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Gala in California Raised $30+mn for the Israel Defense Forces*

Gala in California Raised $30+mn for the Israel Defense Forces*

By John Friend


A group of some of the wealthiest and most influential people in America, consisting of both traitorous American citizens and hostile, subversive agents and partisans of the Jewish state of Israel, recently raised millions of dollars for the terrorist army of the Zionist regime occupying Palestine. At a gala in Los Angeles, California, over $30 million was raised for the Israel Defense Forces, a foreign military organization widely known to engage in and commit acts of false flag terrorism, indiscriminate bombing of civilian and civil infrastructure, torture, and other barbaric, horrific crimes. The Times of Israel reports:

Hollywood A-list actors, politicians and tech moguls came together Thursday to raise a record-breaking $33.5 million for the IDF at a Los Angeles gala fundraiser.

Barbra Streisand, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pamela Anderson were among the 1,200 guests who attended the annual Friends of the Israel Defense Forces event at which the unprecedented sum was raised.

“It is incredibly touching to see how advocacy for the FIDF has grown in Los Angeles,” said Haim Saban, the American-Israeli philanthropist who chaired the gala.

“The caliber of Gala attendees from Hollywood, tech, business and other walks of life — especially a large contingent of people without ties to Israel or Judaism — ultimately speaks to their admiration for the heroic men and women of the IDF and the incredible work that the FIDF does to support them,” Saban said.

Notable donations made at the event included $10 million from Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, $5 million from philanthropists Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, $5.2 million from Maurice and Paul Marciano of Guess Jeans, $3.6 million from Cheryl and Haim Saban and $2 million from New York Giants president Steve Tisch.

First time attendees Michael and Susan Dell donated $1.8 million to fund the educational scholarship programs for soldiers and veterans.


“In my mind, there is no greater honor than supporting some of the bravest people in the world, and I thank FIDF for providing us with this opportunity year-after-year to celebrate and support these soldiers,” said Larry Ellison. “These men and women come together with indefatigable purpose, to defend Israel and strive to co-exist in peace.” […]

One wonders if similar fundraisers are held for the American military, which has been waging a variety of fraudulent, immoral, and unjustifiable wars of aggression against the peoples of the Middle East at the behest of international Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel ever since 9/11 (and arguably well before). I tend to doubt it. There are a number of charities and non-profits dedicated to helping American veterans and servicemen and women who are frequently abused, neglected, and abandoned by the federal government and military establishment, but I doubt all the high profile celebrities and Jewish plutocrats who attended the aforementioned fundraiser for the IDF care at all about members of the American military. In their minds, the American military is simply a tool used to attack and destroy the enemies of the Zionist regime occupying Palestine, whose members can be discarded once their service is up.

Jews mourn Zionist existenceCould it be any more obvious how completely dominated America is by international Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel?


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For Greater Israel: Israeli Legal Jurisdiction to be Extended to Judea and Samaria*

For Greater Israel: Israeli legal jurisdiction to be Extended to Judea and Samaria*

By Yaakov Levi

“Judea” and “Samaria” is the West Bank!

The Ministerial Law Committee on Sunday authorized for legislation a law that would extend Israeli legal jurisdiction to Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria. Among the laws that would apply in Judea and Samaria if the measure is passed are those requiring workers to receive sick pay, minimum wage laws, and other workplace-related measures.

According to the measure, the labor laws would be implemented not by an act of the Knesset, but by a special order of the military authorities who are the official administrators of Judea and Samaria. The laws would apply both to Jews and Palestinian Authority Arabs employed at Israeli-owned businesses.

The law was approved by cabinet members, with six voting in favor and four opposed. Earlier Sunday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu informed ministers that he would allow them to support the law, which was proposed by MKs Orit Struk (Jewish Home) and Yariv Levin (Likud).

It was supported by all Likud and Jewish Home ministers, except for Education and Sport Minister Limor Livnat (Likud), who abstained along with Minister of Public Security Yitzhak Aharonovich. Voting against were ministers Yael German, Yaakov Peri, Yair Lapid, and Tzippy Livni.

Commenting on the law’s approval, MKs Struk and Levin said that it was “an important decision that will help prevent outright cases of discrimination against residents of Judea and Samaria. We hope that the government will unite and support the law when it comes up for a Knesset vote. We also expect ministers who, even if they do not support settlement, do support economic fairness, to stand behind this bill.”


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Canadian Child Sacrificial Cult Exposed*

Canadian Child Sacrificial Cult Exposed*

A former employee of the Holy Rosary Catholic Cathedral has revealed details of a west coast sacrificial cult involving the ritual rape and murder of children.

The cult, known as the Twelve Mile Club, operates from private yachts owned by Catholic businessmen and moored in West Vancouver. The abducted and tortured children are taken outside Canada’s twelve mile territorial limit and their bodies are disposed of in the ocean.

The witness shared his evidence this week with a special ITCCS Inquiry formed in the wake of the exposure of Canadian government cabinet minister Denis Lebel’s participation in a Ninth Circle ritual killing of a young boy in Rome on February 22, 2014.

The witness attended meetings during 2007 and 2008 where former Archbishop Raymond Roussin and senior parish priest Glen Dion planned with church lawyers the cover-up of their own involvement in the Twelve Mile Club.

According to the witness, the Archbishop and Glen Dion named judges and other clergy as being members of the Club, including former Chief Justice of the BC Provincial Court Hugh Stansfield (Pictured), Justice William Esson and Terrance Warren of the British Columbia Supreme Court, United Church clergyman and present Moderator of that church, Gary Paterson, and national United Church officials Brian Thorpe and Jon Jessiman.

Chief Justice Hugh Stansfield died suddenly in May, 2009 after being named as a suspected child rapist. (—provincial-court-of-british-columbia—suspected-pedofile—suspected-murder-victim.html )

Archbishop Roussin resigned his position suddenly in January, 2009 due to a “nervous breakdown”, according to the Vancouver Archdiocese.

Referring to the Archbishop, the witness stated,

“At the last meeting I attended before he retired, that was in the spring of 2008, his Excellency was very worried about the protests at the Cathedral by the Indians and Kevin Annett’s group. He was afraid that all the reporters covering these protests would discover the Twelve Mile Club and all the children who had gone missing. It all became too much for him.”

Common law citizen arrest warrants were issued last year against three other alleged Twelve Mile Club members – United Church Moderator Gary Paterson and church officials Brian Thorpe and Jon Jessiman – for their role in concealing the trafficking and killing of children in their church’s Indian residential schools. (

Asked about his knowledge of any connection between the Twelve Mile Club and the Ninth Circle cult, the witness stated to ITCCS officers,

“Being a francophone too, Archbishop Roussin was close friends with (Ninth Circle member) Archbishop Gerald Lacroix. They wrote a book together, they paired up during voting at the CCCB (Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops). You don’t get to become an Archbishop unless you know how to keep each other’s secrets. How much more of a connection do they need?”

The statements of other witnesses to the Twelve Mile Club and the abduction of children on Canada’s west coast will be forthcoming.


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Proof Behind the Ebola Conspiracy

Proof Behind the Ebola Conspiracy

From Alexandra Bruce

According to the creator of this video, Steven Bancarz:

“The outbreak of Ebola was facilitated by the US government and will infect the population of America by design for the purpose of profit, depopulation, and the introduction of martial law.”

He also links the downing of MH-17 in Eastern Ukraine last July with the murder, in that crash of Glenn Thomas (along with that of hundreds of others).

The late Dr. Thomas was the Director of Communications for the World Health Organization (WHO) and a leading expert in AIDS and the Ebola Virus, who was on his way to a high-profile AIDS conference in Australia.

There are rumors that Thomas knew that there was bioweapons research on the Ebola virus taking place at the Kenema Hospital in Sierra Leone and that vaccines were administered to locals, under the guise of a “precautionary test” – a test which was, in fact,
*giving* weaponized Ebola to people in Sierra Leone – where this epidemic first broke out.

Thomas had previously spoken at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland, on behalf of the WHO, where he disagreed with the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF: Doctors without Borders) group, that the Ebola outbreak was “out of control.”

MSF were one of the groups initially involved in administering the deadly vaccines to the hapless Sierra Leoneans.

Bancarz suspects that Thomas refused to go along with the cover-up, unlike some of his co-workers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and now, his former colleagues must be well-aware that he was murdered.

Bancarz also says it’s important to note that methods for creating an array of Ebola viruses is patented by the US Government Agency, the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), who now have a monopoly on the Ebola virus and that they stand to gain from any effective vaccine, should one be developed.

There are countless more chilling and despicable details, here which leave one with little doubt that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa leads straight back the US Department of Defense, using US Taxpayer money to develop bioweapons that were tested in Africa, in concert with French partners to commit genocide in this diamond- and petroleum-rich region of Africa; weapons which may be soon be used against The People of the United States, as a ruse to enact full-blown Martial Law.

The creator of this piece also notes:

“This is my first YouTube video ever, and is not really indicative of the types of videos I will be making in the future, which will be more personal and related to spirituality and personal

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