U.S. – Saudi Deal to Destabilize Russia and Syria Backfires*

U.S. – Saudi Deal to Destabilize Russia and Syria Backfires*

They forgot that in the NWO’s globalized world you can’t hit one country without it affecting your own interests!

By Tyler Durden

The US-Saudi “secret” plan that was supposed to crush Putin quickly turned sour when as we reported several days ago, one after another America’s own shale plays, which recently entered a very sharp bear market, started appearing on various death watches (case in point today’s MHR Second Lien refi which repriced from L+500 to L+750 in minutes).

As a result, one wonders: did Obama realize that Russian “costs” which as everyone knows by now include a Eurpoean triple-dip recession, could also very soon include an insolvent US shale industry, and thus may be just a little too much, and, one further wonders, if he is the one who just tapped Saudi Arabia on the shoulder?

WTI – granted, record oversold as is – explodes higher (on no news whatsoever)

As Brent-WTI compresses…

and Shale stocks are bouncing…


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