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An Awakened Life: Trials and Tribulations*

An Awakened Life: Trials and Tribulations*

By Douwe Boschma

It is only selfishness that breeds poverty of the heart, the mind, the soul and the physicalTwo fields of consciousness
We are living to two fields of consciousness. One is connected to our inner life, our soul life, while the other one is connected to our outer life, our ego life.

Our soul life is one of great purity, one of knowing and of freedom. When we are living from this type of consciousness then we no longer discern between an inner and an outer life. There is simply a “being beyond being” in a freedom that seems to have no any beginning and no end.

It is important to note that our emotions, thoughts and instincts stand apart from these two types of consciousness even though they have everything to do with them. These three are the receptacles for either soul induced impulses or for ego induced impulses.

When we stand in the soul consciousness, which is pure freedom, then our emotions, thoughts and instincts, seem to resonate in full harmony with our inner realization. There is no place for negative or fatalistic thoughts and emotions because they are subdued by this total freedom. However, when we stand in our ego consciousness which is pure captivity, then our emotions, thoughts and instincts fully resonate with that.

Let’s look further at these three.

Spirit of Nature1Emotions
With a soul consciousness our Emotions are free from egoism and fear because there is nothing to have or to fear when we lean on this freedom within. One is filled with compassion rather than with egotism. One will rather care for the other instead of manipulating the other and heal the other instead of hurting the other instead of working some personal and tainted agenda.

In clear soul consciousness our thinking becomes ordered and free. We will simply see the opening and the solution to all our problems. Within this consciousness of freedom our perspectives change from being in the dark to being in the open. We can think, work and talk from this perspective in such a way that others resonate with it. They will see, understand it and feel its magnitude while we talk of it. They will take glimpse of our perspective and see the logics of what is said, which often is experienced as some kind of revelation.

Standing in our soul consciousness our instincts are instincts that enable us to make those choices that will open this freedom further. We instinctively avoid all which closes us off from this consciousness of freedom and we instinctively follow what opens it. We are neither subjected to involuntarily sexual behavior and urges for example. Not meaning those urges don’t exist but they just don’t live us anymore.

The unity
When our emotions, thoughts and instincts are no longer subjected to our ego but subjected to our soul then they are no longer subjected to self-centred lapses into the likes as greed, pride and envy. Those even turn into their opposites in the form of  generosity, humility and goodwill, because the source that is feeding them now is no longer the limited and limiting ego but the limitlessness of the soul.

Speaking/ teaching/ creating
The blessing of this is that speaking, thinking or creating in any kind of way from the limitlessness and borderless consciousness of the soul will work straight on the instincts, thoughts and emotions of the listeners or viewers. It will harmonize these 3, lifting them to a point of new insights. This eventually calls up conflict in the person but this is a conflict between their soul and ego that end up in a fight over the property of the instincts, thoughts and feelings. The ego is tricking these 3 by entering while the soul is calling these 3 to open up. The soul namely does not enter by will or force, but by invitation!

The door to a spiritual journey is always open...Conflicts
When we live in accordance with our soul then our life will change accordingly on all levels. Conflicts in ourselves are solved but that will not be the case when it concerns conflicts with others. Only the nature of the conflicts changes. Those conflicts will namely no longer be between your ego and the ego of the other person but between your soul and the ego of the other person. In this we should let our soul speak without letting our own ego come in the way, because the ego of the other will immediately respond fiercely if it gets a chance, to subdue that nagging voice of the soul.

We will lose friends and we will find friends. The same may happen with relationships. People that can’t resonate with this type of universal love while they are somewhat open to it will experience it as a large confrontation. They feel it as too painful to have contact with us because we are always buggering them with themselves. That without even trying it or talking about it. Our presence and way of dealing with our selves and others will be enough to call up reactions. Our presence will add as it were a new impulse in the instinctive, emotional and mental life and awaken a little of the consciousness of eternal freedom. Opening their emotional, intuitive and mental door to a small crack which is not always very much appreciated because it is confronting having to see the cobwebs that are spun by the ego while that is exactly what happens when the door opens. It can bring out the worst in people. Others that vibrate more on a soul level with you will automatically come on your path.

Others may have their doors open on a crack already and when our door is opened wide it will open theirs wide too. It will suddenly overwhelm them instinctively, emotionally and mentally. They may be lost in it and seek refuge in us, trying to take us on as their guru or leader to find order. Only one thing can be done here and that is to minimize the contact until they have gained enough consciousness on their own. It is best not to lead but to feed what they need! Nothing more nothing less. The words: “be your own guru” applies to others as well in letting them be their own guru too.

Confusion of love
Other reactions are that people may confuse our pure openness and universal love for personal love. They may fall in love with us because that is what they associate the feeling with and they are close with that but the distinct difference is that it is not personal but universal.

Seeing situations
You will understand others quicker. There isn’t a hidden agenda anywhere. You will spot ego products like lies and cheating from a mile, and the same counts for psychological defects, and problem areas but positive sides too of course. You simply see what it is with this person. My advice would be very sparingly with sharing what you see. Rather don’t share at all. Depending to the other this will most likely bring about conflict because they try to resolve it with their ego while they should resolve it with their soul.

173a1-012bwill2bsmith2bfamily2bwife2bchildrenSoul brothers and sisters
An other situation is that we may come across others that have their door wide open or partially open but at least open enough to see their own path and progression as an individual conquest. These people will enrich each other. They can be together in the limitlessness of the soul and experience this limitless within each other, which is the most beautiful thing. If we meet such people in our lives then they help you along on our path while we help them along on theirs. Those are connections to value deeply.

There are obviously many other situations that you will end up in for sure, but these seem to be the most general ones which you may recognize and hopefully help you on your way.

I am not sure to how many this seems like complete gobbledygook but those that catch on to it will hopefully benefit from it. Others may laugh. Which is permitted of course.


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Indigenous Canadians Sue Government over White Adoptions*

Indigenous Canadians Sue Government over White Adoptions*

Aboriginals who were adopted into white families during the 1960s “Scoop” are suing the federal government for the loss of their culture and emotional trauma.

Almost 1,200 adoptees have filed a class-action lawsuit in Saskatchewan, seeking compensation from Ottawa for “cultural genocide.”

From the 1960s to the 1980s, thousands of aboriginal children were taken from their homes by child-welfare services and placed with non-aboriginal families, some in the United States. Many consider the adoptions as an extension of residential schools, which aimed to “take the Indian out of the child.”

David Chartrand, 52, who is part of the lawsuit, was removed from his family in Manitoba at the age of five and moved to Minnesota.

“They wanted maids, butlers. They wanted slavery and to do it legally. We just fit that criteria,” said the Métis man. “I was made to clean the house, be their slave, be the punching bag.”

He added Canada had a duty to protect him and others like him. Although he returned to his home community of Camperville, Man., in his 20s, he lost everything.

“I lost my life, my childhood,” he said. “We want to put it behind us so we can move on.”

The lawsuit, which was filed last month, seeks unspecified damages for everything from loss of identity to sexual and physical abuse. Regina lawyer Tony Merchant said many of the children who were adopted were not in unsafe homes, but were removed simply as another way to assimilate Aboriginal people.

“It was a part of taking red babies and trying to make them into white adults.”

Having been raised by white families with no cultural support, many survivors have struggled to reclaim their roots, Mr. Merchant said.

“They’ve just been lost from their culture.”

A spokesman for Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt said the minister would not comment on the lawsuit.

People who were part of the 1960s Scoop have been calling for a formal apology from Ottawa. They also want compensation for their experience, which many argue was just as traumatic as that suffered by residential school survivors.

But while those sent to residential schools have received a formal apology and been able to participate in the Truth & Reconciliation Commission, the Scoop adoptees have not been formally recognized.

Other lawsuits have been filed on behalf of adoptees. A class-action lawsuit by some survivors in Ontario in 2009 is still making its way through the courts.

Mr. Chartrand worries any resolution to this lawsuit will come too late for many adoptees who are aging and suffering from increasing ill health. For those who ended up in prison or committed suicide, any resolution comes too late, he added.

“As an Indian, you have a spirit. That spirit has to come back home. It’s not about the money. It’s about these kids that are dead out there.”


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Greece Prepares for Humanitarian Aid for Greeks*

Greece Prepares for Humanitarian Aid for Greeks*

By Luis Miranda

Tsipras must keep in mind that Greeks who sold their country’s soul to the devil will do so again and they should be included rather than excluded on the road to rebuilding Greece…

The first measures include food aid, free electricity and full access to healthcare along with the rehiring of former government employees.

The Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, unveiled Sunday a program of immediate assistance to address the humanitarian crisis in Greece caused by austerity measures adopted under the previous administration. Tsipras also announced the rehiring of public employees who were dismissed unfairly under the directives imposed by the troika.

The first measures beginning on Wednesday include food aid, free electricity and full access to healthcare for those hardest hit by the crisis, Tsipras said when presenting his government program in Parliament.

He added that people who were laid off in violation of the law, such as ministerial cleaners, school guards, and university officials will have their jobs back.

“Without reforms we won’t get anywhere, not even if we have the best agreement on the debt,” he said at the beginning of a long list of plans to be launched by the Government, including the fight against cronyism and corruption.

“Within six months we will have completed the first part of these reforms, which include the cutting of privileges in ministries, we will reduce the armies of counselors, remove half the cars given to ministers and sell one of every three aircraft that now belong to the government,” he said.

Tsipras also asked Parliament to remove the privilege of cars given to deputies as a way to cut down on wasteful spending.

The government will reduce its headquarters staff by 30% and the number of escorts of the prime minister by 40%. And this is not only symbolic, it is done because it is necessary that the police are in the neighborhoods for the safety of citizens,” he said.

Tsipras announced that the secret services will change name and character and will be called the National Sovereignty Protection Service.

In the fight against tax evasion, the Prime Minister announced the immediate monitoring of large deposits that do not have tax documents.

He also announced that amnesty laws that protected workers at the Greek Central Bank will also be eliminated and that the government will do away with TAIPED, the entity in charge of privatization.

“I do not forgive anyone and anything from the past,” said Tsipras, adding that he will also initiate a parliamentary investigation to bring about accountability on the situation that Greece is suffering.

Tsipras announced a comprehensive tax reform in the medium term, whose philosophy is that every citizen and every company contributes to government revenues according to their abilities and to end the situation that allowed people with higher incomes to escape without paying taxes.

“We pledge to create a simple system that will transfer the weight of taxation on higher incomes,” he said, adding that the tax exemption base of 12,000 euros per year will be reestablished and that the controversial property tax on first homes will be removed, to be replaced by one on great estates.

Tsipras also announced the gradual restoration of the minimum wage of 751 euros per month and the payment of a thirteenth salary for pensioners whose income is inferior to 700 euros per month.

During the presentation of the program of Government in Parliament, Tsipras acknowledged that the return to the minimum wage of 751 euros cannot be applied immediately because it is necessary to “allow time to social partners” the country will achieve this gradually until 2016.

Among the policies that the government will push from now on, he said, will be the restoration of collective agreements that were destroyed in recent years.

He said that pensions below 700 euros will recover the bonus removed by the previous government. Tsipras also promised that there won’t be cuts in pensions or further increases in the retirement age.

To finance the costs of the new programmes, he said, the government will create a new pension fund which will be financed with the proceeds provided by the exploitation of natural resources.


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UFO’s … Fake It!

UFO’s … Fake It!

We all know about the crude pie-plate-on-string UFO hoaxes that have been perpetrated in the past. But what if I were to tell you the greatest UFO hoax of all time is being prepared right now, and it has Rockefeller backing and UN/Vatican/presidential support?




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Power and Paedophilia Rife in the US Government*

Power and Paedophilia Rife in the US Government*

By Jaochim Hagopian

As the West charges full speed ahead towards World War III with its incendiary epicenter Ukraine, simultaneous headlines are breaking with paedophilia sex scandals implicating the highest levels of elite power and privilege involving both US presidents and the British royal family.

There now exists incontrovertible evidence confirming that members of the world’s most powerful and wealthy ruling class have for decades been regularly engaging in predatory violent and sexual acts involving the most brutal and perverse crimes including ritualistic torture underage children and even murder. Yet apparently these most heinous crimes against the most powerless and defenseless in our society – thousands of child victims – have been preyed upon for many years with complete impunity, systematically covered up at the highest levels by the American and British governments. Yet these sophisticated child sex trafficking syndicates have never been exposed as they are now. Unfolding shocking developments on both sides of the Atlantic have finally been exposing paedophile scandals not only committed in the US and UK but apparently all around the world including Portugal, Chile, Mexico and Belgium.

While these sex scandals unravel in the West, it’s important to understand their geopolitical context. At the same time as these criminal shockwaves are politically rocking the global elite, they are accompanied by unprecedented frenzied activity at the highest echelons of global finance involving dozens of murders and suicides of high profile figures within the central banking cabal, an incredible amount of covert movement of gold and silver, spiraling rock bottom oil prices on the impending eve of the US dollar and petrodollar collapse dumping it as the standard international reserve currency. Also unprecedented now is the David and Goliath story of bankrupt European Union member Greece defying the long-time predatory debt practice of thievery that’s been the economic paradigm of Western oligarchy.

As if to take all this mounting pressure and dog wagging heat off, with increasing desperation the West has relentlessly been engaging in a nonstop propaganda blitz of lies and false flags in order to demonize and bait Putin into all-out war after the ethnic Russian citizens of Crimea voted overwhelmingly for annexation with Russia. After investing $5 billion tampering with the internal affairs of a sovereign nation and pulling off an internationally outlawed coup overthrowing a democratically elected Ukrainian president, which Obama recently copped to, Putin merely beat the US-NATO imperialists to the punch by preventing the US Navy from taking over Russia’s critical fleet in Crimean port. For a full year ever since the West has been frantically trying to prod and bait nuclear powered Russia into world war. The US has caused a Ukrainian civil war and is now sending heavy arms to only enflame the already volatile hotspot.

All of these desperate, seemingly suicidal gestures by the Western oligarchs are clearly a knee jerk reaction to the major global shifting of power moving rapidly from West to East. It’s been underway for a while but is now reaching critical mass. So on top of all these cataclysmic changes on the geopolitics chessboard, now that the Western Emperor’s been stripped naked in the face of the latest sex crimes involving the elite’s most powerful rich and famous, all hell is about to break loose.

The biggest names floating around as probable patrons in the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein scandal that’s been recently gaining some traction are former President Bill Clinton and fifth in line to the British throne Prince Andrew. Gawker recently obtained flightlogs going back to the late 1990’s through mid-2000’s that place Bill Clinton repeatedly on board the private jet dubbed the “Lolita Express” belonging to convicted paedophile Epstein in the company of a soft-core porn actress and underage girls listed in Epstein’s black book under “massage.” The flightlogs implicate Bill as a possible participant on board Epstein’s planes where girls as young as 12 provided sexual favors for the financier’s most powerful friends. Records confirm that Bill flew the friendly skies of the Lolita Express more than a dozen times over a several year period in the early 2000’s. It goes without saying that Senator Hillary never once escorted Bill on these pleasure air cruises.

On one Clinton trip he travelled for a week on Epstein’s planes with an entourage that included Kevin Spacey to Africa on an anti-poverty anti-AIDS tour. Among the women also on board for that weeklong tour were key Epstein employees who were the victims’ handlers Sarah Kellen and Ghislaine Maxwell along with soft-porn actress-masseuse Chauntee Davies.

Because of such potentially incriminating evidence that a popular former president could possibly be a paedophile, in conjunction with an already long trail of mysterious deaths surrounding dozens of suspicious “suicides” and murders of people at one time closely associated with the Clintons, great lengths by the feds top on down to conceal this latest damning truth from the public eye have been exerted. Yet there exists volumes of documented proof traced to high up in the Justice Department obstructing justice at every turn by disregarding and dismissing overwhelming evidence while quietly letting the guilty power broking offenders off the hook, only issuing a mere slap on the hand to the billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein as the child molesting ringleader of the sexual human trafficking ring.

Despite Epstein’s 2008 conviction on two felony counts of soliciting underage victims as well as adults for sex that would bring anyone else up to twenty years in federal prison, Epstein was allowed to freely leave jail during the day and only come back for overnight visits at his Palm Beach County Jail for a mere thirteen months of an eighteen month sentence. He had up to thirty-five victims of underage girls willing to provide incriminating testimony against him and his powerful pals who all went Scot-free. Since 2008 Epstein has escaped further punishment by simply buying thirty of his victims off as his attorneys have been busily negotiating settlements to his multiple lawsuits.

Federal prosecutors even violated the Trafficking Victims Protection Act in allowing a plea bargain agreement for the human trafficking kingpin Epstein without even informing the victims. Obviously their civil rights were violated when prosecutors chose not to try Epstein and company for human trafficking and sex crimes. The current law specifies that human traffickers who also commit aggravated sexual abuse, which of course the guilty parties repeatedly did and much more, stipulates a lifetime prison sentence. Yet a slap of Jeffrey’s hand while allowing everybody else to walk away free is the grossest, most obscene miscarriage of justice possible. Thankfully two of the victims joined by two more are currently still pursuing Epstein and the feds protecting all guilty parties on charges that their civil rights under the Protection Act were violated. Hopefully this can lead to the other guilty big name paedophile criminals to also get charged. But if status quo prevails, don’t hold your breath.

A month ago one of the girls, Virginia Roberts, now 31, went public with her detailed account of how Epstein recruited her at age 15 forcing her for an extended three-year period into a life of sexual servitude as his sex slave, also coercing her into having sex with Epstein’s high roller friends, allegedly among them royal Prince Andrew as well as renowned American attorney Alan Dershowitz. Virginia Roberts stated in her court papers that she had sex with Andrew three times in New York, London and on a Caribbean Island owned by Epstein. Fear of reprisal from the still very powerful billionaire has her fearing for her life. According to Virginia’s aunt, several months ago just prior to the court allegations going forward, Virginia felt she had to flee Florida and is believed to be currently living incognito somewhere in Colorado with her husband and three children.

Roberts’ court filing in late December 2014 specified that Jeffrey Epstein made sure his underage sex slaves provided detailed descriptions of their sexual encounters with the world’s most famous and powerful politicians, businessmen and world leaders in order to potentially blackmail them. That of course is the Modus Operandi employed by all global powerbrokers to buy insurance for both their survival longevity as well as their legal license to get away with the most evil crimes in the world. The US master at this shady practice was none other than the half century FBI Director transvestite J. Edgar Hoover.

Right after Politico published its New Year’s Eve bombshell making Virginia Roberts’ Florida lawsuit public, from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Prince Andrew vehemently denied ever having sex with any underage girls. In a rare public appearance since Roberts’ allegations, on Wednesday this week the Earl of York was defended as a “true beacon as an ambassador for UK trade and enterprise” by the President of the Royal Academy of Engineering Professor Dame Ann Dowling. Because a photo of Andrew with Epstein right after Epstein finished his jail time had surfaced in 2010, his association with the convicted paedophile embarrassed the royal family enough to force Andrew to step down from his official role as ambassador for UK trade.

Expect lots more of circled British wagons touting their diehard loyalty to royalty from UK’s most prominent elitist figures. Public leaders’ mantra when caught in any wrongdoing is simply to deny, deny, deny while ensuring they bring out all their heavy guns showering accolades of greatness on the accused. For decades the royals of not only the British Commonwealth but other European aristocracy have been busily fighting and suppressing any exposure of their direct connections to global child slavery-trafficking-sex abuse rings.

Returning to Epstein’s flightlogs, several women were employed by the jet setting financier from 1997 to 2006 but two in particular, Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen, allegedly worked to recruit underage girls as their pimping handlers. They were also accused of having sexually abused the victims themselves but went uncharged for their crimes. Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late media mogul Robert Maxwell, allegedly forced victims to engage in lesbian acts with her as well as stored photos of them as child pornography on her computer. Yet apparently due to her family wealth, she has remained a free woman, never held accountable for her criminal role.

When Harvard law professor Dershowitz’ name came up as a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express, he plunged into full damage control in an interview with American Lawyer insisting that he has always been a faithful husband of 28 years to his wife who he claimed always travelled with him. Yet the flightlog records show while flying with Epstein and company he never was accompanied by his wife. Another discrepancy was his statement that he was only a mere “professional” acquaintance with Epstein because Epstein was a financial donor to Harvard and since Clinton’s former Secretary of Treasury Larry Summers was a close friend of Epstein’s, while Summers was president of Harvard, it was only in this “job related” context that while Dershowitz was raising money for his and his boss’ top Ivy League school did he briefly interact with Epstein at all.

Records again dispute this claim as well showing that Dershowitz knew and flew with the billionaire paedophile on numerous occasions as early as 1997. Looks like the fast talking lawyer was just doing some fast talking damage control. In a more recent interview with Gawker, Dershowitz did some fast explaining when he suddenly remembered flying back in 1997 to Epstein’s friend’s birthday party where former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and ex-astronaut-Senator John Glenn were also attendees. Again he unequivocally denied having sex with any young women. Sounds vaguely familiar to another Lolita Express frequent flyer named Bill. Wonder what Bill and Hillary Clinton were visibly arguing about at a recent public event. Perhaps how the latest bad press might be hurting her 2016 presidential hopes.

Regarding that brief, strictly professional acquaintanceship between Epstein and Dershowitz, during Epstein’s pre-paedophile arrest days back in 2003, attorney-author Dershowitz in a Vanity Affair interview boldly boasted,

“I’m on my 20th book… The only person outside my immediate family that I send drafts to is Jeffrey.”

That sounds not nearly so professional as personal and chummy. Yet when Gawker confronted him with this discrepancy, Dershowitz maintained that Epstein was only “a friend with whom I talked about ideas. We never discussed women or his social life.”

Dershowitz joined the best legal dream team a billionaire paedophile’s money can buy that also included onetime Clinton-Lewinsky adversary Ken Starr and other hot shot lawyers Roy Black and Gerald Lefcourt. They successfully convinced the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida to not charge Epstein or his pimp co-conspirators with sex trafficking underage girls across state lines nor prosecute any of the other frequent flying child molesters. Despite Dershowitz’ name not being on that sweetheart deal of a plea agreement protecting super-rich “perps”, the civil case that victim Virginia Roberts filed does accuse Dersh-of-bagging his own immunity, a slight conflict of interest violation. In revenge, Dershowitz vowed to have Roberts’ attorney dis-barred.

Exploiting children sexually is unfortunately all too commonplace. Regardless of socioeconomic level, paedophilia is both a serious public health hazard and serious sex crime problem of the first order. 4% of Americans are estimated to have paedophiliac urges. But when wealth, power and privilege offer impunity to perverted predators who are allowed to get away with such heinous crimes, the old double standard of having two separate justice systems becomes appallingly unacceptable. If those without wealth and power commit the very same crime, they will be locked away for life whereas the rich and powerful will generally go free, too often allowed to only harm more victims. Sadly this unacceptable reality has a long track record both here in America and abroad.

The most egregious, known sexual slavery-human trafficking-child abuse scandal in US history occurred back in the 1980’s with its epicenter Boys Town, USA near Omaha, Nebraska. The so called Franklin scandal that was traced directly up to both the Reagan and George HW Bush White Houses caused enough of a stir to force the Nebraska state legislature to call for an independent investigation in 1988. But once again the long arm of predatory, morally reprehensible power out of Washington successfully evaded any justice from being served and the powerful guilty perverts at the top once again got away with both murder and destroying hundreds of young defenseless lives, throwaway kids from the child welfare system that historically fails to protect them.

The story began at Boys Town, the same Boys Town that the late Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy starred in to make it the most famous Catholic orphanage in the entire world. At the centre of the Franklin scandal was Larry King, an African American businessman and owner of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha. So as not to confuse this Larry King with the other Larry King, the longtime media personality currently working at the RT network, this presentation will refer to the monster behind the Franklin scandal as Lawrence King. Back in the mid-1980’s during the Reagan presidency, Lawrence King became the fast rising star of the Republican Party, singing the national anthem at the Grand Old Party’s 1984 presidential convention in Dallas. For many years Lawrence King had been in cahoots with the priest who was second in command at Boys Town, a paedophile himself who helped funnel a steady supply of innocent victims for King’s syndicate crime ring.

Because the child victims at Boys Town came from disadvantaged, parentless homes mostly from the foster care system ranging from age six through adolescence, they were easily exploited and manipulated by King into becoming abuse victims. Crime kingpin King not only used his young victims as “boy toys” for gay politicians at after party Republican fundraising events during the Reagan and Bush years of the 1980’s, they were also used as drug mules moving shipments of cocaine out of California that Reagan and Bush senior deployed the CIA during the Iran Contra years running guns and money trade for cocaine from Latin America that flooded urban ghettos in the US creating the crack cocaine epidemic. King’s Franklin Credit Union was laundering drug money from the Iran Contra scandal. Another major player in Washington was lobbyist Craig Spence who longtime investigator-author Nick Bryant believes was a CIA asset that notoriously ran midnight tours with the boys to the Bush White House. King hired photographer Rusty Nelson to take photos of the politicians in compromising positions as blackmail insurance. Young victims were not only sodomized by the powerful paedophiles in Congress but often King would drug, sadistically burn and torture them for sexual sadism as well as terrorizing them for control purposes.

When courageous individuals such as Carol Stitt, director of the state foster care review board, Nebraska state legislator John DeCamp and state senator Loran Schmitt attempted to bring justice for the long suffering young victims in Nebraska, the powers-that-be engaged in a diabolical suppression of evidence, harassment and persecution of witnesses, evidence tampering and character defamation. The publisher of the local newspaper, the Omaha Herald Record, also served as chairman of King’s credit union advisory board. The paper engaged in a nonstop smear campaign to discredit and defame witnesses.

The five brave young witnesses were repeatedly threatened, beaten up, drugged and manipulated into recanting testimony, and eventually charged with perjury, arrested and imprisoned. Several ended up doing serious time in prison after being victimized for years. The 15-year old girl at the time Alisha Owen was handed a fifteen year sentence. Illustrating the sinister depravity of the US justice system, the mastermind behind the worst paedophile trafficking crime ring in American history ended up doing only ten years for unrelated crimes while an innocent, honest and very brave victim first abused sexually by evil adults and then legally by an evil court system has her spending more time in prison than the criminal mastermind. Though she never perjured herself and was telling the truth all along, she was used as a graphic example of what happens to victims willing to come forth and seek justice through the court for crimes perpetrated against them. John DeCamp believes at least fifteen people were murdered in order to silence them from bringing the case forward while hundreds of young lives were ruined during the years of horror.

Two days prior to George HW Bush’s election as the 41st President of the United States in 1988, Lawrence King’s Omaha credit union was raided, $38 million was missing and King was arrested, charged and eventually convicted for embezzlement, conspiracy and fraudulent accounting records for which he served ten years in prison. But he was never charged for sex abuse, sodomy, human trafficking, torture, murder, drug trafficking, pimping, perjury, extortion or blackmail for obvious reasons. He was protected by the most powerful men in the US government, many themselves criminal paedophiles. Since his release in 2001, Lawrence King has been once again put to work by the same powerful interests that have protected him. His job now is to keep those violated victims quiet by deploying mind control tactics from the CIA’s Monarch Project.

According to a Wayne Madsen Report dated eight months ago the FBI planted a bomb on the plane that the Nebraska state investigator Gary Caradori and his six year old son “AJ” flew that crashed on July 11, 1990. Though Caradori and his son attended the Major League All Star game on July 10, the main purpose of the trip from Nebraska to Chicago was to collect evidence in the Franklin scandal of thousands of photos explicitly showing powerful US politicians sexually abusing young boys and girls. Caradori phoned his wife prior to the flight home saying he had gotten what he came for. But they never made it home as the FBI bomb exploded their aircraft mid-transit. The local sheriffs at the crash site scene confirmed that numerous child pornography photos were scattered about. The FBI suddenly showed up and confiscated all evidence at the crash site. They also made sure to show up at Caradori’s office seizing all evidence there as well.

Years later a British documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” that was scheduled to be aired on the Discovery Channel in May 1994 was suddenly pulled in response to pressure from high above. Even that week’s TV Guide included the documentary title and description yet it never got shown on national television so as to not embarrass or incriminate the criminal thugs in power.

The largest circulated newspaper in Barcelona, Spain, the Pronto, has printed that the Franklin scandal  “appears to directly implicate politicos of the state of Nebraska and Washington DC who are very close to the White House and George Bush himself.”

Decorated Vietnam War veteran, long-time attorney, former Nebraska state legislator and author of The Franklin Cover-up (second Edition, January 2005) John DeCamp concluded:

The Justice Department, acting through the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Omaha, emerges from the record of the Franklin investigations not so much as a party to the cover-up, but as its coordinator. Rigging grand juries, harassment of witnesses, incitement to perjury and tampering with evidence – federal personnel were seen to apply all of those techniques in the Franklin case.

This tragic cautionary tale demonstrates the evil that America’s leaders will resort to in order to protect themselves from accountability. America’s foremost ally Europe is just as evil. The UK has been gripped with the same chronic history of using children as sex objects by royal family members, lords, members of parliament, high court judges, and entertainment icons like Jimmie Savile. Even the BBC held back the truth of the revered British DJ up to 1,000 times over a span of more than 40 years, in effect allowing him to continue abusing thousands of children. And the same kind of scandals have rocked a number of other countries as well.

The alarming numbers of children and women being abducted, trafficked, murdered, forced into prostitution and slavery by international crime syndicates in recent years have been gaining increasing attention. Protecting those who are the most defenseless is our collective responsibility. Thousands of aboriginal children and women have disappeared from their homes in Canada. Since 1980 over 1200 First Nation women in Canada have either disappeared or been found murdered. Many women in Eastern Europe and East Asia have also suffered the same fate. It has become an extremely serious, most disturbing, growing global problem. Whether exploited and abused by the most powerful or not is irrelevant. Their plight should be our plight. It’s not enough just to know that this kind of evil occurs in the twenty-first century, we must become activists for the greater good of humanity.

A parallel process of unforgivable criminality has remained in the churches for centuries. Those individuals that our society entrusts in positions of authority and leadership – be they in government or religion – who betray our trust and violate us in the most demonic ways must be held accountable. Yet those imbued with such absolute power have historically and ruthlessly protected themselves by sabotaging, suppressing and destroying their victims and their dirty truth from ever taking them down. The morally bankrupt and thoroughly broken system of power corrupts and at the top, anything goes – murder, rape, torture, it doesn’t matter. Up to this point, they have remained untouchable, immune from any real consequence. But times are a-changing. More individuals in good conscience are courageously coming forth in valiant efforts to hold those guilty at the top accountable for the evil acts they’ve committed. We as citizens of the world must demand that the truth be told and that justice finally be done.

Paedophilia is a severe mental disorder that is next to impossible to effectively treat as the recidivism rate remains off the charts. Once a paedophile, nearly always a serial paedophile until one gets caught and apprehended. There is no cure. A Massachusetts study confirmed that 56% of those who underwent comprehensive treatment were rearrested for the same crime. Considering that most sex offenders’ crimes don’t even get reported much less the guilty get arrested, paedophiles repeat their crime on average of 13 times before they’re caught. Since their position grants them immunity, those paedophiles in power who avoid arrest and incarceration will only continue committing their serial crimes indefinitely.

As a licensed California therapist who for many years worked closely with sexually and physically abused youth and adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds, I can attest firsthand to the permanent damage perpetrated on our most innocent and defenseless population. The victims of this sordid evil have had their innocence of childhood ripped violently from them, never to be restored. They will suffer from traumatic memories they will never be able to forget. A child automatically blames him or herself for the violence done to them. They internalize the false belief that they deserve to be used and abused, that at the core level they are inherently flawed, evil and unworthy of love, that in fact it is their child role in the world of adults to be victimized. Unless they undergo often times years of intensive therapy and treatment, typically childhood victims of sexual and physical abuse are sentenced to a lifetime of pain and despair. Frequently their lives are cut short because they self-medicate their trauma through alcohol and drugs. They form relationships with abusive others in adolescence and adulthood. Child sexual abuse is likely the most under-reported and under-treated crime in America. They risk an ultimate fate of committing suicide at significantly higher rates than those who were not sexually abused as children. Suicide is the third leading cause of death between the ages of 15-24.

A brilliant 27-year old man studying in a PhD program at Princeton was a child sexual abuse victim. He wrote a suicide note expressing the deep sorrow and rage that victims rarely escape. An extract from that note:

My first memories as a child are of being raped, repeatedly. This has affected every aspect of my life. This darkness, which is the only way I can describe it, has followed me like a fog, but at times intensified and overwhelmed me, usually triggered by a distinct situation… The damage that was done to my body still prevents me from using the bathroom normally, but now it’s less of a physical impediment than a daily reminder of what was done to me… The darkness is with me nearly every time I wake up. I feel like a grime is covering me. I feel like I’m trapped in a contaminated body that no amount of washing will clean. Whenever I think about what happened I feel manic and itchy and can’t concentrate on anything else. It manifests itself in hours of eating or staying up for days at a time or sleeping for sixteen hours straight or week long programming binges or constantly going to the gym. I’m exhausted from feeling like this every hour of every day.


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Palestine Opens First European Embassy*

Palestine Opens First European Embassy*

Palestine has opened its first embassy in Western Europe in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm amid Israel’s anger.

According to official Swedish sources, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom attended the inauguration ceremony of the Palestinian embassy in Stockholm on Tuesday night.

Israel’s reaction

Israel has lashed out at the Swedish government for the inauguration of the Palestinian embassy.

This decision “is an unfortunate consequence of the mistaken policy adopted by the Swedish government. It will serve no purpose and certainly not advance us in the pursuit of negotiations,”said Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon.

Sweden vows financial aid, urges reforms

Abbas is currently in Stockholm to hold talks with the Swedish officials and secure closer ties with the European country.

Earlier in the day, Sweden announced its decision to increase financial aid to Palestinians, but also urged the Palestinian authorities to carry out reforms, epically with regard to women’s situation in the country.

“There are challenges: we must help one another to fight corruption, increase gender equality, improve respect for human rights, and of course continue the state building process,” said Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven during a meeting with Abbas.

Sweden reportedly plans to increase its financial help to Palestine by 1.5 billion crowns ($179.74 million) over the next five years.

Abbas talks of women’s central role in Palestine

Abbas, for his part, reassured the Swedish officials that reforms are currently underway in Palestine.

“Women will play a central role in our institutions on the political level, and municipal contexts, within the judicial system, within security organizations, and on all other levels. We will continue to develop our institutions, in order to raise their (women’s) abilities in order to achieve what our people have sacrificed so much for,” the Palestinian president stated.

He also called on other countries to follow the path of Sweden which was the first European Union member state in Western Europe to recognize the Palestinian statehood.

Israel-Sweden frayed relations

Israel recalled its envoy from Sweden after Stockholm’s decision to recognize Palestine, showing that the Tel Aviv regime is deeply concerned about appreciation of the Palestinian cause in a Western country.

Swedish foreign minister also postponed a visit to Israel in January, ostensibly in response to Israel’s continued criticism of Stockholm’s warm relations with Palestine.

Some 135 governments have so far announced their official backing for Palestine’s sovereignty. Parliaments in major European countries, including Spain, France, Britain, Ireland and Portugal as well as the European Parliament have symbolically endorsed Palestine’s bid to be recognized as a state.


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Lawsuit Forces Canada to Give Up its Privately owned Central Bank*

Lawsuit Forces Canada to Give Up its Privately owned Central Bank*

Every dirty trick in Rothschild’s book will be used to prevent this from happening…

By Kenneth Schortgen Jr

Back in 2011, The Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform filed a lawsuit in Canada’s Federal court to call for the reinstatement of a government run central bank, and its removal from the hands of a private corporation.  And after four years of appeals and filings by the opposition, a judge ruled on Jan. 26 to allow the lawsuit to go forward and begin proceedings to bring Constitutional requirements back for the people of Canada.

There is a very interesting legal case that is playing out in Canada at the moment. William Krehm, Anne Emmett, and Comer (The Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform: filed a lawsuit on December 12th, 2011, in Federal Court to try to force a restoration of the Bank of Canada to its mandated purposes. In essence, they want the Bank of Canada to provide interest-free loans to the federal, provincial, and municipal governments, as provided for in the Bank of Canada Act. This money would be used to finance public expenditures whenever there is a budgetary deficit. Apparently, the federal government used to borrow interest-free (to at least some extent) from the Bank of Canada up until 1974.

The nature of the lawsuit has been explained on in the following terms:

“Two Canadians and a Canadian economic think tank confront the global financial powers in the Canadian federal court. The Canadians plead for declarations that would restore the use of the bank of Canada for the benefit of Canadians and remove it from the control of international private entities whose interests and directives are placed above the interest of Canadians and the primacy of the constitution of Canada” – Right Edition

At stake is a return of public control in Canada over their own banking system, which is something that only three countries in the world now currently have.

Since privately owned central banks have taken over most of the global financial system, the global debt has soared to nearly $200 trillion while global GDP remains just below $75 trillion.  Prior to this, and before the creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve in 1913, the debt ratio was just 29% of total GDP as production under the gold standard created massive growth without the need for debt or artificially inflated money.

In the U.S. there is only one publicly controlled central bank, and it resides in the only state that holds no debt or budget deficits.  The North Dakota experiment, which has the state control the issuance of loans and bonds, is the greatest example of why a government, not a private corporation, should control public banking and why it was provided for in most Democratically run Constitutions.

The drive in Canada to regain control over their central bank has already been long and difficult, and will require a great deal of luck and the right judges to be in place before this goal may be achieved.  But for now the first steps have been taken as the lawsuit against the Canadian central bank can go forward, and it is now up to the lawyers and honest men to determine if the rule of law is to be followed, or if the decisions of corrupted politicians continue on as the norm.


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