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U.K.-based Israeli-owned Drone Factory Faced Forced Shutdown*

U.K.-based Israeli-owned Drone Factory Faced Forced Shutdown*

By Jonathan Owen

A British defence firm owned by Israeli drone manufacturer Elbit Systems was shut down today after four pro-Palestinian protesters occupied the roof of a factory in Kent, and another chained themselves to the fence outside.

The occupation began at 5am this morning, when a group of protesters managed to scale the fence and get onto the roof of the building in Broadstairs, where they hung banners protesting at the company’s involvement with the Israeli military.

Instro Precision, a British subsidiary of Elbit Systems, specialises in systems for “target acquisition”. Elbit is the sub-contractor on Britain’s fleet of Watchkeeper drones, and has been targeted by campaigners for its role as the main supplier of the weapons to the Israeli military – used to kill Palestinian civilians in Gaza, according to campaigners. Camera systems like those made by Instro Precision are also supplied by Elbit for use in drones flown over Afghanistan, as well as in the wall which stretches across Gaza’s West Bank.

One of the protesters, Emma Parsons, said on behalf of the Stop Elbit Campaign:

“Israel can only carry out its massacres of Palestinian people because companies like Elbit are allowed to operate in the UK and because the UK government allows the arms trade with Israel to continue.”

This comes just months after nine protesters staged a sit-in at another of Elbit’s British subsidiaries, UAV Engines Ltd, in Staffordshire, and closed it down for two days last August. A prosecution against the protesters was dropped last month after the company refused to divulge details of its exports to Israel.

Instro Precision, which describes itself as “a well established and experienced supplier of precision military equipment with proven design expertise and demonstrable track record” did not respond to requests for comment; and Elbit Systems refused to comment on the protest.

Around 30 police spent the day at the demonstration, which involved around 20 people. In a statement, a police spokesperson said:

“Kent Police is currently monitoring a reported protest taking place at the Pysons Road Industrial Estate in Broadstairs. As with all such events, the primary role of Kent Police is to facilitate peaceful protest, which is lawful, whilst also ensuring public safety and minimising any disruption. Resources will be deployed as necessary and appropriate.”

No arrests had been made as of this evening.


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NSA-linked Software that can Hack into any Computer*

NSA-linked Software that can Hack into any Computer*

Attacks linked to the National Security Agency have been going on for up to 15 years, and targeted Islamic scholars and encryption firms as well as governments and high-profile companies

By Andrew Griffin

The US security services have developed software that has enabled it to spy on home computers almost anywhere in the world.

Russian researchers at Kaspersky Lab have claimed that the software gave those behind it, thought to be the US National Security Agency, the power to listen in on the majority of the world’s computers.

It could be installed on practically any of the world’s most common hard drives and spy on the computer while going undetected.

It was used to break in to government and other important institutions in 30 countries across the world, they claim.

Kaspersky Lab, the computer security firm that discovered the software, refused to name the country that the spying came from. But it said that it was closely related to Stuxnet, an NSA-led cyberweapon that was used in an attack on an Iranian nuclear facility.

The group was using some of the same exploits to get into computers that were used in the Stuxnet attack, even before they had been publicly exposed. That has led to many in the information security community to assume that the group behind it are either part of the NSA, or linked to the US intelligence agencies.

Instead, Kaspersky referred to the group behind the attack as the Equation group, because of the encryption used in its attacks. The group has been active since at least 2001, experts said, and “is probably one of the most sophisticated cyber attack groups in the world”, Kaspersky said in its report.

The only way to remove nls_933w.dll #TheSAS2015 #EquationAPT

— Fabio Assolini (@assolini) February 16, 2015

The group’s tools are complicated and expensive to develop, the report said. They are used to infect victims and steal their data, and are developed to go unnoticed.

Most of the tools are Trojans, which are implanted secretly on users’ computers and then give the group access to them.

Once a drive is infected, the only way to remove it is to destroy the drive physically.

The group has used the software to infect thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands, of victims, Kaspersky said. It was used on computers in the US, UK, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and many other countries.

As well as governments, the software was used to attack Islamic scholars and activists, media organisations and aerospace, energy and nuclear research companies. It was also used on companies that are developing encryption software that can keep users from similar attacks.

The software uses an infrastructure built out of 100 servers and 300 domains, distributed across the world.

Kaspersky published the details of its research last night, in the hope of allowing institutions to guard against the attacks in future.


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7 Children Kidnapped by the State from Homeschooling Family to Remain in Custody*

7 Children Kidnapped by the State from Homeschooling Family to Remain in Custody*

By Terri LaPoint



It will be at least “6 more weeks of kidnapping” for the 7 homeschooled, home-birthed Stanley children, according to their father. Hal and Michelle Stanley were given no warning that their court hearing scheduled for February 12 would be abruptly postponed until March 23. They say they were not given any explanation as to why the hearing was postponed.

They had been under the impression that their children would be coming home after the hearing, and had held onto the hope that the crazy situation would be resolved, and their family would be reunited. The pain in their voices was palpable as they expressed their disappointment and grief over the postponement.

The father explains to Health Impact News that they are only allowed to visit with their children a few hours a week, under strict supervision. There has to be two observers, and if they talk about things they are not supposed to discuss with their children, the visit is cut short. As a condition to these supervised visits, Hal and Michelle must attend “parenting classes,” even though they have homeschooled their children for many years. Hal Stanley is also a 73 year old ordained Southern Baptist Minister.

Stanley family children being removed from home during the night. Photo from the Bringthestanleykidshome Facebook Page.


Full Tactical Team Showed up to Remove Their Children



Chicken and sausage gumbo was simmering on the stove, and company was expected on the evening of January 12. Instead of welcome guests, a full tactical team surrounded the Stanley home.

Garland County Sheriff’s Deputies and DPS entered their home, demanding that Hal and Michelle wait outside in the cold while they searched the house and talked to the children. There were reportedly at least 30 people, including a SWAT team, Arkansas State Troopers, a coroner, a doctor, a dozen cars, a medical van, and a sniper in a ditch allegedly aiming at the parents on the front porch.

DHS and armed sheriff removing homeschool children from their home. Photo courtesy KARK4.


Neighbours have questioned the need for such an excessive show of force for a 73 year old man and a mama whose primary concern is the well-being of their children.

The search warrant was for a water purifier product known as MMS, a substance which is not approved by the FDA for health claims. It is not illegal to possess, however, and may readily be obtained online legally. Hal Stanley reports that he uses it for his garden, where he raises much of the family’s food. He also reports that, if they had simply asked for it, he would have given it to them and avoided much pain.

There was no indication that the children were going to be removed until near the end of the 5-hour ordeal. By then, it was after 9 pm, yet the children were allegedly not even permitted to eat their supper before being hauled away from their home. They were told to pack 2 days worth of clothes. But the parents were not permitted to help the little ones pack.

It was supposedly a 72 hour removal. For children as young as 4 years of age who had never spent even one night away from home, the idea was terrifying. There were tears all around, while authorities hurried them out of the house. It was only later that someone got them something to eat.

Empty House with no Children is now “Too Quiet”

The house is eerily quiet now for the couple who has been accustomed to the noise and busyness of lots of children surrounding them. On the night the children were taken, there was all the confusion and emotion of the police taking the children away, then:

“Five minutes later, we didn’t have any children. And we still don’t have any children.”

Hal Stanley with his daughter during a supervised visit with their children after they were removed by force from their home

Under Attack for their Way of Life?

They feel as though they are under attack for their way of life, at the core of which is their Christian faith. Their faith has led them to a lifestyle of homeschooling their children, who were all born at home, and sustainable gardening, providing for their family a home that is full of love but not materialism.

According to Evan Soule, “Hal and Michelle are poor financially but very rich in spirit and love.”

Hal Stanley being hugged by the youngest Stanley during a supervised visit after the children were removed from the home.

Hal Stanley being hugged by the littlest Stanleys during a supervised visit after the children were removed from the home.


In such an environment, as well as in many normal, loving families, children do not always get their way. Just as some kids in public school beg their parents to let them homeschool, a couple of the Stanleys’ older children allegedly wanted to go to public school.

According to a letter from a friend of the family that was sent to Health Impact News, one of the teens created accusations that were reported to authorities in a creative, yet ill-considered attempt to be able to attend public school, not considering the implications that could devastate younger siblings.

Another friend of the family posted on the Facebook support page Bringthestanleykidshome that the Stanley kids have never shown any signs of being abused.

“I have seen firsthand the kids who need help who have been abused and neglected (because I grew up in the foster care system). The Stanleys are not like these kids. They were happy, joyful kids. They knew no fear, they were happy to talk and visit with anyone, smart, well educated, clean, healthy, never sick, love their parents, always smiling. It was said best by someone who has seen them, since they were taken: the smiling Stanleys smiles are fading. You tell me, is this right or just?”

There have been no charges filed against Hal or Michelle Stanley. Even when the children were being removed, the DHS workers reportedly remarked that there was no reason to take the children out of the home. When Mr. Stanley asked who actually made the decision to take their kids, Garland County Deputy Mike Wright allegedly replied, “I did, and I am proud of it.”

How to Destroy a Family

Now the close-knit family is only allowed a few hours per week together, under strict guidelines as to what may or may not be said in the presence of their children. At one visit, Hal says their 4 year old asked:

“Daddy, can you come spend the night with me in my new house?,” while referring to his foster guardian as “dad.”

The children’s lives have been turned upside down, over a claim that the parents say was easily dismissed as invalid, with no evidence of abuse or neglect. They have been placed in public school, where their parents are concerned that they may not be prepared. They allegedly have been seen wearing clothing that doesn’t fit, and shoes that are worn out. Their diet has changed and they no longer are eating their mostly organic, health-based diet. They have never needed to see a doctor before for illness, because they have always been very healthy.

The Stanley parents have always been able to be there for their kids as their protector, and now the state has taken that away from them. They are upset, and feel helpless to take care of their family right now, but they are more angry at the broken system than at any one person. Hal tells us that “there are good people bending over backwards to help our kids, but the system is broken.” They were “basically treated like criminals running a meth lab” because of the (not illegal or banned) substance MMS.

Why are These Children Being Kept Away from Their Parents?


They don’t understand why they are being treated like this, and want to know how this kind of injustice can happen. Michelle has dedicated her life to serving her family, making choices that she has believed were in the best interest of her family.

“You can’t imagine the horror of it,” says Hal, who has served his country in the military from 1960 – 1963. He is appalled at the way the rights that he took an oath to uphold have been completely trampled, as well as a number of Constitutional rights.

MMS has not been mentioned by the authorities in recent weeks, leading some supporters to question what the real motive behind the “kidnapping” is. To some, it appears that the sheriff’s department has taken the kids first on allegedly false premises of the home being unsafe, then trying to figure out how to build a case afterwards, fishing for dirt on the Stanleys. The children were all found to be in excellent health when the doctors checked them, and to date, no one has presented any evidence of abuse or neglect.

Supporters Are Asking for Your Help

From the Standing with the Stanleys Facebook Page:

Please contact everyone you can about this ongoing, massive injustice against two American parents and their children: friends, business associates, media, government officials at all levels —from the Governor of Arkansas to Arkansas State Representatives and Senators to DHS to the Juvenile Court of Garland County, Arkansas. This is America and We the People have to stick together!

The DHS address is: 115 Stover Ln. Hot Springs, Ar. 71913
Call DHS: 501-321-2583

Garland County Sheriff’s Department at 501-622-3690 or email Sheriff Mike McCormick directly at

The above link will allow you to send an email directly to the governor’s office.
JOHN VINES In Session Phone: 501-682-6211
Out of Session Phone: 501-682-7771
TWITTER: @ArkansasHouse

Join the Standing with the Stanleys Facebook Community Page.


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Venezuelan Government Stops U.S.-backed Coup*

Venezuelan Government Stops U.S.-backed Coup*

By Berta Joubert-Ceci

Ever since Comandante Hugo Chavez became president of Venezuela in 1998 and the Bolivarian Revolution began, there has been no time that the opposition — supported and, to a large extent, led by the United States — has stopped trying to overturn the revolutionary process. It is a story repeated many times in Latin America — so much so that there’s a joke that “the U.S. is the only country where there are no coups because there is no Yankee embassy there.”

President Maduro

The latest attempted coup aimed at Venezuela was revealed this past Feb.12, when Youth Day is commemorated, just a year after the start of violent street demonstrations known as guarimbas. The right-wing opposition used these street actions in an attempt to overthrow the government of President Nicolas Maduro. They killed 43 people and injured hundreds. This Feb. 12 Maduro told the people his government had dismantled another attack. He released details about recently discovered plans and the role of the U.S. government.

According to President Maduro, the coup was to unfold in three phases:

The first would be the publication of the “Program of the Transitional Government” in print, followed by the second phase, an attack with a Tucano fighter plane on the president’s Miraflores Palace and more than a dozen other places, including government departments and the central station of Telesur, the Bolivarian media organization. The third phase would be the publication of a “video of a general who had confessed and been convicted of a coup last year, who would report that a military force had revolted against President Nicolas Maduro and had overthrown him.” (Telesur, Feb. 12)

Maduro and Morales

Diligent work by Bolivarian government intelligence officials, combined with the loyalty of young army officers, succeeded in dismantling the planned coup. The evidence obtained, including guns, computers, etc., along with confessions of some detained officers, leave no doubt about the details of the plan, its authors and its financing. Some of those involved, including military aviation officers, are in the hands of the courts, which continue the investigation.

Involved in the coup attempt are such right-wing assembly members as Julio Borges, a deputy to the National Assembly from the right-wing party Primero Justicia; 17 active military officers who had already obtained visas from the U.S. State Department; plus retired officers such as Major General Maximiliano Hernández, who is now incarcerated; businessman Parsifal D’Sola; Maria Corina Machado, a known oppositionist who receives funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development; Leopoldo Lopez, in prison now for promoting violent guarimbas in 2014; and others.

The latter two people, together with the metropolitan mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, signed on Feb. 11 the “Call for Venezuelans to a National Agreement for the Transition,” a program aimed at reversing the gains of the Bolivarian Revolution and restoring neo-liberalism to Venezuela, including the “insertion” of the country in international organizations like the International Monetary Fund.

U.S. role in attempted coup

On Feb. 14, President Maduro announced on Telesur:

“We’re just about to capture the person who brought the script that the officers were to read, which a counselor of the Embassy of the United States edited.” Maduro assured the people that all those captured have admitted their role, and so far the authorities already know “how much money was paid in dollars and where the money came from.”

An article published  Feb. 14 on, headlined “Blackwater USA appears to own the Tucano aircraft that was to be used to bomb Caracas and overthrow Maduro,” reports that the plane “would be provided by a private U.S. security contractor that obtained the aircraft in order to train pilots.”

Beside granting visas to the coup officers, the U.S. showed its role in Venezuela with the White House statement about its “National Security Strategy” of February 2015, which leaves no doubt of the U.S. government’s position: “We are with the citizens where democracy is at risk, as in Venezuela.”

The Bolivarian people respond

This latest attempted coup and U.S. intervention have sparked a wave of indignation and solidarity throughout the world. Governments of the countries that are members of the progressive regional organizations ALBA (Bolivanian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America), UNASUR (Union of South American Nations), CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) and MERCOSUR (Common Market of the South), and popular movements worldwide have spoken out in support of the Venezuelan government and the Bolivarian people. Many organizations have simply sent photos showing signs that read: “Je suis Telesur.” (I am Telesur).

But it is in Venezuela itself where support for the government has been crucial. The Bolivarian youth, leftist political parties such as the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the Communist Party of Venezuela, Patria Para Todos, the Movement of Rural Women, the Social Movement of African Descendants and others have taken to the streets and have made public statements supporting the government and opposing U.S. intervention.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff receiving a Hugo Chávez picture from Nicolás Maduro at the Palácio do Planalto, in Brasília, Brazil.

On Feb. 15, Workers World spoke with Juan Contreras, the deputy to the National Assembly for the Simón Bolívar Coodination (CSB). Based in the historic January 23 neighborhood in Caracas, CSB represents the aspirations of Venezuela’s poor people.

Contreras mentioned three factors that are strangling Venezuela’s economy: low oil prices, food smuggled from Venezuela to neighboring countries, and the economic war by merchants who try to hide food in the distribution chain to cause famine among the people. Together they have aroused a great mobilization of the people. Contreras said,

“The only way to curb the pretensions of the unpatriotic sectors led by this rotten bourgeoisie who follows a script provided from the North has been the mobilization.”

So far, despite U.S. support, the bourgeoisie has not triumphed thanks to two important keys of the Bolivarian process, Contreras continued.

“One is readiness of the people for change, and second, the civilian-military unity that at this time has put the brakes on those who want to take power by the easy route through a coup, a violent solution and by destabilizing. Sectors of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie and the U.S. empire have both attempted these ploys.”

Contreras ended with a call for solidarity. To the people of the U.S., he requested that they “know the reality of the Venezuelan people, who are determined to build another world, another society that we have said is the Bolivarian Revolution, the Bolivarian socialism. And we are building it in peace and we want to continue building it in peace. Do not be deceived by your government nor by these large international corporations that blatantly lie about the reality of Venezuela.”

The Venezuelan Bolivarian process is a living process, and as such it is dialectical. This is a continuous struggle that needs the solidarity of all peoples.

The public declaration by the Simón Bolívar Coordination about the coup attempt ends with the following paragraph:

“We call on our comrades, friends and brothers in the struggle to redouble our connections with our people mobilized on the street to confront any attempt to destabilize the government we elected to lead the Bolivarian process; in addition, we will work to expose and correct errors such as corruption, impunity and making the process bureaucratic — scourges that make the task easier for the enemies of the people.” It is signed by the Simón Bolívar Coordination: “Libertarian, Revolutionary, in Solidarity, Indigenous, Popular and Socialist.”


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