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Eugenics: Kidnapping of the Indigenous Sioux in South Dakota*

Eugenics: Kidnapping of the Indigenous Sioux in South Dakota*

By Albert Bender

The Department of Social Services makes up 53% of the entire budget for the state of South Dakota every year.

Genocide is not too strong a term for what is now happening in South Dakota. The huge, shocking violation of legal and human rights being carried out by the state is tantamount to genocide against the Native American nations, the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Sioux, residing within its borders. It is the abduction and kidnapping by state officials, under the cover of law, of American Indian children.

This is a gross violation of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) of 1978.  Further, these abominable kidnappings are being upheld by the courts of that state.

The best approach to this crime against humanity is by the following initial checklist:

  • Over 700 American Indian children are removed by South Dakota state officials from their homes every year.
  • These hundreds are sent to white foster homes or group homes.
  • Many are adopted by white families.
  • Indian children account for 13.8 percent of the state’s child population, yet they represent 56.3 percent of the foster care population.
  • Of the hundreds of Native children in foster care in 2011, 87 percent were placed in non-Indian homes while Native foster homes went empty.
  • Because of its targeting Native children, South Dakota is currently removing children from their families at a higher rate than the vast majority of other states in the U.S.
  • Once removed, the state’s courts routinely keep Indian children from even seeing their families for at least 60 days.
  • The state’s Department of Social Services (DSS) workers warn Native children that if they become emotional during a visit with their parents, the visits will be discontinued (this is incredible!).

This is genocide as defined by the United Nations General Assembly’s Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. This Convention (Article 2) defines genocide as follows :

“… any of the following acts commit with intent  to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Child of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

South Dakota is committing blatant and flagrant genocide against the Sioux people in violation of subsection

(e) of Article 2 by transferring Indian children to white homes, and also of subsection

(b) amid allegations of sexual abuse and drugging of Native children in DSS foster care.

This is a most serious case of ethnic cleansing.

One Indian mother had 62 hearings and was never allowed to present any witness testimony, never even allowed to see the petition filed against her.  This is a huge violation of long established U.S. due process. Also, the Indian Child Welfare Act mandates that Native children shall first be placed with tribal relatives, non-related tribal members, or members of other tribes before non-Indian families can be considered.

South Dakota has taken a step back into the late 19th century, when thousands of Indian children were forcibly removed from their homes by U.S. soldiers and sent to boarding schools – allegedly for education, where the motto was “Kill the Indian, Save the Man.” In some of these schools the motto was more akin to simply “Kill the Indian.”

This journalist has heard numerous accounts from families across Indian Country who had lost at least one child to the boarding school system in the 19th century. They were told that their child or children had run away from the school and could not be found. In other cases they were informed that their child had died from illness.

For the Lakota people this has been a continuation of a 100-year history of child abduction.

This began in the 1880s under the U.S. government policy of forced assimilation (genocide); children as young as 5 years old were forcibly removed from their homes and taken to boarding schools hundreds of miles away. Now it is happening again, this time under the mask of state-run foster care. Over the past decade over 5,000 Sioux children have been removed from their homes. According to a recent report by the Indian Child Welfare Act directors in South Dakota, 740 Lakota children are removed to foster care each year and 90% are placed in white homes and institutions.

A vigorous campaign is currently being waged by the Lakota People’s Law Project to secure the return of over 2,200 Lakota, Dakota and Nakota children illegally taken from their homes by DSS.

Among the results of the LPLP efforts was the recent Great Plains Indian Child Welfare Act Summit held May 15-17 in Rapid City, South Dakota. The summit was held in an atmosphere that has been characterized by the Oglala Sioux Tribe as a “child welfare emergency.”

The summit also had as a backdrop a federal class action lawsuit that was filed on March 21 by the Oglala and Rosebud Sioux Tribes and tribal members, challenging the continued removal of Native children in Pennington County, South Dakota, from their homes.

South Dakota DDS has asserted that it had authority to remove children by tribal court order or tribal council agreement. The states have no authority over such youngsters; the tribes have exclusive jurisdiction over Indian children residing on reservations.

However, investigations by LPLP found that South Dakota’s assertions are blatantly false.

Typically, DDS would receive a false report of child neglect on a given reservation and without any legal authority would snatch the child in question without any notification to the child’s relatives. In one such instance DSS abducted a young boy when he left his relatives to use the restroom while family members were attending a high school graduation ceremony. It was weeks before his family found where he had been taken.

Aside from the genocidal racism involved there is a financial motive on the part of the state. South Dakota receives $79,000 from the federal government per year per child for every Native youngster it removes, but provides only $9,000 to a white foster home. The remaining $70,000 is deposited in state coffers.

The president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and other Natives feel that the ICWA lawsuit is for greater fairness for all families, regardless of race, including whites. But, it must be remembered that white youngsters are not being sent to non-white homes; for whites, genocide is obviously not an issue. The humanity of Indian people, particularly in the face of the racism they have endured is truly poignant and moving. This becomes a movement not just for Indian people, but for all, led by long-suffering, grieving Native families.

Social Service Workers Speak Out: Poverty is not Neglect

In the video above, former social workers in South Dakota speak out about the abuses against Native Americans in South Dakota. One man reports that when he left Social Services and started to speak out, they came and took his own kids away from him.

About the Author: Albert Bender is a Cherokee Indian. He is a freelance reporter and political columnist for News From Indian Country, and other Native and non-Native publications. He is also a historian and attorney specializing in Native American law. Currently, he is writing a history of the Maya Indian role in the Guatemelan civil war of the late 20th century.


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Like Bob Marley, We Must Create our Own New Songs of Freedom*

Like Bob Marley, We Must Create our Own New Songs of Freedom*

By Carolyn Cooper

Bob Marley is one of the finest poets Jamaica has produced. His skilful use of language – both English and Jamaican – compellingly affirms his highly charged literary sensibility. Biblical allusion, proverb, riddle and Rastafari symbolism are all potent elements of his creative writing. His words require the careful critical attention we usually give to poets who don’t know how to sing.

In “One Drop”, Bob Marley vividly defines reggae as a “drumbeat … playing a rhythm/resisting against the system.” And the central concern of his songs is, most certainly, beating down the oppressive social system. Babylon, the whore, the fallen woman of St John’s Revelation, must be chanted down in fiery poetry.

The Rastaman’s chant against Babylon echoes the fall of biblical Jericho. The power of the spoken word is brilliantly manifested in the distinctive language of Rastafari. With upful lyrics, Rastafari condemn downpressors of all stripes. And they teach a revolutionary philosophy that puts truths and rights at the very centre of the new curriculum.

In “Crazy Baldhead”, from the Rastaman Vibration album, the theme of revolution resounds. The social institutions of Babylon are seen as dysfunctional – the educational, religious and penal systems. “Brain-wash education” must be rejected and the con-man/crazy baldhead sent running out of town:

Build your penitentiary

We build your schools

Brain-wash education to make us the


Hateraged you reward for our love

Telling us of your God above.

We gonna chase those crazy

Chase those crazy bunkheads

Chase those crazy baldheads

Out of town.

Here comes the con-man

Coming with his con-plan

We won’t take no bribe

We got to stay alive.


Marley’s lyrical “Redemption Song”, from the Uprising album, is a classic example of the songwriter’s literary skill. The opening lines telescope time, compressing a whole history of exploitation and suffering into minutes:

Old pirates, yes

They rob I

Sold I to the merchant ships

Minutes after they took I

From the bottomless pit

Marley’s use of the word ‘pirates’ confirms the fact that many heroes of the British Empire were nothing but common criminals. Sir John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake were key actors in the slave trade, earning great wealth from the business of human torture. But Marley also reminds us that Africans were implicated in the mercenary enterprise of transatlantic slavery.

The ambiguous placement of Marley’s neutral ‘they’ inextricably links both the robbers and sellers. There is no real difference between the ‘they’ who rob and the ‘they’ who sell. True, if there were no buyers, there would be no sellers. But the instinct to exploit seems to be our common inhumanity.

In “Redemption Song”, Marley also acknowledges the divine hand that enabled victims of enslavement to rise from the bottomless pit of horror that was the Middle Passage:

But my hand was made strong

By the hand of the Almighty

We forward in this generation


This triumph requires of us a song, as the Melodians so plaintively chanted in Rivers of Babylon. Putting to music Psalm137, verse 1, they, like Bob Marley, knew that song is therapy:

Won’t you help to sing

These songs of freedom?

Cause all I ever have

Redemption songs.

Head-Decay-Shun (colonial schooling)

Bob Marley appears to be contrasting songs of freedom with redemption songs. There’s a popular hymnal, Redemption Songs, that was first published in London in 1929 or thereabouts. It has become part of the religious culture of Jamaica, regularly showing up at wakes. The title page describes the book in this way: “A choice collection of 1,000 hymns and choruses for evangelistic meetings, solo, singers, choirs and the home.”

Redemption Songs seems to have come to Jamaica with evangelicals from the United States. It was my friend, Erna Brodber, a historical sociologist and novelist, who persuaded me that Marley is actually rejecting “redemption songs”. They are part of the Euro-American religious legacy. And that’s all he was once forced to have.

But there’s another meaning of redemption that I think we should also take into account. Redemption is the act of buying oneself out of slavery. The religious and commercial meanings of ‘redemption’ converge in Marley’s song. Redemption songs are also songs of freedom. There is divine grace – the hand of the Almighty. But there is also the practical justice of freeing one’s self from both physical and mental slavery.

Marley’s Redemption Song is both a rejection of evangelical Christian orthodoxy and an affirmation of a new redemptive vision. So, Marley pays tribute to Marcus Garvey, who prophetically declared, “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind.”

But Garvey does not stop there. He gives a profound warning:

“Mind is your only ruler, sovereign. The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind.

Garvey is advocating a new kind of education. Not ‘head-decay-shun’, as Rastafari mockingly describe colonial schooling. If that’s all we ever have, we will continue to be enslaved by old notions of redemption. Like Bob Marley, we must create our own new songs of freedom.


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Russia: Call to Boycott the Corrupting Influence of Valentine’s Day*

Russia: Call to Boycott the Corrupting Influence of Valentine’s Day*

The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia is asking businesses to stop using St. Valentine’s Day for marketing purposes, opting instead for the Orthodox holiday of St. Peter and Fevronia, which falls on July 8.

Occupy Your Heart by Ian MacKenzieMP Aleksey Didenko has addressed the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs with a letter asking them to abstain from referring to Valentine’s Day in their advertising campaigns as this leads to “excessive popularization” of the occasion that, in his opinion, is alien to the Russian people.

Didenko noted in his message that celebrating Valentine’s Day “was nothing but bowing before the Western mass culture that impoverishes Russia’s millennium-long history.” He added that the fact that Valentine’s was becoming popular among Russian youth was especially worrying.

The lawmaker suggested that businesses pay more attention to the Day of St. Peter and Fevronia, which has been celebrated by the Russian Orthodox Church for centuries on July 8. The date became an official state holiday – though not a day off work – in 2008 as the ‘Day of Family, Love and Fidelity’.

In an interview with mass circulation daily Izvestia, Didenko called Valentine’s Day “an artificial holiday” and added that typical Valentine-ish behavior was strongly against the Russian traditions as it allegedly allowed romance with many partners.

“It is absolutely wrong to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with three different women. But this is the holiday’s tradition – everyone meet, confess their love to unlimited number of people and then just part. This is absolutely unacceptable in our culture, especially considering the fact that we have our own holiday,” he said.

Another argument presented by Didenko was Valentine’s tendency to deal a blow to everyday people’s finances, which are usually in a rather desperate state after lengthy New Year celebrations.

Attacking Valentine’s Day for its Western roots and commercial background has already become a staple in Russian politics and the MP acknowledged this fact in the interview.

“Attempts to shield our youth from the corrupting influence of this holiday have been made before and failed. However, we will continue asking businessmen and the heads of educational establishments not to ignore this problem and we will prepare legislative initiatives that will make our culture healthier,” he said. “Import replacement must start from ideology and culture.”

In contrast, MP Evgeny Sidyakin of the parliamentary majority United Russia party addressed the Justice Minister Aleksandr Konovalov with the suggestion to celebrate St. Valentine’s with a ‘Night in a Registry Office’ event, similar to the popular ‘Night of Museums’. Sidyakin holds that lovers must be given an opportunity to register their marriage right after making confessions to their loved ones, and state registry offices must work right through until the morning of February 15.

However, the MP noted that if his initiative was accepted it could also be introduced for St. Peter and Fevronia Day.


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Ukrainian Town Resists 4th Conscription Attempt*

Ukrainian Town Resists 4th Conscription Attempt*

From Alexandra Bruce

Apparently, this rally and several like it were organized by the Kiev military to convince locals to submit to mobilization, and the whole thing blew up in their face.

The fourth wave of forced conscription in Ukraine is going very poorly. The most extreme case, as of February 9 was in a small town by Odessa, where hundreds of enraged locals surrounded the soldiers, took away their rifles, and burned the conscription papers.
The United States has been providing the Kiev regime with military training, and there are already American boots on the ground, ostensibly to “strengthen the rule of Law.”

The US has been bolstering a government that has declared war on its own people, and is rapidly closing off all legal means of dissent – charging political opponents with “treason,”
banning political parties, and unleashing ultra-nationalist mobs on anyone who dares dissent. (How do ya like them Tax Dollars?)

Significantly, no representatives of the US government were present during the 17-hour ceasefire talks recently held between the current Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande, who agreed to a ceasefire starting in three days, February 15, 2015.

These talks would not have happened, were it not for the courage and will of the Ukrainian people, themselves, as seen in the video below.

This extemporaneous dressing-down, of the Kiev Military Recruiter, by a local East Ukrainian
woman, in front of her townspeople is absolutely priceless!

Here’s a tasty morsel:

WOMAN:  “You say there are enemies there? You go fight them, we have no enemies there!
They’re our people there, best friends and family! Why do you conscript people? We’re tired of listening to the poison on TV! How much longer must we endure the propaganda lies?

Do you think we’re all idiots, here?! Do you think people are sheep, that you can lie to us and scare us and we’ll do what we’re told? No! We’re tired of it! We will also defend ourselves!

CROWD: Well said!

WOMAN: Quit ruining our families, our human lives! Enough, already! Look at Donetsk and
what’s going on, there. The poor people are hiding in cellars, hungry – and Russia sends them humanitarian aid! Did Kiev send them any food?! Did it send them anything, at all?!They’re sitting there, without electricity, heating or food. Why are they suffering? What for?! They’ve lived their whole lives there.

They built the place! Have you built anything, at all there, during the 23 years of “independence”?! You only know how to destroy! Show us something you’ve built!

Published on Feb 6, 2015

“State security hunting anti-war protesters in Zaporozhie, Ukraine”

Ruslana, pop singer who received US State Dept award for participating in Maidan revolution, sees Donbass firsthand and speaks against the war:

Woman baker turned company commander, granny who buried her grandpa in the yard, Givi explains how he joined the militia

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