The Irreligiosity of IS, ISIS/ISIL*

The Irreligiosity of IS, ISIS/ISIL*

IS, ISIS/ISIL whatever one wishes to call them, for these labels are simply for propaganda in the West. Now by simply referring to them as IS (Islamic state) is to subtly, push the successful agenda towards successfully reigniting the anti-Muslim agenda of 9/11. In Arabic-speaking countries they have only been known as Da’esh (army). With the dissolution of the Christian faith via the current pope on the one hand, and expression of that faith on the other, the silencing of practicing Jews by Zionists, the re-birth of anti-religious neo-Nazism, the eugenics of indigenous peoples and their spirituality, and the NWO infiltration and corruption of the New Age movement, what was a warning by psychotherapist Carl Jung has become a living reality still unrealized by many.

“Just as man, as a social being, cannot in the long run exist without a tie to the community, so the individual will never find the real justification for his existence, and his own spiritual and moral autonomy, anywhere except in an extramundane principle capable of relativizing the overpowering influence of external factors. The individual who is not anchored in God can offer no resistance on his own resources to the physical and moral blandishments of the world. For this he needs the evidence of inner, transcendent experience which alone can protect him from the otherwise inevitable submersion in the mass. Merely intellectual or even moral insight into the stultification and moral irresponsibility of the mass man is a negative recognition only and amounts to much more than a wavering on the road to the atomization of the individual. . .

“The State has taken the place of  God; that is why, seen from this angle, the socialist dictatorships are religions and State slavery is a form of worship”  – Carl Jung

The intellect alone cannot solve the problems that it has create, and as we are experiencing is being perpetuated until the murder of one African-American man’s last gasping breath has echoed around the world “I can’t breathe.”

For those with a moral compass left, have sought and found hope within their respective faiths. Some have even gone further as expressed by comedy actor Jim Carrey he is all faiths (Islam included).

We are all at different levels of belief and disbelief, because we all have our personal journeys to overcome, but it was one Muslim sister who brought home one striking reality. In reference to Saudi Arabia’s destruction of Islamic holy sites removes the fact that Prophet Muhammed (SAW) did exist, and in a world based on the mind and not the heart, this matters. We begin to doubt.

IS, ISIS/ISIL sets the stage for the NWO – Zionist-cum-Nazi agenda in part to remove any reminder of not only Islam, but Christianity, Judaism and anything else it can find.

Syria has been rich with antiquities from Christians, Muslims and Jews. As well as genocide of people’s from all these faiths, ISIS has destroyed as much of their antiquities as possible.



The Eliyahu Hanabi Synagogu in Jobar, Syria also known as the Jobar Synagogue was discovered by ISIS.  Up until then the desolate site was used as a school. It was built in the former village of Jobar now surrounded by the city of Damascus.  Jobar is in northeast Damascus. It is a vital link to the East Ghouta area, much of which is held by insurgents, including towns like Harasta and Douma.”  The Talmud, which states that the village was one of ten surrounding Damascus inhabited by Jews is an early source of information about Jobar.   This synagogue was connected to a complex with rooms for the rabbi and other functionaries of the community.  It was built on top of a cave traditionally thought to have been the prophet Elijah’s when in hiding. This had been a place of Jewish pilgrims visiting for many centuries.

In recent times the desolate site was used as a school for Palestinians. It was ISIS that discovered that there was an underground city with treasures.  Jobar was a Jewish city with gold, statues, paper, scrolls and dead bodies.  ISIS took the gold excavated the underground city destroyed everything in it.



St. Etchmiadzin Armenian church in Mosul following attacks by ISIS.


Overall view of the Dura Europos baptistry as reconstructed in Yale University. The 150 acres (60 hectares) is now covered by looters’ pits. The remains in Dura Europos of the early Orthodox Christian house church and the Jewish synagogue confirm that both the early Orthodox Church and the Jews used religious iconography during Roman times.


Local residents verified that buildings had been destroyed and two cathedrals occupied to the agency. Crosses at the front of Mosul’s Chaldean cathedral and Syrian Orthodox cathedral were removed and replaced with the black flag of the Islamic State.



Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor, Syria



Two mosques in the village of Tal Maarouf, Syria were ransacked by ISIS fighters


Shrine of the great companion Hijr ibn Adi destroyed and body reportedly exhumed


Common to All

From the unverified video of a member of ISIS desecrating the alleged tombs of the prophet Jonah (GIF Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic)

Jonah’s tomb’ in Mosul, Iraq


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