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Smart Grid Deployment Across the U.S.*

Smart Grid Deployment Across the U.S.*

By Prof. James F. Tracy

Over the past several years a conspiracy of silence has surrounded the implementation of the Smart Grid across the United States, perhaps with good reason. If the public were aware of what lay behind this agenda there would likely be considerable outcry and resistance.

“Smart meters”– the principal nodes of the Smart Grid network are being installed on homes and businesses by power utilities across the United States under the legal and fiscal direction of the United States government. In December 2007 both houses of the US Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed into law the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA).

This 310-page piece of legislation employs the dubious science of anthropogenic CO2-based climate change science to mandate an array of policies, such as fuel efficiency standards for vehicles and “green” energy initiatives. Tucked away in the final pages of this law is the description and de facto mandate for national implementation of the Smart Grid that the Bush administration promised would result in “some of the largest CO2 emission cuts in our nation’s history.”

The bill unambiguously lays out the design and intent behind the Smart Grid, including:


Tiered energy pricing

Energy rationing for all US households and businesses

… through round-the-clock monitoring of RFID-chipped “Energy Star” appliances.

Congress and “other stakeholders” (presumably for-profit utilities and an array of Smart Grid technology patent holders whose lobbyists co-wrote the legislation) describe the Smart Grid’s characteristics and goals via ten provisions.

  • Increased use of digital information and controls technology to improve reliability, security, and efficiency of the electric grid.
    (2) Dynamic optimization of grid operations and resources with full cyber-security.
    (3) Deployment and integration of distributed resources and generation, including renewable resources.
    (4) Development and incorporation of demand response, demand-side resources, and energy efficiency resources.
    (5) Deployment of “smart” technologies (real-time, automated, interactive technologies that optimize the physical operation of appliances and consumer devices) for metering, communications concerning grid operations and status, and distribution automation.
    (6) Integration of “smart” appliances and consumer devices.
    (7) Deployment and integration of advanced electricity storage and peak-shaving technologies, including plug-in electric and hybrid electric vehicles, and thermal-storage air conditioning.
    (8) Provision to consumers of timely information and control operations.
    (9) Development of standards for communication and interoperability of appliances and equipment connected to the electric grid, including the infrastructure serving the grid.
    (10) Identification and lowering of unreasonable or unnecessary barriers to adoption of smart grid technologies, practices, and services [emphases added].

Less than two years after EISA’s enactment President Barack Obama directed $3.4 billion of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act to Smart Grid development. Matching funds from the energy industry brought the total initial Smart Grid investment to $8 billion. The overall completion of the Smart Grid will cost another $330 billion. Today a majority of energy delivery throughout the US is routed to homes equipped with smart meters that monitor power consumption on a minute-to-minute basis.

As noted, the American public remains largely unaware of the numerous designs and monied interests behind the Smart Grid–not to mention how smart meters themselves pose substantial dangers to human health and privacy. This is because the plan for tiered energy pricing via wireless monitoring of household appliances has been almost entirely excluded from news media coverage since the EISA became law on December 19, 2007.

A LexisNexis search of US print news outlets for “Energy Independence and Security Act” and “Smart Grid” between the dates December 1, 2007 to January 31, 2008 yields virtually no results.

An identical LexisNexis search of such media for the dates December 1, 2007 to February 18, 2015 retrieves a total 11 print news items appearing in US dailies (seven in McClatchey Tribune papers; one article appearing in each of the following: New York Times 8/14/08, Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/12/09, Providence Journal, 2/24/11, Tampa Bay Times, 12/13/12)

Even this scant reportage scarcely begins to examine the implications of the EISA’s Smart Grid plan. The New York Times chose to confine its coverage to a 364-word article, “The 8th Annual Year in Ideas; Smart Grids.” “It’s a response to what economists would call a tragedy of the commons,” the Times explains.

[P]eople use as much energy as they are willing to pay for, without giving any thought to how their use affects the overall amount of energy available … Enter Xcel’s $100 million initiative, called SmartGridCity, a set of technologies that give both energy providers and their customers more control over power consumption … Consumers, through a Web-enabled control panel in their homes, are able to regulate their energy consumption more closely — for example, setting their A.C. system to automatically reduce power use during peak hours.

News in far more modest papers likewise resembles the promotional materials distributed by the utilities themselves. “There will soon be a time when homeowners can save electricity by having appliances automatically adjust power for peak-demand times and other periods of inactivity by a signal sent through the electrical outlet,” an article in Sunbury Pennsylvania’s Daily Item reads. “‘Right now, it’s at the infant stage,’” a power company executive observes. “‘We didn’t worry about this until two years ago. Nobody cared when electricity was five cents per kilowatt hour. People just bit the bullet and paid the bill.’”

Smart Grid Czar Patricia Hoffman

Along these lines, the Department of Energy’s Assistant Secretary for the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability Patricia Hoffman, is charged under the EISA with federal oversight of nationwide Smart Grid implementation. In other words, Hoffman is America’s “Smart Grid Czar.” Yet despite heading up such a dubious program since 2010, she has almost entirely escaped journalistic scrutiny, having been referenced or quoted in only four US daily papers (Washington Post, 2/8/12, St. Paul Pioneer Press, 4/26/12, Palm Beach Post, 5/12/13, Pittsburgh Tribune Review 11/13/13) since her tenure began.

In an era where news media wax rhapsodic over new technologies and fall over each other to report consumer-oriented “news you can use,” the Smart Grid’s pending debut should be a major story. It’s not. Indeed, almost the entire US population remains in the dark about this major technological development that will profoundly impact their lives.

When one more closely examines the implications and realities of the federally-approved Smart Grid scheme—from the adverse health effects of electromagnetic radiation to surveillance and energy rationing—there should be little wonder why this degree of silence surrounds its implementation. Such a technocratic system would never be freely accepted if subject to an open exchange and referendum.


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“Maasai Homes Burned to Make Room for Wealthy Arabs”*

“Maasai Homes Burned to Make Room for Wealthy Arabs”*

By First Peoples Worldwide

After months of government threats, eviction became a reality yesterday for the Maasai of Loliondo, Tanzania, in the Western Serengeti. According to reports from a Maasai source in Tanzania, Tanzanian government forces have entered villages and Maasai homes have been burned. The evictions reportedly started on Thursday, February 12 and continued through today.

Tanzanian officials announced plans to sell 1,500 square kilometers of Maasai land in the fall of 2014, to a private luxury hunting and safari company based in the United Arab Emirates. The sale would evict 40,000 pastoralist Maasai from their ancestral lands. Although the president of Tanzania pledged to never evict the Maasai people less than 3 months ago, photos from Loliondo today prove that he has reneged on his promise.

“Maasai homes have been burnt to give room for wealthy Arabs to hunt lions and leopards [in] the Serengeti ecosystem,” said a Maasai source.

“We are continuously made homeless by our government… Had it been not the love we have for nature and wildlife, the Serengeti ecosystem would have been like other places in Tanzania where people have depleted the forest cover for charcoal and decimated animal species for food and other utilitarian goods.”

A government official camp near a Maasai village in Loliondo. [photo credit: Fredy Ledidi]


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The Earthquake that Stopped Before Hitting Ukraine and Russian Borders*

The Earthquake that Stopped Before Hitting Ukraine and Russian Borders*

When is an earthquake not an earthquake? When it was caused by something nuclear?

By Gordon Duff

Last night, scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratories noted an unusual 6.8 magnitude earthquake on the border between Russia and the breakaway republics in the Eastern Ukraine.  Then something happened, the earthquake and all records of it disappeared, all records except the ones we kept which are below.

Since it was the US government that reported and then “unreported” the earthquake, it is obvious that someone called the USGS in the interim, most probably from the CIA, and told them “you see nothing.”

This is the link to the US Geological Survey page that reported the quake.  It lands on nothing now.  Then they came up with the following explanation, something that has never happened before:

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said on Friday there was no earthquake in western Russia after earlier reporting on its website a magnitude 6.8 near the border with Belarus.

USGS Geophysicist Paul Caruso said the agency’s sensors mislocated an earthquake that was taking place elsewhere. The Russia earthquake appeared on the USGS website while a series of strong temblors were taking place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, some 700 miles (1,100 km) south of Greenland

Color us “We don’t even begin to take any of this seriously.”

Perhaps it was an explosion at a nanothermite plant?


Is this why the earthquake was stopped in its track?

At Russia’s border, NATO mobilizes 30,000 troops

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U.N. Report on How Israel Coordinates with ISIS inside Syria*


U.N. Report on How Israel Coordinates with ISIS inside Syria*

The Syrian conflict continues to develop into a proxy war, pitting various foreign ‘national interests’ against one another, including

US vs. Syria

US vs Iran

Saudi Arabia vs Syria

Qatar vs. Syria

Turkey vs. Kurdistan and Iran vs. Israel – to name only a few.

So the support network behind Washington’s ‘Moderate Rebels’ and terrorist groups fighting in Syria is comprised of many contributing covert intelligence agencies, including  the CIA, MI5/6, MOSSAD, France, NATO, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

21WIRE reported back in December 2014 and again in January 2015, how the… Israel has consistently provided both material, medical relief and IDF airstrike support to various terrorist and ‘rebel’ insurgents fighting in Syria.

Last month Israel launched its sixth airstrike inside Syria in the last 18 months, which is described as a ‘targeted killing’ against Hezbollah, whom Tel Aviv maintains is backed by their sworn enemy Iran – which leader Benjamin Netanyahu claims, affords Israel the right to kill them at any time, or any place.

Back in 2013, the Assad government in Damascus invited Lebanese Hezbollah militia into Syria to help eliminate terrorists in Syria, and now the uncomfortable reality is finally surfacing – that Israel has been picking off Syrian military and Hezbollah targets who are trying to fight-off ISIS, al Qaeda and al Nusra terrorists – which means that Israel is actually helping ISIS.

“the UN report identified what the Syrians label a crossing point of forces between Israel and ISIS, a point of concern brought before the UN Security Council.

The UN report identified what the Syrians label a crossing point of forces between Israel and ISIS, a point of concern brought before the UN Security Council.”

This story has been completely blacked out in the US and UK English-speaking corporate media, even though the Israeli press has actually reported this numerous times (see multiple links below).

In addition, today Israeli Newspaper Haaretz also reported how the ISIS hysteria has helped war hawk Netanyahu’s prospects for remaining in power, stating,

“The Israeli prime minister is about to win another term thanks to the rise of Islamic terror — and the paralysis of the centre-left.”

Israel may very well believe that it is acting in the interest of its national security by adopting the axiom, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. However, judging by these and other findings, it’s fairly clear that Israel has blood on its hands in the Syrian conflict, but is trying very hard to conceal their involvement in order to avoid any public outrage over their direct role in the violence in Syria, and by extension, in Iraq as well.

Either way, it’s an ugly edition to an already horrific picture in the Middle East.

The details of these latest findings have been assembled in this excellent report from Your News Wire…

Your News Wire
A new report from the UN reveals that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) maintained regular contact with members of ISIS since May 2013. The UN identified contact with IDF forces and ISIS soldiers. reports:

“In a new report from the UN, it is revealed that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were maintaining regular contact with members of the so-called Islamic State since May of 2013. Initial reports from the IDF stated that this was only for medical care for civilians, but that story fell apart when the UN observers identified direct contact between IDF forces and ISIS soldiers, including giving medical care to ISIS fighters. Observations even included the transfer of two crates from the IDF to ISIS forces, the contents of which have not been confirmed at this time. Further the UN report identified what the Syrians label a crossing point of forces between Israel and ISIS, a point of concern brought before the UN Security Council. This report from the UN strengthens the claims by the Syrian regime that Israel is heavily involved in operations within the nation.”

This is part of a continuing pattern of Israeli support for Daesh/ISIS. It was only two months ago that Israel attacked Syrian forces in opposition to ISIS forces. Israeli attacks even killed an Iranian military adviser for the Syrian military just two weeks ago. The U.S.’s financing of ISIS, part of the effort against Syrian president Assad, is well documented, as well. That the efforts to undermine the Assad regime were in turn strengthening the same terrorist group which recently set a Jordanian pilot on fire to set an example is conveniently ignored by the higher up military command.

When the United States began operations against ISIS, Israeli high command seemed reluctant to give any support and called the move a mistake. The support of ISIS fits in with Israeli concerns in the region, namely that of Syria and Iran, and U.S. opposition to ISIS has put the United States in the awkward position of once again arming the enemies we will be fighting tomorrow.

Syria and Iran both pose a threat to Israel with their sizable conventional forces and political clout in the region, in much the same way Iraq was before the elimination of Saddam Hussein. With the toppling of Saddam, pieces of concern remain, and Israel appears to still maintain the old axiom that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Supporting ISIS for Israel enables them to eliminate two issues at once, only once Syria is no longer a concern — a move which would in turn neutralize Iranian influence in the region — Israel then would turn its attention to ISIS, bolstered by other anti-ISIS forces from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States. That would take several more years, however, during which time ISIS would continue to grow in both size and power. By the time they turn their attention to ISIS, it is quite possible that ISIS would have toppled the nations which Israel is counting on for support of such an operation.

Too little, too late.

Traditionally such groups as ISIS have relied upon Saudi Arabia for support, but Saudi money is conspicuously absent from ISIS coffers. Unlike groups before, ISIS has gone self-financed, relying upon prostitution, slavery and oil for its financial well-being. This, in turn, removes the protections which Saudi Arabia has relied upon for almost a century to prevent such organizations from turning on the House of Saud and potentially conquering the kingdom which is now in the sights of ISIS.

In turn, the ISIS forces have all but forced the Kurds to become a mighty force unto themselves, much to the anger of neighbouring Turkey. Rather than helping to fight ISIS, Turkey is instead attacking the forces standing in opposition to ISIS. The entire situation has spiralled out of control.

In effect, there is no side to support here, as each side is being supported at once in opposition to the other side. By enabling the creation of ISIS, we have taken an already unstable situation and poured gasoline over it. Now we are facing a true threat, not from ISIS or Iran or Syria, but against our own arrogance. We have been blinded to the death and destruction created by our actions in the Middle East.

We once were respected throughout the region, as neutral peace-brokers, the nation which oversaw the breakup of the Barbary pirates and a country which became eternal friends with the people of Iran when all of Europe ignored them. Now we are Israel’s expected muscle, to carry out their dirty work in an effort to destabilize the region and de-power those the tiny nation views as a threat. They will support anyone, if it meets a short-term goal, even if the result is a plot more complex and ridiculous than an episode of “Passions. This can, and will cost them long-term.

The United States cannot be party to this. Whatever the political and economic cost, the U.S. must disengage from all sides in the Middle East, before it is too late.


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Day Before the Maïdan Massacre, Ukrainian Official Revealed the Conspiracy Fact*

Day Before the Maïdan Massacre, Ukrainian Official Revealed the Conspiracy Fact*

A reader sent us this video. On the 20th November 2013, in other words, the day before the decision by the Ukrainian government not to sign an agreement of association with the European Union – a decision which served as a trigger for the events of Maïdan (Independence Square) – a Ukrainian deputy, Oleg Tsarov, speaking from the podium before the Assembly, denounced the preparation of a civil war by the United States ambassador, Geoffrey R. Pyatt.

Mr. Tsarov, who was at that time an elected representative of the regional Party, is today one of the leaders of Novorossia. He had attempted to ban organisations which were falsely non-governmental, but were in fact charged by Washington to organise regime change in his country. He currently has a price on his head, awarded by one of the governors of the new power in Kiev


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