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How Usury Encloses The Commons

Real Currencies

(Left/Above: the Trillions that they rake in in Usury every year allow the Bankers to hire endless numbers of fools in pretty suits to explain it’s all for the greater good and they have their media parade these people before an ever more desensitized public. This particular specimen, Fine Gael Senator Martin Conway, while trying to sell water meters to the Irish, managed to say on television ‘water does not just fall out of the sky, you know’.)

The Enclosure of the Commons is an ongoing process, in which the peoples of the World are disowned from their natural heritage. Paying for their own land, their own water and soon their own sunlight and air. It’s an integral part of our complete enslavement.

Usury has, throughout the ages, driven this disownment of the commoner.

Complete liberation of the Commons is a key goal in the struggle for real economic freedom. Commoners have a…

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Child Protective Services Stealing Vaccinosis Children*

Child Protective Services Stealing Vaccinosis Children*

By Augustina Ursino

Vaccine injury and medical kidnapping stories are becoming commonplace. They are often connected. One mother never thought for a second that vaccinating her child would tear her family apart.

Rebekah McClain wants parents to learn what her family is almost unbelievably dealing with because they chose to vaccinate. No child deserves to suffer through this pain. This is her true story.

One Family’s Heartbreak

“I have a son named Kacer Lee Harris. He was born on December 25, 2013. He is my Christmas miracle. I have been praying for years to have a child on Christmas Day. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. When they told me my son was due on January 28, I knew he wouldn’t be born that day.

I got the flu and hepatitis B vaccines during pregnancy at 34 weeks, then had him at 35 weeks. My doctor told me I needed to get them. I remember because they were talking about if I had contracted either illness, for any reason, they didn’t want the baby to get it.

I knew something was off after the shots but no one would listen. I did not connect the dots, though. When my body started hurting, I started walking around to try and stop the pain. It helped a little. That morning, my water broke at 5:30 am. I went to the hospital and gave birth to my son at 12:41 am on Christmas morning.

During labor, I was given two epidurals, but neither of them worked (although the pain wasn’t bad). Then they gave me Pitocin to speed up the process. My son’s breathing slowed too much, so they stopped the Pitocin.

As soon as I had him, they took him and gave him the hepatitis B vaccine, even though he was born five weeks premature and I was vaccinated for the flu and hepatitis B less than a week before. Right afterwards, he became jaundiced and was in a billi blanket for a week.

A few days after he was born, I got sick. The doctors gave me a steroid that dried up my breastmilk. I tried to re-lactate, with no luck. Then our baby started to get sick. He was on soy formula at the time and was spitting up a lot of his bottles.

One week we got snowed in and the closest gas station only had milk formula. So we tried it. He almost stopped breathing after the first bottle.

We tried to tell the doctors about his reactions to the formulas, but with no results. So I started feeding him rice cereal and baby food. He was so hungry, he would cry when I didn’t feed him fast enough. This was around eight to ten weeks old. I didn’t know that there were milk banks where mothers donate their milk. I wish I had.

At his two-month check-up, he was given Hep B, Hib, DTaP, IPV, PCV and Rota. The doctor did not adjust the vaccine schedule for him even though he was born five weeks early. He still got the shots any normal two month-old would.

As the months went by, his condition worsened. And even before then, he was only nine pounds, seven ounces. And through it all they still vaccinated him: second doses of Hib, PCV, IPV, DTaP and Rota were given at his four-month checkup.

During these months, I had taken him to the ER nearby several times. They said nothing was wrong and sent him home. He started to lose weight at five months. At this time he was deemed failure to thrive.

When he was almost six months old, he was puking so much. We were really concerned. Kacer started puking up everything he ate.

I called his doctor and she told me to take him to the hospital in town and she would send in paperwork to have him moved to Children’s Hospital immediately.

I took him to the nearby Emergency Room at Ozark Health Medical Center in Clinton, Arkansas. The same place I’d taken him numerous times before. Then we were taken by ambulance to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

After a week at Children’s Hospital, we were able to take Kacer home, and during that time, he turned six months old on June 25, 2014.

We were home for about a week when the Department of Human Services (DHS) showed up for their first visit. They were in and out fast and didn’t show much interest.

We had just gotten him to smile for the first time, because they finally changed his formula to Nutramegan. He had started to grow a little and was trying to roll over.

That same week after he came home and DHS first visited, we took him for his six-month check-up and the doctor gave him the six month shots: influenza, DTaP, Hib, PCV and Rota. He was vaccinated on schedule even though he had been puking before his shots and just kept getting worse after these latest.

Then the DHS lady came back the next week to take him, on July 9, 2014. I didn’t know they were making a claim to take our son away. During this visit, she kept making excuses to take our son.

She walked through the house alone. Asked to use the restroom and tore up the bedroom connected to it. She told us to pack his stuff and give him to her.

When she told me to give her my baby, I couldn’t do it. I stood there crying, staring at my baby. My mother-in-law had to do it. She didn’t have a warrant.

My fiancé and I packed his things. I only helped because I knew what he needed. He was always so sick and fragile. I never let him out of my sight. I’m 22. We are both pretty young. It was very hard.

We didn’t know the doctors reported seeing bruises when we took him in. Never once did they admit vaccines caused these reactions. Kacer’s dad, (my fiancé) Rickey Harris, was accused of abuse.

We were both interrogated and threatened with jail time. The DHS worker that came was determined to take him. She stayed at our house for five hours, looking for a reason to take him. She did a lot of illegal things that we couldn’t get her in trouble for.

After she took him, she had them do a skeletal scan the following Monday at one of the hospitals. His sixth and seventh left ribs were broken. We had no idea what had happened.

The first thing she did when she took him was block all of his records and cut all contact with his doctors. So I have no access to his records.

She also told my mother all the information on our case. My mom knew about his injuries before I did. And my mom wasn’t a part of the case. What she did was illegal.

After Kacer was taken, they wouldn’t let his dad come to the visits until he took a paternity test. It took a month or so for that process to complete. It was sad for all of us. Now Kacer watches his dad wherever he goes and gets upset if he’s not there.

Then, I started to notice he was getting sick again. Possible seizures that I believe I have seen him start to have. We noticed at the visits he wouldn’t smile anymore. He slept through most of the visits.

I found out they had stopped feeding him rice cereal and baby food. They were only giving him bottles. It was affecting him.

He is now ten months old. I know they continued to vaccinate him but I don’t know which ones at this point because his records were blocked from me.

Since he was taken at six months old, they’ve done a number of tests on him: MRI, EEG, etc. They found bleeding in his brain and damage behind his eyes.

He weighs 17 pounds, nine ounces now. That’s still small for his age. He weighs about as much as a six to seven month-old.

His foster parents reported seeing him having staring spells often, which I’ve seen him have as well. They said it looked like SBS. So then police came in. We were interrogated and told we should tell the truth because he had been abused. And if we didn’t, we would go to jail.

The doctors’ reports came back a week or so ago and advised that while his injuries look bad, they don’t prove he was abused. But we still have things to finish in our case plan and hope this will be over soon.

Children’s Hospital is the one saying his injuries aren’t proof of abuse. He had his six-month shots after being released from Children’s. That would be why he acted sick after they took him, too. And any subsequent vaccines he was given are making him sick even more.

People ask why I got vaccinated while pregnant. I always thought it was required. I didn’t know getting vaccinated while pregnant could cause me to go into labor or risk me losing my baby. I didn’t question anything at the time. I didn’t really question anything until after Kacer was taken.

I trusted them …  stupidly, yes, but I did. We both did. We just never knew this could happen. Not until my grandma told us what she knew and that vaccinations could do this. Then I looked into it. She sent me some printouts and I read through them.

After that, I thought about all that had happened to Kacer. Then I realized that I had trusted the wrong people. His father has been here the whole time. He suffers a lot. Our family was ripped apart for something he didn’t do. He was the one accused of abuse. And he didn’t do anything.

They took our son because he had injuries; fractured ribs, bruises, bleeding in the brain and damage behind his eyes. All of these injuries, including the fractured ribs, are caused from vaccines.

I kept getting him vaccinated because I didn’t know they could do these things. I was raised to think that vaccinations were good. That doctors and government officials are here to protect us. But I’ve seen that I was taught wrong.

I can’t have contact with his foster parents. I don’t know them. The visit is at my home. We only get to see our son once a week for two to four hours. We had a major drug bust in our town recently, so DHS is always busy now. Our amount of visitation depends on their availability.

It is hard. I cry every time I have to let him go again. It’s hard to see his room ready for him, but he’s not there. The DHS worker that brings him over wants us to have him back.

I hope our story helps someone. My son should have never been taken. I now know many families go through this. Our children deserve better. They need to be protected.

Please … don’t vaccinate your children. They don’t deserve to suffer the pain that comes with vaccines.

This page was made for our son. Bring Baby Kacer Home. I wanted to ask everyone to please like this page. I plan on using this page to show him later on in life what happened, and that through it all, people cared for him.”

Doctors Ignored Kacer’s Vaccine Injuries

Rebekah’s grandmother advised her that Kacer’s injuries were known to be caused by vaccines. These injuries have been well-documented and are noted on vaccine package inserts.

Not once did any of the doctors inform Kacer’s parents about vaccine injuries. Instead, they were denied and Kacer continued to be assaulted by them.

Rebekah mentioned how thankful she is to have received help from her grandmother, Maria Rosatto, to find a good lawyer.

“She’s always stuck by me when the others didn’t support me through this. I’m so thankful for her. I thank the Lord my grandmother didn’t abandon me. She is the one who told me to look into vaccines being the problem.”

Her fiancé also needed a lawyer, since he was charged with Kacer’s vaccine injuries, similar to thousands of parents behind bars charged with causing their child’s vaccine injuries, including shaken baby syndrome. They don’t know who arranged to pay for his lawyer but were blessed to find out a really good lawyer would be representing him.

The parents would like to say thank you to whomever helped them in their situation. They also have a Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children worker to help them get their son back.

Blaming the Parents for Vaccine Injuries

According to an article explaining how vaccine injuries often misdiagnosed as shaken baby syndrome, “When a medical professional suspects that a baby has been violently shaken, they will examine the baby for the “triad” of injuries associated with SBS. These are subdural hematoma (bleeds inside the brain), retinal hemorrhages (bleeds behind the eyes) and cerebral edema (swelling or inflammation inside the brain).”

There is a very informative book available titled Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services. Whistleblower Carlos Morales exposes the dangerous tactics and overt corruption that he witnessed as a CPS investigator.

The Fight Isn’t Over Until Kacer Returns Home

As I was finishing writing this story, the family was wrapping up their weekly visit with Kacer and had to say good bye to him till next week. Rebekah said he is teething and dealing with allergies and was a little fussy. They are feeding him rice cereal and baby food now. He’s smiling more now.

She said, “The best part about today, he’s finally saying mama. He’s been saying Dada for a while but we couldn’t get him to say Mama. He came in the door saying it nonstop today. It was so cute. He is my life. My everything.”

Let’s send this family some positive energy and help them get their son back. There is no better place he should be than with his super-loving family. Wishing you a safe return home, Kacer. You are truly a strong boy and survivor.


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Pistorius: The Hegemonic White Male*

Pistorius: The Hegemonic White Male*

By Mandisi Majavu

How did Oscar Pistorius get away with a slap on the wrist for killing another human being? The answer lies in the fact that Pistorius killed a white woman and subsequently, in his defence, appealed to white angst about crime, using mental images of the proverbial “native bogeyman”.

Notwithstanding the violent and aggressive behaviour he exhibited in his personal life, the product of a historically heavily subsidised racial group in South Africa, Oscar Pistorius’ life demonstrates how white privilege protected his masculinity from being constructed as uncivil, criminal, threatening and dangerous.

In a New York Times article, Michael Sokolove described Pistorius as a “great deal of fun”, but “more than a little crazy”. It is white privilege that ensured that Pistorius’ penchant for guns, excessive drinking and dangerous driving was not construed as transgressive behaviour.

Although a double amputee, Oscar Pistorius achieved what sociologists call hegemonic masculinity, a privileged male social status rarely achieved by disabled men. Pistorius had almost everything that white men are socialised to feel entitled to – prestige, fast cars, wealth and a blonde model on his arm. The Washington Post defined Pistorius’ trademark as his ability to transcend disability, and his “claim to fame, fortune and the attention of beautiful women, such as, model Reeva Steenkamp.”

Before his fall from grace, both the local media and the international media showered Pistorius with the kind of admiration that is often preserved for heterosexual, able-bodied white males. Locally, he was branded South Africa’s sexiest celebrity. The international media idealised Pistorius, calling him the “Blade Runner”. Although Pistorius had to face accusations that his prosthetic legs gave him an unfair advantage over his competitors, these accusations did not significantly impact his public and financial status. It is reported that he earned more than one million dollars a year from endorsements.

Contrast the financial rewards that Pistorius received to the financial struggles of fellow South African athlete Caster Semenya. Like Pistorius, Semenya has had to deal with adversity. However, Semenya is not exactly an international media darling in the way that Pistorius was. Media reports show that after the International Amateur Athletics Federations (IAAF) conducted a gender test on Semenya without her knowledge in 2009, she struggled to find a sponsor even after the IAAF cleared her to run in 2010. In an academic paper, which compares Semenya to Pistorius, the authors, Amanda Watson, Heather Hillsburg and Lori Chambers, find Semenya significantly more accomplished than Pistorius on the track. Additionally, athletes who have similar track credentials to Semenya do not typically struggle to find sponsors, but often earn substantial salaries through endorsements.

Unlike Semenya, Pistorius earned millions of dollars from lucrative endorsement deals. It is reported that Pistorius wears ergonomically designed prosthesis that can cost as much as US$20, 000. In the world of disabled sports, Pistorius was in a class of his own. According to sports media scholars, Paralympic Games are characterised by hierarchies of disability. Wheelchair athletes regard themselves as being at the top of the hierarchy, followed by amputees. Athletes with cerebral palsy are considered to be at the bottom of the hierarchy. Although Pistorius never considered himself disabled, no other athlete received as much attention as him at the 2012 Paralympics.

It is unlikely that Pistorius’ fame has had any meaningful impact on the lives of many disabled black South Africans who live in poverty. Pistorius was born in a world of white supremacy – apartheid South Africa in 1986. He went to well-equipped schools, such as, Pretoria Boys’ High School, which also happens to be Edwin Cameron’s alma mater. This school has produced two Nobel laureates and 18 Rhodes scholars. One would be hard pressed to find disabled black persons with the kind of background that Pistorius has.

At the height of his sporting career, Pistorius publicly played his hegemonic white masculinity role impeccably. He presented himself as someone who possesses willpower and a great work ethic. This is in contrast to the stereotypical black athlete who is supposedly naturally gifted athletically but “irresponsible” and “lazy”. Even after Pistorius was charged with murder, his defence relied on the construction of a white male figure who is “embattled and fearful” in a postcolonial nation plagued by violence, Watson, Hillsburg and Chambers contend. Henke Pistorius, Oscar Pistorius’ father, explained that white South Africans “owned guns because they could not rely on the police to protect them against criminals.”

The credibility of Oscar Pistorius’ legal defence relied on white angst about crime in post-apartheid South Africa, which interestingly enough became a source of unbearable discomfort for many whites after the demise of a white supremacist regime that whites had suckled from for almost five decades. However, when it comes to Oscar Pistorius we are encouraged to forget this history and instead focus on his sporting achievements. Scholars of colour argue that one of the biggest lies that sport perpetuates is the notion that somehow sports can take us “out of our ethnicities”. It is from this perspective that I read the comment made by Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula that Pistorius would have been the perfect ambassador for the Unite 4 Mandela campaign. Mbalula is quoted as saying that

“one of the ambassadors of such a campaign would have been Pistorius to unite us as a nation… a white Afrikaner boy who triumphed over adversity.”

Pistorius exploited the lie that sport perpetuates to the very end. Meanwhile, the lawyers for his prosecution are still trying to make sense of the fact that he got a slap on the wrist for fatally firing four shots at a human being. The truth of the matter is that Pistorius killed a white woman and subsequently, in his defence, appealed to white angst about crime, using mental images of the proverbial “native bogeyman” who he thought had finally come to get him in the early hours of 14 February 2013. There is no contradiction in that defence. What underpins that defence is the notion that white people are not killers. The assumption is that white men are inherently decent people who do not engage in domestic violence. Perhaps, in law school, they don’t teach how white killers use white privilege to their advantage in the courts.


…. AND SO IT IS IN 2015

Pistorius Found Guilty of Murder, Will Go to Prison

A South African appeals court found that a lower court had incorrectly applied the rule of dolus evantualis or whether Pistorius knew his actions would result in death.

A South African appeals court overturned Thursday the manslaughter verdict against Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius finding him guilty of murder and sending him back to to prison to serve a 15-year sentence.

The athlete shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in February 2013. She was frightened and locked herself in the bathroom through which he shot four times.

Pistorius is under house arrest since October after spending one year of his original five-year sentence

The South African Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that the lower court had not correctly applied the rule of dolus eventualis or whether Pistorius was aware that a death would likely be result of his actions.

South African law calls for a minimum 15-year sentence for murder, but local reports say judges can apply their discretion.

Barry Steenkamp, Reeva’s father, was quoted by the Independent saying his daughter “will now be able to rest.” He also said he believes justice has finally been dealt.

Judge Lorimer Leach delivered the unanimous ruling by the five-judge appeals court on Thursday in Bloemfontein, but said the matter of re-sentencing Pistorius would be left to the trial court in Pretoria.

The disgraced paralimpian’s family said in a brief statement they were analyzing with lawyers the possibility of appealing. The Constitutional Court of South Africa contemplates appeals when the person affected feels his right to a fair trial has been undermined.

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