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The Intelligence of Self Observation and Self-Awareness*

The Intelligence of Self Observation and Self-Awareness*

It was in my youth that this legacy of self observation was mired in hours, days and weeks reading, studying and practicing hard lessons learnt from the books of Gurdjief and Ouspensky…

By Steve Gillman

Why is observing yourself so important to the exercise of your intelligence? Because much of what gets in the way of thinking effectively and powerfully is not a lack of ability or brainpower, but the interference of ones own reactive mind. Let’s look at some examples.

John opens up a book about moral philosophy, and he is excited to read it. But what has him excited is not exactly the prospect of discovering new ideas. What he’s really looking forward to is the confirmation of his own beliefs, and the discovery of new arguments to defend them and push them onto others.

This is common, of course. Many of us buy books that are based on ideas we already agree with after all, don’t we? Capitalists buy books about the virtues of free markets, creationists buy books about the flaws in evolutionary theory, and environmentalists buy books about the damage we’re causing to the planet. By itself, this tendency is not harmful, and certainly not surprising. It limits our thinking, though, when we do not recognize it in ourselves and therefore don’t make allowance for the bias it creates.

This isn’t just about books, of course. In fact, we “buy” ideas all the time from the intellectual environment around us. We “pay” for these ideas by investing our time and thought and ego into them. But we don’t see how often we are only interested in those that fit our existing way of thinking. And because of that lack of awareness resulting from a lack of self observation, we pass over facts and ideas that may lead to a better understanding.

Seeing our own biases

ReflectionSuppose a man has a strong belief that “a person is responsible for his or her actions.” As a result of this and his accompanying philosophy, he not only dismisses certain ideas, but finds them offensive. For example, when he hears about a study showing that most criminals have a deficiency of copper in their bodies, he is annoyed and assumes it is an attack on the idea of personal responsibility. “They’re just helping people excuse their bad behavior,” he says.

Now, if he’s not in the habit of self observation, he won’t notice that this isn’t reasoning, but a reaction. It may even seem perfectly clear to him that such science is dangerous and ill-intentioned. On the other hand, what if he does watch himself, and catches the reactive nature of his thinking? Then he can question what he believes, or find a way to fit new facts into his thinking.

With this and other scientific information about the physical and psychological “causes” of behavior, he might come to a better understanding. He might even decide that people generally aren’t responsible for their actions, but that they can be if they so choose. Upon having this thought, he might notice that his reactive mind is saying, “but we have to hold them responsible or people will all be criminals.” This, he sees, is the fear that supports his prior belief. Upon seeing that, he can think, “no, they just have to be locked up if they are dangerous to others – that doesn’t require a belief in personal guilt” nor suggest that others will become criminals if we don’t call them “sinners.”

That is one possibility. The other is that upon seeing that there are things which encourage people to commit crimes, he still believes that people are responsible for their actions, but now recognizes that context is not irrelevant. We’re all weaker at points in time after all, for all sorts of reasons, and recognizing this isn’t a denial of responsibility for our actions. Perhaps correcting nutritional deficiencies, treating psychological problems and providing a better environment for people will lead to many less of them choosing to do bad things.

However he changes his thinking or broadens his understanding, it happens because of self observation. The resulting self awareness lets him see his biases and work past them.

This isn’t just about philosophical examples like those given, either. Simple pride about ones theory in biology, economics or family life can blind one to better ideas if it is not recognized as a limiting force. Being afraid to admit ignorance is another mind-killer. There all sorts of other things going on inside us too. One’s own unconscious mind throws many obstacles in the path of clear thought, and self observation is what allows us to clear the way for better brainpower.

At the highest levels, better brainpower cannot be separated from higher self awareness. How do you become more self aware? Some people turn to meditation, and this is a good start. This helps one deal with the “monkey mind,” which describes how the mind often jumps from thought to thought like a restless monkey in a tree, jumping around from branch to branch. The idea is to “tame” that busy barrage of thoughts.

Meditative practices help you observe things more clearly, concentrate better, and perhaps think more efficiently. Efficient doesn’t necessarily mean effective, however. A perfectly tuned car can still take you to the wrong destination, right? Self awareness, then, starts with this meditative observation of the “chatter” in your mind, but for more powerful thinking you have to look deeper, to see the content of those thoughts and identify the patterns and biases working there, often unnoticed by you.

With that in mind, here are some more of the common biases and other patterns of thought that can get in the way of better brainpower.

Effective thinking – Three stumbling blocks

Source biases

29c4d-frantz-fanon-the-idealist-cognitive-dissonanceWe’re not always aware that we’re under the influence of a bias against the source of an idea. For example, even a very rational scientist may discount the theories of another, without realizing that it has as much to do with his dislike of the person as with the merits of the ideas. If you doubt this, you can prove it to yourself with an experiment. Tell 100 people, “John Wayne said that citizens have a duty to fight for their country when their government asks them to. Do you agree?” Then make the same statement to another 100 people, but start with “Adolph Hitler said…” See how many agree with each version.

You can guess the results without doing the work. We know from experience that where information, ideas, or even evidence comes from helps determine how people perceive these things – even when there is no rational reason to differentiate (it is rational, of course, to be more skeptical of information from a source with a justified reputation for being unreliable). It is common to note this bias, but it is also common to assume that “I’m not like that.” Of course we are all subject to this ordinary pattern of thought.

To get past this, then, we have to become aware of it in ourselves. We can start by asking questions like, “How do I feel about this source, and could that be affecting my thinking?” You might hate the slant of a particular news channel, for example, and so discount the importance of something they report on. Upon reflection, you realize that despite the political slant to their reporting, they never invent facts, and that if you saw the same story on a different station you would have thought about it differently.

Here’s another approach: When you feel a strong negative or positive reaction to some idea, evidence or information, imagine for a moment what your response/reaction would have been if you heard the same thing from a different source. In fact, imagine several sources and pay attention to what your mind does. We’ve probably all heard a friend defend the ideas of a favorite politician, even though we know he would denounce the same ideas if they came from someone he didn’t like. To see if, and to what extent, this is happening in yourself, do this little mental exercise as honestly as possible.

Philosophical biases

71299-indoctrinationpropagandaWe all have some fundamental ideas about various aspects of life. I hesitate to call this a “philosophy,” because these thoughts are not always consistent nor consciously formulated in a person. In fact, many people’s unconscious philosophical perspectives contradict conscious beliefs. For example, a man might openly express capitalistic beliefs and yet still feel like business is somehow “dirty,” perhaps because of childhood experiences.

Whether conscious or not, our philosophical “leanings” can affect our ability to clearly and rationally think about things. For example, suppose a woman has a basic feeling or philosophy that hard work toward goals is what makes us happy. Then she reads about a study which found that those who could not quickly name three specific personal goals were actually happier than those who could. What might her response be?

I made that study up by the way. If it was true, though, it might be fascinating to take it further and see why people without definite goals were happier. However, given this woman’s basic philosophical bias, it seem likely that she might start asking questions like, “How did they measure happiness?” and “Why did they have to name their goals quickly?” These are valid questions, but probably a reactive challenge to the validity of the study rather than an attempt to get at the truth. Or to put it another way, the “truth” she wants to get at is getting in the way of honestly looking at the evidence and learning something new.

Before we consciously see the logical implications of an idea, our unconscious mind has already figured them out, and caused an uneasy feeling if they contradict other important beliefs. We then react according to this “processing,” and we may even feel obligated to defend our response -that’s where rationalization enters. If we asked this woman why she so quickly attacked the study rather than exploring the fascinating implications of its findings, she might say, “Because there is so much bad science out there.” True, perhaps, but we would have to wonder if she did the same with studies that confirmed her philosophical leanings.

With self observation we develop more self awareness. How do apply that here? When you react quickly to something, don’t allow yourself to create “reasons” to defend your reaction. Instead look for causes that may have been hiding just below the surface. What important beliefs do you have that might be challenged or confirmed by this new information or idea?

Social biases

2-World-PeaceIf we think a certain way because all of our associates and friends do, that can be fear of being ostracized from the group. Imagine if a scientist found evidence of a physical aspect of thoughts. Perhaps his mind races ahead to imagine the ridicule he’ll face from his peers if he mentions such a radical hypothesis, so he ignores what he found, and stops thinking about it.

This bias is commonly used against us. A person starts a statement with, “We all know that…” and whether what “we all know” is true or not, we have been warned that we will be looked at as an “outsider” if we disagree. This is less a statement of the obvious than an argument from intimidation, but it is often more subtle than this. For example, there is an unspoken agreement among many people that they should never point out that affirmative action (purposely hiring minorities) fits the exact definition of discriminatory hiring. I propose that such social “correctness” not only intimidates people into silence, but it prevents clear thinking (and certainly rational discussion) on some topics.

There may be good reasons to limit what you say, but why limit what you think about? Ask yourself what uncomfortable thoughts you’ve entertained at times. Then do a simple experiment. Imagine if you lived in a place where everyone agreed with those ideas. Would you feel more comfortable exploring them? You may be biased and limited by the beliefs of those around you.

Comment: See Stranger to Ourselves for more information:

“Know thyself,” a precept as old as Socrates, is still good advice. But is introspection the best path to self-knowledge? What are we trying to discover, anyway? In an eye-opening tour of the unconscious, as contemporary psychological science has redefined it, Timothy D. Wilson introduces us to a hidden mental world of judgments, feelings, and motives that introspection may never show us.

This is not your psychoanalyst’s unconscious. The adaptive unconscious that empirical psychology has revealed, and that Wilson describes, is much more than a repository of primitive drives and conflict-ridden memories. It is a set of pervasive, sophisticated mental processes that size up our worlds, set goals, and initiate action, all while we are consciously thinking about something else.

If we don’t know ourselves – our potentials, feelings, or motives – it is most often, Wilson tells us, because we have developed a plausible story about ourselves that is out of touch with our adaptive unconscious. Citing evidence that too much introspection can actually do damage, Wilson makes the case for better ways of discovering our unconscious selves. If you want to know who you are or what you feel or what you’re like, Wilson advises, pay attention to what you actually do and what other people think about you. Showing us an unconscious more powerful than Freud’s, and even more pervasive in our daily life, Strangers to Ourselves marks a revolution in how we know ourselves.


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Netherlands Christmas: Black Pete*

Netherlands Christmas: Black Pete*

By Bo Azizi, Sanne Bosma and Amari Roos

A demonstration in November, 2013 against Zwarte Piet (Black Pete)

As the holiday season approaches, people the world over will be celebrating the year’s end in accordance with their local traditions. In the Netherlands in recent years there has been steadily-growing controversy about its peculiar Christmas tradition involving white people wearing blackface theatrical makeup.

Jon Stewart is right: the U.S. most definitely is NOT a post-racial society. But before we, as Dutch citizens, start lecturing Americans about the state of their nation, we ought to come clean about our own racist proclivities. Every year on December 5th Dutch children celebrate a kind of mini pre-Santa day of gift-giving (well, gift-receiving in the kids’ case, but the adult population joins in the fun too). The centerpiece of Sint-Nicolaas Day are parades in every town and city up and down the country, in which the guest of honor is a very Father Christmas-like figure who gives kids candy… with the assistance of ‘Black Pete’, his negro servant sidekick.

To understand this toxic Dutch ‘tradition’, you have to understand some of its past. But first, here’s the story of “Sint-Nicolaas and Black Pete” as it is presented today.

Sint Nicolaas and his Servants

Saint Nicholas’ Day, usually December 6th, is the feast day of Saint Nicholas in many Western countries. In most of those countries, it’s no longer a big deal because gift-giving celebrations around the Winter Solstice take precedence. In the Netherlands (and Belgium), however, ‘Saint Nicholas eve’ (December 5th) is nearly as big a deal as ‘Christmas proper’.

The Dutch December 5th/6th ‘Sint Nicolaas’ is based on the same basic Saint Nicholas myth, celebrated annually with the giving of gifts on the eve of Saint Nicholas’ Day (December 5th). Sint Nicolaas is portrayed as an elderly man with a flowing white beard, much as ‘Father Christmas’ is. But instead of flying reindeer and elvish toy-makers, Sint Nicolaas has servants called ‘Black Petes’ who act goofy and funny while handing out candy to children. Sint Nicolaas and entourage arrive on a steamboat from Spain, then the old man rides a white horse through town (don’t ask, no one knows why). Where once there was one Zwarte Piet, now many ‘Black Pete’ assistants throw candy and cookies into the cheering crowd. Harmless fun, right?

The Dutch to this day believe ‘Black Pete’ to be based on historical events, or a relatively unbroken tradition going back centuries. However, this particular part of their ‘Christmas Tale’ arose in the 19th century. Sint Nicolaas had no servants or companions between the 16th and 19th century1. In 1850 a school-teacher named Jan Schenkman published an illustrated book called Saint Nicholas and his Servant, in which the servant is depicted as a young, black male wearing traditional Moorish garb.

Illustration from Jan Schenkman’s book

Between then and now, Black Pete’s costume went from Moorish attire to an exaggerated 16th century Renaissance era wardrobe (again, don’t ask why, although it may have something to do with the 16th century being the golden era of Dutch imperialism and slave trade). The distilled result we have today is white people dressed to look like black people in clown-like outfits as the Dutch Saint Nick’s ‘little helpers’.

Like much else when it comes to ‘historical traditions’, the individual parts make no sense and yet somehow they have come together to form part of the Dutch collective identity. Think of giant bunny rabbits leaving chocolate eggs in commemoration of the death and resurrection of a crucified mythological figure. The problem with this Dutch tradition is that – unlike elves, giant bunny rabbits, flying reindeer, and reanimated dead people – black people are very much real. Not only are they real, they have historically been, and to a large extent continue to be, treated abominably.

Lack of Moral Criticism in Dutch Society

Now, if you ask Dutch people why their Saint Nick’s servants/helpers are black, most will tell you their faces are blackened with soot as a result of climbing down chimneys to deliver the boss’s gifts. This can be quite confusing, and make no sense to people outside of the Netherlands. Does everyone who climbs down a chimney end up with an afro, big earrings, and bright red lips? Side-effects of falling down the chimney head-first, perhaps? Hardly.

Given the historical context (the Netherlands was the last European country to abolish the slave trade – more on that below), the Schenkman formulation of Sint Nicolaas’ helper being a Moor from Spain, and the black-face worn by people re-enacting the ritual today, it’s very clear that Black Pete was not a ‘soot-covered ethnic Dutch boy’, but a black boy. A picture posted by the No Black Pete organization on their blog site illustrates this point further.

To see how non-Dutch people react upon learning about ‘Black Pete’, watch the recently-released documentary, ‘Zwart als Roet’ (Black as Soot), by Dutch filmmaker and journalist Sunny Bergman. In this documentary exploring racism in the Netherlands, Bergman conveys how deeply biased Dutch society is, and what kind of impact the Black Pete tradition has had, and is having, on people of all colour. While two ‘Black Petes’ and a Sint Nicolaas walked around a park in London asking people for their opinions, English actor and activist Russell Brand made an appearance and said the following:

What this tradition does, is that it dehumanises people that are of a different ethnicity and it reduces them to a lower status of either toys or a degenerative role as servants.”

“In this country we think of Holland as a very advanced nation with advanced social principles, so it’s very surprising to see this kind of tradition”.

In a survey of 1,700 Dutch citizens conducted in 2013 by, 92% didn’t consider the depiction of ‘Black Pete’ to be racist, nor did they associate him with slavery. In addition, 91% didn’t want the character’s appearance to be changed. Another survey of 1,383 people conducted in Amsterdam, suggested that nearly three quarters of the capital’s residents with a Dutch colonial (Surinamese, Antillean, or Ghanaian) background perceived Black Pete to be racist. According to new research by EenVandaag, the number of Dutch citizens wishing to see ‘Black Pete’ de-racialized has almost tripled, from 5% last year to 13% this year, amounting to over 1.5 million Dutch citizens who are against the current depiction of Black Pete.

Discussion about this is getting more attention, and more people seem to see the other side of the ‘story’. The question remains, however; why a majority of Dutch citizens accept something that might have been acceptable in colonial times, but which has no place in a country that houses the International Court of (supposed) Justice? In 2011 in Canada, Dutch-Canadian organizers of New Westminster’s ‘Sinterklaas’ celebrations decided to discard ‘Black Pete’ altogether, the first time since 1985 that Black Pete didn’t appear with Sint Nicolaas during celebrations in western Canada. The Canadians did it, so what’s stopping the Dutch?

Queen Maxima of Holland seems to endorse racism

A majority of Dutch citizens either simply don’t care or seem to feel bound to a tradition they identify with as part of Dutch culture. They view it as innocent and fun, not only for children, but for everyone. Lacking the ability to view the matter from a different, more objective, perspective, could it be that the Dutch are not yet feeling pressure from the downward spiral their homeland finds itself in? Most of the Dutch population appears oblivious to wrongdoings in general, kept busy and content with dissociating activities, such as watching and discussing soccer, the latest fashion trends, TV shows, and participating in annual racist ‘festivities’. Far from being harmless ‘fun’, the ‘Black Pete’ tradition reinforces racial division within Dutch society. And these days, with extreme right-wingers like Geert Wilders given a platform in Dutch media, racial division is STRONG. That ‘Black Pete, a product of the psychopathically cynical ‘white man’s burden, is inherently racist and understood perfectly well as such by white schoolchildren when they bully children descended from immigrants with taunts of ‘Look, there goes Black Pete!’

The following excerpt from the book Political Ponerology by Polish psychiatrist Andrzej Łobaczewski touches on this:

During good times, people progressively lose sight of the need for profound reflection, introspection , knowledge of others, and an understanding of life’s complicated laws. Is it worth pondering the properties of human nature and man’s flawed personality, whether one’s own or someone else’s? Can we understand the creative meaning of suffering we have not undergone ourselves, instead of taking the easy way out and blaming the victim? Any excess mental effort seems like pointless labor if life’s joys appear to be available for the taking. A clever, liberal, and merry individual is a good sport; a more farsighted person predicting dire results becomes a wet-blanket killjoy. […]

When communities lose the capacity for psychological reason and moral criticism, the processes of the generation of evil are intensified at every social scale, whether individual or macrosocial, until everything reverts to “bad” times.

Considering the major budget cuts right around the corner, “bad” times are here. What can ordinary people, of all colors, do to resist or defend against ‘austerity measures’ implemented by the government if they are divided as a nation? If we would all use our moral compasses, leave subjective opinions behind, and look at situations from a more objective point of view, we might be able to join forces in a more productive manner when it comes to demanding real solutions to pressing issues.

Our ‘Colonial Hangover’

Rarely discussed is the part the Dutch played in the West’s slave and opium trades, and their brutal reign in the Dutch colonies (not least Indonesia). If we do not wish to explore our past and admit that we were on the wrong side of history, how then can we look at Black Pete in an objective manner? In the words of author and Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison, we have “violently disremembered the past“.

Just a few years ago, former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende called for the return of the Dutch East India Company’s ‘industrious’ mentality, prevalent in the Netherlands for three centuries. Although most today still believe that ‘trade’ took place, the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC), using military might and forced labour, became exceedingly rich by stealing enormous quantities of natural resources from the East. In fact, the VOC was at one point the wealthiest corporation in the world, and still holds the record. In the words of historian Hans Derks, what the VOC REALLY stands for is ‘Violent Opium Company‘. Why would a modern Dutch Prime Minister want to promote the kind of extreme mind-set that normalizes pillage and plunder on an absolutely gargantuan scale?

Then there was the Dutch West India Company (WIC), which enriched itself (and its owners) through the slave trade and colonies in Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. Historians estimate that more than 500,000 people were forced to work as slaves in the colonies over the course of 200 years.

The verbal abuse, including death threats, that Quinsy Gario, social activist and founder of Black Pete is Racism, has suffered is staggering, and it demonstrates that many Dutch citizens cannot put themselves in the shoes of the descendants of slaves, and furthermore, that they refuse to look at the facts. It’s cognitive dissonance on the macrosocial scale: the discomfort and mental stress that we feel when our beliefs, ideals or values don’t match up to reality.

When confronted on this subject, victims of cognitive dissonance will often become abusive and angry, lashing out verbally.

As a number of psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors explain, these responses are a natural defense mechanism when faced with something threatening to our world view.

Just like the filmmaker Sunny Bergman, who was honest about her own hidden and unconscious racism, other Dutch people go through the painful process of admitting to themselves that they are, in fact, born and raised racist, even if they think we are not. Most of us completely disregard certain social advantages that we have over our darker-skinned fellow citizens, also called white privilege. In many cases it is easier to get a job, the police leave us alone, more often than not, and we are not treated like villains or anti-social when we walk in small groups. Because we have been brainwashed into thinking that our country is “a very advanced nation with advanced social principles,” we assume that we are open-minded and accepting of other cultures. That is the narrative we as a nation have been telling ourselves.

Recent protests

In November this year more than 60 protesters were arrested during a large demonstration against the ‘Black Pete’ tradition.

On this matter the country’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte joined the debate, appearing to back the controversial ceremony by saying: “We should not disturb a children’s party in this way.” Yes it is a children’s party, but his comments only inflamed the situation because they whitewashed the dark stain protesters wish to expose. Sunny Bergman, by the way, was an observing journalist at the protest and was arrested along with the protesters. According to producer Monique Busman of the VPRO broadcaster, the police singled out and isolated Bergman before arresting her and confiscating her camera.


Black Pete has no place in a compassionate and truly ‘advanced nation’. Racism remains a deep-seated issue in The Netherlands because ordinary people aren’t willing to examine their assumptions. Against the backdrop of an economy going down the drain (as with everywhere else in the Western world, more and more people are losing their jobs and find it impossible to survive on social welfare), increasing police brutality, the vicious anti-Russia propaganda, and the cover-up surrounding MH17, changing attitudes in how the Dutch celebrate winter festivities may seem like ‘small potatoes’. But as a permanent affront to the country’s 3.5 million non-whites, ‘Black Pete’ serves as a fault-line along which the Netherlands can be divided and conquered by its ruling elite because it provides fuel with which psychopaths in positions of power can aggravate inter-community tensions and deflect public anger away from where it should be directed: to those Dutch Indian Company revanchists at the top.


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Thousands Protest against Poland’s Electoral Fraud*

Thousands Protest against Poland’s Electoral Fraud*

Given Poland’s recent history, if you have been wondering how Poland could side with the criminal EU and NATO against Russia, like everywhere else, this is how…

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Warsaw to protest recent election results. Law and Justice party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski says the ballots were falsified with almost 20 percent of the votes being declared invalid.

Kaczynski’s supporters are marching under the slogan in support of democracy.

The organizers of the rally claim that over 100,000 people have turned out to protest, which would be the largest demonstration in the history of post-war Poland. However, reports from the Polish newspaper, Wyborcza, say this figure has been significantly inflated. Other estimates have put the figure at around 60,000, the paper adds.

Joachim Brudzinski, the President of the Law and Justice Executive Committee, made a plea for calm earlier in the march, as previous rallies have ended in violence.

We do not want any provocative banners,” he said.

“We want this march to be peaceful. To the people of Poland – the whole of Europe saw our determination to fight for a democratic, sovereign, independent Republic,” he added, as reported by Wyborcza.

The controversy was caused by a computer glitch, which delayed the release of results, while many ballot papers were annulled because voters became confused and marked them incorrectly, according to AP.

More than 1,000 challenges to the results have so far been registered in various courts around Poland. A group of MEP’s have also raised questions concerning the validity of the local elections, with both the first round on November 16 and the second round two weeks later being affected.

Concerns over the legitimacy of the results have also been raised by a group of MEP, and more than 1,000 challenges to the results have so far been registered in courts around Poland.

Critics of Kaczynski say he is making false claims about the local elections to boost his own profile and to influence the electorate ahead of next year’s national elections, Inside Poland reports.

The march coincided with the 33rd anniversary of the start of martial law in Poland on December 13, 1981, when tanks rolled through the streets and those with connections to the Solidarity movement were arrested.

On November 11, at least 276 people were arrested and just under 50 people were injured after clashes broke out in the Polish capital, as nationalists took to the streets to mark National Independence Day.

Tens of thousands marched through the Polish capital on Tuesday, with many carrying the national flag. Extremist nationalist groups, such as the Radical Camp and the All-Polish Youth, attended the march.

In 2013, police had to deploy rubber bullets and pepper spray to disperse demonstrators, who were besieging the Russian Embassy in Warsaw with firecrackers and bottles.


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Rockefellers Funded Eugenics Initiative to Sterilize 15 Million Americans*

Rockefellers Funded Eugenics Initiative to Sterilize 15 Million Americans*

Some people are still under the impression that the Rockefeller Foundation is all about philanthropy: helping people and saving lives. Those people are Bill Gates and Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

In reality, the Rockefellers have been one of the largest financial backers and drivers of the eugenics and the depopulation agenda for over a century now.

Check out these 1915 newspaper clippings we came across in research.

The first is from The Salem Daily Capital Journal printed Thursday, November 4th, 1915.

The article, “Rockefeller, Jr., On Eugenic Problems,” is about a play produced by the Rockefellers called “The Unborn.” Jr. says:

“For the first time in dramatic history the perplexing problem of the limitation of undesirable offspring which has been engaging the attention of thoughtful eugenists and sociologists the world over is dealt with on the stage in a play that we are to produce. The right of the child to be well-born and the right of the wife to decide about it are problems the solution of which society can no longer ignore.”

This is what propaganda looked like before we had television — the Rockefellers funding a stage play pushing a eugenics depopulation agenda all the way back in 1915!

But wait… At first glance, it sounds like modern-day birth control and a woman’s right to choose, doesn’t it? (Two things which the Rockefellers have also been massive financial backers and drivers of for decades now.) Well, it’s not.

The key words here are “undesirable,” which in this old context it means something a lot different, and “well-born” — the right of the child to be “well-born.”

Just a few months earlier, the Rockefellers also appear in multiple articles about a new eugenics enterprise printed in papers across the country like this one in The Washington Herald on September 3rd, 1915.

Headline: “15,000,000 Americans Defective, They Say” Subhead: Gigantic Eugenic Enterprise Organized for Sterilization of Unfit of Nation

This one discusses the joint eugenics venture between Mrs. E.H. Harriman (mother of future statesman and Skull & Bones secret society member Averill Harriman); John D. Rockefeller; Andrew Carnegie; and scientist Alexander Graham Bell, the guy who invented the telephone and who was apparently a huge eugenicist.

(On a side note, information regarding whether or not Bell developed the telephone while working on a way to be able to contact Satan directly was not included in this particular article.)

Apparently John D. and Co. were giving “liberal financial assistance” (read: millions) to fund a “gigantic eugenic enterprise…to ascertain what is the matter with the human race” that had been going on for four years prior and which ended in the announcement in this article of a campaign being launched “for the sterilization of 15,000,000 Americans.”

Studies in eugenics had been “quietly conducted” for nearly half a decade not just at Cold Springs Harbor, but “by field workers all over the world.”

The article ends with,

“The organization, after his four years’ work in this country and Europe reached the conclusion that sterilization of defectives was the greatest work for them. Statistics gathered reveal the amazing fact that 10% of the present population of the United States are defectives, who must be blotted out as reproducers of human life.”

“Undesirables” or “defectives” could mean anything from people who had committed crimes to people who drank alcohol often, or people who were considered feeble-minded, physically handicapped or sick people and even the impoverished or people simply considered to be of poor breeding.

Children born to parents such as these were not considered to be “well-born.”

Under the guise of “fixing” the human race, these elite got together and funded a massive campaign to permanently sterilize 10 percent of America.

The same elite robber barons who had consolidated and monopolized the oil, rail, steel and banking industries took it upon themselves to also push for laws to restrict which people might be allowed to have babies, all while lauding themselves and their blue blood friends as the types that should reproduce as much as possible.

During the era leading up to World War II, eugenics laws were passed in 27 states which allowed for the forcible sterilization of tens of thousands of Americans.

Now you know what kind of powerful elite (then-)millionaires were behind those laws.

As we’ve previously reported,

“Following World War II, Eugenics was re-branded to cast of its associations with the Nazis, and emerged, as it were, in the form of such social policy topics as ‘population control,’ ‘family planning,’ abortion/Planned Parenthood, health care, various types of genetics, even laced in between such agendas as global warming/climate change – which leads to arguments about reducing the burden of over-population upon the earth.”

Later projects funded by the Rockefeller Foundation included everything from Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, to an anti-fertility vaccine among others. These people spent millions back then and continued to do so throughout the decades.

Do you really believe the motives behind the money have changed?

The ultimate goal — total control over society and depopulation — has never changed, regardless of what they call it now or how they try to paint it in a positive light today.

Even at a time when eugenics was en vogue, not everyone was on board with targeting the poorest and most vulnerable in society in a world run by Rockefeller wealth. In the October 8th, 1915 edition of The Day Book, R.F. Paine made just such a case:


The millions of Mrs. Harriman, relict of the great railroad “promoter,” assisted by other millions of Rockefeller and Carnegie, are to be devoted to sterilization of several hundred thousands of American “defectives” annually, as a matter of eugenics.

It is true that we don’t yet know all that the millions of our plutocracy can do to the common folks. We see that our moneyed plutocrats can own the governments of whole states, override constitutions, maintain private armies to shoot down men, women and children and railroad innocent men to life imprisonment for murder, or lesser crimes. And if we submit to such things, we ought not to be surprised if they undertake to sterilize all those who are obnoxious to them.

Of course, the proposition demands much on who are the declared “defective.”

The old Spartans, with war always in view, used to destroy, at birth, boys born with decided physical weakness. Some of our present day eugenists go farther and damn children before their birth because of parents criminally inclined. Then we have eugenic “defectives” in the insane and incurably diseased…

But isn’t there another sort of “defective,” who is quite as dangerous as any but whom discussion generally overlooks, especially discussion by senile, long-hailed pathologists, and long-eared college professors involved in the Harriman-Rockefeller scheme to sterilize?

A boy is born to millions. He either doesn’t work, isn’t useful, doesn’t contribute to human happiness, is altogether a parasite, or else he works to add to his millions, with the brutal, insane greed for more and more that caused the accumulation of the inherited millions. Why isn’t such the most dangerous “defective” of all? Why isn’t the prevention of more such progeny the first duty of eugenics? Such “defectives” directly attack the rights, liberties, happiness, lives of millions.

Talk about inheriting criminal tendencies! If there a ranker case of such than the inheritance of Standard Oil criminality as evidenced in the slaughter of mothers and their babies at Ludlow?

Sterilization of hundreds of thousands of the masses, by the Harrimans and Rockefellers? Let’s first try out the “defectives” of the sons of Harriman and Rockefeller!


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#DayOfResistance Shuts Down New York*

#DayOfResistance Shuts Down New York*

On December 13, as part of the National Day of Resistance, Wave of Indignation, tens of thousands marched in New York City and shut down major thoroughfares. The march was called #MillionsMarchNYC. It began in the morning at Washington Square Park. There were estimates of 50,000 to 70,000 people at its peak. After marching down 6th Ave., the march split up. Some pushed past a police barricade to take the Brooklyn Bridge, headed into Flatbush and to Barclay’s Center. Others took the Manhattan Bridge. One of the most powerful images was a photo of Eric Garner’s eyes carried by 8 people.

Here is a time-lapse video of the march:


Washington, DC saw two very different kinds of protests on the “Day of Resistance.” There was the DC March for Justice organized by Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network which became known as the Justice for All march; that was followed by a series of protests throughout Washington organized by DC Ferguson which shut down business as usual in various parts of the city and on a key highway. The DC Ferguson organizers made it clear that they did not have anything to do with Sharpton’s march and interrupted the march to exclaim that it was the Ferguson protesters who had created this movement and who should be speaking at it. Sharpton called them provocateurs. To our eye, they are the real protesters.

The reason people separate themselves from Sharpton is because he is an extremely partisan Democrat who will not criticize President Obama. He has consistently tried to funnel the movement against police abuse into the Democratic Party, even though many of the officials in Ferguson who have abused the African American population are Democrats. Black Agenda Report urged people not to go to the Sharpton march and explained why, with Margaret Kimberly, an editor and senior writer for the publication, writing:

“The real reason he is leading this march is to contain black anger and to keep it from spilling outside of proscribed channels of official authority. That is Sharpton’s hustle in a nutshell. His job is to keep black people in line while making it appear that he is leading a popular movement. The subterfuge makes this march in particular a grotesque mockery.”

An organizer with the Hands Up Coalition in Washington, DC described the event as the “Sharpton fiasco.” The Hands Up Coalition in DC is organizing a weekly protest at the US Department of Justice at 4:00 pm each Monday they are calling “Justice Mondays”.



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The Damascus Terror Conference and Israeli Control of America

The Damascus Terror Conference and Israeli Control of America

From Alexandra Bruce

Two days of meetings were brought to a screeching halt when Gordon Duff spoke at the Damascus conference.

Seated on his right, and speaking next, was Colonel James Hanke, US Army Special Forces (ret). On his left, the Syrian Minister of Justice Najm al Ahmad and Mike Harris.

Handling the camera on this short video is Jim W. Dean.

This may well have been the first time in history an American intelligence team of “non-activists” gave a military briefing to an audience of this type, including key military leaders of diverse tribal forces throughout Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, a Russian delegation and others from around the world.

You could hear a pin drop.

Gordon Duff’s speech quickly changed the focus of the whole conference and is now sending shock-waves around the World in the various Diplomatic, Military and Intelligence corps around the World.

Why is his speech Historic? For a number of reasons. This speech is the first time in history an American Intelligence Team of “non-activists” gave a military briefing to an audience of this type, including key Military Leaders of diverse Tribal Forces throughout Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, along with a Russian delegation and many others from around the world.

Duff’s speech immediately changed the whole tone of the Conference and turn it to a very practical focus on the true causes of ISIS/Daish. His speech immediately shifted the focus of the Conference from theoretical discussions of Terrorism and Extremism, to what is actually going on at the ground level at a practical level, who is responsible and why.

Gordon Duff laid out the true cause of ISIS/Daish in simple terms for the very first time anyone has ever done so publicly and this disclosure from such a highly credentialed and credible Intel Professional is now sending shock-waves around the World.

Duff declared that there are far too many that have died to continue speaking in unclear terms and that it was time to share a key hypothesis based on signals intelligence.

What is going on in Iraq and Syria with ISIS is not Terrorism, it is simply CRIME. That is, it is the works of an international Crime Cabal which has gotten control of the American Congress.

Duff identified this Crime Cabal as Israeli and pointed out that this is Worldwide Crime on a scale never experienced before.

Duff explained how the Supreme Court Decision of Citizens United made it possible for an Israeli-American Organized crime magnate now operating out of Macao, Sheldon Adelson to essentially buy control of both Houses of Congress in the last election and being able to bring Congress under control of this International Crime Syndicate which specializes in human trafficking and narcotics.

Duff also identified American Generals McInerney and Vallely as being involved in organizing Daisch along with Senator John McCain.

He also pointed out that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel [who has just resigned] was the one that prevented the American bombing of Syria in response to the False-Flag gas attack at Aleppo, Syria.

It should now be clear to everyone that the creation of ISIS/Daish occurred not because of Terrorism, but because of the undue influence exercised on the American Political system by this Israeli based Crime Syndicate in which a faction inside the American Congress, Military and Intel has been manipulated into supporting the creation of ISIS/Daish.

There were several sophisticated attempts to sidetrack and derail the VT Delegation and keep Gordon Duff from delivering his Historic Speech. Despite all these attempted interceptions, one of which was directly thwarted by VT Financial Editor Mike Harris, Gordon Duff was able to deliver his keynote address and make history by putting the actual facts behind ISIS/Daish on the public record for the very first time. Colonel Jim Hanke spoke at the Conference also and his talk was very well received.

Jim Dean took numerous films which should prove to be quite important when some are published on VT.

Mike Harris gave numerous interviews to the Syrian Press and met with Syrian Security Officials and the Grand Mulah. These discussions were very productive and did a great deal to further an understanding of what is actually behind the ISIS/Daish crime problem in Iraq and Syria which is nothing more than sophisticated international Organized Crime and must be dealt with as such.

When the dust settles time will show this speech will be a major turning point in the Criminal Cabal’s blatant abuse of the American People from their buying and hijacking of the US Congress and some American Generals with deep Intel connections and their abuse of millions around the World in many different nations, especially the Mideast.

No criminal Cabal or conspiracy this large can exist without utmost secrecy, which no longer exists thanks to Duff’s keynote address and complete disclosure. Their crimes are now no longer secret and the “Jig is now up”.

Thanks to Duff the Jig is about up for this International Israeli linked Crime Cabal, some have identified as the International Zionist Crime Cabal (IZCS) which has formed an alliance with the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) which is now being completely identified all over the Worldwide Internet. It is now realized by many that the BCC was formed when Bush1 ran the Assassination of JFK and rose to power, able to deeply embed his operatives in the CIA, the Military, Congress, the Department of Justice and the Judiciary.

It is now beyond obvious that the only way to deal with a such a large Criminal Cabal is to indict them, arrest them, fully prosecute them, and if convicted with clearly convincing evidence beyond any shadow of a doubt, the sentence them appropriately. If they have committed Treason, Sedition or other Capital offenses well, then upon conviction in a suitable court of law, US or International, they must be executed like the convicted Nazis from the Nuremberg War trials or the convicted Japanese from the International Military Tribunal for the Far East also known as the “Tokyo Trials” and in other courts in many different places in Asia and the Pacific.

And worst of all, the ability of the Crime Cabal to use American Generals and a sitting US Senator to start up and run ISIS/ISIL/Daish for them is truly disgusting but there is actually even more to this story. Because the honest faction of the US Military is now targeting some ISIS positions, what we actually have now is a secret American Civil War being fought in Iraq. Unless John McCain is stopped in his rise to become Chairman of the Armed Service Committee, he may be able to exert serious pressure and be able to push America into another War in Iraq (maybe Syria, Iran and the Ukraine too) and his actions could trigger a nuclear WW3 with the Russian Federation and President Putin who has just about had enough.


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