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ISIS Flags Found in Israel*

ISIS Flags Found in Israel*

Gardeners in the Israeli city of Nazareth Illit discovered a bag containing about 25 ISIS flags.

Israel Police have opened an investigation into the discovery of the flags on Tuesday in an industrial area of northern Israeli city. The possession of materials from the jihadist group was outlawed in Israel several weeks ago.

“When something like this is discovered in the heart of a Jewish city, it needs to light up many warning signs,” Nazareth Illit Mayor Alex Gadalkin told Ynet.

In late September, a 24-year-old Arab-Israeli from Kfar Kana who was suspected of being associated with ISIS was arrested and questioned.

Earlier in the month, another Arab-Israeli was arrested for allegedly travelling to Syria and training with ISIS. Contact with the group also was made illegal.


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Nano-Silver Used in Eradicating Ebola in Nigeria Prevented from Reaching Liberia and Sierra Leone*

Nano-Silver Used in Eradicating Ebola in Nigeria Prevented from Reaching Liberia and Sierra Leone*

By Stew Webb

I was invited on a Wednesday Night’s Radio Broadcast on Revolution Radio – by Laura Lee Solomon and Aurora Light Wing so I decided to bring in the experts on Ebola and tell what needs to be told.

Dr. Rima Laibow the World’s leading expert on Ebola, Dr. William Croft, Dr. Preston James, CIA Whistleblower Gene Chip Tatum who published the first article on Ebola, and myself Stew Webb a Federal Whistleblower, Columnist on Veterans Today and Radio host of Veterans Today Radio News Reports.
Prior to the Radio Program I and Dr. Preston James called Gordon Duff Senior Editor of Veterans Today to inform him Veterans Today had been Hacked and knocked off the internet. Gordon indicated he believed it was related to his article he had just posted VT Issues First Ebola Warning (Subject to National Security Hack!) Now it is obvious this was the reason.
Dr. Rima pulled no punches about what Ebola is, where it comes from and how it is intended to decimate the world’s population. She also clearly discussed what appears to be a natural and safe way to stimulate immune function so that the Ebola virus cannot create a disease state. Obviously the people who put this virus out there do not want her telling you this. Retaliation was swift.
Wednesday night’s radio broadcast was so “HOT and INFORMATIVE” that the next day Dr. Rima Laibow’s Chase Merchant Services company invaded the Natural Solutions Foundation’s bank account and took $60,000 from it and withheld another $79,450 in sales fees (virtually all of which was committed to paying for Nano Silver already shipped!), committing acts “RICO” against her. “Chase Merchant Services took our money from our account, withheld nearly $80K in sales revenue, wiped us out, and closing our merchant services account without any notice.-Rima E. Laibow, MD.
Listen to this entire two hour broadcast: it may save your life, your loved ones and your friends.

The Interview

It is my opinion that every human being on the planet needs to listen to this Radio Broadcast and read Gordon Duff’s article VT Issues First Ebola Warning (Subject to National Security Hack!) and keep coming daily to Veterans Today as more Intel is released on the Ebola Epidemic that could kill 100 million People or more. If it does, and you have not informed yourself and others, you will be responsible for not sharing this Life saving information.
Good Men and Women who do nothing to inform their fellow Human Being in order to save lives, when they have the information at hand and all they have to do is push that information mouse on your computer and you refuse to do so, you do not deserve to live. –Stew Webb
Please spread this article to every Hospital, Doctor, Nurse and Public Official in the World.
The Day after the Radio Broadcast Thursday October 16, 2014 Veterans Today Reported this:
VT Medicine: Concerns Regarding Ebola

CDC and its tools could by lying to us. Consider this:
If you go to Stop Ebola you will see a study funded by the US Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency and declassified in 2009, which shows clearly the impact of Nano Silver 10 PPM on the interaction between Ebola virus and human cells. In the presence of the Nano Silver 10 PPM, the virus does not penetrate cells and cannot therefore replicate, meaning that there is then no disease.

Clinical demonstrations of the usefulness of Nano Silver 10 PPM were actively stopped in Liberia to whom we supplied bottles by WHO-World Health Organization which told the government that they could not use Nano Silver 10 PPM.
The same happened in Sierra Leone, but the President of that country threw the Head of Station of WHO out of the country and said he would proceed.

The shipment was lost and delayed for nearly 6 weeks. When it finally got there and was used, the results were, as expected, positive.
But the FDA/FTC sent us a warning letter basically telling us that we could not tell people the truth about Nano Silver 10 PPM and then our credit card company raped our bank account of all the money there, withholding sales, leaving our Foundation with $93 in the bank, rather than allowing the sale of this safe and potent natural immune support shown by science to have the capacity to boost normal immune structure and function.
Read more here:
Now purchases must be made by check but Nano Silver 10 PPM is available, despite the best efforts of those who want the disease to spread.
Oh, and by the way, CDC is lying about every aspect of this disease. It is, in fact, according to a Special Report of the US Army Research Institute on Infectious Diseases (posted on my website) as easily transmitted by droplets as the flu but, unlike the flu, can infect every cell of the body, not just the respiratory tract.
Visit our site, learn more.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation


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Forget the Theory you cannot go Faster than the Speed of Light!

Forget the Theory you cannot go Faster than Speed of Light!

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Dr. Emoto: The Passing away of a Legend*

Dr. Emoto: The Passing away of a Legend*

When I was probably no more than 12 or 13 years old, my mom showed me a movie I will always remember today as one of the first times I questioned the world. The movie was called “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and as many of you know, it discussed the nature of consciousness from a scientific, but yet very practical and spiritual way. It was the first time I was introduced into quantum physics, and the first time I learned about Dr. Emoto.

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a world renown scientist that had been visually documenting molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques,  and in doing so expanded our concept of Consciousness.  His work has influenced millions, and paved the way for a massive transformation in the evolution of consciousness, quantum physics, and our understanding of reality. His work was legendary.

This morning, Masaru Emoto passed away peacefully with his beloved wife by his side.

Since he became ill in Shanghai, he has received so much love and gratitude from his dear friends of all over the world. He was very encouraged and happy to receive all of the kind messages with love.

His last word was “Arigato”. (“Thank you” in Japanese) The IMH staff said this last word was to you, everybody. He was so grateful for you and thanked you all so very much.

He used to say, “Life is LOVE which is a gift from God and parents, and DEATH is gratitude for going to a new dimension”. So now he is in another dimension and continues to look over us warmly with love and gratitude.

We are going to carry on his mission of spreading the power of “love and gratitude”

Masaru Emoto was born July 22, 1943 and he was a Japanese author and entrepreneur who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto’s conjecture has evolved over the years. Initially, he believed that water could take on the “resonance” of “energy” which was directed at it and that polluted water could be restored through prayer and positive visualization.  In 1986 he established the IHM Corporation in Tokyo. In October of 1992 he received certification from the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Subsequently he was introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the US and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. The quest thus began to discover the mystery of water. Emoto has stated,

“Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is a blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you’re open to it.”

Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages of Water was a New York Times best seller. Emoto’s water crystal experiments consist of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetics of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. Emoto makes the claim that water exposed to positive speech or thoughts (intention) will result in “beautiful” crystals being formed when that water is frozen and that negative intention will yield “ugly” frozen crystal formations.


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American and British Taxes Paying for Eugenics in India*

American and British Taxes Paying for Eugenics in India*

By Christina Sarich

In light of Ebola epidemics, Monsanto scandals, and the other reprehensible actions of a corrupt government, I’d like to point out another glaring blight being perpetuated on the world. I do so not to add doom to the already cosmically abhorrent actions of the ‘leaders’ of today, but so that people can look at the pieces of the puzzle and fit them together using their own discernment.

In case you don’t know, U.S. and UK taxpayer money is being filtered through ‘foreign aid’ to support an insidious network of ‘camps’ to sterilize women in India in the name of ‘population control.’ The Indian Supreme Court is currently looking more closely into the matter.

According to CFAM:

“The British government gave $268 million to the government of India for a program that forcibly sterilizes poor women and men, according to the Guardian newspaper. This news comes as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation prepares to co-host a family planning summit with the British government in London this July.”

When questioned about the supposed links between contraception campaigns and population control, Melinda Gates dismissed the correlation, saying that there ‘is no controversy,’ even though the campaigns have included questionable HPV vaccinations on tribal women and children in India (which Bill Gates is now being sued for), forced abortions, and other questionable forms of contraception.

When you add to this milieu the known reproductive issues caused by GMOs (lowered sperm counts, altered ovaries, uterine changes) – which Gates supports through the ownership of more than 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock – you have to question the whole ‘family planning’ bit altogether.

Authorities have been found to coerce unsuspecting families at these ‘camps’ in India by threatening to withhold food or other essentials if they do not go through with sterilization procedures. Others are bribed using Western tax monies, or consent to the procedures without being told of the true risks involved.

“The consequences, meanwhile, have included numerous bleeding deaths from botched operations, miscarriages, infections, and long-term health problems for the victims, according to reports from around India. Generally poverty-stricken and under-educated people — who often hail from lower “castes” and do not even have a chance to object — are targeted for the barbaric treatment.”

This appalling attitude is consistent among eugenicists, however. They see humans who are not ‘chosen’ or from ‘elite families’ as disposable. In Nazi Germany, the children born to Nazi fathers were called Lebensborn, the brainchild of one of Hitler’s henchmen, Heinrich Himmler. Modern eugenicists only carry out this same philosophy.

“I tell you they treat them not as human beings, but as cattle or goats,” Human Rights Law Network activist Devika Biswas told the National Catholic Register after filing a petition about the matter with the nation’s Supreme Court. “They just cut and take out veins. They were bleeding profusely. It is butchery.”

The Indian Supreme Court is now hearing about the filthy camps and their practices of coercive sterilization. Some people were bribed with less than $8 US and a sari, others were threatened with their ration cards in places where a single meal is a King’s ransom for the extreme indigent.

One region targeted by the UK government is being investigated for the botched operation of a woman who was pregnant with twins – a poor laborer – who bled to death.

This is not a new practice, though. Sterilization has been the most common method of family planning used by India’s Reproductive and Child Health Program Phase II, begun in 2005 with UK funding, and supported through foreign aid by the U.S. primarily, as well as other countries.

If Gates has his way, he can keep vaccinating Indian and African children with Polio – not protecting them from polio, but giving it to them.

He and others interested in population control will keep giving women toxic HPV vaccines, pushing GMOs into poor countries (remember Golden Rice), and furthering his population control plans.

If that goes well, he can focus on the U.S., and fund pandemics which we will all be forced to get nationalized vaccinations for. (PATH, supported by Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation, is always looking for new ways to launch vaccine programs – especially to treat pandemics, even though the press release saying so has been pulled from the web.)

Gates has also given tens of millions of dollars to the largest abortion providers in the world, including International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International. These large sums of money will undoubtedly expand the reach and influence of the abortion industry.

According to the Gates Foundation grant database, the Foundation gave Planned Parenthood of America, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Planned Parenthood of Western Washington about $71 million from before 2009 through 2013. Additionally, the Gates Foundation gave $46.1 million to Marie Stopes International in 2012 alone.”

Gates has helped carry on the legacy of his father through the Gates’ family trust for his entire life.

The first of the directives of the Georgia Guidestones, thought to be a ‘ten commandments’ capstone for the elite, states:

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Whatever this site was built for, they certainly aren’t in perpetual balance with nature. If this commandment was followed, 9/10s of the planet would have to be killed off. Funny how these plans – vaccines, chemtrails, GMOs, herbicidal spraying, pandemics, forced sterilizations – all seem to be working. Though the other ‘commandments’ seem sound on their own.

We still have a chance to be stewards of this planet and ourselves. Vote with your dollar, be vocal, and don’t vote for the known congressional criminals. Eat organic. Demand GMO labeling, or bans. Help your neighbors. Protect your right to procreate if you so desire. If we all stand together we outnumber the enemies – in a BIG way.


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