The Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement

The Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement

From Alexandra Bruce

Simon Baker travels to Hawaii to examine the growing native sovereignty movement and how it helped halt construction of the largest public infrastructure project in Hawaii’s history.

As Dr. Keanu Sai explains, the sovereignty movement in Hawaii asserts that there are no legal documents to prove Hawaii was ever legally ceded to the US, as a territory. It was annexed by an Act of US Congress during the Spanish-American War, in 1898 and legally, this annexation has no effect beyond the US.

Moreover, there were many 19th century documents from other nations in Europe and elsewhere, acknowledging the Hawaiian Kingdom during this era. Thus, the Hawaiian sovereignty movement’s goal of becoming independent from the US cannot be construed as one of “seceding” because it was never ceded, to begin with. Hawaii was simply kidnapped and rolled over by the US.

The Hawaiian sovereignty movement’s goal is to “heat the rock (the Hawaiian Islands) that is held by the United States, so that the hand will let it go’. And they are doing it through education, social and economic means.”

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