureaucrats to detain and force-vaccinate people without due process – despite not one single case being found in CT. If there is a major Ebola pandemic in America, all of the liberties and the freedoms that you currently enjoy would be gone.Zerohedge

Quarantine procedures and isolations are historically used when a health epidemic, or civil unrest, threatens the widespread stability of a state, city, or community.  In fact, the act of suspending parts of the Constitution were done in the past by Presidents during times to war, and in current times with the unlawful seizure of property by police departments without due process.

However, the Ebola scare is far from being an epidemic, with to date only one person dying from the virus, and with that victim not even being a U.S. citizen.  Compare that to the 36000 who died last year, and on average every year in America from simple influenza, and one has to wonder if the Ebola crisis, like Swine Flue or Avian Flu, is more of a political creation than an actual raging epidemic.

Connecticut has not had any deaths from Ebola yet, nor have they even had any verifiable cases but that is not stopping the state government from suspending their citizens Constitutional rights, and putting the entire population on notice that if you sneeze or cough, you could potentially be arrested, quarantined, and injected with vaccines or drugs you do not give permission for.  And just like the outcry for gun control after a couple of lone incidents at Aurora and Sandy Hook, government’s rush for absolute control in times of any potential crisis is something that proves the lack of leadership residing throughout the country.


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Billion Dollar Class Action Suit against Syngenta by Farmers*

Billion Dollar Class Action Suit against Syngenta by Farmers*

By Christina Sarich

Syngenta may have single-handedly destroyed the corn export business that US farmers count on, while depressing local domestic corn prices. Now, the biotech giant will have to face a $1 billion claim in Federal Court being launched by farmers in three different states.

GM Food BillChina has recently rejected huge shipments of US-grown GMO corn largely because Syngenta released a genetically altered variety before it was approved for consumption or sale in Chinese markets.

Volnek Farms of Omaha claims that Syngenta, the Hopkins Minnesota-based biotech company that is responsible for covering up the true toxicity of Atrazine, has “completely destroyed US exports of corn to China.”

Cronin Inc. and Jim Ruba Jr. from Sioux City, Iowa claim that they do not even use GM corn, but they have been hurt by Syngenta’s actions because their GMO variety, Viptera, cross-bred with their non-GMO corn crops. They also claim that Syngenta’s statements were misleading relating to the approval status of MIR162 corn in China, and this has hurt farmers who did plant that variety. The long-term ramifications of this strain of GMO corn will continue to depress the corn markets both here and in foreign markets for years.

In a Springfield, Illinois Federal Court, similar claims will be made, that Syngenta’s Agrisure Viptera (MIR162) first released for planting n 2009 to prevent insects such as corn borer and corn rootworm form destroying crops, may have been approved by US regulatory agencies, but Syngenta claimed that they would be accepted in foreign markets too, before those agencies had in fact cleared the GM crops for import.

All three class action suits were filed this past week.

Meanwhile, Chinese regulators continue to reject GMO corn from the US which contains even traces of the Syngenta strain, and even Agri Giant, Cargill previously sued Syngenta for “exposing the agribusiness company to more than $90 million in losses by selling the trait in corn seed without China’s approval for imports.”

The MIR162 strain of GM corn was only planted on about 3percent of US crops; however, it cannot be contained, due to cross-breeding.

The National Grain and Feed Association estimates that the Chinese refusal of U.S. corn has reduced corn prices by 11 cents per bushel, and it has asked Syngenta to stop selling the genetically modified corn varieties, according to the Iowa lawsuit.

Without surprise, Syngenta minimizes its complicity with destroying US farming exports, and looks to other markets to sell its toxic goods. Syngenta received approval for the cultivation of the MIR604 trait and quadruple corn stack AGRISURE VIPTERA® 4 from the Secretary of Agriculture in Argentina, and “will invest more than $500 million to build a $1 billion business in Africa over 10 years.”

Dupont Pioneer also lists Agrisure Viptera as a likely GMO crop to “protect crops from insects.’

The USDA states on its website that the export relationship with China is ‘hard to predict’ but they’ve been refusing GMO crops for years now? They’ve refused shipments of 887,000 tons of US GMO corn, as well as up to eight additional shipments of GM corn, much of it due to Syngenta’s MIR162 contaminates.

Chinese authorities have been urging American officials to improve their “inspection procedures to ensure they comply with Chinese quality standards” for years now, so what’s the big surprise to US regulatory agencies?

Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Agriculture claims on its website that the United States exports 20 percent of its corn crop. If that is true, those numbers are about to significantly drop.

The US is known as the world leader in corn production, but Syngenta’s decision to bring Viptera to the market may have just crippled it.


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Professor Connects the Dots between Ebola and the U.S. Military Complex*

Professor Connects the Dots between Ebola and the U.S. Military Complex*

One of the questions hardly asked let alone answered is how has such a ‘highly infectious’ disease been able to contain it’s self within three African countries (Congo, Liberia, and W.H.O’s centre of operation Sierra Leone)?

Russian news outlet Ria Novosti recently featured an interview with Professor Francis Boyle, University of Illinois College of Law, implicating the United States military-industrial complex in the current Ebola outbreak which the World Health Organization claims has now taken over 4,000 lives in West Africa.

“US government agencies have a long history of carrying out allegedly defensive biological warfare research at labs in Liberia and Sierra Leone. This includes the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is now the point agency for managing the Ebola spill-over into the US,” Prof. Francis Boyle said.

“Why has the Obama administration dispatched troops to Liberia when they have no training to provide medical treatment to dying Africans? How did Zaire/Ebola get to West Africa from about 3,500km away from where it was first identified in 1976?”

“Why is the CDC not better-prepared for this emergency after the US government spent about $70 billion since the anthrax attacks of October 2001 to prepare for this exact contingency?” Boyle said.

Great question…how exactly did the Ebola virus get to West Africa from 3,500km away where it was first discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Why isn’t anyone else asking that question?

That question should be asked by every talking head on every mainstream media outlet on repeat 500 times a day every day until it is answered. Of course, predictably, none of the Western establishment media puppets are asking any of the tough questions about Ebola.

Questions like what happens if a mosquito bites an infected person, then flies off and bites someone else. Can Ebola spread then? Bill Gates certainly seemed to think so when he was funding research into mosquitoes as vaccine deployment systems.

Aside from that, billions of dollars have been poured into the CDC over the years. Mac Slavo of recently asked similar questions to those of Professor Boyle after CDC Head Dr. Thomas Frieden claimed that it was a protocol breach which led to the first ever diagnosis of Ebola caught within the U.S. in the case of the Dallas Hospital nurse who reportedly tested positive after caring for Patient Zero Thomas Duncan.

Duncan’s nurse somehow contracted the deadly virus despite reportedly wearing all the requisite protective gear. In response, Director Frieden claimed it was a breach in protocol, despite Frieden’s nearly continuous reassurances in the media leading up to the diagnosis that there was “rigorous protocol” in place to stop the disease both before and after Duncan brought it here.

Quite obviously the CDC’s “rigorous protocol” has utterly failed. Now Frieden, a man who contradicted himself live on CNN as to how the virus is even spread, has once again changed his tune, responding that, “We have to rethink the way we address Ebola infection control.”

Four decades and billions of dollars later and now the CDC has to rethink the whole darn thing, huh?

“The 2014 budget for the Centres for Disease Control is $6.6 billion,” Slavo wrote.

“What, exactly, have these people been doing since Ebola was first discovered nearly 40 years ago? You’d think for $6.6 billion a year we’d have already thought through the infection control protocols.”

Yes. You would. (Unless, of course, the government is being intentionally evasive or dishonest about the way in which Ebola is spread…)

Back when Duncan first brought the virus with him to the U.S. from Liberia, Dr. Frieden repeatedly told the media almost on loop that he was “confident” that officials could stop Ebola from that point on, even claiming, “We will stop it in its tracks.”

The CDC has yet to specify exactly what specific protocol was supposedly breached in the case of Duncan’s nurse, but the virus has definitely not been stopped in its tracks. The alternative media is reporting the truth: that most U.S. hospitals are ill-equipped to safely handle Ebola patients and stop the virus from spreading.

Even though the CDC and the National Institutes of Health have both gone on record to say that any American hospital should be able to adequately and safely handle a deadly disease like Ebola, Duncan was the only patient not treated at one of the nation’s hospitals with specialized units specifically designed for dealing with such a highly infectious disease, and he is the only one out of six patients treated for Ebola here who has died thus far.

Then again, the entire government response to Ebola in America has been like watching a bad scary movie from the start.

Ria Novosti isn’t the first foreign news outlet to openly implicate the U.S. government in the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak, either. Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture and Forestry, recently wrote the article, “Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD? Scientists Allege,” in which he made the following five points out the outbreak:

  1. Ebola is a genetically modified organism (GMO)
    2. Ebola has a terrible history, and testing has been secretly taking place in Africa
    3. Sites around Africa, and in West Africa, have over the years been set up for testing emerging diseases, especially Ebola
    4. The need for legal action to obtain redress for damages incurred due to the perpetuation of injustice in the death, injury and trauma imposed on Liberians and other Africans by the Ebola and other disease agents
    5. African leaders and African countries need to take the lead in defending babies, children, African women, African men, and the elderly. These citizens do not deserve to be used as guinea pigs!

When Western media outlets responded to this article and its points, they largely attempted to portray the people of these nations as woefully ignorant, but as Broderick himself points out,

“African people are not ignorant and gullible, as is being implicated.” I’ve written before about how large swaths of the West African population have believed and still believe this Ebola outbreak is a government conspiracy.

Perhaps that’s why such a massive 24/7 propaganda campaign has been launched there to inundate the population with the message first and foremost that, indeed, Ebola is real.

Then again, you won’t hear about any of this in the mainstream press over here.


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The Innate Racism of Israel: Ashkenazi Jews Exterminating Arab Jews*

The Innate Racism of Israel: Ashkenazi Jews Exterminating Arab Jews*

This has already been covered in Ashkenazi Jews are Genetically European, but as a buried part of history its importance cannot be under-stated in understanding those who have governed and continue to govern Palestine, the Israelis/Ashkenazis, and from behind the scenes of the Middle East, Canada, U.S., Australia, U.K., Ukraine, the oligarchs of eastern Europe, Algeria, South Africa, Brazil, etc, etc, etc.

As one reads the article one might be reminded of Nazism, communism, and colonialism, neo-liberalism and that’s because behind these systems of governance were and are influential zionists, not practicing or Semite Jews .

The Ringworm Scandal: When Israeli Doctors Killed Tens of Thousands of Arab Children

By Jonathan Cook

NOTE: There are a number of readers who are either confused or reading this post sloppily, including the headline.  To clarify: there is a link to a Jonathan Cook piece at the end of this post which notes that the State of Israel irradiated both Arab Jewish and Palestinian children for ringworm.  Hence the title of this post which uses the inclusive term, “Arab,” by which I include both Jewish and Palestinian children.

There are also those who claim that radiation was a standard treatment for ringworm inside and outside Israel in the 1950s.  This too misconstrues the argument put forward in the film and here.  While radiation may’ve been considered suitable for ringworm in that era, no one killed children with radiation outside of Israel.  The dosage set by Dr. Sheba was far too high and the X-ray machines he used were outmoded and hence the dosage administered could not be calibrated accurately or administered suitably.

By the early 1950s, Israel had absorbed most of the Holocaust survivors and other immigrants from western countries.  These were generally the preferred Ashkenazi Jews, who were the nation’s elite.  It was then that Jews from Arab lands began arriving in great numbers.  David Ben Gurion knew he needed great numbers of Jews to come to Israel in order to counter the demographic threat posed by Israel’s Palestinian population (those who hadn’t been expelled during the Nakbah).  That’s why he accepted and encouraged the Arab immigration, despite the fact that the newcomers’ Sephardi heritage was considered defective.

The 2004 documentary, The Ringworm Children, presents the historical context of this immigration and is dedicated to the greatest national medical scandal in the state’s history.

During this early period, Israel looked with deep suspicion on the Arab olim.  They were viewed not only as culturally inferior, but as reservoirs of disease.  To be fair, these same views had been prominent in the U.S. during the heights of immigration to this country.

But unlike here, Israel allowed one senior health official, Dr. Chaim Sheba, to conduct a massive program of unnecessary medical treatments, at enormous expense, which actually killed many of the victims.

At that time, many children developed ringworm, a non-lethal condition of fungal origin which affected the scalp.  Unlike in other countries, 100,000 Jewish (and Palestinian) Arab children were irradiated in order to treat the condition.  While medical protocol of the day directed that no technician receive a dose higher than .5 Roentgen, those treated received a higher dose.  A lethal dose was considered 200 Roentgen (R).  The children treated received individual doses of 350R.  Sometimes they received two doses (for a total of 600R).  6,000 of the victims died within the first year or so after treatment.  To this day, many of the remaining victims suffer cancers, epilepsy, infertility and other brain disorders.  Even their children have been impacted through genetic abnormalities passed on from one generation to the next.

When the scandal was first exposed in 1994, the government reacted by circling the wagons and refusing to admit fault or liability.  Then activists pressured the government to pass a law demanding that the State take responsibility.  It did so.  But the law was not understood by the victims at the time, who didn’t realize that it was a Trojan Horse.  It persuaded them that the State had finally accepted fault and that it would compensate for their suffering.  But in reality, the law set hurdles so high, that very few survivors have been approved and received any compensation.  They were forced to prove they were victims, and their treatment by the medical evaluation committees victimized them a second time.  Those who agreed to accept the government’s conditions, could not appeal or sue once they had been denied, so almost no survivors chose to apply for compensation under the law.

Further, a senior health ministry official at the time of the passing of the Ringworm law had secreted all of the Ringworm files in his personal archives.  Thus he prevented anyone from gaining access to them: victims, their lawyers, doctors, even other government officials.  When he died, the files were transferred to government archives.  Current health ministry officials deliberately have not examined them because they don’t want to know what’s in them.  Neither the victims nor their attorneys can gain access to them either.

This is a massive cover-up, but one that is completely legal.  The Supreme Court itself has refused to rule on the case, arguing that the Knesset law absolves the victims of any right to claim negligence on the part of the government’s medical officers.  Meanwhile, Dr. Sheba has one of Israel’s major medical centres named for him and is considered one of the founding fathers of Israeli medicine.  He founded the Tel Aviv University medical centre and helped found those in Jerusalem and Haifa.

There is one further claim the film makes that brings it all back home to the U.S.  The X-ray treatments provided by Israel were extremely expensive.  The final cost was in the range of 400-million Israeli pounds, which at the time were equivalent to British pounds.  That would put the cost at least $800-million and possibly even higher (in 1952 dollars).  That means the project cost far more than the entire national budget.  Israel obviously couldn’t afford such a massive expenditure.  The filmmakers offer one possible explanation: that the U.S. government, which had just bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, needed an outlet to do radiation testing.  We couldn’t or wouldn’t do such experiments here because American medical standards would not permit it,  so American officials “farmed” the operation out to Dr. Sheba and the Israelis, who had no such ethical problems with it.

The Arab Jewish children were viewed as defective and undesirable to begin with by the Ashkenazi elite like Sheba.  Here is a passage from an Israeli academic monograph on early scientific and medical approaches from the Mandate period that bore the marks of eugenics and reflected an attitude that Ashkenazi Jews were of superior racial stock to Sephardim:

In fact, medical discourse was an important mediator of Orientalist ideas to the Jews of Palestine. Public medicine was one of the main fields of regular interaction between Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews during the Mandate period, and this was reflected in the presence of Mizrahi Jews in this discourse. It often depicted members of various Mizrahi communities as variations on a single type – they were described as primitive, superstitious, ignorant, neglectful of their children, passive, lacking drive and the will to change – in general, as an essentially different type, physically and mentally, from the immigrants from Europe.

So these Mizrahi children were suitable as fodder for the greater good of medicine.  Though Nazi medicine operated in a context of a plan to exterminate the Jewish race in Europe, the experiments performed in Israel were not dissimilar in nature.  Sheba knew his radiation dosage would harm children, even kill them.  It turns out it did so on a far larger scale than he may’ve imagined.  But the subjects were deemed expendable, just as Jewish subjects of Nazi doctors were.  And tens of thousands were killed, just as the Nazis did.

The film suggests another possible explanation–that Sheba, who came to the U.S. both to collect the X-ray machines that administered the treatment, also fundraised among American Jews for treating the Ringworm children.  Though I doubt he raised anywhere near the sum mentioned above, it’s possible American Jews donated generously to this cause.  This should be a warning to such donors today to examine carefully whatever projects they’re asked to fund.

To be fair to Israel, it wasn’t the only nation which performed what were essentially eugenics experiments.  The Nazis did so and even the U.S., in the Tuskegee experiments, deliberately allowed syphilis victims to die untreated.  The difference, as I noted above, is that the U.S. never engaged in such ghoulish medical experimentation on a national level and never with victims in such numbers.  Further, when there were victims, they could come forward and demand justice.

Israel has essentially sealed off access to justice, thus creating a monstrous stain on its medical and moral legacy.

I want to raise a strong note of caution.  There are those who view the Ringworm project as proof that Israel’s treatment of the children testified to its embrace of Nazi values.  That is one bridge too far for me.  It’s far better to note the sheer evil of the experiment and the suffering it induced without having to claim that it turned Israel into a Nazi state or that Zionism itself was a Nazi ideology.



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Monsanto Reports $156 Million Loss in Q4 as Farmers Abandon GM Crops*

Monsanto Reports $156 Million Loss in Q4 as Farmers Abandon GM Crops*

If they are unwilling to learn from the toxic disease promoting affect of what they do, then let them learn from their profit loss…

By Christina Sarich

Are you invested in Monsanto stock like Bill Gates, who owns hundreds of thousand of Monsanto shares worth about $23 million? It might be time to pull out since the company just reported over $156 million in losses for the fourth quarter.

“For the quarter ended Aug. 31, Monsanto reported a loss of $156 million, or 31 cents per share, compared with a loss of $249 million, or 47 cents per share, in the same period last year.”
It’s a tough time for biotech, and thank goodness. Monsanto’s losses were attributed to farmers in major agricultural zones favoring soy over GMO corn because of falling crop prices – largely caused by Syngenta’s release of MIR162 corn, which has been completely refused by Chinese officials repeatedly – which have depressed both local and foreign corn bushel prices.

There is a looming $1 billion dollar class action lawsuit Syngenta will face, currently pending in three states over the release of AGRISURE VIPTERA® 4. All three class action suits were filed this past week in Federal Courts by U.S. farmers.

Syngenta also just happens to be the company that has covered up the true toxicity of Atrazine, and the company has been sued in six different states to clean up more than 1000 water systems in six states where the herbicide has been found polluting rivers, streams, and lakes.

Soybeans sales are still around $200 million, doubled from previous years, but they account for a much lower market share than the GMO corn products which Monsanto sells and promotes for use with their toxic herbicide, RoundUp.

Adjusted losses for the biotech bully come to 27 cents a share, three cents worse than estimates.

While it would have been nice to take down this Agri Business giant for different reasons, it seems the company’s partner in crime, Syngenta, is doing the work of dismantling the GMO paradigm for us.

In the last two years, Monsanto has reported huge losses, so we must be doing something right. If this trend continues, and it should if we continue the good fight, then we can all hope to see the GMO Empire crumble in due time. Continue raising awareness and purchasing non-GMO, organic foods. Voice your words with your dollar.




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UK Parliament not Deep State Overwhelmingly Supports a Palestinian State*

UK Parliament not Deep State Overwhelmingly Supports a Palestinian State*

The United Kingdom’s Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of the recognition of the Palestinian State, a measure already taken by 135 countries worldwide.

The United Kingdom’s Parliament voted on Monday in favour of a symbolic motion calling for the recognition of the Palestinian State.

The Members of Parliament (MPs) voted overwhelmingly for the recognition, with 274 in favour and only 12 against recognizing Palestine as a state.

The symbolic motion was backed openly by the Labour Party, and was proposed by Labour MP Grahame Morris. According to some media reports, not all of the party agreed on the motion, but finally all of the Labour MPs present backed it.

The motion stated the House of Commons “believes that the Government should recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel”.

The UK already recognizes Israel but not its Palestinian neighbours. Worldwide, 135 countries already recognize Palestine as a state.

Morris, who proposed the motion, said it was a “small but symbolically important” step towards recognizing Palestine, as the “systematic denial of rights” incites violence and encourages those who reject politics.

“It’s the right thing to do and there’s a huge feeling in the country this is the time,” said Morris told reporters after the vote.

David Cameron and ministers abstained from voting and said the vote would not affect government policy.

However it is believed the motion will add to the increasing political pressure for governments in Europe to recognise Palestine

The vote comes after Sweden became the first major European country to officially recognize Palestine as a state, last Friday.


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The NWO’s ‘Grand Chessboard’ of Lies‏

The NWO’s ‘Grand Chessboard’ of Lies‏

Whose PawnFrom Alexandra Bruce

As the false flag terror sponsor Saudi Arabia (our ally) threatens the West with the claim that “ISIS Will Be Here Soon” and warns of an “imminent threat” from which the US and Europe “can’t hide”, (just keeping Daddy Warbucks lubed with cash), Gerald Celente, of the Trends Journal joins us to dissect the despicable, sinister plans of the New World Order and the madness of the ‘Grand Chessboard’.

The pieces are all lining up to take the world directly in to World War III, if the maniacs in power are not stopped.

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