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Mecca: 95 per cent of Holy Sites have been Destroyed*

Mecca: 95 per cent of Holy Sites have been Destroyed*

ISIS Israel and Saudi Arabia seem to have a common denominator….If acts of worship in front of a dedicated object or “saint”, is shirq/idolatrous then what is spending billions of pounds to build luxurious palaces, hotels, and shopping malls to worship the self before one drops dead? Isn’t this why the Tower of Babel built in the first place?

By Andrew Johnson

The site in Mecca where the Prophet Mohamed is said to have been born is about to be “buried under marble” and replaced by a huge royal palace. The work is part of a multibillion-pound construction project in the holy city which has already resulted in the destruction of hundreds of historic monuments.

The project, which began several years ago, aims to expand the al-Masjid al-Haram, or the Grand Mosque, to cater for the millions of pilgrims who make their way to the holy city each year for the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims are obliged to make at least once.

Mecca is the holiest city in Islam because of its link to the birth of the Prophet, and because it is the site of the Ka’aba, a cube-shaped building made from black granite and said to have been built by Abraham. The Grand Mosque is built around it, and Muslims face towards it when they pray.

Destruction of the Grand Mosque

Many have looked on aghast at the destruction of hundreds of historic buildings and monuments to make way for the Grand Mosque’s expansion. According to the Gulf Institute, based in Washington, up to 95% of Mecca’s millennium-old buildings have been destroyed, to be replaced with luxury hotels, apartments and shopping malls.

Last week, the remaining 500-year-old Ottoman columns, commemorating the Prophet’s ascent to heaven, were destroyed, Dr Irfan Alawi of the UK-based Islamic Heritage Research Foundation, told The Independent.

He said that the House of Mawlid, thought to be where the Prophet was born in AD570, is likely to be destroyed before the end of the year.

The new royal palace is to be built for King Abdullah, the formal custodian of the mosque, for his visits to Mecca. Plans for the building, seen by The Independent, include the site of the House of Mawlid, which has recently been closed to pilgrims.

The plans have been verified by an independent source who added that many critics of the construction process are unwilling to speak publicly for fear of being punished by the regime.

Saudi Arabia is ruled by the strict Wahhabi version of Islam, which prohibits the worship of any object or “saint”, a practice considered “shirq”, or idolatrous.

Jannat Al Baqi, the tomb of Mohammed’s wife, Fatima Zahra

The destruction of historic sites was defended recently by Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah al-Sheikh. According to Press TV, Iran’s English-language news organisation, he said the demolitions were necessary and that the nation should thank the government for the work, which is increasing the capacity of the mosque.

The rooms of the House of Mawlid are under the ground, and in 1951 a library was built over them to preserve them. This has now been closed to pilgrims. Signs on the building warn worshippers against praying. “There is no proof that Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) was born in this place, so it is forbidden to make this place specific for praying, supplicating or get blessing [sic],” it says.

Dr Alawi, one of the few voices to publicly oppose the destruction, claimed that religious police are posted outside the library to prevent worshipping. “The site of the Prophet’s birthplace has again come under imminent threat of being permanently forgotten under concrete and marble,” Dr Alawi told The Independent.

“Now that Hajj is finished, the 24-hour construction work has started again. They have finished the expansion on one side of the mosque. The royal palace, which will be five times bigger than the current royal palace, is to be built into the side of a mountain and will overlook the mosque.

“Between now and December the library and the rooms of the House of Mawlid are likely be built over. It’s inevitable that it will happen.

“It will be history. It will be gone. We are saying, ‘Let us excavate that house and preserve these rooms that are still there’.”

In September The Independent revealed that even the tomb of the Prophet – which is in the holy city of Medina in the al-Masjid al-Nawabi mosque – was not off-limits for some hardline Wahhabis.

The article, which revealed that calls for the removal of the tomb had been made in a 61-page consultation document, caused an outcry in the Middle East, and forced a denial from the Saudi authorities, who had previously refused to comment on the construction works.

Details of that plan, obtained by a leading Saudi academic, Dr Ali bin Abdulaziz al-Shabal of Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, were circulated to the Committee of the Presidency of the Two Mosques. Several pages of the consultation document were published in the presidency’s journal.

The Ottoman Ayad Fortress (left), a legacy from before the time Saudi Arabia as a sovereign state existed DEFINITELY NOT AN ISLAMIC HOLY SITE replaced by the Royal Mecca Clock Tower in case you forget the time!

The Independent has made numerous attempts to contact the Saudi authorities for a comment without success.

However, in a previous statement the authorities said: “The development of the Holy Mosque of Makkah al-Mukarramah [Mecca] is an extremely important subject and one which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in its capacity as custodian of the two holy mosques, takes with the utmost seriousness. This role is at the heart of the principles upon which Saudi Arabia is founded.”


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Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Commander Trained in U.S.*

Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Commander Trained in U.S.*

By Federico Pieraccini

A commander of one of the Ukrainian neo-nazi battalions, the Donbass,Semyon Semyonchenko, has just returned from the US, where he met with senior senators from both parties, and received commitments of material support.

He posted a comment on Facebook in which he gives a detailed explanation of this assistance.

He was also received by IRI (International Republican Institute) and NDI (National Democratic Institute), the international branches of the two main American political parties, and met with democratic Senator Robert Menendez and republican senator Robert Corker.

“Menendez and Corker are the two senators who have sponsored the Ukraine Freedom Support Act, a bill that will allocate money to provide assistance to Ukraine, including the supply of weapons. Radar, anti-tank weapons, drones, communications systems and many other useful things for our army. “

One of the main goals of his trip was to get training and much more from the US military.  Judging by his FB post, it seems he has accomplished this.

“Yesterday I signed a contract to organize training courses for the fighters and officers of the battalion Donbass by mobile groups of instructors from the United States, held by military that are not currently in service.

They will work under the traditional training system used by the Navy Seals and Delta Force. Standards have been developed for each department (reconnaissance, special forces, security, etc.) and for each non-commissioned officer.

Particular attention will be paid to the individual training and teamwork. We will use the maximum number of practical exercises.

Another important point is the training of sergeants (NCOs) to allow it to act independently and managing a team.

The instructors will also be used to prepare the internal security forces, and that training is one of the forms of indirect assistance that Ukraine is receiving.

After his meeting with NDI and IRI he also added:

“They were very useful talks. We explained to them the situation in Ukraine as objectively as possible. We are confident that everything will go according to plan as we hoped. “


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Rasmea Odeh: Another Political Prisoner of the U.S.*

Rasmea Odeh: Another Political Prisoner of the U.S.*

Rasmea Odeh outside a federal courthouse in Chicago

Palestinian activist and torture survivor Rasmea Odeh was found guilty of an immigration violation on Monday by a U.S. federal jury in Detroit, following what her supporters say was an unjust trial for trumped up charges aimed at crushing political movements.

“Make no mistake. Rasmea came under attack by the U.S. government because she is Palestinian and because for decades she has organized for Palestinian liberation and self-determination, the Right of Return, and an end to U.S. funding of Israeli occupation,” reads a statement from the Rasmea Defense Committee issued immediately following the verdict.

Presiding Judge Gershwin Drain revoked the 67-year-old’s bond, and Odeh was immediately taken into custody. She will remain incarcerated until her sentencing hearing.

Torture in Israel, Crackdown in the U.S.

In 1969, then 21-year-old Odeh was living in the West Bank city of Ramallah as a refugee from her home village of Lifta when she was arrested by Israeli soldiers and held for 25 days. During her detention, Israeli interrogators elicited what Odeh says is a false confession obtained through torture—including beatings, sexual assault, and death threats. Odeh soon after retracted the confession, but nonetheless she was convicted in an Israeli military court of participating in a series of bombings that led to the deaths of two civilians. She denies any involvement in the acts of which she was convicted.

Israeli military tribunals convict Palestinians at a rate of 99.74%, according to the National Lawyers Guild. Torture of Palestinians under Israeli detention, including children, is well documented.

After ten years incarcerated by Israel, Odeh was released as part of a prisoner exchange. She moved to Jordan and eventually relocated to the United States—first to Detroit and later to Chicago. She became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2004.

Since her release from Israeli prison, Odeh has been an active and prominent campaigner for Palestinian rights and has testified to the United Nations in Geneva, human rights organizations, and media outlets about her torture and its ongoing impacts, for which she has since been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Odeh has been active for years in Chicago’s Arab American Action Network, leading its Arab Women’s Committee, which focuses on empowering Arab immigrant women. In 2013, she was granted the Mosaic Award for Outstanding Community Leadership from the Chicago Cultural Alliance.

But last October, Odeh was arrested from her home in the Chicago suburbs by Department of Homeland Security agents and indicted for allegedly failing to disclose on her visa and naturalization applications her conviction in Israeli military courts.

Odeh’s legal defense attorney says that she did not intentionally provide false answers, but rather, believed the questions only pertained to convictions in the United States.

Critics charge that Odeh’s arrest and subsequent trial was part of a broad crackdown on Palestinian rights campaigners across the midwestern United States.

“The immigration charge is really nothing but a pretext,” Hatem Abudayyeh, spokesperson for the Rasmea Defense Committee and member of the United States Palestinian Community Network, told Common Dreams.

“The long arm of law enforcement goes after social justice movements doing effective and impactful work.”

“Defense Cut Off at the Knees”

According to Odeh’s defense committee, the Odeh’s subsequent trial was a “travesty of justice.”

Despite acknowledging Odeh’s charges of torture as “credible,” Drain ruled that this torture could not be brought up at the trial. As a result, Odeh’s attorneys

“had to scrap plans to call to the stand an expert witness, clinical psychologist Dr. Mary Fabri, who has decades of experience working with torture survivors, to testify that the allegedly false answers on the immigration forms were the result of Rasmea’s chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,” according to a statement from her defense committee.

“He allowed evidence gathered by Israelis when they viciously tortured and raped Rasmea in prison in 1969, but he would not allow Rasmea to prove she had chronic PTSD and that she was tortured,” said Abudayyeh. “At that point, our defense was cut off at the knees.”

Journalist Charlotte Silver, who has reported on the trial, wrote Monday that the jury did not wish to speak with the defense team after the hearing, yet spoke with the government prosecutors for thirty minutes.

“That’s the kind of jury we had: they were kept ignorant of 75% of our defense and then they didn’t even want to hear from us at the end,” lead defense attorney Michael Deutsch told supporters.

“We Will Fight for Justice”

Throughout the trial and the lead-up, Odeh was met with an outpouring of support as her case took on national prominence.

“We had organizing call-in days across the country at least once a month where we would bombard the U.S. attorney’s office in Detroit with calls demanding they drop the charges,” said Abudayyeh. “We gathered over 100 letters of support. We also organized a number of rallies and protests at federal buildings across the country, from Florida to Utah to New York to New Jersey. We brought approximately 200 people to Detroit over her four day trial.”

Odeh today was found guilty of one count of Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization, which her legal team has pledged to appeal. Meanwhile, she awaits sentencing from the court, facing up to 10 years in prison and loss of her U.S. citizenship.

Immediately following her verdict, before her bond was revoked, Odeh went outside to address her supporters. Speaking to them on a bullhorn, she said,

“Thank you for supporting me. We can find justice in some place, maybe not in this court, maybe in another place. There is justice in this world. We will find it… We will fight for justice.”


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Has Jim Carrey Flipped?*

Has Jim Carrey Flipped?*

By Gregg Prescott

It takes a lot of courage for a celebrity to step forward and talk about his or her spiritual awakening. Actor and comedian Jim Carrey steps forward to talk about his spiritual awakening which, hopefully, will open the door for other celebrities to do the same. Many celebrities are caught up in the glitz and materialism of the Hollywood life and seem to have a difficult time comprehending basic spiritual values. In this video, Carrey lays it on the line and gives a heart-warming rendition of his spiritual awakening.

In a recent Time magazine interview, Carrey mentioned how he would be interested in writing a book on his awakening, adding, “It will be more representative of who I am than anything I’ve ever done.  I feel like I know something. These thoughts make me feel like I’m wearing gold shoes.”

The title of the article was called, “Has Jim Carrey Flipped Out?” which basically associates a spiritual awakening with insanity while using neuro linguistic programming to precondition the mind to formulate an opinion before even reading the article.

This is one of the many ways the main stream media tries to formulate our opinions. Despite their attempts, Carrey’s spiritual comments and experiences have earned him enormous respect within the vastly growing spiritual community and also helped to further alienate the main stream media from their target audience, the consumers, who now see through their facade.

The spiritual awakening train continues to gather momentum! Who will be next to come aboard?


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Disappearing and Murdered: Canada’s Indigenous Women*

Disappearing and Murdered: Canada’s Indigenous Women*

In August 2014, Tina Fontaine’s body was pulled from the Red River in Winnipeg Manitoba, stuffed in a garbage bag by her killer. Her disappearance had been reported to the police by child protection workers but city police failed to take her into custody when they came across her at a traffic stop shortly before her death.

Tina’s death was not a tragic isolated event – she is the latest victim of a legacy of violence against Aboriginal women in Canada. The evidence is clear, yet the Canadian government refuses to act.

The Native Women’s Association of Canada and Amnesty International has released a report gathering together details of the disappearance or death of 582 Aboriginal women or girls and identifying trends related to root causes and circumstances. Yet in the same year, the federal government clawed back CAD$5mdedicated to research and support for Aboriginal families of the victims, and reallocated the monies to a general fund for victims of violent crime.

In 2007 Robert Pickton was convicted in the murders of six women (and charged with 27 other murders) in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, British Columbia. In the wake of the Pickton trial, the provincial government announced a Missing Women Commission of Inquiry. The final report – entitled “Forsaken” – showed that Aboriginal women were ten times more likely to be murdered in the province than non-Aboriginal women. One-third of Pickton’s victims were Aboriginal.

Throughout the inquiry, Aboriginal women’s organizations were denied funding to speak to the commission, whereas police officers were represented by legal counsel against allegations of failure to protect street involved women, such as those who work as prostitutes or are homeless.

In 2012, a northern Aboriginal community invited Human Rights Watch International to conduct an examination of police practices. The report documented accounts and photographs of girls and women who were bitten by police dogs, punched while handcuffed, and strip-searched by male officers. One woman reported being sexually assaulted by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) – Canada’s federal police agency – officers who threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

To date, there has been no formal investigation of the RCMP in these matters; the federal government has stated that the accusations will be investigated only when the women provide written statements identifying the police officers. This is despite the fact that in early 2014, the RCMP reported that between 1980 and 2012, 1,181 Aboriginal girls and women have gone missing or have been murdered in Canada.

The rates of violence against Aboriginal women in Canada (on and off reserve) are staggering. Not surprisingly, given the prevalence of gendered violence in Aboriginal communities, many women reported profound fear of victimization and death. These conditions of endangerment are compounded by severe overcrowding due to housing shortages, as well as by the limited availability of emergency shelters and services for women who seek support or safety from violence.

How is police indifference and brutalization intertwined with the predatorial violence against Aboriginal women? Amnesty International concluded that

“despite assurances to the contrary, police in Canada have often failed to provide Aboriginal women with an adequate standard of protection”.

Despite the evidence of inter-generational violence against Aboriginal women and demands of regional governments, the Canadian federal government has refused to call a national inquiry, stating that homicides are properly addressed through law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

Aboriginal women’s organizations have pointed to the economic conditions of reserves that lead women to the streets of urban centers in search of work and education. Some argue political and economic sovereignty for Aboriginal people is necessary to secure women’s empowerment within their own communities.

But the conditions of endangerment that make women unsafe, such as poverty, overcrowding, and the lack of oversight of police agencies are also forms of “racial governance”. In the end, Aboriginal people and their communities are made responsible for their own crises of gendered violence while the government and police look the other way.


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How an Oligarch Thinks*

How an Oligarch Thinks*

The label ‘oligarch’ in recent times has been rearing its ugly head from driving up the prices of British real estate, taking control of the Ukraine, to the U.S. transition from the questionable state of democracy to becoming an oligarchical state…what is their role in the faltering New World Order?

By Mike Krieger

If you’ve read any of my articles over the past several years, you will be well aware of my disdain toward a small group of individuals I refer to as oligarchs, and their destructive influence on America and the world at large. When people hear “oligarch” they probably automatically assume I simply mean billionaires and other extraordinarily wealthy people, but as with most things in life, it’s not that simple.

In a nutshell, while almost all oligarchs are extremely wealthy (or have access to extreme wealth), not all people with extreme wealth are oligarchs. The term oligarch is reserved for those with extreme wealth who also want to control the political process, policy levers and most other aspects of the lives of the citizenry in a top-down tyrannical and undemocratic manner. They think they know best about pretty much everything, and believe unelected technocrats who share their worldview should be empowered so that they can unilaterally make all of society’s important decisions. The unwashed masses (plebs) in their minds are unnecessary distractions who must to be told what to do. Useless eaters who need to be brainwashed into worshipping the oligarch mindset, or turned into apathetic automatons incapable or unwilling to engage in critical thought. Either outcome is equally acceptable and equally encouraged.

These oligarchs and the centralized institutions they control pose the greatest threat to humanity at this time. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that the entire balance of the planet depends on their defeat. A world created in their image will be at best a technocratic, fascist dictatorship and at worst end in a nuclear holocaust.

Think I’m taking this too far? Take a look at the opinions of these two billionaires. One is Haim Saban, a so-called “Democrat,” the other, Sheldon Adelson, a so-called “Republican.” Both are incredibly influential, both completely fucking insane although Adelson makes Saban look like Gandhi.

First from Israel’s oldest daily, Haaretz:

Billionaire casino mogul and conservative donor Sheldon Adelson said Sunday that the Palestinians are a made-up nation which exists solely to attempt to destroy Israel.

At the conference, which also featured top Democratic funder Haim Saban, Adelson also said Israel would not be able to survive as a democracy:

“So Israel won’t be a democratic state, so what?” he asked Saban, adding that democracy, after all, is not mentioned in the Torah, and recommended that the country build a “big wall” to protect itself, saying, “I would put up a big wall around my property.”

Saban and Adelson should buy The New York Times together in an effort to bring more “balance” to the newspaper’s coverage of Israel and the Middle East, Adelson suggested to wild applause. Adelson already owns Israel Hayom, a free Israeli newspaper widely seen as reflecting the positions of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is considered close to Adelson, and, more recently, news website NRG and religious newspaper Makor Rishon.

“I don’t like journalism,” Adelson said, highlighting what he said was the media’s insistence on focusing on the empty half of the glass.

See what a sociopath this guy is? He claims he doesn’t like journalism, yet owns a newspaper and wants to buy the New York Times. I suppose it makes sense. The best way to rob a bank is to own one, and the best way to destroy journalism is to own a propagandist newspaper.

Pro-Israel Celebrities Help Raise Millions of Dollars for IDF at Gala Haim Saban’s gala …

Meanwhile, the Washington Post does a great job of showcasing how these two will basically handpick the 2016 Presidential candidates from both phony political parties:

The billionaire political kingmakers planning to bankroll much of the 2016 presidential campaign spoke out together Sunday with blunt warnings on key issues for their respective parties.

Haim Saban, a media mogul and close Democratic ally of Hillary Rodham Clinton, criticized President Obama’s outreach to Iran, declaring that “we’ve shown too many carrots and a very small stick.”

Sheldon Adelson, a casino magnate who is likely to tap into his fortune in an effort to elect a Republican to the White House, upbraided many in the GOP for their opposition to legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants. Without a comprehensive overhaul, he said, the country would not be “the America that I’m proud to live in.”

Adelson, 81, and Saban, 70, have gained enormous political power in the new era of super PACs and unlimited contributions, and both made it clear during a rare joint appearance Sunday before an audience of several hundred Israeli Americans that they intend to assert that power during the next presidential campaign and beyond with policy demands for their candidates. In particular, they vowed to press both sides for a more hawkish approach to the Middle East.

Still, Saban said that he thinks Clinton would repair the relationship and that he has told her he would spend “whatever it takes” to propel her into the White House. That includes giving millions of dollars to Priorities USA, a super PAC that helped Obama in 2012 and is revving up to aid Clinton in 2016.

Adelson countered, “Why don’t you and I go after the New York Times?” Saban said that he has “tried over and over to buy it” but that the family-owned Times is not for sale. Adelson quipped, “There is only one way to fight it: money.”

While Saban will do “whatever it takes” to get oligarch coddler Hilary Clinton into the White House, Sheldon Adelson will do whatever it takes to make sure no candidate with libertarian leanings or a less aggressive foreign policy ever gets the GOP nomination. I highlighted this threat earlier this year in the post: Neo-Con Republicans Make Pilgrimage to Vegas to Kiss the Ring of Oligarch Sheldon Adelson. Here’s an excerpt:

The case of Adelson exhibits all these issues of corruption and eccentricity. Much of his current fortune is recent and derives from the Macao casino, and Adelson has admitted to “likely” breaking Federal rules against using bribes to do business in other countries. (A reference to allegations that his company was involved in rewarding legislators of the Chinese Communist Party for supporting his Macao project.) There was a time when this admission alone would put the donor off limits for mainstream politicians.

Adelson has a right to vote and advocate for his candidates. But the idea that he and his like should choose the next president is too awful to contemplate. One person, one vote isn’t one person, $100 million worth of votes. That isn’t democracy…

Both Christie and Bush are cut from the same mainstream Republican cloth: well liked by the donor class and viewed suspiciously by conservative activists. If they both compete in 2016 — and to be clear, neither has decided on a bid —they’ll be fighting for the roughly same slice of the Republican pie, and perhaps more importantly, many of the same donors.

But as Christie stumbled, Bush soared. The former governor was feted at a private dinner on Thursday to kick off the weekend. The dinner was held at Adelson’s private airplane hangar.

The key take away from this post is to showcase what goes on within the minds of oligarchs. It doesn’t matter which fake party they claim to adhere to, at their core, they both express a hatred for democracy by utilizing their vast fortunes to singlehandedly drive key policy decisions. But don’t take it from me. They said it in their own words.

Oligarchs comes in all shapes and sizes. From all nations, from all ethnicities and from all religious dogmas. They key way to identify an oligarch is by their combination of extreme wealth and a burning desire to remake society in their image (no matter what that image may be) in an anti-democratic and tyrannical manner.

Their mindset and tactics epitomize the worst qualities humanity has to offer, and represent the enemy of human progress on this planet.


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