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U.K.: Can you Cut Public Spending to 1930s Level with 2014-18 Cost of Living?*

U.K.: Can you Cut Public Spending to 1930s Level with 2014-8 Cost of Living?*

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement today has deftly underscored a point we have been making at Scriptonite Daily since 2010 – Austerity is not a temporary measure to balance the books, but an ideological commitment to remove the NHS and the rest of the post World War II welfare state. According to the Office for Budget Responsibility, Osborne’s latest round of planned cuts will reduce public spending to the levels of the 1930’s.

On arrival in government, the Conservative section of the Coalition government were keen to present austerity as temporary, necessary and purely practical.  Back in 2010, Cameron claimed that he “didn’t come into politics to make cuts”, and that austerity was simply temporary spending restraint based on a necessary effort to cut the deficit, not “some ideological zeal”.

In 2014, ‘Austerity’ is delivering the half century long ambition of the Conservative party:  to revoke the post-war social contract of the United Kingdom.

The modern welfare state: decent pensions, affordable and decent social housing, a publicly funded and managed healthcare system, a reliable and low cost transport system, the guarantee of a decent education regardless of circumstances of birth.  This was the social contract the UK public signed up to in the post war period.  Why? Because these generations had lived through the horrific consequences of unrestrained capitalism; enormous inequality, widespread poverty and destitution, starving and malnourished children, an entrenched class system, the benefits of the hard work of the many enjoyed by a privileged and undeserving few.

Osborne’s Autumn Statement has revealed that this mission will be complete by the budget of 2019/20 if their current budget plans remain unchallenged.

In 2010, Osborne presented Austerity as the solution to our budget deficit – it was an unpleasant but necessary short term measure to restore stability.  It would take just one parliament, he said.  But what has austerity actually delivered?

In 2010, Osborne promised public borrowing would have fallen to £76bn – it stands at £91bn this year.  The UK government is currently borrowing £2bn a week just to meet it’s spending commitments, this is up 10% on last year when it should have fallen 12%. As a result, Britain’s national debt is not falling, but increasing. The national debt has now hit 87.2% of GDP, worse than the EU average and rising at a faster rate.

In 2010, Osborne promised the deficit would stand at just 1.2% of GDP, it stands at almost 6%.  This is incomprehensible, when compared to the performance of the Eurozone. The eurozone’s deficit has fallen through the same period, down to just 2.9% in 2013.

What economic growth there has been has come at the expense, predominantly of working people – in the form of pay cuts and drastic reductions in terms and conditions.  In short, it is not true economic growth.  While companies have increased their profits, the associated rise in wages and living conditions has not happened.  Why? Because these profits have been made by cutting wages and living conditions of employed and unemployed people.

If Austerity hasn’t delivered falling public borrowing, or eliminated the deficit, or increased the living conditions of the UK population – what has it actually achieved?

Life at the Top

Corporation Tax is lower today than at any time in its history.  Company taxes now constitute only 12.5% (Corporation Tax is just 7%) of the tax revenues of the UK.  In comparison, the people’s taxes, (income tax and VAT) make up more than 60% of the tax income.

UK Corporation Tax in 1984 was 52%.  By 1986 it was 36%.  In 1999 it dropped to 30%.  Under the Coalition, Corporation Tax has been cut from 28% to 20%.

The Top Rate of Tax has been cut by 5% – meaning that someone earning £1million a year will be saving £107,500 a year.

Yet in spite of this largesse from government, tax avoidance is costing us almost £70bn each year.

Only one in four of the UK’s top companies pay their taxes, meanwhile they receive tax credits to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds by people who did pay their taxes.

The Assault on the Welfare State

The Health & Social Care Act has effectively privatised half of the National Health Service, whilst new competition regulations going live in April open the service up to the highest bidders to take over.

The Academy and Free Schools programmes turn public schools in profit making companies, and PFI debt is transferring ownership of schools from the state sector to banks.

The profit making public asset of the Royal Mail was sold off for less than half its value, gifting a working service and vast profits to wealthy investors while defrauding the taxpayer.

Public sector workers (nurses, street cleaners, teachers, scientists) have had their pay restricted to a 1% rise each year.  With inflation at almost 3% this amounts to a real terms wage cut of 2% for the last three years.

The cut in Council Tax Benefit (which supports the same groups) rolled out this April will mean rise of up to 333% in council tax bills.

Workfare has been imposed which has ended the tradition of a contribution based social security system.  Workfare means despite a person’s contributions, they are forced to work full time for months at a time for corporations in order to receive the social security payment they are already entitled to.  If they refuse, they lose their benefit.

The cumulative impact of the Bedroom Tax, the Benefits Cap and cuts to disability benefit meant 600,000 disabled people losing as much as £131 a week.

Over 90% of all care home provision (up from 61% in 1990) to elderly people is in the independent/private sector after the public sector was encouraged to outsource provision in an effort to cut costs.  The same period has seen an astronomical rise is the cost of care home places.

Life at the Bottom

The cost of living is rising at four times the rate of wages.  In fact UK wages are falling faster than any other ‘developed’ country.

Thirty four disabled people have killed themselves, and 32 have died every week while undergoing stressful ATOS ‘work capability assessments’ over the last three years.  Hate crimes against disabled people shot up 25% in 2012.

The number of people reliant on Food Banks tripled in the last year, with 350,000 people unable to feed themselves without charity support.  This winter, the Red Cross will be launching its first emergency food aid programme on UK soil since World War II.

Statutory Homelessness rose by 21% in England and 17% in Wales in 2012[2]. While Rough Sleeping has risen even faster, at 31% in England.  Outreach workers from Homeless Charity Crisis performed a count in London which found a 62% rise in rough sleepers in the capital in just the last two years .

The average cost of a single room in a care home has risen to over £27,000 a year.  This is higher than the average UK annual wage (£26,000) and more than double the average annual pension income of £13,208.  In fact since 2011, care home costs have risen at twice the rate of inflation. Yet last year, the regulatory body for the UKs care homes The Care Quality Commission (CQC) published a damning report that showed that more than half of all elderly and people with disabilities in care homes were being denied basic care.

1 in 6 British pensioners now live in poverty, and 24,000 will die this winter because they cannot afford to heat their homes.

For every new wave of disaster caused by the ideology of neoliberalism, it’s proponents prescribe more neoliberalism to ‘cure’ it.

Osborne’s neoliberal Austerity has delivered nothing to the UK expect ever deepening economic inequality, and destitution for the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the country – so what did Osborne announce today?  Four more years of it.   He said today:

“Do we squander the economic security we have gained, go back to the disastrous decisions on spending and borrowing and welfare that got us into this mess?”

But it was none of those things that caused the Financial Crisis. The crisis was caused by the derivatives market of the Financial Services industry.  It was also entirely foreseeable, and was predicted by critics of neo-liberalism.  The world’s second richest man, Warren Buffet warned us in 2003 that the derivatives market was ‘devised by madmen’ and a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ – and when it blew up in 2007/8, government’s used public money to plug the hole.

In the bailout of 2008/9, the UK government guaranteed funding to the banking sector of 101% of GDP.  That is, the UK diverted over £2trn of tax payer money from public expenditure, to a handful of banks.

This is equivalent to almost 3 times its entire annual budgettwenty years of NHS spending (£106.7bn a year); forty years of education spending (£48.2bn); or five hundred years of job seekers allowance (£4.9bn a year).

This is what punched a hole in the nation’s finances, not on an overgenerous welfare state and public spending programmes.

Worse, the next financial crash is moving ever closer as the behaviours that caused it (and went unpunished) continue today.

The news that should have us all worried is: the derivatives market contains $700trn of these debts yet to implode.  As global GDP stands at $69.4trn a year, this means that (primarily) Wall Street and the City of London have run up phantom paper debts of more than ten times the annual earnings of the entire planet.

What are Osborne and co putting in place to prevent this? Nothing. More public spending cuts, more tax cuts.

The OBR’s report on Osborne’s budget plans makes the stark warning that 60% of the spending cuts have not yet been implemented in this parliament, and Osborne’s planned cuts will mean that by the end of the next government (if the Conservative parties lead said government) public spending is projected to fall to its lowest level as a proportion of GDP since the 1930s. A decade in which we had no public education system, no National Health Service, no council housing.  Something will break – either the public finances, or the public services…and you already know exactly what solution Osborne will recommend then.


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Ukraine: Israel’s Secret Plan for a «Second Israel»

Ukraine: Israel’s Secret Plan for a «Second Israel»

By Wayne Madsen


The Times of Israel, an independent Israeli newspaper that counts among its staff a number of former reporters for the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, published a fascinating but largely overlooked story datelined Jerusalem and Zhitomir, Ukraine, March 16, 2014, and which was written by its respective Russian and Ukrainian correspondents, Hirsh Ostropoler and I. Z. Grosser-Spass, citing a secret report provided to the Israeli government.

Ukraine: Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky offers $1mn to murder Oleg Tsarev. Ihor Kolomoisky is regarded as the main leader of the Ukrainian mafia. He ranks as the second or third wealthiest man in the country (after Rinat Akhmetov and/or Viktor Pinchuk). He owns the metal industry, Privat Bank and, in 2011, he took over the gas sector. Ihor Kolomoisky chairs the United Jewish Community of Ukraine and the European Jewish Union. He founded the European Jewish Parliament (branded as a sham by the CRIF, an umbrella organization of French Jewish organizations) with the support of Bahrain. He is the co-owner of the Jewish News One international network (currently broadcasting as Ukraine News One). Ihor Kolomoisky was appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast by Kiev. He played an active role in the organization of the Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014 together with his private army, the “Dnieper-1” Battalion . He recruited R. Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, and Devon Archer, co-chairman of the finance committee for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, as board members of his gas holdings company

The report, written by a select panel of scholars of Jewish history drawn from academia and other research centres, concluded that that European Jews are in fact descended from Khazars, a war-like Mongol-Tatar group that ruled over Ukraine and southern Russia, which mass-converted to Judaism in the eighth century AD.

Zionists have long argued that the land claimed by Israel was the biblical birthright of the Jewish people who were forced from the land in a so-called «diaspora» after repeated conquests by various empires. Proof that Ashkenazi Jews, which make up a majority of the Israeli Jewish population, have no historical link to Palestine would call into question the entire premise of Israel as the historical «5,000-year old» homeland of the Jewish people.

The Israeli journalists noted that any conversation of the Khazars and modern Israel has always been met with disdain by Israeli leaders. They quote Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir as once saying, «Khazar, Schmazar. There is no Khazar people. I knew no Khazars. In Kiev. Or Milwaukee. Show me these Khazars of whom you speak». DNA proof that a migratory Khazar population from Europe is now claiming ancient roots in Palestine largely eliminates Zionist claims to the region. 

The evidence that eastern and central European Jews have no historical claim to Palestine has resulted in a flurry of activity in Israel and abroad. The Israeli Knesset will soon vote on a bill passed by the Israeli Cabinet that legalizes Israel as a Jewish «national state». Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who read the secret report on the Khazars, has declared that «Israel is the Jewish, nationalist state for the Jewish people». With the Ashkenazi claims to Israel tenuous, at best, Netanyahu, his Likud Party, and his Jewish Orthodox and West Bank settler party allies have no other choice but to aggressively stake their nationalist claims to not only Israel but also to the West Bank – which the nationalists refer to as «Judea and Samaria».

However, some Israelis and Jews abroad are not taking any chances. One of the main reasons why Ukrainian Jewish billionaire tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky, the governor of Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk province and citizen of Ukraine, Israel, and Cyprus, is spending tens of millions of dollars on the recruitment of right-wing Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazis from other parts of Europe to fight against the Russian-speaking majority in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, is a fear that plans to turn Ukraine into a «second Israel» will be derailed. Russia’s protective measures for the Donbass, as well as its incorporation by referendum of Crimea, the latter prized by the resurgent Khazarian Jewish nationalists, threaten the transformation of Ukraine into a second homeland for Ashkenazi Jews who are finding their hold on Israel prime tenuous, at best.

The Times of Israel’s explosive story about the Khazarian roots of the Ashkenazis also revealed that Israel, knowing that a Palestinian state is inevitable considering the increasing pressure for it from Europe, is preparing to resettle Ashkenazi settlers in the West Bank to Ukraine. Israel’s advanced research in genetics resulted in a direct DNA line being established between Israel’s Ashkenazis and the Khazars who were dispersed across eastern and central Europe after Russia conquered the Khazarian Empire in the 11th century.

Israelis and their Zionist allies around the world have always accused proponents of the Khazarian-Ashkenazi genetic connection of deep-rooted anti-Semitism. However, the genetic research contained in the secret Israeli report confirms what Israeli historian Shlomo Sand revealed in his book, «The Invention of the Jewish People». The concept of the Khazarian bloodline was first broached by Hungarian historian Arthur Koestler in his 1976 «The Thirteenth Tribe».

The Times of Israel reporters quoted an unnamed aide to Netanyahu who revealed the plans for Israeli emigration to Ukraine: «We first thought that admitting we are really Khazars was one way to get around [Palestinian President Mahmoud] Abbas’s insistence that no Jew can remain in a Palestinian state. Maybe we were grasping at straws. But when he refused to accept that, it forced us to think about more creative solutions. The Ukrainian invitation for the Jews to return was a godsend. Relocating all the settlers within Israel in a short time would be difficult for reasons of logistics and economics. We certainly don’t want another fashlan like the expulsion of the settlers in the Gaza Hitnatkut [disengagement]».

Ostropoler and Grosser-Spass also quoted an anonymous Israeli intelligence source as saying: «We’re not talking about all the Ashkenazi Jews going back to Ukraine. Obviously that is not practical. The press as usual exaggerates and sensationalizes; this is why we need military censorship».

The Israeli and Ukrainian Jewish plan is to resettle the Ashkenazis from the West Bank in the Russian autonomous republic of Crimea after what they see will be an eventual retrocession of the peninsula to Ukraine. The ultimate plans of Ukrainian Zionists such as Kolomoisky, in addition to such American allies as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, is to establish an autonomous Jewish region of Crimea and restore to the peninsula the original Khazarian name of Chazerai. Although the Tatars who live in Crimea and elsewhere today are largely Muslims, the plans to create a Khazar nation in Ukraine will also likely involve global proselytization by Israelis and Ukrainians who are bent on restoring Khazaria as an alternative to Israel. Current Jewish proselytization efforts among «crypto-Jewish» Catholic mestizos in Mexico; Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists in India; Russian Orthodox and Buddhists in Birobidzhan, Siberia; Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan; and Christians, Muslims, and animists in Uganda, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi; and among small pockets of alleged Jewish descendants in China, Sao Tome and Principe, Tahiti, Suriname, Vietnam, Brazil, and Peru point to an Israeli plan intent on increasing Jewish numbers for the purpose of settlement in a number of locations outside the illegally-occupied West Bank and the Golan Heights. In addition to Ukraine, northern Iraq, eastern Libya, Alexandria in Egypt, parts of Turkey, Patagonia in Argentina, and Uganda are all being considered for potential Jewish settlements to complement the West Bank or replace it. The so-called «Lost Tribe of Israel,» the Bnei Menashe of Mizoram and Manipur states of northeast India are viewed by many Indians as not actually Jewish but desperate economic migrants looking for better lives in Israel. So desperate are the Israeli expansionists to increase their numbers, dubious Jewish DNA studies have attempted to classify the Sorbs of eastern Germany; the Bantu Lemba people of Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique; and certain groups of southern Italians, Armenians, and Greeks as «lost tribes» of Israel in order to increase Judaism’s numbers and geographical land claims.

In Ukraine, the so-called «second Israel,» Kolomoisky and Kiev have enlisted a number of ex-Israel Defense Force members in their volunteer battalions, including the Azov Battalion, One of the Israeli units is known as the «Blue Helmets of Maidan» and is commanded by an Israeli using the pseudonym «Delta». If Israel did not have a vested interest in expanding its influence in Ukraine it could easily prevent these units from going to Ukraine.

There are also Sephardic Jewish settlers in the West Bank who are descended from the Jewish Marranos of Moorish-ruled Spain who were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula during the Spanish and Portuguese inquisitions of the 15th century who have no ties to Ashkenazis or Khazaria. Recently, in a move similar to Ukraine’s invitation to the Ashkenazis from the West Bank to settle in Ukraine, Spain and Portugal have enacted legislation that would permit any Sephardic Jew anywhere in the world who can prove their descent from the Marranos expelled during the Inquisition to obtain citizenship in the two countries.

Some Russian speakers in the Donbass are wary of the intentions of pro-Israelis in the Kiev government. Oddly, Kolomoisky has recruited a number of neo-Nazis from western Ukraine and Europe to fight in his battalions whose right-wing organizations have always subscribed to the notion of a future «battle royale» between Russia and the remnants of Khazaria in Israel, Ukraine, Poland, and the Republic of Georgia to avenge Khazaria’s defeat in the 11th century by the Russian Empire.

Israel provided the Georgian government of President Mikheil Saaakashvili, which included a number of dual Israeli-Georgian nationals of Khazar descent, with military and intelligence assistance in its 2008 war against South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Similarly, the Israelis have established close ties with Azerbaijan, a country, which like Georgia and Ukraine, has ancient links to Khazaria through an indigenous group of Azeri Jews known as Subbotniks.

The anonymous Netanyahu aide is also quoted by The Times of Israel journalists as revealing why the Israeli government in making a play for large Israeli settlements in Ukraine:

«As the Prime Minister has said, no one will tell Jews where they may or may not live on the historic territory of their existence as a sovereign people. He is willing to make painful sacrifices for peace, even if that means giving up part of our biblical homeland in Judea and Samaria. But then you have to expect us to exercise our historical rights somewhere else. We decided this will be on the shores of the Black Sea, where we were an autochthonous people for more than 2000 years. Even the great non-Zionist historian Simon Dubnow said we had the right to colonize Crimea. It’s in all the history books. You can look it up».

The aide revealed to the two Israeli journalists that Netanyahu appreciates the strength of the ancient Khazars and quote Netanyahu as saying,

«we are a proud and ancient people whose history here goes back 4,000 years». But the aide added, «The same is true of the Khazars . . . in Europe and not quite as long. But look at the map: the Khazars did not have to live within ‘Auschwitz borders.’»

To the uninformed, which apparently includes President Barack Obama and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the current Israeli desire to create a new nationalist Israeli identity is tied directly to the activities of the Ukrainian leadership of Petro Poroshenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Kolomoisky, and their American supporters, Nuland and Pyatt, in creating a safe haven, temporary or not, for the Ashkenazi settlers of the West Bank. Thanks to the Times of Israel exposé of the secret Israeli report on the Khazars and modern-day Israel, the machinations behind the American and European Union destabilization of Ukraine becomes all the more apparent.


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We Societies

We Societies

All of life is interconnected at a fundamental level, yet our current worldview separates humanity from the web of life. This separation creates a wound that is prevalent throughout Western society. How do we incorporate the knowledge that we are actually embedded within the web of life?

“Around the world, the history of the human race shows that culturally we are best adapted to long term survival in “We” societies…” ~Thom Hartmann


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HSBC Accused of Tax Evasion*

HSBC Accused of Tax Evasion*

By Pratap Chatterjee

Argentina and Belgium have separately accused HSBC bank’s Geneva branch of setting up a network of offshore accounts to help their citizens avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes. The Belgian charges were filed Monday and the Argentine charges were announced Friday.

HSBC, formerly known as Hong Kong & Shanghai Corporation after the city where it was founded in 1865, is now headquartered in the UK, but has 60 million customers across 80 countries with assets of $2.7 trillion. The two countries say that HSBC Private Bank SA in Geneva, Switzerland, provided their citizens with illegal financial services, money laundering and organized tax fraud.

The allegations are apparently based on documents released by Hervé Falciani, a whistleblower and former HSBC employee who was a systems engineer for the bank’s Geneva operations. Falciani supplied the names of 127,000 HSBC clients to tax authorities across Europe and is now being pursued by the Swiss government which has accused him of theft.

Michel Claise, the judge in charge of the Belgian investigation, said that as many as 1,000 Belgian citizens were being investigated for setting up accounts in offshore locations like the British Virgin Islands and Panama. The Belgian media said that many of those accused were diamond merchants in Antwerp.

Argentina has made similar claims. “Through a complex platform, HSBC helped Argentines evade taxes using three different HSBC subsidiaries and offshore entities,” said Ricardo Echegaray, head of Argentina’s tax agency, at a press conference in which he announced the country’s intention to pursuse the bank. “Its managers have intervened actively with the sole aim of helping Argentine citizens avoid paying their taxes.”

Echegaray said 4,040 Argentine citizens were being investigated for hiding as much as $3 billion. A list of those accused was released that included Gabriel Martino, HSBC’s president in Argentina, and Alfonso Prat-Gay, the former president of the Central Bank of Argentina, as well as businesses like Cablevisión, a cable TV operator, and Grupo Clarin, Argentina’s largest media group. Also named were Christian Bassedas, manager of the Vélez Sarsfield football team; and Sebastián Eskenazi, CEO of YPF, the Argentine oil company.

Despite the fact the two sets of allegations are almost identical and in fact apparently based on the same documents, HSBC has reacted differently, perhaps capitalizing on the mainstream percention of Belgium as a reasonable government and Argentina as anti-capitalist.

“We will continue to cooperate to the fullest extent possible,” HSBC said in a cautiously worded statement regarding the Belgian investigation.

On the other hand, it came out forcefully against the authorities in Buenos Aires. “HSBC Argentina emphatically rejects its participation in any illegal association, including any organization that allows capital flight aimed at evading taxes,” HSBC said in a press tatement.

Neither allegations are particularly surprising. Switzerland has long been the place where the wealthy have set up home to evade taxes, and Swiss banks have often been forced to pay out large fines for illegal financial activities most notably in the case of Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) which paid out $780 million in 2009 to settle charges of helping U.S. citizens evade taxes.

Falciani has spoken out against the Swiss banking system which he says is designed to help the wealthy. “Banks such as HSBC have created a system for making themselves rich at the expense of society, by assisting in tax evasion and money laundering,” he told Der Speigel last year. “Money is easy to hide. These branches invite their clients to sporting and cultural events, where they meet intermediaries who explain how to get money to Switzerland without having to physically transport it across the border. They offer clients non-banking products, life insurance policies that exist for the sole purpose of tax evasion for example, or gold, which the bank stores in its safety deposit boxes for a fee.”


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As Actor and Singer Could be Charged for Treason, a Leak inside Sisi’s Office Take the Truth Further*

As Actor and Singer Could be Charged for Treason, a Leak inside Sisi’s Office Take the Truth Further*

Egyptian Attorney General Judge Hisham Barakat yesterday ordered actor Khaled Abol Naga and singer Mohammed Attia to be investigated for charges of espionage and treason following public criticism of President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, the Anadolu Agency quoted a judicial source as saying.

According to the lawsuit filed by lawyer Hisham Ibrahim Mustafa, “Khaled Abol Naga incited against the military establishment under the pretext of opposing the military operations in Sinai and called on the people to demonstrate against the Republic’s president, disturbing the peace.” >>>

However, more explosive truths are unravelling from within Sisi’s office…

General Mamdouh Shahin, legal advisor to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), Egypt

By Dr Azzam Tamimi

Controversial audio recordings were leaked yesterday evening and aired on Egypt’s Mekameleen satellite network. The recordings feature several senior army officers talking amongst themselves and with other top officials to resolve what seemed to be an unanticipated problem.

The recording, which experts believe to be authentic, were made sometime after the coup that toppled Mohamed Morsi on July 3, 2013, but before the election that named coup leader General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi president of Egypt on May 30, 2014.

The recordings begin with General Mamdouh Shahin, legal advisor to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) in Egypt, speaking on the phone to General Abbas Kamil, Al-Sisi’s office manager, and telling him that he received a warning from the prosecutor general advising him that something needed to be done urgently to avert the collapse of the entire legal case against deposed President Morsi.

The problem lay with where Morsi was held prior to his transfer to prison. Shahin told Kamil that upon the prosecutor’s advice they needed to change the location where Morsi was held in order that it would be acceptable to the courts as one of the Interior Ministry’s detention centres rather than a military barracks.

According to Egyptian Law, it is unlawful to detain a civilian inside a military barracks for any period of time. The prosecutor warned that Morsi’s lawyers were asking questions that gave the impression they were seeking to benefit from that law to have the case dismissed.

The recordings show the officers claiming they can do anything they want; they are capable of anything including altering not only the shape of both the interior and the exterior of buildings, but also the facts of history. The barracks where Morsi was being held would be commissioned to the army’s engineering corps to redesign them and alter them so they look like a 100-year-old state prison with up to date records to prove that inmates were held there throughout that period.

The officers speak candidly of how falsifying evidence is an art they have mastered more than anyone else and how they would do such an excellent job of fabricating the story that no one would be able to question its authenticity.

Having decided what to do, the officers called the interior minister to tell him about the plan. It is clear that the officers tell the minister what to do and go on to tell other senior civil servants what would be expected of them.

Since the leaked audio recordings were aired on Mekameleen, they were also aired by the London-based Al-Hiwar channel and the Doha-based Al-JazeeraMubasher Misr. Social media networks have since been filled with questions after the events, including: Who recorded the conversations in the first place? Who leaked it afterwards? Why now? Who stands to benefit from such a leak?

Many believe that if Egypt had an independent judiciary and rule of law, these recordings would be sufficient to indict these officers and those working with them.

Speaking on Mekameleen after the revelations, lawyer and member of Morsi’s legal defence team Muhammad Shibl said he would demand the prosecution of Mamdouh Shahin, Abbas Kamil and Osama Al-Gindi, who was the Naval Forces Commander, for falsification of evidence and for perverting the course of justice.

In the recordings, Shahin told Kamil that “everything has been forged on white water”, an Egyptian colloquial term for “mission accomplished perfectly”. Then, as Shahin seems to express some concern that this might eventually land them in prison, Kamil responds: “No, we shall never allow the sons of dogs [Muslim] Brotherhood to have another go at us.”

Al-Sisi’s brother-in-law and the current Chief of Staff, General Mahmoud Hijazi is also heard lambasting Shahin and Kamil saying: “Had we had a legal advisor to provide advice to the leadership, we would not be counting corpses now.”

The following is a playlist with 4 parts of the leaked recording, with English subtitles.


By Esam Al-Amin

The Watergate scandal in the early 1970s exposed Richard Nixon and his inner circle as conspirators who were trying to cover up their criminal involvement in spying against their political opponents. Once it was uncovered, Nixon had to resign the presidency in disgrace, as many of his assistants and senior government officials were convicted and served many years in prison. A majority in Congress at the time, including Republican members, condemned the former president and voted to impeach him. The American public was shocked to witness the level of corruption reaching the highest echelons of their government. Had it not been for the audiotapes that were released by order of the Supreme Court, the extent of Nixon’s lawlessness and lies would never have been revealed or believed.

Now a series of audiotapes involving Egypt’s top military brass, which ousted former President Mohammad Morsi in a military coup in July 2013, were publicly leaked this week. The pro-Muslim Brotherhood satellite channel Mukameleen (Arabic for “We’ll Continue”) released the six audio recordings (see links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) in a special nightly program on December 4. Shortly thereafter, the recordings went viral on Arabic-language websites, though most foreign language media outlets have yet to cover them.

The contents of the audio recordings (31 minutes in total) are shocking, as they involve the highest-ranking military rulers in Egypt, including coup leader Gen. Abdelfattah Sisi, conspiring together, falsifying evidence, forging documents, and admitting to criminal behavior on tape, while acknowledging that the legal case concocted against Morsi was in danger of collapsing. The question of who released the recordings is still a mystery but rumors abound. The program presenter at the satellite channel Mukameleen insinuated that the leak came from a source within Sisi’s inner circle that is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood and the January 25 revolution. Haitham Abu Khalil, a prominent human rights advocate, tweeted that since the recordings came from within the Defense Ministry, the leaker must be a rival to Gen. Sisi, such as former Chief of Staff Sami Anan who declared his presidential candidacy last spring only to be sidelined by Sisi and ridiculed by his propaganda machine. Meanwhile, opposition leader Ayman Noor told Al Jazeera from his home in exile in Lebanon that the tapes are authentic because he has known the players and could easily identify their voices.

The individuals heard on the recordings comprise some of the major figures who were involved in the military coup and have ruled the country ever since. They include Gen. Mamdouh Shahin, legal advisor to Sisi, Gen. Abbas Kamel, Sisi’s chief aide and office manager, Gen. Mohammad Ibrahim, the interior minister, Gen. Osama El-Gindy, chief of naval forces, and Gen. Mahmoud Hegazi, head of military intelligence, who was later promoted to army chief of staff. The recording also featured Gen. Sisi himself, who was the defense minister at the time before being elected president last May in a vote that was considered by many neutral observers and monitors to be a sham election. In the tapes, Gen. Shahin also described the conspiratorial role of the chief General Prosecutor, Hisham Barakat (who was appointed to the post by the coup leaders) and several of his senior prosecutors including Mustafa Khater and Ibrahim Saleh who have been leading the prosecution teams against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood leadership.

Conspiracy in Action

It’s not clear when the recordings were made but they probably occurred sometime last spring when Morsi’s defense team challenged the basis for his initial incarceration and petitioned the presiding judges to dismiss all charges against him under the pretext that he was kidnapped by the military with no criminal charges until months later. According to Egyptian law, if the defense team was able to prove that Morsi was illegally detained, he would have to be released, after which he would have most certainly declared that he was the legitimately-elected president by millions of Egyptians.

During the first minute of the recording, Gen. Shahin is heard telling Sisi’s office manager, Gen. Kamel, that General Prosecutor Barakat was in panic mode and had sent him his three leading prosecutors (including Khater and Saleh) and asked him to “fix” his problem. During an earlier court session, government prosecutors falsely told the judges that Morsi was never kidnapped and had always been in the custody of the interior ministry, even though he was actually being held in a military barracks at Abu Qir naval base near Alexandria. Shahin then told Kamel that they needed to provide the prosecutors with “an order of arrest of Morsi signed by interior minister Gen. Ibrahim that must be backdated to the day of the coup.” Shahin then called Ibrahim (min. 2-3) and asked for the forged legal document to be signed by the interior minister. He also asked Ibrahim to make sure that the order was “printed in the official government records” so the order would appear legitimate, adding “as we used to do so during the days of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces” – when SCAF issued backdated laws during the military rule in the aftermath of Mubarak’s ouster. On tape Ibrahim is heard readily agreeing, and requesting that Shahin provide him with details to be included in the order including, the address and description of the detention facility.

Shahin and Kamel then called Gen. El-Gindy, the chief of the naval forces, who commanded the naval base where Morsi was detained for several weeks before he was officially charged and transferred to an interior ministry prison. In the next few minutes (starting at min. 5) Shahin tried to convince Gen. El-Gindy to turn over one of his buildings in the base to the interior ministry to be used as a prison for a month until Morsi’s trial ended. When El-Gindy asked why they could not use an existing prison facility and claim that it was the facility used for Morsi’s initial incarceration, Shahin said that this would not work because there was an official report on record written by investigative judge Hasan Samir that gave a detailed description of Morsi’s detention facility that would not match any existing prison under the control of the interior ministry. In one instance Shahin warns (min. 9-11) that unless the prosecutors win this issue in court “the espionage charges and the Ittihadiyya (presidential palace) murder case (against Morsi) would collapse.” Shahin then stated that they would have to plan for the worst-case scenario, as he was certain that the defense team would request physical inspection of the detention facility that the judges may actually grant. In this case, the detention facility must be part of the prison system under the interior ministry and match what was already on the record. However, Gen. El-Gindy expressed skepticism, as he could not transform any existing building in the naval base to become a stand-alone prison and turned over to the interior ministry. Yet, he promised to look into the matter.

In the next audio recording Gens. Shahin and Kamel called military intelligence chief Gen. Hegazi (min. 13) to seek his support in getting Gen. El-Gindy to cooperate. In frustration, Hegazi complained that the military does not get adequate legal counsel and that’s why the military is now “collecting corpses” on the streets. Surprisingly, Shahin who is Sisi’s legal advisor, answered “there is no one here (i.e. in the military) whose specialty is the law in order to provide legal advice.” He further stated that interior minister Ibrahim has already agreed to sign the order and backdate it in order to “give the prosecutors the documents they need.” Hegazi then suggested that they build a “hanger” on the naval base “which the (army’s) engineering department could do in 72 hours”. He added “They could build a separate gate, fence it, put a sign on it and turn it over to the interior ministry as a prison facility.” Shahin was then delighted since the prosecutors told him that, “they had 15 days to finish the task.”

Military chief of staff Gen. Hegazi then called the chief of the naval forces Gen. El-Gindy in the presence of Gen. Shahin (min. 18) and asked if it was possible to build a hanger similar to the detention facility that housed Morsi during his initial incarceration. El-Gindy readily agreed to do it as Sisi’s office manager Gen. Kamel informed him (min. 20) that Sisi said that, “he should spare no cost because the important thing is to do it completely right.” He then added that Sisi instructed the interior ministry “to take over the new detention facility as if they had occupied it for 100 years.”

In the next recording, Shahin tells Kamel that all the falsified documents were now ready and then commented that Kamel “should not worry about the forgery of the documents” since no one would be able to challenge them in court. Kamel then instructed him to make sure that “all the prison records are also doctored including the registration of Morsi as a criminal prisoner at the time.” Shahin then stated (min. 21) that General Prosecutor Barakat is now “very, very, very happy because he was under great duress because of this problem.”

Shahin and Kamel then joked that the new place would be ready for inspection by Morsi’s defense team. Kamel suggested (min. 22) that they make the detention facility so authentic as to also include a “torture room” and show how prisoners “are hanged from their feet.” Shahin then jokingly responded: “you can always command us. Forgery is the order of the day.” Kamel then commented on the Muslim Brotherhood by saying “the bastards would never win. We’d never allow them to gloat against us.”

The next recording is the only time Sisi is heard on the tapes (min. 22:20) in which he stated that he had just finished a meeting with interior minster Ibrahim. He then asked Shahin if he had completed the task at hand with the interior minister. Shahin responded that he had, and that it was the hardest obstacle in this predicament, in which case Sisi responded, “Indeed it was a very difficult problem.”

In the next recording, Gens. Kamel, Shahin, and El-Gindy are heard discussing the newly built hanger turned prison facility (min. 23-31) at the Abu Qir naval base. When El-Gindy stated that the facility was now ready to be turned over to the interior ministry, Shahin jokingly intimated, “It’s ready for us” (i.e. to be our prison when the military rule is ousted). El-Gindy responded by saying that it was unsuitable for them since it was only a 3-star rather than a 7-star facility (min. 23). El-Gindy then proceeded by saying that the new facility matched the one where Morsi was detained in all its details including “chairs, beds, appliances, refrigerators, washers, and the garage.” He then added, “It’s the same as the original from A to Z – even the sports equipment is the same. We even left the newspapers of that period in the cells.” Kamel then jokingly commented (min. 25) that such immaculate details “would drive the man (Morsi) crazy.” Shahin then stated (min. 26) that “he arranged with the head of the prison system to send 3 or 4 prisoners there to show that the facility had always been in use.” When the prisons chief asked why not house more prisoners Shahin responded by saying “Hell no. Do you want to expose us? This facility is supposed to be a special prison for only a limited number of prisoners.” Kamel then said that he would inform interior minister Ibrahim “to send his security people to take over the facility” and that there is “a tacit agreement (with the prosecutors) to receive early warning before an actual inspection takes place” in order to get the facility “ready.” He then assures them that the prison guards would have already been “briefed and trained” so as not to be uncovered. Finally, Shahin instructed that “all the record books must be cooked with proper dates and names of visitors including the visits by the African leaders (to Morsi in his early days of detention) as well as by a delegation from Egypt’s human rights organization, etc.” Kamel then assured them that “Lt. Gen. Tariq has been working on this with interior ministry officials.”

When wolves are guarding the sheep

These revelations clearly demonstrate that Egypt is currently being ruled by a criminal enterprise masquerading as patriotic military generals or statesmen. Since the July 2013 coup thousands of Egyptians have been killed in the streets while at least forty thousand have been arrested, jailed and tortured. In essence, the coup was a counterrevolutionary movement led by the military generals and elements of Mubarak’s deep state that eventually resulted not only in the acquittal of the former dictator and his cronies but also in thwarting Egypt’s path towards freedom and democracy.

More than forty years ago, Nixon told the American public that he was not a crook, only to be shamed nine months later and admit that indeed he had violated the law and had to resign. But the military generals in Cairo are not only crooks by their own admission, but also murderers, thugs, and psychopaths. There are no parliament, judiciary, or viable civil society institutions in Egypt to hold them accountable. Meanwhile, the international community is looking the other way while Egypt descends into turmoil and chaos, and most Egyptians face unprecedented repression and corruption on a massive scale. During the 18 momentous revolutionary days in the spring of 2011, many Egyptians believed that the military generals stood with them against the tyranny and decadence of the Mubarak regime, and declared in Tahrir Square and across Egypt that “the people and the army are one.” Four years later most Egyptians who yearn to be free openly declare “no to military rule” and understand now more than ever that freedom and democracy cannot be bestowed by any one group but must be taken by the people themselves.


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At least 8,000 demonstrators marched in Athens on Saturday commemorating the sixth anniversary since the police slaying of Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Grigoropoulos’ murder on December 6, 2008 sparked violent clashes across Greece, with cars being burned, shops looted, and police attacked in a number of Greek cities.


The violence on Saturday began at 19:30 in the evening by a group of some 200 black-clad masked men, local media reported. They started setting on fire cars and bank ATMs and threw Molotov cocktails and other projectiles at police in the bohemian neighborhood of Exarchia, where Grigoropoulos was killed.

At least two shops were set on fire amid the rioting while dozens of others were damaged. Athens police said they detained 211 demonstrators.

Clashes also broke out between police and demonstrators in the northern city of Thessaloniki, the second-largest in Greece. Police fired tear gas and stun grenades after a crowd of activists beat up two plainclothes policemen observing the protest.

Saturday’s protests were also held in solidarity with a jailed anarchist, Nikos Romanos who witnessed the death of Grigoropoulos. He was sentenced in October for robbery and is now on hunger strike in prison demanding he be allowed to attend university classes. Lately his condition became critical.

Romanos was good friends with Grigoropoulos. He was fifteen when he witnessed his friend being killed. Romanos then became one of the focal points of public rage against the authorities and police brutality, which escalated into nationwide rioting.


Protests against police brutality have turned violent in Berkeley, California, as officers are resorting to rubber bullets, flash bang grenades and tear gas in a tense standoff with demonstrators demanding justice.

The scene in this liberal college town remains chaotic Saturday night as reports of injured protesters at the hands of the police begin emerged. The protesters took to the streets to express their anger over a series of high-profile incidences involving the death of black Americans at the hands of white police officers – all of whom were cleared of any wrongdoing by the courts.

According to police, some of the protesters took to more violent methods of expression.

This is what the Cal campus looks like right now #ICantBreathe

In a videotaped scene that has stirred the emotions of many people across the country, the officer is seen placing Garner in a choke hold as a group of other officers restrained him. Garner, who reportedly suffered from asthma, died after repeatedly saying, “I can’t breathe” – a phrase that has become a rallying cry for the protesters.

The Garner decision came shortly after a Missouri grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, 18, who was shot multiple times following a confrontation with police despite being unarmed.

Protests have erupted across the country in Philadelphia, Chicago, Las Vegas and dozens of other cities. In New York, where a fourth consecutive day of rallies took place, several dozen people participated in a mock “die-in” at Grand Central Station, as well as conducting protests inside shops on Times Square. There were no reports of arrests.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, several hundred people assembled at police headquarters Saturday, which resulted in a small group of protesters hurling rocks at police. Seven of the protesters were arrested.

In Portland, Oregon, a throng of peaceful yet passionate protesters entered the Justice Center building, shouting “Justice,” before moving to a shopping mall, where the chant turned to “Don’t shoot” and “Black lives matter.”


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