Last $5 and Homeless Man Gave it to a Girl So She Could Get Home Safely*

Last $5 and Homeless Man Gave it to a Girl So She Could Get Home Safely*

By Vera

A beautiful act of kindness by a homeless man has completely captured what the holiday spirit is about – and that generosity came back to him many, MANY times over!

The homeless man, who goes by the name of “Robbie,” had given 22-year-old Dominique Harrison-Bentzen his very last £3 ($5) so that she could take a taxi home after staying out late on December 4th. He wanted to make sure she got to her destination safely after she had lost her debit card during the night.

Harrison-Bentzen, who is a student at The University of Central Lancashire and Miss Preston beauty contest finalist, recalled:

“I suddenly realized that I had no money and a homeless man approached me with his only change of £3 ($5). He insisted I took it to pay for a taxi to make sure I got home safe.”

Although Harrison-Bentzen didn’t take the money, she couldn’t believe that Robbie had offered his only money to her. Floored by his kindness, Harrison-Bentzen spent 24 hours on the street trying to raise money for Robbie so that he could afford an apartment. She posted a status on Facebook, explaining that she wanted to find Robbie and thank him.

“He has been homeless for seven months through no fault of his own and he can’t get work due to having no address.

And I simply can’t just give him the money, I have to go through the right channels. So I will be spending 24 hours through the day and night as a homeless person to understand the difficulties they face each day.”

Harrison-Bentzen set up a Twitter account, Facebook page and crowdfunding campaign to help get the word out and raise more funds. She asked for everyone to give £3, representing the £3 he had offered her.

The numbers just kept climbing as more and more people were touched by Robbie’s generosity.

Harrison-Bentzen’s campaign even caught the eye of Stone Roses’ former frontman – Ian Brown, who retweeted the student’s cause.

Because of her own persistence and the help of others, Harrison-Bentzen ended up raising over $40,000 for Robbie!

In the process of raising money for Robbie, Harrison-Bentzen discovered that many others had stories about how Robbie had helped them – whether it was returning a missing wallet or keeping people warm by offering his scarf to them. Robbie was someone who made a difference in people’s lives, and Harrison-Bentzen wanted to make a difference for him.

She said:

“Everyone has been so supportive and I’d love to get as many people as possible out with me on Tuesday to show Robbie our support – be it for the full 24 hours or just one.

I hope my campaign will help people think a little more about the people around them, Christmas is a good time to think about other people. If people can see what I am doing then maybe they can take the time to just stop and talk to a homeless person, hear their story.”


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