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Canadians Sued the Bank Of Canada & Won*

Canadians Sued the Bank Of Canada & Won*

By Joe Martino

Recently, constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati won yet another round of appeals set forth by the Bank of Canada in a case involving two Canadians who filed an action in federal court to restore The Bank of Canada to its original purpose and operations. This is a very significant story but you probably haven’t heard of it. Why? The mainstream media and government have blacked out the story for reasons that appear to stem from fear of how the public will react to realizing they’ve been systematically enslaved for decades.

Significant Legal Action

The initial federal court filing took place on December 12th, 2011 by  Canadian constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, on behalf of Canadians William Krehm, Ann Emmett, and COMER (Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform). The filing is intended to “restore the use of the Bank of Canada to its original purpose, by exercising its public statutory duty and responsibility. That purpose includes making interest free loans to the municipal/provincial/federal governments for “human capital” expenditures (education health, other social services) and / or infrastructure expenditures.”

According to WestCoastNativeNews: (Note: Website may temporarily be down)

The Plaintiffs state that since 1974 there has been a gradual but sure slide into the reality that the Bank of Canada and Canada’s monetary and financial policy are dictated by private foreign banks and financial interests contrary to the Bank of Canada Act.

The plaintiffs state that the defendants (officials) are unwittingly and/or wittingly, in varying degrees, knowledge and intent engaged in a conspiracy, along with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Financial Stability Forum (FSF), International Monetary Fund (IMF) to render impotent the Bank of Canada Act as well as Canadian sovereignty over financial, monetary, and socio-economic policy, and bypass the sovereign rule of Canada through its parliament by means of the banking and financial systems.

The truth is, The Bank of Canada used to issue debt free loans to the government, which meant that the nation would go into debt to private banking institutions. When that changed, private bankers/corporations essentially gained control and ownership of the country.

Media Black Out

As stated by constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati in the video below, sources have indicated to him that the government will often instruct the mainstream media, when it comes to certain stories, as to whether or not they can cover the story or how they should go about covering it. This means that government can effectively control the media and hide information from the public whenever it likes, unless it trickles through alternative news sources like what you are reading right now.

Why This Is Important

Although not the ultimate solution to the world’s challenges, this is significant because it shows how serious the public is getting about wanting to change the way our current system operates. It also indicates a clear shift in public knowledge about how our system and infrastructures work. The more the people know, the more they seem to be demanding change.

This begs the questions: why is this information being kept quiet? How has it been hidden for such a long time? Why would our governments be making decisions about things that greatly affect the average person without them having any vote, knowledge, or choice in the matter?

In my view, it goes back to the fact that there are leaders in our world, beyond government, who are systematically manipulating various systems and structures in across the globe to control the population. Once viewed as wild conspiracy theories, this understanding is becoming not only self-evident, but publicly accepted knowledge as well. This latest case helps to illustrate how these ‘elite leaders’ are intentionally making moves that are not beneficial for the people whatsoever.

The bottom line is, we are seeing a positive shift in awareness and consciousness as people begin thinking about and seeing our world differently. This is fuelling action that I believe will lead towards a freer and better world.


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Third of British Population on States Big Brother Facial Recognition Database*

Third of British Population on States Big Brother Facial Recognition Database*

21st Century Wire says…

Under the pretext of “fighting terrorism” the British government has allowed the unthinkable to happen, as police have somehow managed to acquire and then upload what equates to approximately 33% of the UK population – 18 million ‘mug shots’ – into a nationwide, real-time facial recognition tracking system.

To describe what has happened to British society, one can no longer call it a “slippery slope”, as it’s abundantly clear from this latest news that Britain has already fallen off the edge, and is presently tumbling into a Orwellian canyon.

As 21WIRE revealed this week, facial recognition is only the beginning, as US authorities begin rolling out the TSA’s new “emotional recognition” surveillance technology systems nationwide – and soon to be implemented worldwide. In addition to this, in September 2014, the FBI announced its new billion-dollar Next Generation Identification (NGI) program is ‘fully operational’. This new biometric system is a replacement for the FBI’s previous Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS). The real-time system has the ability to be continually scanning for images of Americans 24 hours per day. In fact, the FBI has been sued by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) over access to its secret biometrics database, with EFF arguing that the US government refuses to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) requests, and is vacuuming up this data with absolutely no oversight at all.  The lawsuit also revealed how the FBI is deploying drones in the US for surveillance purposes.

No one in the media has asked exactly where the UK police have acquired 18 million facial mug-shots that have already been cross-referenced with a valid ID. It’s obvious that the easiest available tranche for lifting that many photos and match ID is from the British airports and ports of entry, like Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow Airports. If this is the case, then legally, should all travelers in and out of the UK be notified that they will be tracked by British police while inside the country (we sincerely hope that both mainstream media and civil rights advocates will do their jobs and follow-up on that question).

UK technocrats and civil servants who remain enamoured with sophisticated computer technology are calling this latest revolution in facial recognition technology “cost-effective”, but in relation to what? Shouldn’t the real measure of any system’s true worth be whether or not it is productive, and who will define productivity? Is productivity based on how many ‘suspects’ are rounded-up and incarcerated, or is it based on how many actual criminals are apprehended?

Alastair MacGregor QC (quoted below) also adds here,

“I think there is always a danger that if you can do something then you will do it, the technology takes over… without giving the attention to the other issues that arise in relation to it as one should.”

Former Tory Shadow Home Secretary David Davis also added,

“You cannot treat innocent people the same way you treat guilty people.”

Far from tracking criminals, the new system may eventually be used to track and monitor individuals who hold what authorities consider to be “anti-government views”. This could range from anyone engaged in a lawsuit against the police or government, to anti-fracking activists, anti-big pharma, anti-GMO, anti-vaccine, parents who home-school their children, or even journalists who hold opinions that differ from the government’s official party line.

Common sense and history dictates that once a system such as this is in place – no matter how many assurances central government Mandarins might give to symposium panels and media – there is absolutely nothing that can really prevent a centralized police apparatus from both over-using and misusing these power Big Data capabilities. It’s inevitable, and British police have said as much, with UK Chief Constable Mike Barton, of the Association of Chief Police Officers, boasting, “Everybody is very keen that the police enter the cyber world.”

“I hear much criticism of policing that we’re not up to speed and it does come as a surprise to me that we’re now being admonished for being ahead of the game.”

Ahead of the game? Which game is that?

Are these dark days for the UK?

Not to mention what all this is costing the state – all of which is being paid for by simply running-up the national debt


Police forces in England and Wales have uploaded up to 18 million “mugshots” to a facial recognition database – despite a court ruling it could be unlawful.

They include photos of people never charged, or others cleared of an offence, and were uploaded without Home Office approval, Newsnight has learned.

Photos of “hundreds of thousands” of innocent people may be on the database, an independent commissioner said. The database complies with the Data Protection Act, police insisted.

Biometrics Commissioner Alastair MacGregor QC said he was concerned about the implications of the system for privacy and civil liberties. Speaking in his first interview, he told Newsnight that police forces had begun setting up a searchable database of police mugshots last year, without telling either him or the Home Office.

Almost every police force in England and Wales had now supplied photographs, he said.

‘Reliability concerns’

It comes despite a ruling in 2012, when two people went to the High Court to force the Metropolitan Police to delete their photos from databases.

The judge warned forces should revise their policies in “months, not years”.

Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe told the BBC that since the court case, his force had stopped putting images on the national database until the law had been clarified.

“So the broad concern is – are we keeping images of people who aren’t convicted, and are we using them?” he said. “I don’t think this is against the law but of course we always want to catch criminals.”

He added that he would look into the matter.

Mr MacGregor said police had been warned to put rules in place regarding the use of police mugshots – but had not done so.

He said he recognised the potential value of the database to the police, but warned senior officers had rushed in without considering all the implications.


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How Nebraskans took Control of their Energy Grid*

How Nebraskans took Control of their Energy Grid*

21st Century Wire says…

Should all states have privatized power grids? Considering the sharp rise in consumer prices (400% in some cases) since the energy deregulation and privatization revolution of the 1990′s, questions of ownership are now resurfacing in the US and parts of Europe. Is there any way to reverse this trend (see some solutions, please see the full report on Nebraska’s success story below).

There are alternatives to the current privatized energy cartel system, but to explore these, we first need to understand how we got to to this current crisis. Amazingly, most people have already been brainwashed enough to believe that there is no other alternative to consumer power and energy than the current system of corporate cartel ownership and legalized price fixing.

Enron’s Legacy Lives On

Much was made by the media about the collapse and fraud of the notorious Enron Corporation, and despite all the condemnations and attention, no one seemed to protest when similar corporations moved in to take over their business contracts, and these corporations continued to fix and raise prices beyond average affordability. Profits soared, however, as the private cartels (and their banking financiers) managed to effectively takeover what public utilities had built over the previous century.

Most people are unaware that one of the key players behind the scenes in helping Enron operate in California was its soon-to-be governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who cut a secret deal with criminal financiers.

In Britain, at around the same time, the same cartels took control of the power grid from the state in a sweet heart deal, which also ended driving up prices for consumers. Enron was there, too. In both cases, the privatization was sold to an unquestioning media as a solution that would “provide more competition and lower prices for consumers”. Of course, the opposite happened.

California’s story is a classic example. The first step is load the system with debt so that the government and institutions will be vulnerable to a fire sale later. Step two is deregulation, where corporation lobby lawmakers  relax anti-trust, mergers, acquisitions – so that the cartel can buy up public utilities. Step three is to create a new class of middlemen – futures traders who can distort the entire market, create artificial scarcity and drive up prices. In 1997, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) reorganized as a holding company, PG&E Corporation. In the late 1990s, under electricity market deregulation they sold-off most of their natural gas power plants, but held on to its hydroelectric plants and the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Suddenly, the state had to buy its power from outside energy generators – at wildly fluctuating prices thanks to the new class of energy speculators like Enron – but still forced to sell its power to consumers at costs fixed by the state’s utility board. The newly formed private ‘market’ for electricity was completely controlled by the Enrons, and with the help of its other corporate cartel partners, artificially drove prices upwards. This led to many state and municipal organizations unable to pay their their new electricity bills, PG&E was on the verge of bankruptcy in the wake of a full-blown California electricity crisis. With a power shortage, energy providers were forced to begin instituting rolling blackouts which began on January 17, 2001. (Source: Wiki)

Enron’s fraud carried on over state borders too. Portland General Electric worked with Enron to fix the market. Oregon news reported then, “PGE traders played a role in helping their Enron counterparts loop electricity from California into the Northwest and then back again — creating false congestion on California’s energy grid and the threat of electricity shortages.”

The question remains: is there any way for a state or nation to reclaim its power grid from the corporations and bankers who took it?

There are answers, and possibilities…

By Thomas Hanna

In the United States, there is one state, and only one state, where every single resident and business receives electricity from a community-owned institution rather than a for-profit corporation.

It is not a famously liberal state like Vermont or Massachusetts. Rather, it is conservative Nebraska, with its two Republican Senators and two (out of three) Republican members of Congress, that has embraced the complete socialization of energy distribution.

In Nebraska, 121 publicly owned utilities, ten cooperatives, and 30 public power districts provide electricity to a population of around 1.8 million people. Public and cooperative ownership keeps costs low for the state’s consumers. Nebraskans pay one of the lowest rates for electricity in the nation and revenues are reinvested in infrastructure to ensure reliable and cheap service for years to come.

“There are no stockholders, and thus no profit motive,” the Nebraska Power Association proudly proclaims.

“Our electric prices do not include a profit. That means Nebraska’s utilities can focus exclusively on keeping electric rates low and customer service high. Our customers, not big investors in New York and Chicago, own Nebraska’s utilities.”

Payments (in lieu of taxes) from the state’s publicly owned utilities exceed $30 million a year and support a variety of social services throughout the state—including the public education system.

How the state went public

Nebraska has a long history of publicly owned power systems dating back to the beginnings of electrification in the late 1800s. Initially, these co-existed with small private utilities. However, in the post-World War I era, large corporate electric holding companies backed by Wall Street banks entered the market and began taking over smaller private and municipal systems.

Using their financial and political power, these corporations dramatically consolidated the power industry in Nebraska and attempted to stop new cooperatives and publicly owned utilities from forming. During this time more than one-third of the state’s municipal utilities were sold to private corporations.

Tired of abusive corporate practices, in 1930 residents and advocates of publicly owned utilities took a revenue bond financing proposal straight to the voters, bypassing the corporate-influenced legislature which had previously failed to pass similar legislation. It was approved overwhelmingly—signaling both popular support for publicly owned utilities in the state and also the beginnings of their resurgence.

Led by powerful Nebraska Senator George W. Norris—the driving force behind the publicly owned Tennessee Valley Authority—a series of state and federal laws were passed including: the state’s Enabling Act (1933), which allowed 15 percent of eligible voters in an area to petition for a decision on a publicly owned utility; the Public Utility Holding Company Act (1935), which forced the breakup and restructuring of corporate electricity monopolies; and the Rural Electrification Act (1936), which provided financing for rural electricity projects. By 1949, Nebraska had solidified its status as the first and only all-public power state.

Every Nebraskan can help make decisions

Local control and the possibility for democratic participation are defining features of Nebraska’s publicly owned electricity system. At the ground level, public utilities and cooperatives are run by publicly elected power district boards, cooperative boards, or elected city councils (often through appointed boards). These bodies establish budgets, establish service standards and policies, and set prices.

Regularly scheduled meetings of power boards and councils are open to public involvement and comment. Should they so wish, every Nebraskan has the opportunity to become involved in the decisionmaking of their local electricity provider.

One such example relates to the increasing use and proliferation of renewable energy facilities. While the state remains heavily reliant on coal and nuclear sources to provide low-cost energy to consumers, interest in renewable energy—primarily wind—has taken off in recent years.

In 2003, electricity consumers, many of whom drove more than 100 miles for the event, participated in an eight-hour deliberative polling survey for the Nebraska Public Power District (NPDD), a public corporation owned by the state of Nebraska that supplies energy to 600,000 people via local, publicly owned utilities and cooperatives.

The topic at hand was the potential addition of more than 200 MW of wind energy by 2010. Ninety-six percent of the participants supported the wind project, with 50 percent agreeing it was the right size and 36 percent wanting it expanded (compared to just 3 percent who wanted it reduced).

In addition to its other wind power facilities, in 2005 NPDD began operating the Ainsworth Wind Energy Facility, the nation’s second-largest publicly owned wind farm consisting of 36 turbines generating up to 59.5 MW of energy. In 2011, the state’s energy plan acknowledged both that power generation from wind had doubled every two years since 2006 and that developing just 1 percent of the potential energy from wind in Nebraska would satisfy the state’s entire peak demand…

Moreover, public ownership of electricity generation and distribution in Nebraska is complemented by another seemingly socialist idea—planning.

The Nebraska Power Review Board is a state agency that oversees the publicly owned electricity system. In addition to its regulatory functions—such as monitoring rate increases and arbitrating conflicts—the five person Review Board (appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the legislature with party, occupational, and term limit restrictions) “oversees the preparation and filing of a coordinated long-range power supply plan,” as well as the location and construction of new electricity generation facilities.

Toward a century of local control

A common concern with public ownership of larger scale systems is that it can lead to inefficiency, unaccountability, and bureaucracy. But Nebraska’s nearly 100-year-old experience with a completely public and community-owned electricity system demonstrates that this does not necessarily have to be the case.

The principles of subsidiarity and local control can, in fact, be preserved through a networked mix of publicly owned institutions at various scales without sacrificing efficiency or service quality.

Of course, public ownership alone is not a fix-all solution. It does, however, provide an opportunity for a community, a city, or even a whole state to become actively involved in economic decisionmaking on important matters affecting their lives, their environment, and their future.


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U.S. Refuses to Return Guantanamo to Cuba*

U.S. Refuses to Return Guantanamo to Cuba*

The White House claims Washington and Havana have a “wide variety of disagreements” over normalizing relations.

From left, Deputy Treasury Secretary John E. Smith, Office of Foreign Assets Control, Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roberta S. Jacobson and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration Matthew S. Borman, testify on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015, before the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Cuba. The Obama administration’s lead negotiator with Cuba is vowing to maintain U.S. support for democracy and human rights activists there as she pushes to restore embassies between the countries after a half-century interruption. PABLO MARTINEZ MONSIVAIS — AP

The United States will not provide any compensation for its decades-old blockade of Cuba or relinquish control of Guantanamo Bay, the White House announced on Thursday.

President Raul Castro has described the dismantling of the blockade and closure of a U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay as prerequisites for a full normalization of ties between Washington and Havana.

“The restoration of diplomatic relations is the beginning of a process toward the normalization of bilateral relations, but this will not be possible if a blockade still exists, if the territory of Guantanamo, illegally occupied by the U.S. Navy, isn’t returned, if the radio and TV broadcasts, violating international norms, do not cease, and if our people are not fairly compensated for the human and economic damage they have endured,” Raul Castro said at the third summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Costa Rica on Wednesday.

However, White House press secretary Josh Earnest has now responded by claiming the Cuban president’s remarks are an example of the “wide variety of disagreements between the United States and Cuba.”

“There is a pretty clear difference between re-establishing diplomatic relations and carrying out the longer process of normalizing relations,” he told a press conference in Washington.

Yet he emphasized the administration of President Barack Obama remains committed to diverging from decades of failed U.S. policy towards the island nation.

“The strategy that has been employed for the last five decades of trying to isolate Cuba is one that has not resulted in any (of the) kinds of changes we’d like to see,” he said.

He also said Obama continues to “believe that the prison at Guantanamo Bay should be closed down.”

“But the naval base is not something that we wish to be closed,” he told reporters.

U.S. control of the isolated bay dates back to the 1903 Cuban-American Treaty – inked five years after the United States intervened to overthrow Spanish rule of Cuba. The Cuban government has long maintained the United States strong armed the then newly independent Cuba into handing over the bay with the threat of force, meaning the century old treaty is illegal. International norms generally prohibit the threat of force.

Since coming to office in 2009, Obama has repeatedly vowed to close the controversial detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, but has made little progress.

Currently, the camp holds over 100 detainees, many of whom have suffered torture and been denied due process, according to human rights groups.


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Ukrainian Women Speak Out*

Ukrainian Women Speak Out*

By Aeneas Georg

Nataliya Vitrenko

The Ukrainian war has lasted close to a year now. Those who have followed it will know the names of many of the men in this conflict. Names from the junta such as Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Kolomoisky or from the Donbass resistance such as Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky, Strelkov, Givi, Motorola, Bezler etc. are familiar. What are not so familiar are the names of some very courageous women who have spoken out despite the odds of grave consequences. They deserve respect and to be known especially as they have spoken out against the war from within Kiev-controlled Ukraine.

One of these is Nataliya Vitrenko, who is a Doctor of Economics and a Ukrainian politician, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party and head of the Ukrainian women’s organization “Gift of Life”.

It is clear that Vitrenko is well aware of the game that the West plays in Ukraine and the fact that she is stating it so clearly is a threat to the Ukrainian government. She made a similar appeal to the UN, EU and the US on January 27th 2014 not to support the fascist coup that she saw was about to take the place. After this latest video appeal, calls have been made from the very top to silence her.

Another woman who has spoken out is a Deputy of the Dnipropetrovsk city council, Victoria Shilova, who is also leader of the antiwar movement in Ukraine. This is the appeal to reason that she made in August 2014 and as a result of which she is likely facing a 8 year prison sentence for opposing the war. The video appeal has the title: “Do Ukrainians want war?”

As she says in the video:

Anything can happen in Ukraine today, because we replaced thieves with killers!

A few days ago (28th of January 2015) a female Ukrainian MP from the opposition bloc, Yulia Levochkina urged Europe to stop the current Ukrainian government from inciting war. She did this at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE):


Ukrainian MP Yulia Levochkina urged Europe to stop the current Ukrainian government from inciting war

Ukrainian MP Yulia Levochkina urged Europe to stop the current Ukrainian government from inciting war.

“Today the government is led by the party of war, which seeks to continue the war. And the Secretary of the Security and Defense Council, Alexander Turchinov, has a nickname “The Bloody pastor,” said Levochkina.

She also encouraged the Europeans to stop the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia.

“Our assembly should resist the Ukrainian government, which is trying to build a wall between Ukraine and Russia,” said Levochkina to the delegates and reminded that it is the fault of the current government that the parliamentary elections did not take place in Crimea and Donbass.

The fact of expressing her opinion so clearly enraged the war camp in Ukraine:

Supporters of the Ukrainian authorities were extremely enraged in the social networks by the words of Levochkina and demanded the government to “deal with her according to the laws of wartime.”

The very fact of being in the opposition in Ukraine carries a great threat of intimidation, aggression and worse. An example is seen in the following video from October 2014 of the treatment of a woman from the opposition party in Dneprpetrovsk.

Despite the above statements having been on Youtube and with English subtitles, the Western media has been completely silent about them. The West talks a lot about gay rights and free speech a la “JeSuisCharlie”, but they are very much absent in their support for peace and those who speak out against war. One wonders if the West is only interested in supporting narcissistic, infantile girls like Pussy Riot and FEMEN. Both those groups are just tools for the regime changers.

It is encouraging and refreshing to see these women speak up against the evil that is happening. Hopefully they will serve as examples for others to speak up and say no to this horror that is unfolding. Because it is only by uniting and speaking up and sharing the truth about what is happening that we can defeat the lies masquerading as truth.

The last words belong to Natalia Vitrenko who, in an address at the Schiller Institute in April 2013, outlined the path of destruction that Ukraine has taken since its vaunted “independence” and uttered these prophetic words:

Integrating Ukraine into the Eurasian Union created by Russia and the other post-Soviet countries is the only possibility for Ukraine to preserve its statehood, to have an upsurge of the national economy to a new qualitative level, to preserve the civilizational choice of our people, and to protect the country from destabilization, a Nazi coup, and civil war.


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The Bush Syndicate: Kansas Children for Sale*

The Bush Syndicate: Kansas Children for Sale*

By Stew Webb

Not every American child stolen by Daddy Bush’s minions is sacrificed to the Bush family god Satan, or shot down as sport and recreation by Dick Cheney’s friends. Some children are just sold through courts or given as gifts. Others are farmed out to Big Pharma through state social service agencies controlled by Bush/Millman organized crime syndicate stooges for human drug experiments, or to shake down the Department of Treasury and the states through Medicaid fraud.

Gather around these campfires, Marines, Shipmates, Troopers, and Airmen – as we mass online for the day, tomorrow or the next, when we take back our once mighty nation and its great institutions, including our legislatures and courts from the infiltration of organized crime.

I am going to tell you about a few of the heroic people who are right now giving their lives and professional reputation in sacrifice for the Rule of Law — the basic idea that America was founded upon, that we are a nation of Law, not of men.

We do not answer to dictators. We govern — and those we elect and pay to run public agencies are our servants.

You may have been distracted or have given too much of your attention to professional sports or to our own pursuit of happiness to have upheld the responsibilities passed down to us from our Fathers to protect this nation from all enemies foreign and domestic.

As Veterans’ Today readers, I know that you, like I, answered the call of Captain Jack to meet down by the railroad tracks, when we have heard that rally cry. And, we all now know that mainstream media is controlled by organized crime, so that — to their shame — we did not hear about the dangers to our nation from within, nor about the few people bravely fighting and dying on our behalf to save our country from organized crime.

I know that you are gathering here like I am, because we are going to set things right, uphold our constitution, and cast out criminals from our public offices, like Jesus cast the money changers out of the Temple.

I host, Veterans Today Radio News Reports Mondays 6-8pm and Thursdays 8-10pm Eastern Time on Studio B and live by phone at 716-748-0112.

Several times recently on my radio show, our Chairman and esteemed editor Gordon Duff, himself a Vietnam War combat veteran, has observed that from World War I onward, we have fought in our nation’s wars in service to foreign bankers and organized crime against people very much like ourselves, and often against people inspired by our founding fathers like George Washington (who greatly influenced the North Vietnamese in their revolutionary war against the French Colonial Occupation of their country, and later against American occupation).

The Story of Bret Landrith – A Good Man

We have been lied to repeatedly by our own newspapers, television and other mainstream media whenever organized crime needs to use our military forces and American blood to enforce its control over Bankster-targeted civilian populations.

That same media deliberately ignores the conduct of organized crime within our Congress and the control international organized crime, in partnership with the rogue state of Israel, exerts over our nation’s institutions and public offices, including various military commands and intelligence agencies which have been infiltrated by the enforcers.

And, most important, mainstream media blacks out any news revealing the mass corrupting out of our courts and legal system by this same crime force, the Bush/Millman crime syndicate started by President George H. W. Bush (“Daddy Bush” or “Poppy Bush”, if you are like Jeb Bush and have the misfortune of being related to him by blood) and my former father-in-law Leonard Millman, who was Daddy Bush’s roommate at Yale.

Today I am going to tell you the story of a man who came to my aid when no one else would, and at the risk of his own life, when I was being targeted for assassination by the same public agencies financed by your taxes and mine, but which have fallen to the infiltration of the Bush/Millman crime syndicate.

Some people have said it was because he had nothing left to lose, as if to excuse their own inaction or personal cowardness, even while they were drawing a US Treasury check and were sworn officers of the law, having the responsibility to investigate and prosecute crimes, such as kidnapping and racketeering. But, when I had no place to hide and was being hunted down on the roads and highways, I was sure glad Bret Landrith arranged for a place for me to rest, helped me find a little work, and get back on my feet.

…All from a guy who had been destroyed by the Bush/Millman crime syndicate stooges in the Kansas State government.

Kansas Supreme Court


Kansas Supreme Court

A former attorney, Bret D. Landrith, lost the right to raise his own children (similar to my case during my parental termination after my ex-wife tried to murder my infant daughter; see: Kerre Millman Denver’s Illuminati Princess Manipulator Liar Attempted Murderer). Landrith was targeted for accepting the pro bono appeal of a parental rights termination case of a former Army Infantryman of American Indian descent, David M. Price.

In a conspiracy with the Kansas judges’ child-kidnapping rackett, Bruce Woolpert, Price’s former attorney, had taken over twenty thousand dollars of state funds to deliberately lose the trial for David Price, so that his infant son. Unbeknownst to the public, a ring of adoption attorneys gave kickbacks to the Kansas Judges’ Special Retirement Fund. A member of this well-connected ring, Alan Hazlett, was a former president of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, and is the brother of Stanton A. Hazlett, the State of Kansas Attorney Discipline Administrator.

The Kansas judges didn’t worry about the $20,000.00 of state taxpayers’ money for Price’s trial defense attorney (in a state where Millman Stooge, Senator Bob Dole got Big Agribiz big checks for not farming). Paying an attorney to not represent a client made sound financial sense. The State of Kansas — or more important, Kansas judges — received US Treasury funds, often more than $100,000.00 per child taken.

The Private Adoption Market specializes in Court-Kidnapped Children

If you are a State of Kansas judge and you admire Bill Gates for his wealth, all you have to do is steal more kids.

“As a result, a whole industry has grown, generating millions of dollars of revenues each year, seeking babies for adoption and charging prospective parents enormous fees to process paperwork.

…Report submitted by M. Juan Miguel Petit, Special Rapporteur, on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography in accordance with Commission on Human Rights resolution 2002/92.”

The private adoption market has spawned a multimillion dollar industry in the United States recognized by The Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, Mr. Juan Miguel Petit, in his report for the 59th session of the UN Commission on Human Rights:
“Regrettably, in many cases, the emphasis has changed from the desire to provide a needy child with a home, to that of providing a needy parent with a child. As a result, a whole industry has grown, generating millions of dollars of revenues each year, seeking babies for adoption and charging prospective parents enormous fees to process paperwork.”

Report submitted by M. Juan Miguel Petit, Special Rapporteur, on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography in accordance with Commission on Human Rights resolution 2002/92. ADVANCE EDITED VERSION 6 January 2003. The UN report was based on fraud and coercion taking place in private commercial adoptions with anecdotal information chiefly related to Kansas adoptions.

David Price repeatedly met with the US Attorney for Kansas at the time, Eric Melgren who had been appointed by George W. Bush.

But USA Eric Melgren refused to investigate the kidnapping of Price’s infant son, Baby C, who was taken across state lines and placed in the Colorado home of “adoptive parents” by the well-connected Kansas adoption attorney Austin K. Vincent, a Republican, before David Price’s parental rights were terminated. This fraud was facilitated by misrepresenting the adoptive parents’ home in Stratton, Colorado, as “Stratton, Kansas” on the paperwork. The residence of the parents is required by law to be filed with the Kansas Department of Children and Family Services, so as to guard against Interstate Child-Trafficking for private adoptions, a for-profit industry.

The Kansas adoption attorney Austin K. Vincent kept these incriminating documents out of the court record and refused any request by David M. Price to obtain them in discovery.

After first being targeted for firing by Karl Rove and then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, US Attorney Melgren begged to keep his job and pledged to refrain from the “misconduct of prosecuting any activity of the Crime Syndicate.” In reward for his service in the Bush/Millman Crime Syndicate, Eric Melgren was made a federal judge in the last days of the George W. Bush Administration.

Payback against American Veteran David Price

Later, the Kansas judges would come back for Price’s sixteen year old daughter who was on the honor roll at school, and traffic her out for statutory rape, while causing her to miss the remainder of her high school junior and senior years, and while fraudulently concealing her absences in violation of a court order.

Price would not fall for the deceit of his attorney Craig E. Collins, a Kansas attorney desperately seeking survival points with the State of Kansas Attorney Discipline Administrator, Stanton A. Hazlett. So, then the Kansas judges appointed a young Washburn Law School graduate to represent Price, Catherine Woodward Wick. When she saw first-hand how corrupt the Kansas judicial branch child-stealing racket was, Wick left Kansas altogether.

Two other appointed attorneys for Price, Cleo G. Murphy and Kendall M. McVay also withdrew from representing Price when the official extortion of their licenses to practice law was too great a risk to continue representing Price’s interest, or to enter an appearance on Price’s federal habeas corpus petition. Yet, Attorney Kendall M. McVay made an affidavit of the frauds on the court by “The Farm” — a State of Kansas social services contracting corporation receiving the foster care funds and the Kansas Department of Children and Families — in order to keep Price’s daughter beyond the one-year mark. This mark maximizes the US Treasury funds received by the Kansas Judicial Branch Officials.

The Kansas judges solved the problem of Price — who had attempted to appeal the taking of his daughter through fraud and terminating his parental rights — by indefinitely jailing him for non payment of her child support. This was despite Price having been one of the original twelve Americans on America’s “Do Not Work List”.

Price was a transport industry worker, and his job was taken from him in retaliation. His wife’s disability from the US Postal Service paid the healthcare expenses of their daughter, while The Farm double-dipped Medicaid.

“Fraud is big business in Kansas and if you don’t have a Business Science degree you won’t keep up.”

And despite the Shawnee County Kansas Court being compensated from the US Treasury for the indigent parental rights defense costs of Kendall M. McVay, (the major contributor to Republican Governor Sam Brownback) — Price was repeatedly jailed to interfere with defending his daughter in court.

Without realizing that the adoption attorney Austin K. Vincent enjoyed powerful political protection for his repeated involvement as an adoption attorney in cases where Kansas children were kidnapped pursuant to a private for profit adoption and the natural parents were obstructed from vindicating their rights in State of Kansas courts — Landrith undertook to represent Price in a pro bono appeal in the ABA model rules’ required conduct. Landrith was also representing Medical Supply Chain Inc, in a major antitrust action that would have ended what was then $80 Billion a year being skimmed from American hospitals and the Veterans’ Administration by the Novation LLC cartel.

Also, unknown to Landrith, Novation LLC was the only private sector client Alberto Gonzales ever had, and the central instrumentality of Jeb Bush’s family crime syndicate takeover of American healthcare and insurance rackets. It was mistakenly going after the Springfield Missouri hospital chain Cox Health System that caused Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales to fire my US Attorney Todd Graves in Kansas City, even though Todd Graves was loyal Bush family supporter and represented Mob Crime Boss Leonard Millman after leaving his US Attorney position.


David M. Price eventually figured out and now believes that all the US Treasury funds going to the State of Kansas Department of Children and Family Services — (hundreds of millions of dollars, plenty to kill someone over in a state where a private detective got some film on some Shawnee County judges and was found dead in his rented house and with no film, when Sheriff’s investigator Franklin Williams got notice of the crime and recounted this information to others) — were being funneled to a private investment banking account in Kansas City Missouri.

Price had identified the banking account as the Kemper Trust Fund, which is a banking family and “buffer” for the Leonard Millman/ Daddy Bush crime syndicate.

I was on the run from the Leonard Millman/ Daddy Bush crime syndicate and fleeing the property of a retired military flag officer, when even he had become too much in danger by my presence when I made it to North East, Kansas. I couldn’t yet move home to enjoy the last few years of my mother’s life, because it would have been too easy to target my parents.

Luckily, on every major battlefield, there are ghosts — people who instinctively know their work here is not yet done. Landrith listened to what I had experienced and recognized what I had witnessed. And he recognized the significance of the Chief Judge for the District of Wyoming being assigned to investigate whether the grand jury was warranted in 1995, and he made the determination, after hearing my testimony, that the grand jury should proceed.

Stewart Webb vs. Kerre Millman, Leonard Millman, George HW Bush and others case number 95-Y-107 filed US District Court for the District of Colorado

Landrith suggested I go to the US Attorney for the District of Kansas since I had what he recognized appeared to be an open US Grand Jury case in the US District Court for the District of Colorado and was sharing with him evidence of the repeated bribes of the Colorado former US Attorney Michael J. Norton and the killing of the then Chief Judge Richard Matsch of Colorado US District court’s daughter by one of George H. W. Bush and Leonard Millman’s hit men. Since I knew Eric Melgrin, the Kansas US Attorney at the time had thrown his lot in with the Millman/ Daddy Bush crime syndicate, I knew that was hopeless, and that I could not get any US Attorney to proceed with the grand jury and allow my witnesses to present evidence of the crimes.

Bret Landrith agreed after my repeated pleas to volunteer and represent me before the grand jury and put on my evidence for $1.00US, if the US District Court for the District of Kansas ordered that he be allowed to, and suggested I make a motion to transfer the grand jury to the Kansas District Court at Kansas City, Kansas, where the Tenth Circuit headquartered in Denver had a courtroom on the Third floor.

But, Landrith refused to help me with the case until the Kansas District Court ordered that he be permitted to. When I bitched repeatedly that I could not produce a document fit for court, he suggested writing it with a crayon on Big Chief Tablet paper and filing in forma pauperis status since I could not afford the fees.

Stew Webb v Vratil Complaint and motion to transfer

I only thought I was dodging bullets, death rays, and assassination attempts when I made my way back to North East Kansas, near the state I had grown up in and where my father had lived. (He had had a Q-clearance and had spent his life working on the hardware that helped keep America secure from every external enemy since World War II.)

Once I filed the above complaint in federal court, my ex-father-in-law Leonard Millman and his main lieutenant “Buffer” Larry Mizel set about to make me job number One. The reader can see this on my web site

I have posted a few of the gruesome pictures, the wreckage of what was left of my tools of trade, the van that was my only real home for many years, then the next van they tried to take me out in sits totaled out in my driveway yet to be paid for by a criminal insurance company.

There was the destruction and burning of a customer’s house October 2011 in Prairie Village, Kansas a suburban neighborhood by the Missouri Joint Federal State Task Force after rogue FBI agents had located where I was doing a whole house remodeling job, and the constant cyberwarfare against whatever small computer or phone I was fortunate enough to have been given or to have exchanged labor for. All these were reduced to e-Waste non-working junk by the hacking attacks and warrantless surveillance teams.

I refused to quit though and I would figure out new ways to get the word out to government regulators, the investors in the publicly traded organized crime corporations, steadily increasing the costs to Larry Mizel and Leonard Millman for their infiltration and takeover of America. Millman was able to tank the case after the Kansas District Judges cowardly surrendered jurisdiction to a full time asset of the Leonard Millman/ Daddy Bush crime syndicate, then Missouri District Court Chief Judge Fernado J. Gaitan, Jr.

Even though Judge Gaitan tanked the case, honest American citizens who had unwittingly invested in the many Larry Mizel and Leonard Millman instrumentalities of fraud and corruption became concerned and attempted to exercise corporate governance. Larry Mizel was forced to help his boss Millman fake Millman’s death and relocate to Cuba and Ecuador with Millman’s old “cut out” and fraud man Robert Vesco.

Landrith however was still being kept from working even as a forklift operator, or truck driver, or in any other job that might allow him to help Samuel Lipari enter the hospital supply market with Medical Supply and put at risk the now two Trillion Dollar hospital supply market controlled through the Bush/Millman Crime Syndicate cut outs like Novation LLC, Jeb Bush’s Tenet Healthcare, and even the big Republican contributor Cerner Corp.

Letter to Chief Judge Loken

Samuel Lipari never gave up trying to restore access to healthcare in our nation, but Missouri District Court Chief Judge Fernado J. Gaitan, Jr. and the whole Eighth Circuit based in St. Louis and Minneapolis were going to make sure that not even General Motors would be able to afford healthcare for its American employees. And, most important, the Eighth Circuit — with its own skeletons, out of professional courtesy to the Tenth Circuit — would never let any evidence be presented about what was done in Kansas District court to obstruct justice in Sam Lipari’s case.

Landrith was in the end forced to file in court just to get food stamps, and 15 minutes before his estimated arrival to his apartment, someone else was gun downed and murdered in Bret Landrith’s parking spot in a vehicle similar in color and style to Landrith’s.

Then, when the Kansas Government criminals and farm team thug operators for the Bush/Millman organized crime syndicate discovered that, they joined with the current US Attorney for the District of Kansas, Barry Grisom set out to destroy Landrith and have him sanctioned for even seeking even the clearly established right to relief from deprivations of federal statutory benefits.

While every shred of due process was denied Landrith for over two years just on food stamps, Landrith was convinced by others to report the participation of federal and state officials in crimes here to the incoming Director of the FBI and Assistant US Attorney all around good guy, James Comey. Comey had personally stood up even to Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales just as the two were about to plunge the dagger into the heart of our nation’s constitution and kill it off for the Bush family, while Attorney General John Ashcroft was in a hospital bed undergoing major surgery.

Federal Judges Coverup U.S. Attorneys Deaths tied to Jeb Bush Part1

November 6, 2013
Director James B. Comey
FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
RE: Report of Racketeering and Other Crimes Obstructing Courts in Kansas and Western Missouri
Dear Director Comey:

I am writing to report corrupt and criminal activities by state and federal government officials within the District of Kansas and the Western District of Missouri. The continuing nature of this enterprise, and the severity in which it violates the public interest of the nation, requires your immediate action.

Landrith letter and Grand Jury demand

The letter and attachments referenced in Landrith Letter and Grand Jury Demand include two demands for federal criminal grand juries that were refused, and were sent to Director James Comey on November 6, 2013. Veteran’s Today readers know we have been in effect living under foreign Zionist enemy occupation for a while. Director Comey and the FBI have the power to initiate federal prosecutions taken from them.

Attorney General Eric Holder has never forgotten who he really works for. Under Holder’s watch, no banking organized crime was ever going to be prosecuted… no matter how bad things got for the nation. And, we are here at this moment because we have seen how bad things have gotten.

When no relief was forthcoming, Bret Landrith and Sam Lipari recognized the systemic failure in the federal courts to police themselves, and the effort initiated by the previous US Chief Justice William Rehnquist, they initiated an action for prospective injunctive relief in Washington D.C. They initiated this action in spite of knowing that, because of the breakdown in the courts’ ability to police themselves, any action in Kansas or Missouri would be futile for Landrith to recover the right to work and for Lipari to recover his property, enforce contracts and enter the nationwide market for hospital supplies.

Landrith Lipari v. Roberts Amended Complaint

Attorney General Eric Holder, however controlled the defense of the occupation government we have all lived under through actions of Bush appointee Chief Justice Roberts. Landrith and Lipari met with the same extrinsic fraud and retaliations against their family members in the District of Columbia District Court of Judge Amy Berman Jackson.



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