Normalizing Paedophilia through Sex for Children*

Normalizing Paedophilia through Sex for Children*

So the elite can avoid impunity…and children continue to suffer the consequences into adulthood.

By Aspen

“Sex Education,” i.e. promoting sex to children before they are mentally and emotionally mature,is state-sanctioned sexual abuse of children.

We don’t wish to appear prudish but satanic possession largely takes the form of sex addiction. This is why the Illuminati separate sex from marriage and procreation and promote it relentlessly as an end in itself. In England, an educational consultant has made recommendations that will ensure children become promiscuous. Ontario is introducing similar measures.  But why are we surprised? Our “leaders” shill for the Illuminati, a paedophile homosexual satanic cult.

The battle over the ‘sexual rights’ of underage persons has begun. Children are being sexualized. In the view of the Illuminati, young people are being ‘set free’.

I wrote the above three years ago on this website. With astonishing rapidity, the Illuminati plan is being realized.

Tuesday the U.K. Daily Mail reported that an educational consultant has recommended that sexual intercourse between 13-year-olds considered as ‘safe and healthy’ behaviour; and masturbation and ‘consensual kissing’ is OK for 9-year-olds.”

“The recommendations have been endorsed by the Department for Education and a string of ministers including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. Although it is not specifically intended to form part of sex education lessons, it encourages teachers to view sex between 13-year-olds as normal. Campaigners warned MPs yesterday that it effectively condones unlawful behaviour because the age of consent is 16.”

A graphic in the article provides the following details over what is to be considered acceptable for youths in the 13-17 age range (see GREEN list):

But this is not the whole story, and how could it be? The Illuminati don’t do anything small. The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has officially declared

“Sexual rights are human rights. Young people are sexual beings with needs, desires and fantasies.Young people must be able to explore, experience and express their sexuality. They are entitled to do this in positive, pleasurable and safe ways.

To secure YOUNG PEOPLE’S SEXUAL RIGHTS we must understand how human rights apply to young people’s sexuality.”

A PDF available at the same link given above, entitled, “Exclaim! Young People’s Guide to ‘Sexual Rights: An IPPF Declaration'” provides further confirmation of the exact language expected, and it is worth the time to review it in full:”YOUNG PEOPLE’S SEXUAL RIGHTS vs adults’

“Since each young person develops at their own pace, there is NO UNIVERSAL AGE AT WHICH CERTAIN SEXUAL RIGHTS GAIN OR LOSE IMPORTANCE….”Young people’s sexual rights are DIFFERENT and more complex than adults’ sexual rights because of”1. widespread denial of young people’s sexuality. There is a common misconception that young people are not, or should not be sexual beings.”

  1. the need to both protect and empower young people. What does the ‘evolving capacity of young people’ mean? ‘Evolving capacity’ means that each young person gradually develops the ability to take full responsibility for their own actions and decisions. This happens at a different pace for different young people.”My article, only three years ago, ended with this warning:

“In the meantime, the gross forms of child sexualization have been building momentum:  child beauty pageants; sexual toys for children;  ‘gender-less’ offspring; the increasing popularity of nudity shared via cell phones and smartphones.

“Make no mistake:  the day will come when your children will be ‘set free’ sexually. And if you object, your children will be taken from you. It may take some time, but it will come.”

It hasn’t taken much time, has it? And what is yet to come?

1. Incest “as home sexual education” will be encouraged.
2. Inter-household “child care trading” will be advocated.
3. The “age of sexual awareness” will be pushed down to five, to four, and to three years old.
4. “Sex Ed” will be scheduled to begin in kindergarten.
5. Pedophilia or “inter generational sex” will be normalized.

Likely, GREEN behavior will gradually migrate to the YELLOW AND RED behavior. This is the Illuminati plan for your children.


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