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Hackers Target Mobiles – Phone Virus’ on the Rise*

Hackers Target Mobiles – Phone Virus’ on the Rise*

A new report published by Paris-based security firm Alcatel-Lucent suggests that spammers and hackers are increasingly targeting mobile. According to Alcatel-Lucent, about 16 million mobile devices were infected in 2014 worldwide—nearly 1% of all total mobile devices in circulation. This is a 25% increase over 2013 totals, which themselves were a 20% increase over 2012 numbers.

The major concern with malware, of course, is that it can intercept credit card or social security numbers and steal your identity. But the report notes another insidious type of malware that’s also increasing: Spyware.

“It tracks the phone’s location, monitors ingoing and outgoing calls, text messages, e-mail and tracks web browsing,” the study notes.

Something to keep in mind for porn fans. Porn is a big source of malware, and 60 percent of all porn is viewed on phones. 


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The Paedophile Father of Alisa and Gabriel*

The Paedophile Father of Alisa and Gabriel*

This story has been going around the Internet in a manner that reduces the credibility of the children. It highlights what we have reduced our children to in this, the 21st century. Not unfortunately, it is mostly men who do the reporting of paedophilia, while ‘feminists’ only speak, and protest for their perceived rights. For those that trivialize paedophilia, this and all the untold sufferings must be heard until we redeem our humanity…

By Joe Quinn

Alisa and Gabriel are brother and sister. Alisa is 9 and Gabriel 8. They are the children of an English father and Russian mother and have lived in the Hampstead area of London for most of their lives. Hampstead is an upmarket area of London that has more millionaires within its boundaries than any other area of the United Kingdom. The children’s mother was formerly married to a Mr. Draper whom she met and married in Russia and with whom she has one son (James). Alisa and Gabriel’s father is Richard Dearman. He and the former Ms. Draper are now separated.

According to Ms. Draper, Mr. Dearman was sexually deviant, abusive and behaved violently towards her and their children during their relationship. Mr. Dearman was eventually asked to leave the family home in 2007. Over the next few years however he continued to stalk the children, showing up at their school or at the store and, on several occasions, breaking into Ms. Draper’s home. Between 2006 and 2010 the police were called out 5 times and 3 reports filed over Mr. Dearman’s abuse. Ms. Draper has testified:

The Past of an Abuser as Father

Mr Dearman has never provided financially for the children, except £10 per child per month taken off his benefits during the last 3-4 years. He hardly ever spent any quality time with them at home. He would never read a book or play games with them. The only game he seemed to play was the “tickling game”. I wasn’t happy about this since it always led to some kind of abuse. For example, Mr Dearman wouldn’t stop tickling children even though they would scream for him to stop. Besides, he would normally start this odd game late in the evening when the children would already have taken a bath and be ready for bed. This would send them hyper and those situations would almost always end up in arguments since I wanted to protect the children.

Furthermore, all of a sudden James started to dislike Mr Dearman. Mr Dearman responded with humiliating remarks and attempted to discipline James in strange ways. For example, he would lock him up, while I was at work or shopping, and he would give him a bucket to pee and poo. This would almost always also result in arguments.

He also harassed me sexually, pressuring me to have anal sex with him. He then bought a gigantic artificial penis suggesting for me to use. On many occasions he attempted to get me to watch online pornography.

I objected to his perverted sexual attempts, threw the sex toy in the bin and asked Mr Dearman to pick his stuff he had in my house and not to come there again. (2007) However, he came to school to “surprise” the children and often stalked us, showing up from nowhere: in the park, or on the way to school and in shops.

I warned him on many occasions to stop doing this. But he requested to see the children. Many times he came and knocked on my door without prior notice and several times he broke in through the garden door. On one of such occasions he was violent and humiliated my mother by screaming and hitting her. He ran away before I dialled the police.

Since stalking continued, I applied for an Emergency Court Order, and a Non-Molestation Order was granted for a month initially and then extended for 8 months while proceedings for contact were going on.

I sent Alisa to Russia to stay with my parents. Unfortunately her passport ran out and she ended up staying slightly longer than anticipated.

A week after my application, his solicitors applied for a Prohibited Steps Order since he claimed that I was trying to take the children out of the country. This was dismissed and there is currently no such Order in place.

Mr Dearman also made an application for contact. This was eventually granted in spite of my concerns for the children’s safety. He started to see them regularly: every Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

However, contacts were not going well at all. Mr Dearman was consistently returning the children late. He rejected my advice regarding their diet and was returning packed lunches of home prepared food.

Alisa and Gabriel were frequently getting sick during contact. Many times they vomited while in his care or after they came back home. Sometimes they developed headaches and stomach aches. I blamed this on food that Mr Dearman was feeding them with.

My solicitors and I have sent numerous reminders, requesting not to feed the children with processed, sugary snacks. On one occasion Alisa developed high fever and hardly moved. I contacted the emergency doctor’s line and almost took her to the emergency room.

Not only were the children returning sick or becoming sick shortly after, each time they were coming back in a terrible emotional and psychological state. A lot of Mondays or first part of the school week were missed as a result and affected the children’s education.

During the summer of 2014, Ms. Draper’s new partner, Mr. Christie, caught the children sexually touching not only themselves but a pet dog. This discovery led to a series of exchanges between Mr. Christie and the two children that he video-taped, where the children gave a shocking and very detailed description of horrific sexual abuse and child sacrifice at the hands of their father and, according to the children, many members of staff at the Christchurch Primary School in Hampstead that they attended. The children also implicated other parents, attorneys, doctors, the school nurse and employees of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), an English governmental body set up to safeguard and promote the welfare of children involved in family court proceedings.

In the tapes, Gabriel and Alisa display a highly abnormal awareness of adult sexual activity and give detailed descriptions of alleged distinguishing marks on the genitals of their alleged abusers. In one segment Alisa describes how her father, Richard Dearman, held his hand on hers and “because we’re not so strong, because the spine is there, my father, RD, holds our hand and cuts off the baby’s head, and if his hand is on it he wipes off his fingerprints“.

The full series of videos can be viewed here.

In early September 2014, Ms. Draper informed Barnet police of the testimony of the children and provided them with the video-taped evidence. A police inquiry began and the children were interviewed. A police medical examination was ordered that confirmed that the children had been sexually abused, with serious injuries to the inside of rectum area noted. A hair sample analysis was also conducted to determine if the children had ingested any drugs, although Ms. Draper claims the results of the test were never revealed to her. On September 11th Gabriel and Alisa were taken into protective custody and six days later Ms. Draper was informed that both children had retracted their allegations against their abusers. Barnet police then closed the case on the basis of this retraction and that other allegations made by the children (including claims of secret abuse rooms in both the school and a local McDonald’s restaurant) were false.

It appears that the police inquiry concluded that the allegations were fabricated and that the children had probably been coached by Mr. Christie (the man heard in the videos). A witness statement by retired police constable K. Wilson, who apparently had access to parts of the police report, is generally critical of the overall investigation:

To state categorically that the children had been coached (which is written on the Crime Report) which I understand is the assertion from Social Services, is simply not feasible.

Some investigation has been conducted into proving or disproving, however most appear to be slanted towards merely disproving the offences occurred […]

This investigation does not look at the fact that the children are giving accounts of abuse and how they came to use such language other than to suggest Mr Christie coached the children.

Other named suspects who are professionals were not formally interviewed.

Investigators should not make assumptions that due to the unlikely or seemingly ridiculous nature of the allegation that it is untrue. If an account appears to be untrue corroboration should be sought for this also.

I do not feel it was suitable to close this investigation at this point without further enquiries and corroboration being sought.

The two children are now in the custody of child welfare. Their mother is allowed to see them once every two weeks while their father is allowed to see them once a week. Between September and December 2014, three family court hearings were held with both of the children’s parents arguing their case. A 12-day fact-finding hearing is scheduled to start on February 16th at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The hearing will be held in secret.

In Context

While much of what the two children claim in the videos appears to be the figment of their imagination – that 100 parents attend the sexual abuse sessions and that sessions take place in McDonalds and Starbucks for example – according to the police report they have been sexually abused, and that abuse has taken place in a country (the UK) where there is long-standing culture of sexual abuse of children, including by people in positions of power and influence.

A 1990 National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children document, which was the subject of London Times newspaper story by Libby Jukes and Richard Duce, titled “NSPCC says ritual child abuse is rife” found that, of 66 child protection teams in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 14 teams had received reports of ritual abuse from children and seven of them were working directly with children who had been ritually abused, sometimes in groups of 20.

Peter McKelvie, a former UK local authority child protection chief, recently blew the whistle on what he said is a VIP paedophile ring that has been abusing children for 65 years and included at least 20 high-profile members of the British Establishment, including people linked to the Royal family. McKelvie told the BBC:

For the last 30 years – and longer than that – there have been a number of allegations made by survivors that people at the top of very powerful institutions in this country, which include politicians, judges, senior military figures and even people that have links with the Royal Family, have been involved in the abuse of children.

Then there was the notorious Elm guest house in SW London where the rich and influential came to abuse and murder young boys in the 1970s and 80s. One confirmed visitor through the front door was Cyril Smith, a jovial 406-pound Liberal MP. Private Eye investigative magazine has suggested that Special Branch, the UK’s national security police, halted police inquiries into Smith in the 1970s to prevent the collapse of the Liberal-Labour coalition government. Following his death last month, former British Home Secretary Leon Brittan has been accused by Labour MP Tom Watson of “multiple child rape” at the guest house. Watson claims to have spoken to two people abused by Brittan. In October 2012, Watson told the House of Commons that police should “investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10.”

Two journalists – the former news editor of the Surrey Comet and the former editor of the Bury Messenger – both stated in November 2014 that during the 1980s they had been served with D-notices, or warnings from the government not to publish material that might damage national security, in response to their investigations into paedophile politicians at the guest house.

A victim of the same Westminster paedophile ring recently came forward with his account of child abuse at the hands of the elite:

A victim of the alleged Westminster paedophile ring that operated nearly three decades ago has claimed he saw a Conservative MP strangle a young boy to death at an “abuse party”.

The victim, who has been named “Nick,” has detailed the murder of the 12-year-old boy to police, The Sunday People and Exaro investigations agency, and alleged that two other boys were also killed by the abusers.

He claims he was first abused at a Christmas Party at the age of 11, where he and the other children were ordered not to speak to each other.

He said: “We were asked if we wanted a drink. It was always whisky. Both MPs were brutal. I was raped over a bath-tub while my head was beneath the water.”

Nick claims that the first death of one of the victims of sexual abuse was of a boy aged 10 or 11, who was killed after he was deliberately run down by a car being driven by one of the perpetrators. Nick has described how he took the death to be a warning to him not to talk to anyone about the abuse he experienced.

Nick said he was handed to the paedophile ring of MPs and other prominent figures by his abusive father, and that he and other boys often picked up by “luxury cars with a chauffeur” and taken to “abuse parties” at different locations, including an apartment complex near Parliament.

Gabriel and Alisa’s father, Ricky Dearman, is accused of sexual and physical abuse of both her and her children. If true, the above statement by “Nick” that it was his father that handed him over to the Westminster paedophile network may provide a clue to the reality behind the apparently outlandish stories of Gabriel and Alisa. One would imagine that paedophile politicians would, at this stage, take great care to ensure that their depraved predilections remained secret. This might involve deliberate attempts to manipulate and confuse the horribly traumatized children and “coach” them on a cover story that no one would believe because core aspects of the story could be easily disproved.

While the abusers go to great lengths to hide their depravity, it is also the extent of the depravity of the abuse that serves as protection against the abusers ever being exposed. That, and the fact that many of the abusers appear to be government and other authority officials. Who would ever believe that a supposed normal human being, much less an authority figure, would take pleasure from brutally raping a small boy and then strangling him to death? Even as we write that, we feel the mind attempting to consign it to the realm of make-believe or conspiracy theory. Yet there seems little doubt that British ‘public servants’ did (and very likely still do) engage in such depraved inhuman acts.

While horrific, the abuse by British politicians of the most vulnerable in British society mirrors British political policy towards vulnerable people around the world. Just as British children are ‘consumed’ by Westminster politicians, the energy and lives of the most vulnerable people around the world are consumed by the same people through British government advocacy of and engagement in military attacks on the largely defenceless peoples of foreign nations.

Yemeni boy killed in drone strike told reporters only months before he was terrified of ‘death machines’ in sky

Mohammed Tuaiman: also murdered by Western paedophile politicians

There are countless stories like the story of Alisa and Gabriel. Most remain unknown to the general public, and many (perhaps most) have resulted in a serious miscarriage of justice. While no one can be blamed for not putting much stock in the court of public opinion, these days, even less faith should be placed in the courts of the established authorities that have shown themselves time and again to be controlled by the wicked and corrupt political elite. As such, there’s seems little reason not to reveal the details of the story of Alisa and Gabriel despite the fact that they are the subject of ongoing litigation.

Regardless of the results of the hearing on Feb. 16th, they are, and will remain the victims. Like so many other children around the world.

A Yemini boy killed in drone strikes had spoken to a British newspaper just months before his death about his fear of the “death machines” in the sky. Mohammed Tuaiman, 13, described to the Guardian how he, his friends and their neighbours in al-Zur village in Marib province were all terrified of the drones in the airspace above.

“A lot of the kids in this area wake up from sleeping because of nightmares from them and some now have mental problems,” he told the newspaper.


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Humanitarians to Provide #SolarGaza*

Humanitarians to Provide #SolarGaza*

By Alexandra Halaby

© Solar Gaza Lights Project

© Solar Gaza Lights Project

Gaza is in desperate need of power. One organization hopes to bring clean, renewable energy to Gaza with the installation of solar panels.

Over the past few months an international team of humanitarians have been organizing a project which would bring solar power to Gaza. Gaza engineer, Naji Abu Shaaban, along with his group of engineers in Gaza have been working around the clock to make this solar project a reality.

Outside of Gaza are a number of supporters of this project which include internationally recognized artist, Martha Tjoe Nij, who has supported the project from her home in Suriname. A Turkish webmaster, Hatice, volunteered her time to create a website for the Solar Gaza project, which has evolved from #SolarGaza when it was started on Twitter as an idea, to its new official title Solar Gaza Lights.

Founder of Solar Gaza Lights Naji Abu Shaaban

The goals of the project are aimed specifically at solar power restoration of electricity for the most needy in Gaza. The organization has teamed up with the Jerusalem Development Fund’s office in Gaza to help with alleviating electricity shortages by donating solar power units. The project also intends on creating employment opportunities for project engineers in Gaza. Utilizing local talent is part of the strategy the group decided on from the beginning.

The group is looking to create partnerships with individuals, groups, and organizations who can assist with getting solar units installed, helping get the units imported into Gaza, assisting with funding of these projects, and publicizing the organization around the world.

Following Israel’s devastating attack on Gaza in the summer of 2014, a health crisis was created when hospitals lost electricity, while the Israeli blockade continues to create a shortage of medical supplies and medicines. In addition to those issues, shortages of electricity are causing immense problems not just in hospitals, but in the lives of the people of Gaza. Some areas of Gaza are experiencing power cuts stretching up to 48 hours at a time. Abu Shaaban says that living under these conditions, “is unacceptable and a crime against humanity.”


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Spanish Judge Makes Bank President and Former IMF Chief Pay for Financial Crimes*

Spanish Judge Makes Bank President and Former IMF Chief Pay for Financial Crimes*

By Don Quijones

Bankers never go to jail. This is one of the unwritten new laws to which most of us have grown wearily accustomed in this new post-crisis reality. Also begrudgingly taken for granted is the fact that a banker’s fortune will never be seized or confiscated by the authorities; in today’s new Gilded Age a banker’s gains, whether ill-gotten or not, are his or hers until death do them part.

Easy  MoneyHowever, nobody seems to have told any of this to Fernando Andreu, the Spanish judge investigating Bankia’s allegedly fraudulent and for investors disastrous 2011 IPO. On Friday 13th, he ordered Bankia, its parent company BFA, the bank’s former chairman, Rodrigo Rato, its former deputy chairman, José Manuel Olivas, and former Bankia board members Francisco Verdú and José Manuel Fernández to pay an €800 million civil liability bond for signing off on the bank’s 2010 financial statements – financial statements that were included in the IPO brochure and “whose veracity is questioned with solid and well-founded evidence”.

Referring to a report prepared by Bank of Spain inspectors seconded to the court for the investigation, Judge Andreu said:

From the current experts’ report, it can be seen quite clearly that the financial statements contained in the Bankia IPO pamphlet did not represent a true image of the company.

Breaking with Convention

Two months ago, I wrote that Bankia’s saga of lies, deception, and fraud should (but probably won’t) culminate in the imprisonment of Rodrigo Rato, crippling fines for the auditors (Deloitte), and fireworks at financial regulators [Spanish Judge Exposes Too-Big-to-Fail Bank Robbery].

But now this judge in Spain has decided that Rato and three other senior bankers should be held partly responsible – at least financially – for the economic and social destruction they have caused. By far the most important of these far-from-usual suspects is Rodrigo Rato, a man who, as I laid out in Portrait of a Kleptocrat, holds more responsibility for Spain’s current financial travails than just about anyone else on this debt-ridden planet. This is what it boiled down to:

    1. As Spain’s former vice-president and economy minister in the late ‘90s, Rato helped set in motion, through the creation of a very speculator-friendly land law, an unprecedented real estate bubble whose implosion just over a decade later sent the Spanish economy tailspinning into one of the most spectacular debt spirals of living memory.
    2. During the pre-crisis years of the mid 2000s, Rato was the president of the world’s most powerful international financial institution, the IMF. Under his tenure, the Fund of Funds hardly covered itself in glory, even by its usual standards. It did absolutely nothing to preempt or soften the blow of the global financial crisis. Even when, in 2005, its chief economist, Raghuram Rajan, began warning about the existential threat posed by complex derivative products flooding the system, he was sidelined by Rato’s management team and his warnings drowned out by a banner message of continued optimism.
    3. In his role as CEO of Bankia, Rato was responsible for shepherding Spain’s fourth biggest bank off a very steep cliff in world-record time, while giving his consent to policies that ended up swindling hundreds of thousands of retail investors and depositors out of their life savings. Indeed, so spectacular was Rato’s failure as Bankia’s CEO that it earned him fifth place in BusinessWeek’s 2012 ranking of the world’s worst executives. (Personally speaking, I think he deserved better).

By pinning part of the blame for Bankia’s criminally fraudulent practices on senior managers like Rato, Judge Andrea has broken with a convention that has gone virtually unchallenged in every country of Europe (except Iceland) and North America since the collapse of Lehman Brothers. That convention holds that only banking institutions (in other words, their shareholders) – and not the individuals who work for them – can be held financially liable for the illegal practices they engage in.

A Dangerous Precedent

The Spanish judge is also setting a very dangerous precedent: namely, that human agents in the financial sector can – indeed, should – be held accountable, whether judicially or financially, for the decisions and actions they take, even when the institutions they work for are “systemically important” (i.e. too big to fail). This issue is of particular import with regard to TBTF institutions such as Bankia, RBS in the UK, and Dexia in France and Belgium, all of which are part or fully owned by the public yet continue to routinely abuse public trust and flout the law.

Naturally, Andreu’s ruling has gone down like a lead balloon in Madrid’s establishment circles. Within hours, both Bankia and the Rajoy government had launched an appeal against the judgment. If the appeals are dismissed – and there’s actually a good chance they will be – the defendants will have just one month (from last Friday) to claw together the €800 million in compensatory funds. If they fail to do so, the authorities will embargo assets belonging to them with equivalent market value.

The problem is that none of the defendants have that sort of cash lying around. Last year Bankia declared meagre profits of just €500 million – and only thanks to the sort of accounting gimmickry and trickery that would make even Enron’s former CFO blush. And while Rato and his former colleagues might have a few million stashed away here and there – perhaps even in the vault of HSBC’s Geneva branch – it will barely put a dent in the €800 million owed.

In other words, the defendants need to find a sugar daddy. And sharpish. One potential candidate is Spain’s biggest insurer, Mapfre. By far the worst hit of Bankia’s institutional investors, having already lost some €281 million in the bank’s IPO, Mapfre has also had to cough up €16 million to help disgraced former Caja Madrid boss Miguel Blesa make bail in his latest criminal court case (That’s right: in Spain some senior executives are actually officially insured against going to jail). Given that Mapfre’s management is trying everything it can to claw back some of the money it’s already lost in its deals with Bankia, now may not be the best time to ask for another helping hand.

Another Public Bailout?

Which leaves the most obvious candidate: Spain’s unwitting, albeit cash-strapped, taxpayers: 65% of “publicly listed” Bankia is owned by BFA, a fully publicly-owned institution. In other words, 65% of Bankia already belongs to the public. And it’s not as if the public isn’t already accustomed to saving the bank’s festering culito.

The problem is that people in Spain have already had their fill of paying for bank failures. What’s more, this is a potentially game-changing election year and many voters are determined to punish the two main parties for what is seen as widespread corruption, acute mediocrity, and chronic incompetence. As such, any attempt by the Rajoy government to make taxpayers pay (yet again!) for Bankia’s failings – in what could only be described as a “mini” bailout – just one month before municipal elections would probably be electoral suicide. So would any overt attempt to protect disgraced and widely loathed public figures such as Rato and Blesa from the law.

In the meantime, the clock keeps ticking down and the days keep passing. By the time this article is posted, Rodrigo Rato and his fellow defendants will have just 29 days to find €800 million. For the first time in decades senior members of Spain’s political and financial elite are beginning to sweat, just a little. And Spring hasn’t even begun.


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Hackers Steal $1bn from Banks*

Hackers Steal $1bn from Banks*

The targets make one wonder who the hackers really are…

By Sarah Green

A hacking ring has stolen up to $1bn (€876m) from banks around the world in one of the biggest banking breaches known, according to a cybersecurity firm.

The hackers have been active since at least the end of 2013 and infiltrated over 100 banks in 30 countries, according to Russian security company Kaspersky Lab.

After gaining access to banks’ computers through phishing schemes and other methods, they lurk for months to learn the banks’ systems, taking screen shots and video of employees using computers, the firm says.

Once the hackers become familiar with operations, they use that knowledge to steal money without raising suspicions, programming ATMs to dispense money at specific times or setting up fake accounts and transferring money into them .

The firm’s report is due to be presented today at a security conference in Cancun, Mexico. It was first reported by The New York Times.

The hackers seem to limit the theft to about $10m before moving on, part of the reason why the fraud was not detected earlier, Kaspersky principal security researcher Vicente Diaz said.

Most of the targets have been in Russia, the US, Germany, China, and Ukraine


Among various means of getting into banks’ systems, perpetrators used fake emails from genuine financial institutions, including the Central Bank, with Microsoft Word attachments.

If a victim who received the letter, a bank employee, had old software, then the system’s vulnerability allowed for the malware to infect the computer,” Lozhkin said.

After that, a number of sophisticated means would let the hackers first learn how that particular employee was working with the bank’s internal programs, than move from one computer to another and eventually gain full access to the bank’s entire system.

They were then remotely making the banks transfer money to ATMs, so that certain people could then come up to those ATMs and pick the money. Someone was waiting by an ATM for the money to be spitted out [sic],” Lozhkin said.

Something went wrong with the scheme in Ukraine. No one would come for the cash that was suddenly coming out of an ATM. That was exactly when Kaspersky Lab was invited to look into the matter. That little clue eventually gave away the whole of the attack, which was first reported by the New York Times.

The names of the banks affected have not been disclosed. Lozhkin believes they are largely to blame for what happened.

When it comes to cyber-infrastructure, then even the largest banks are not always careful enough to merely update the software their employees use,” he said. “Sometimes they just forget about it or don’t think [its] important and so the malware can use the system’s vulnerability to penetrate it. That’s the way we see it.

Kaspersky Lab is continuing its investigation of the attack.


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Civil Society Groups – Who Runs Them*

Civil Society Groups – Who Runs Them*

By Tony Cartalucci

Shwe Gas Movement

Corporate-fascist feel-good scam seeks to crush competition & establish global monopoly with army of NGOs.

Called “Revenue Watch” it claims to be “a non-profit policy institute and grant making organization that promotes the effective, transparent and accountable management of oil, gas and mineral resources for the public good. Through capacity building, technical assistance, research and advocacy, we help countries realize the development benefits of their natural resource wealth.”

In reality, it is a Wall Street-London centric front of monolithic proportions that ensures foreign competitors, including nationalized companies, are prevented from exploiting in many cases their own national resources, so that they may be reserved instead for the West’s corporate giants to plunder them. In many cases, this includes funding and organizing opposition groups to take to the streets and physically stop ongoing projects under humanitarian and environmental pretences.

Video: Thomas Barnett building an army of “system administrators” (aka civil society) to expand into “peace spaces” while US global military conquers “battle spaces.” Soros’ Revenue Watch along with the National Endowment for Democracy have created just such an army of NGOs. And just as soldiers witlessly promote imperialism believing they are fighting for “freedom,” these NGOs expand Wall Street and London’s global hegemony, believing they are promoting “human rights.” 

A look at Revenue Watch’s “partners” page reveals what at only a superficial glance appears to be well-intentioned, noble civil endeavors. However, upon closer examination, a different story is told.

Who’s Partnered With Soros’ Revenue Watch? 

What the “partners” page represents is an interconnected, incestuous network leading each time back to George Soros’ Open Society Network, the OCED, USAID, British DIFD, Australia Aid, and the UN Development Program, all of which are directly partnered with the largest banking, big oil, defense contractors, and consumer multinationals on earth.

The very first “partner” on Revenue Watch’s list, Democratic Republic of Congo’s Action Contre l’Impunité pour les Droits Humains (ACIDH), is entirely funded by George Soros’ Open Society, OCED Watch, and the European Commission. Other organizations listed, such as “RAID” and Cee Bank Watch Network (itself a Revenue Watch partner), are in turn Soros, Ford Foundation, Sigrid Rausing Trust, Freedom House, Heinrich Boell Foundation, and European Commission-funded fronts.

The African Centre For Media Excellence fails to list who in fact funds them, but they do report that their “Reporting on Oil, Gas and Minerals” training courses are conducted in partnership with Penplusbytes (listed as OSIWA & OSISA respectively and a Revenue Watch partner itself) and Thomson Reuters Foundation (page 42) both of which are Soros-funded, while the latter is also funded by US State Department-funded BBC World Service. One can only wonder why corporate-financier interests would be involved in “training” locals on how to report about their own natural resources, to prevent exploitation, or help facilitate it?

Other partners include the Canadian and Australian government-funded Parliamentary Centre and the Soros-funded “Publish What You Pay,” which polices governments of resource-rich nations on how much money they receive from multinational corporations and how they spend it.

Middle East & Asia: The British DFID, UNDP, Soros-funded TIRI, and World Bank-funded, Integrity Watch Afghanistan. The resource management-oriented Indonesian-based Institute for Essential Services Reform, created by USAID, the Asian Development Bank and Germany’s KfW “development bank.” The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform (IIER) whose board of trustees includes Dr. Kamal Al-Basri formally of General Electric Capital, Barclays, and Lloyds Bank and Mustafa Al-Shawi a professor of Salford University, UK and a consultant for UN and World Bank projects, and who under a category titled “other activities” claims to be “doing business with World Bank.”

The IIER also claims to have “good working relationships with several international ogranizations and NGOs including CIPE, IRI, USIP, and CATO Institute.” Of course CIPE is funded by the US State Department, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which also funds the IRI (International Republican Institute), and USAID. The USIP (US Institute of Peace) is also a creation of the US government. In other words – the IIER is seeking “economic reform” according to Wall Street and London’s interests.

Africa: The African Conservation Foundation funded by British Airways, defense contractor Esri, Microsoft, and the “Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO). The Soros, Ford Foundation, DFID, Australian Aid, USAID, World Bank, Tides, European Commission-funded Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development. The Ford Foundation, EU, US & British government-funded ” Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association.”

The Improprieties.

While it is clear that despite the myriad of organizations listed within Revenue Watch’s “partner” list, with pages of smiling brown children, giraffes, green meadows, and windmills, it all leads back to a handful of government and corporate-funded foundations, and this alone should warrant cautious scrutiny, a tangible impropriety can demonstratively be seen playing out where Soros and the cabal of corporate-financier elite he represents are fighting most desperately.

CIA’s Otpor fist has made its way around the world from Serbia and across the “Arab Spring.” It is now “punching” Chinese-Myanmar cooperative development, in particular the “Shwe Gas Project” with funding and support from NED, George Soros’ Open Society, and the OCED.

ImageCIA’s Otpor fist has made its way around the world from Serbia and across the “Arab Spring.” It is now “punching” Chinese-Myanmar cooperative development, in particular the “Shwe Gas Project” with funding and support from NED, George Soros’ Open Society, and the OCED. 

Amongst the myriad of organizations listed on Revenue Watch’s partnership list, is the Shwe Gas Movement. There are no smiling brown people to be found here, instead the clenched fist of the CIA’s Otpor movement can be seen “punching” Chinese-Myanmar oil rigs and pipelines, as well as mobs waving Wall Street-London creation Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy flags in the streets of London.

We see photo galleries where the “Shwe Gas Movement” seems to be attempting to raise international awareness of the “impact” of a pipeline being built from Myanmar’s southern coast all the way to the north where it continues on into China. Aside from muddy construction sites. trucks transporting pipe segments, and equipment photographed with a temple in the distant background with the caption “religious area disturbed by project equipment” nothing seems to be taking place that is any more or less extraordinary than one would find surrounding any large scale infrastructure project.

Ironically, a visit to the website of notorious extraterritorial meddler and Neo-Con, corporate-financier chaired National Endowment for Democracy, reveals money allotted for just this sort of “activity” in Myanmar, still called by its British colonial nomenclature “Burma” by NED:

“To raise awareness, strengthen local net­works, and mobilize activists in resource extraction-affected areas of western Burma. The organization will train local field researchers in information documen­tation and community mobilization methods and raise awareness internationally and within the affected areas about the mili­tary’s natural resource extraction projects.”

We’ve already seen the US and British governments through an array of foreign-funded NGOs succeed in shutting down, at least temporarily, the Myitsone Dam. The dam, in addition to raising revenue for Myanmar by selling electricity to China, would have provided a percentage of electricity for Myanmar, along with flood control, river navigation, and irrigation for the surrounding region and eventually would end up under full ownership of the Myanmar government after fulfilling a 50 year contract with China who was financing and building it.

Clearly the Shwe Gas Movement is part of yet another army of foreign-funded NGOs working in tandem with similar organizations around the world, primarily in Africa and Southeast Asia, to prevent the development and exploitation of natural resources under the guise of human rights, environmental protection, and any other narrative imaginable that people may be likely to believe.

Could this really be for the sake of human rights and environmental considerations?

Enter the Multinationals. 

Of course, Soros and NED funding projects to shut down the cooperative development of Myanmar with its immediate neighbor to the north, China, alone indicates corporate-financier interests at play. NED’s entire board of directors is represented by certified warmongers, Neo-Conservatives who have signed their name to the Hitlerian “Project for a New American Century,” declaring their intentions to establish a 100 year reign of American global hegemony, and a mixture of corporate lobbyists and consultants.

It is highly unlikely they stopped the Myitsone Dam or are attempting to stop the Shwe gas project to preserve Myanmar’s pristine environment and to savour the smiles on the brown faces their corporations and war machine have been devouring since Marine Corps General Smedley Butler wrote “War is a Racket.” Indeed, at the highest levels funding Revenue Watch’s activities and the myriad of organizations it is partnered with is the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The OECD was born of the various “international institutions” created by the victors of World War II to rebuild the shattered world in the shape of their choosing. It was the precursor of the European Union and it still exists actively funding the destruction and criminal consolidation of sovereign nation-states today. Composed of an Anglo-American axis including the European Union, it is involved in the UN and the various “aid” organizations of respective member countries, USAID, DFID, and Austrian Aid for example.

OCED’s member countries fund its activities, but that doesn’t mean OECD is anymore under the reins of democratically elected representatives than the national policy of each member nation. It has been illustrated in depth that corporate-funded think-tanks are indeed the creators and purveyors of Western policy both domestic and foreign. Likewise, corporate-financier interests drive the OECD, the driver’s seat being its Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC). In their own words they claim:

“BIAC has contributed much over the past fifty years towards the OECD’s work promoting open and competitive markets, level playing fields and sound regulation and governance; fighting against protectionism; and enabling businesses to compete and succeed in an increasingly complex global marketplace.”

Clearly OCED’s association with Revenue Watch is much like a thief with a crowbar – that is to use the organization to pry off the locks of protectionism and national sovereignty. Revenue Watch is creating the “level playing fields” and “fighting against protectionism” in nations that would otherwise develop their indigenous resources without giving OECD’s member nations an opportunity to profit in markets that surely would not be considered “open and competitive” from their globalist points of view. Of course, the wealth of OCED’s member nations was built not only on protectionism, but in many cases centuries of extraterritorial exploitation, military conquest, and sweeping global empires.

OCED through its OCED Watch organization counts the above mentioned Shwe Gas Movement as a member. Open Society is also counted as a US member, along with “International Rivers” who helped participate in the shutting down of the above mentioned Myitsone Dam. UK members include Amnesty International and the above mentioned RAIDS. As a Zimbabwe member, the above mentioned Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association is listed. Another Revenue Watch member, the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s “Action Against Impunity for Human Rights” is listed on the OCED Watch site as a member. And the list goes on.

OCED’s BIAC lists as its member organizations the various chambers of commerce in each member nation. This includes the Australian Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of British Industries, and the United States Council for International Business (USCIB). These collectively are the largest corporate-financier interests on earth and many of the multinational corporations listed also constitute the boards of directors, trustees, and sponsors of the most influential think-tanks on earth.

These are the very think-tanks that engineered the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and have laid plans to topple Syria and enact regime change in Iran. They are also the think-tanks that have articulated an agenda of realigning ASEAN against China to encircle and contain the rising superpower,militarily and economically.

When we see Wall Street’s George Soros in tandem with the UN and OCED funding NGOs trying to stop Chinese-Myanmar pipelines and dams that benefits both nations, it is clearly being done as part of implementing these documented plans to balk China’s rise and prevent the development of nations in the region. It is not that Soros and the OCED want to preserve Myanmar’s resources for the people of Myanmar, it is that they want those resources, the wealth and power they represent for themselves while denying any nation the ability to rise and possibly compete with the Wall Street London international order.

From SSI’s 2006 “String of Pearls” report detailing a strategy of containment for China. The blue arrow represents China’s logistical life-line and the nation’s it passes. It also represents the target of Wall Street and London regime change efforts, destabilization, and meddling NGOs seeking to cut it.

ImageFrom SSI’s 2006 “String of Pearls” report detailing a strategy of containment for China. The blue arrow represents China’s logistical life-line and the nation’s it passes. It also represents the target of Wall Street and London regime change efforts, destabilization, and meddling NGOs seeking to cut it. 

With OCED’s BIAC corporate-sponsors including DuPont, ExxonMobil, GlaxoSmithKline, Nestle, Shell, Unilever and others, behind the same think-tanks that destabilized and carried out an armed proxy NATO invasion of Libya, ousting Chinese and Russian interests and rushing in with Western contracts, it is clear what they intend to do in other regions of the world where they direct their feigned humanitarian concerns. In Libya, we even saw the installation of a Petroleum Institute chairman, Abdurrahim el-Keib, as “prime minster.” In Uganda, British firms under the cover of fake environmentalism had 20,000 people forcibly evicted from their property to “plant trees” and cash in on the carbon trading pyramid scheme.

Indeed, Revenue Watch is nothing more than a feel-good fraud drawing in countless well-intentioned people from around the world, some of them risking their lives for what is essentially the construction of a 21st century corporate-financier ruled global empire. It is an empire where everyone will lose except those at the very top. And despite Soros’ assurances that he is a left-wing liberal and the endless slide shows of smiling Africans playing on his websites, he is indeed amongst one of the most vicious, persistent corporate-fascist facilitators alive.


Ready to Put Down that Pepsi? 

While the scale of Revenue Watch and the Soros-OCED-corporate-fascist nexus driving it seems monolithic and indomitable, tracing back to the source of their power we find individual consumers like you and me. By identifying the corporate-financier interests driving this, listed conveniently by the USCIB on their membership directory and in the annual reports of think-tanks across the Western world, we can then begin boycotting and replacing them with local solutions.

While it may seem like doing something as small as not buying Coke or Pepsi is an act of futility, it is exactly everyone buying one or two products a day from these giant, global spanning multinationals that have granted them this unwarranted influence in the first place. In a world where so much is out of our reach and beyond our control, reading this article, being outraged, and immediately doing something about it is most certainly not.


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